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{{Character Infobox
|1=[[File:FEMN Warren 01.png|200px]]
|2=[[File:FEMN Warren 02.png|200px]]}}
|caption=Artwork of Warren from {{title|Mystery of the Emblem}}.
|gender= Male|race = Human
(Japanese: {{hover|ウォレン|Woren}} ''Warren'') is a [[hunter]] that first appears in Book 2 of {{title|Mystery of the Emblem}} and appears again in its [[Nintendo DS|DS]] [[Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem|remake]].
|portraito1=[[File:Small portrait default female player's unit fe12.png]]
|supporto1=Avatar (New Mystery of the Emblem){{!}}AvatarKris
{{Quote|...What the heck is this?|When finding an item in {{title|New Mystery of the Emblem}}.}}
{{Quote|... It's nice to be alone...|When failing to receive a bonus in {{title|New Mystery of the Emblem}}.}}
{{Quote|I wonder about <Avatar>Kris... How peculiar. I've never cared about anyone before...|When receiving support with the [[Avatar (New Mystery of the Emblem)|AvatarKris]] in {{title|New Mystery of the Emblem}}.}}
==Other appearances==