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2 August 2021

     12:54  Lifis‎‎ 2 changes history +3,802 [Shiningpikablu252‎; Luke‎]
12:54 (cur | prev) +145 Luke talk contribs Heroes VAs
08:23 (cur | prev) +3,657 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs
     12:52  Vika‎‎ 3 changes history +3,580 [Luke‎; Shiningpikablu252‎ (2×)]
12:52 (cur | prev) +216 Luke talk contribs Heroes VAs
08:13 (cur | prev) +9 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎Other appearances: Shoot...
07:55 (cur | prev) +3,355 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs ...And yeah, I'm leaving off the movement type even though we're dealing with bird laguz, which heavily hints toward flight. Unless I see an obvious mount or otherwise an obvious in-game sign pointing toward a certain movement type, odds are there could be potential deception (keep in mind, I initially put down "infantry" for Brave Micaiah based on appearances from Feh Channel, yet it turned out she somehow learned to fly!), and since we've had a bird go non-flight before...
N    10:50  Duvall diffhist +1,964 Eizzah talk contribs Created page with "{{Character Infobox |image=File:Portrait duvall fe04.png |caption=Portrait of Duvall from {{title|Genealogy of the Holy War}}. |gender=Male |race=Human |nationality=Orga..."
 m   10:12  Grand Hero Battle diffhist +53 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Grand Hero Battles: As for the new Event Maps, I'll get the work on those done in the next evening session. Got a full one tomorrow and a possible partial one the following day before the anticipated time of the reveal trailer drop...
N    09:49  Pizare diffhist +1,738 Eizzah talk contribs Created page with "{{Character Infobox |image=File:Portrait pizare fe04.png |caption=Portrait of Pizare from {{title|Genealogy of the Holy War}}. |gender=Male |race=Human |nationality=Orga..."
 m   08:55  Template:NavH diffhist +50 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs Not adding the name "Perilous Seas" to this navbox yet--although the vast majority of paralogue names share them with summoning events, not every single one of them does, best wait until the reveal trailer drops to know which side of the fence it's actually on...
 m   08:43  Hinoka diffhist +3,389 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎{{FEH}}: Ugh, yet another Atk/Spd Push? When are they finally going to introduce a Push that's not an Atk lead--say, Spd/Res Push?
 m   08:12  Tempest Trials diffhist -48 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Tempest Trials
 m   08:09  Surtr‎‎ 2 changes history +3,400 [Shiningpikablu252‎ (2×)]
08:09 (cur | prev) +6 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎Surtr: Pirate of Red Sky: Shoot...
08:09 (cur | prev) +3,394 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎{{FEH}}: Great...That *******'s getting a special variation...Guess that now makes Thrasir the earliest-introduced Heroes original to not be at the front of a special variation now...
 m   07:37  Naesala‎‎ 2 changes history +3,341 [Shiningpikablu252‎ (2×)]
07:37 (cur | prev) +136 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎Starting stats: Shoot, forgot to factor that we don't know who's getting four-star treatment yet...Personally I'm wagering it'll be Vika, but it's too early to assume that detail as of yet...
07:35 (cur | prev) +3,205 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎{{FEH}}: Went ahead and did a shortened variation of my late-night routine so as to get some juice into the Chromebook (I did leave off Pokémon Café Mix for the time being, and a planned full wave of Dedenne breeding I planned on doing tonight); going to need that juice to get this Feh Channel covered...
 m   06:14  Feh diffhist +241 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎Feh Channel Broadcasts: Oh, crap...I was about to take a break from wiki activities to do my late-night Switch routine, and only now did I find out one of these dropped! Especially since I looked up the Youtube channel around the time it dropped and saw nothing, convincing me there wasn't going to be anything tonight (the next reveal trailer is anticipated for two nights from now, a few hours after the earliest point the next version update drops...)
     03:34  Cormag diffhist 0 Mr. Kite talk contribs →‎Battle quotes

1 August 2021

     17:45  Oscar‎‎ 2 changes history +144 [Mr. Kite‎ (2×)]
17:45 (cur | prev) -13 Mr. Kite talk contribs →‎Flavor text
17:27 (cur | prev) +157 Mr. Kite talk contribs →‎Flavor text
     17:43  Ike diffhist +249 Mr. Kite talk contribs →‎Flavor text
 m   17:37  Barrier Ring diffhist -27 Kristak talk contribs →‎Data: Harmonization
 m   16:04  Ullr‎‎ 4 changes history +418 [Thecornerman‎; Captainvulgar‎ (3×)]
16:04 (cur | prev) +14 Thecornerman talk contribs Changed infobox image from Treasure art to Heroes art
05:53 (cur | prev) +1 Captainvulgar talk contribs →‎Starting stats
05:53 (cur | prev) +66 Captainvulgar talk contribs →‎{{FEH}}
05:41 (cur | prev) +337 Captainvulgar talk contribs →‎Gallery
 m   12:45  Voting Gauntlet diffhist +189 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎August 2021: Well, I called half the matchups correctly. Problem is...the half I called correctly were the ones I had losing round two! Neither of the ones I pegged making the final made it out of round one! Revenge factor flowing big time now...
     07:41  Vaike diffhist +56 Delfino4 talk contribs →‎Etymology and other languages: Origin added
     03:51  Nosferatu diffhist +66 Mr. Kite talk contribs →‎Flavor text

31 July 2021

     19:52  Yewfelle diffhist +2,583 Thecornerman talk contribs Merged from Holy Yewfelle
 m   18:58  Tactics Drills diffhist +54 Toa 95 talk contribs →‎Grandmaster
     18:55  List of summoning events in Fire Emblem Heroes diffhist -773 Toa 95 talk contribs
     15:35  Recover diffhist +28 Mr. Kite talk contribs →‎Flavor text
 m   15:08  Ogma diffhist +29 AroniMacaroni talk contribs →‎{{FE1}}: Fixed phrasing in 1st paragraph

30 July 2021

     23:00  Gungnir diffhist -2 Iron Dragon talk contribs
 m   21:26  Fire Emblem (Archanean item)‎‎ 2 changes history -64 [Thecornerman‎ (2×)]
21:26 (cur | prev) -52 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎In the main Fire Emblem series: Also banishes Earth Dragon from FE3b2 Chapter 20
21:23 (cur | prev) -12 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎In other Fire Emblem series titles
     21:04  Voice actors of the Fire Emblem series diffhist +122 Luke talk contribs →‎Japanese: Rendering Japanese names as credited, adding a couple missing ones
     20:39  Artists of the Fire Emblem series/Fire Emblem Heroes diffhist +180 Luke talk contribs Ullr, missing Japanese names from July
     20:13  Ullr‎‎ 2 changes history +72 [PikaSamus‎; ChaosGallade‎]
20:13 (cur | prev) +61 PikaSamus talk contribs as a linguistics fan i don't like this pronunciation because it is supposed to be a short u
04:40 (cur | prev) +11 ChaosGallade talk contribs
 m   18:12  Travant diffhist +1 Xamad talk contribs →‎Stats
 m   18:12  Distler diffhist -10 Xamad talk contribs →‎Stats
     15:54  Ogma‎‎ 2 changes history +2,177 [Thecornerman‎; AroniMacaroni‎]
15:54 (cur | prev) -3 Thecornerman talk contribs →‎Analysis
15:04 (cur | prev) +2,180 AroniMacaroni talk contribs →‎{{FE1}}: Added Analysis for Fe1 Ogma
 m   10:19  Mystletainn diffhist +2,371 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎In other Fire Emblem series titles
 m   04:52  Mythic Hero Battle diffhist +108 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Mythic Hero Battles
 m   04:52  Legendary Hero Battle diffhist +81 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Legendary Hero Battles
     04:43  Yewfelle diffhist -1 ChaosGallade talk contribs
 m   04:29  Mjölnir's Strike diffhist +51 Shiningpikablu252 talk contribs →‎List of Mjölnir's Strike themes
     04:23  The Wyvern Knights of Thracia diffhist +4,492 Xamad talk contribs →‎Chapter data: Converted to new templates, added unit stats