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Chest Key

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|notes9=Used to open a single chest.
|gameegame10={{title|Fates}}|spriteesprite10=[[File:Is 3ds02 key.png]]|useseuses10=1|wortheworth10=0|notesenotes10=Used to open a single chest. Vanishes after chapter's end if unused.|-|gameo={{title|Three Houses}}|spriteo=[[File:Is ns01 key.png|20px]]|useso=1|wortho=300|noteso=Used to open a single chest.
===''Thracia 776''===
{{ItemLoc1ItemLoc|methodmethod1=[[Inventory]]|datadata1=[[Machyua]]|methodlast=[[Capture]] and [[Steal]]|datalast=[[The Gate of Kelbeth|Chapter 3]], enemy [[Bishop]] • [[Dandelion|Chapter 12x]], enemy [[Thief]] (×{{hover|14|9 as reinforcement}}) • [[The Liberation of Leonster|Chapter 18]], enemy [[Thief]] (×{{hover|6|4 as reinforcement}})
|methodlast=Dropped by
|datalast=''Birthright'': [[Land of Gods|Chapter 9]], enemy [[Outlaw]] • [[Pleasure Palace|Chapter 16]], enemy [[Knight]]{{hover|*|Normal}}/[[General]]{{hover|*|Hard/Lunatic}}, enemy [[Knight]], enemy [[Hero]], enemy [[Fighter]] • [[Rainbow Sage (Birthright)|Chapter 19]], enemy [[Sniper]], enemy [[Hero]] • [[Traitor Revealed|Chapter 25]], enemy [[Sorcerer]] (×3)<br>''Conquest'': [[Voice of Paradise|Chapter 14]], enemy [[Shrine Maiden]] • [[Winds of Change|Chapter 20]], enemy [[Spear Master]]<br>''Revelation'': [[Unspeakable World|Chapter 7]], enemy [[Archer]] (×3), enemy [[Spear Fighter]], enemy [[Knight]], enemy [[Cavalier]] • [[Traitor's Brand|Chapter 8]], enemy [[Archer]] (×2) • [[Wanderer|Chapter 9]], enemy [[Oni Savage]], enemy [[Archer]] • [[Rainbow Sage (Revelation)|Chapter 15]], enemy [[Diviner]], enemy [[Samurai]] • [[Seeds of Doubt|Chapter 20]], enemy [[General]] (×2), enemy [[Berserker]] • [[Going Forward|Chapter 21]], enemy [[Adventurer]], enemy [[Sniper]], enemy [[Maid]] (reinforcement) • [[Memories|Chapter 22]], enemy [[Great Master]], enemy [[Falcon Knight]]
===''Three Houses''===
:''This list may be incomplete.''
|method1=Dropped by
|data1=[[Familiar Scenery/Red Canyon Dominance|Chapter 2 Mission]], enemy [[Fighter]] • [[The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth/Assault at the Rite of Rebirth|Chapter 4 Mission]], enemy [[Dark Mage]], enemy [[Archer]] • [[Tower of Black Winds/The Gautier Inheritance|Chapter 5 Mission]], enemy [[Thief]] • [[Rumors of a Reaper/The Underground Chamber|Chapter 6 Mission]], enemy [[Armored Knight]] • [[Field of the Eagle and Lion/Battle of the Eagle and Lion (Black Eagles)|Chapter]] [[Field of the Eagle and Lion/Battle of the Eagle and Lion (Blue Lions)|7]] [[Field of the Eagle and Lion/Battle of the Eagle and Lion (Golden Deer)|Mission]], enemy [[Ashe]]/[[Bernadetta]]{{hover|*|enemy Archer if already recruited}} • [[Reunion at Dawn|Chapter 13]]{{Silver Snow}}{{Azure Moon}}{{Verdant Wind}}, enemy [[Thief]], enemy [[Archer]](×2) • [[Valley of Torment/Ambush at Ailell|Chapter 15 Mission]]{{Silver Snow}}{{Azure Moon}}{{Verdant Wind}}, enemy [[Sniper]]
|methodlast=[[Vendor (shop)|Vendor]]
|datalast=Available at the Marketplace starting [[Three Houses (chapter)|Chapter 1]]
|ital-name=Chiave cassa
|ital-mean=Case key