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Page char1 char2 level support
Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Duessel A

Duessel: Amelia! There you are.

Amelia: Oh, General Duessel.
Duessel: I've been looking for you. And now I've found you.
Amelia: Um, wh-what's happened? I've never seen you in such a rush.
Duessel: There's something I'd like to ask-- No, something I'd like to tell you.
Amelia: Er, all right. What is it?
Duessel: I remembered. I told you that I thought I'd seen your face before, didn't I?
Amelia: Uh, yes.
Duessel: Well, I remembered.
Amelia: Oh, is that it? Please don't keep me waiting, tell me.
Duessel: ...... Amelia. What is your mother's name?
Amelia: ! ...... ...My mother...
Duessel: ......
Amelia: My mother's name is... Melina...
Duessel: And what happened to her?
Amelia: When I was just a child, she was stolen away by bandits. My father had already passed away, so I was totally...sniff...
Duessel: I'm sorry... ......
Amelia: I was left... all on my own... ......
Duessel: ...... I was right... You can rest easy, Amelia. Your mother is alive and well.
Amelia: What!?
Duessel: It happened a few years back. I was leading a patrol near the Grado border. We unexpectedly rode up on a group of bandits, and a battle ensued. When we had taken care of the bandits, we rescued a lone female captive. We figured she had been taken from some village, but she was in shock. In fact, her distress was so great, she had forgotten much about herself. Her body was in such a weakened state that she could barely walk. We felt such pity for her that we took her to a peaceful village we knew of. There, we set up a home for her where she could recover and live quietly. Some years later, she was restored to her former vitality. Slowly, she began to recall the lost memories of her past. Only recently did she remember that she had once had a daughter. I took time off from my duties and visited the village where she had lived. But the villagers told me her daughter had left the village some time ago. With no clues as to the girl's whereabouts, I'd almost given up hope of finding her. And then, in the strangest of places...
Amelia: I-it can't be! Th-that woman... What is her name?
Duessel: Her name is Melina... Amelia, she's your mother.
Amelia: What!? Are you... Are you sure?
Duessel: Yes, I am. I see Melina's face reflected in your own. There's no mistake. Isn't it wonderful, Amelia?
Amelia: My...mother... Sniff... Thank you... Thank you...
Duessel: Mm...
Amelia: Aaa...waaaaaaa!!
Duessel: ...Amelia...
Amelia: Waa... Waaa... Sniff......
Duessel: I, uh, I'm so happy for you, Amelia... Sniff... Oh, no. Old age must have loosened these dry, old tear ducts... Sniff...sniff...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Duessel B

Duessel: Amelia.

Amelia: General Duessel.
Duessel: It seems like you've grown quite comfortable with the spear.
Amelia: Yes, sir! I have, sir. Thank you.
Duessel: You did well to choose the spear as your weapon. It suits your height well. It also extends your reach and enables you to strike with force. More force, even, than a sword could bring to bear in a battle. All weapons have their own unique characteristics. You're familiar with the idea that some weapons are strong against others?
Amelia: Isn't that what they call... the weapon triangle?
Duessel: Yes, it is. And from the looks of things, your affinity for the spear is quite good. If you continue to practice, you should continue to improve and grow stronger.
Amelia: Really? Ah, that makes me happy.
Duessel: Mm. To begin with, the spear is quite a deep weapon... Yet the attacks comprise three surprisingly simple movements. Right step, left step, and thrust.
Amelia: Right step, left step, and thrust... I'm following you.
Duessel: Excellent. But listen, Amelia.
Amelia: Y-yes?
Duessel: Because they are so simple, they are easy to learn but tough to perfect. They are the strongest and most pure of techniques. When you practice them, practice perfecting each gesture. And remember, the spear is a subtle and powerful weapon.
Amelia: Yes, sir!
Duessel: Now it goes without saying that other weapons have their good points, too. Swords are easy-to-use, all-purpose weapons, and axes possess devastating strength. You should learn to use each weapon type. If you can master them all, you'll be an unstoppable force. That is, of course, if you can overcome your own natural affinities. To begin with, you should work on mastering one weapon type. Then you can gradually change weapons until you can use them all. That's what I have done, you understand. That's called being multi-proficient. I'd like to tell you more about different weapons, but that lecture must wait.
Amelia: ...Wow... General Duessel, you know so much about weapons, don't you? I didn't even realize how caught up I'd become. All right!
Duessel: What is it? Where are you rushing off to?
Amelia: I want to practice the things you've told me about. The basics--right, left, thrust. Right?
Duessel: Mm, that's correct. But... I'm happy to see you so enthused, but do you have any reason to rush so?
Amelia: Um, well... There's someone--one of the Knights of Renais--to whom I do not want to lose.
Duessel: Ah.
Amelia: It's not that we're going to fight, or that I want to defeat him or anything... It's just that we're kind of keeping track of the other's progress, and... It's just a thing we do.
Duessel: I see. I think that should prove to be a good source of motivation then. Get to it.
Amelia: Yes, sir! Oh...I think I'll, um, go and practice over there... I'd be nervous in front of you, so I'm going to practice on my own. I'll be back to show you later.
Duessel: All right. Understood.
Amelia: Great! See you later!
Duessel: Ha ha... Such energy. I feel energized just being around her. She's just a girl now, but someday she'll be a woman of grace and beauty. ...Oh, that face...where have I... ...... !! Wait...could it be? Yes! I remember now! That's definitely it. Amelia! Amelia! Where could she--

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Duessel C

Amelia: Ah, General Duessel!

Duessel: Oh, it's you, Amelia.
Amelia: Yes! Oh, but you're not injured at all, are you, General Duessel? We've all been struggling so hard, and yet you don't seem tired at all. You are an impressive man. It's all I can do simply to stay alive out here, it feels like.
Duessel: ......
Amelia: What is it? General Duessel? Is something wrong?
Duessel: Oh, um, sorry. Your... From the first time I laid eyes upon you, your face... I was sure I'd seen it before...
Amelia: Huh? Is that so? You mean before now? Or before I even joined Grado's army?
Duessel: Yes, that's right, but I can't recall... Getting to be my age has its price.
Amelia: Don't be silly! I happen to think you're still quite young, General Duessel!
Duessel: Well, now you've got my attention! What was it you wanted this old soldier for?
Amelia: It's just that, even among the younger knights, there's no match for you. And, uh...
Duessel: Ha ha! I'm not so old that you need to worry about propping up my ego, lass.
Amelia: Ah...uh... I'm sorry.
Duessel: No, no. There's no need to apologize. I quite enjoy talking to you, in fact. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this army who feels that way, either. The fighting's fierce, Amelia. You watch yourself! When you're near me, I'll make sure I keep a good eye out for you, too. I'll be there in a flash if you need me. Go ahead and fight without worry.
Amelia: Ah, y-yes, sir! Thank you very much. Fighting alongside you, General Duessel, is a great honor. Well, I'll be moving on now.
Duessel: Be seeing you! ... But...I just can't remember where...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Ewan A

Ewan: Amelia, have you traveled much?

Amelia: Travel? Hm, let's see... I went from Silva to the capital on my own once. Now that I think about it, I'd never left Grado until now.
Ewan: Oh, really? My teacher--he's the great sage Saleh from Caer Pelyn-- took me out on a training journey for many months once.
Amelia: Where did you go?
Ewan: Lots of different places across Magvel. We went to Renais, Frelia, Rausten, and Jehanna. Oh, and we went to Grado, too.
Amelia: Wow, that sounds great.
Ewan: Yeah, it was a lot of fun! There were so many new things to see. Say, Amelia, I just had an idea...
Amelia: What is it?
Ewan: When this war is over and we're all at peace, why don't you and I take a trip together?
Amelia: Huh? Just the two of us?
Ewan: Sure, why not? Does the idea bother you?
Amelia: No, it's just...
Ewan: There's so much I want to show you, Amelia. How the dark green forests refract the morning sun into a million burning emeralds. The melancholy spectacle of the sun sinking slowly beyond an endless horizon. The wind gently coercing vast fields of wheat to dance, heroic mountain peaks... Oh, and the gorgeous flower beds that fill your vision with brilliant colors! There are so very many spectacular places in the world. I want to see all of them again...but this time I want to see them with you. When you see them, you'll really understand how wonderful it is to be alive. The feeling will fill your heart and make you want to sing with joy!
Amelia: That's so...eloquent, Ewan. ...... But I understand what you're trying to say, and yes. Let's go! I want to see all of it and more!
Ewan: Great! Then it's settled. You know what? This gives us something to look forward to while this war goes on. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster.
Amelia: Ha ha. You know, Ewan, being around you fills me with so much energy.
Ewan: And I'm happy when you're around, too.
Amelia: I'm looking forward to our trip. It's one more reason for us to work quickly to put an end to this war.
Ewan: Yeah, let's do what we can, because we're definitely taking that trip!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Ewan B

Amelia: Ah... Whew. This looks like a good place to take a break.

Ewan: ...! ...... Boo!
Amelia: AHHHH!
Ewan: Ha ha ha! Amelia, it's me.
Amelia: Ah! Ewan? Why did you do that? I thought you were one of the enemy!
Ewan: Ha ha ha. We talked about this, remember? How you make it fun? I just wanted to make our meeting here a little more fun.
Amelia: Well, it wasn't fun for me at all.
Ewan: Ha ha ha. Oh, yeah, Amelia? Do you remember you promised to show me your lance work?
Amelia: Um...yeah. I remember. Well, all right. Here. Watch closely.
Ewan: Oh, I will.
Amelia: ...... HA! ...YAH!
Ewan: That's good.
Amelia: AH! ...WAH!
Ewan: Neat.
Amelia: ...... ...YAAAH!!
Ewan: That was great!
Amelia: Thanks.
Ewan: You're good, Amelia. You're as good as any of the other knights.
Amelia: Do you mean that? Whew... To be honest, I have been practicing even harder lately. But it was all worth it to hear you say that. Thanks.
Ewan: Really? No, thank you. I like your outfit, too.
Amelia: Huh? Oh, I get it. You're teasing me again, aren't you, Ewan? What was it, again? "Making things fun"?
Ewan: Ha ha ha. No, that's not at all what I was doing.
Amelia: Hmm... I'm not sure I should believe you.
Ewan: Ha ha ha. Princess Eirika has a similar outfit. Is that a popular style?
Amelia: Um...I don't know. But it's easy to move in, so...
Ewan: I see. I think it's cute. Especially that stain right there.
Amelia: Oh... Ewan, you're such a twit!
Ewan: Ha ha ha.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Ewan C

Ewan: Hey! What's your name?

Amelia: Me? I'm Amelia.
Ewan: Ah. Amelia... My name's Ewan. Hi!
Amelia: Hi, Ewan. It's nice to meet you. So, are you fighting with us?
Ewan: Yep, I am. I'm a mage.
Amelia: Really? You look like you're only about my age. That's neat.
Ewan: Ha ha! Ah, I'm nothing special compared to my teacher. You want to see some magic?
Amelia: H-here? Now? But... isn't that dangerous?
Ewan: Oh, don't worry. Magic isn't just for combat. For example... Voila! It can do stuff like this!
Amelia: Wow... They're so pretty! All those little lights, spinning around together... Is this really magic?
Ewan: This? This is magic used to make girls happy.
Amelia: Hm? Ah! Oh, Ewan, stop teasing.
Ewan: Ha ha ha.
Amelia: Ha ha.
Ewan: You should show me how good you are with your lance sometime.
Amelia: Huh? Um, all right. But... I'm sure you'd be bored.
Ewan: That's not true. And even if it were, it's simply a matter of how you make it fun.
Amelia: How you...make it fun?
Ewan: Uh-huh. Like this war, for example. Well, Amelia, I'll see you later!
Amelia: Hey! ...... Ewan sure moves at his own pace... How you make it fun? Hmm... That seems like a good rule to live by, when you think about it.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Franz A

Franz: Amelia. Can I ask you something?

Amelia: What is it?
Franz: Why did you become a soldier?
Amelia: Hm? ...... ... Because I was alone.
Franz: Alone?
Amelia: When I was little, I lived in a remote village with my mother. One day...bandits raided our village and took my mother.
Franz: Oh!
Amelia: I had no father... My mother was my only family. She was so sick... and so very weak...
Franz: ...
Amelia: When the bandits came... I hid under the bed... I hid there...trembling...
Franz: Amelia...
Amelia: I wanted to protect her! I...wanted to be strong! Even if I couldn't win... I wanted to fight! To protect the only person dear to me...
Franz: Oh... ...... ... I see now... Thank you for telling me your story. I want you to know this, Amelia. ...My parents are gone, too.
Amelia: You...too...?
Franz: Yes... Well, I do have a brother, though. But I don't remember my mother. But I swore that I would live my every moment to its fullest. I swore to my parents that I would live a long life for them and be happy. Amelia... You're living the same way, embracing each passing moment. You believe in yourself, and your faith burns in you, making you shine. I don't know what it is you plan to do with your life, but as long as we travel the same path, would you let me walk beside you? I have my own path to follow, I know, but... I believe we're both walking toward the same goal.
Amelia: Franz...?
Franz: You don't like that?
Amelia: No! That's not it. I'm...very happy! Franz...!
Franz: Amelia, I'll protect you.
Amelia: Franz... Thank you... I'm really happy. But...I want to protect you, too. I am a soldier of sorts as well, you know. So...let me be your shield to protect you...
Franz: And I will be your sword and fight for you. From now on. You're not alone anymore, Amelia.
Amelia: Thank you, Franz.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Franz B

Amelia: Oh, Sir Franz!

Franz: Amelia, hello. Call me Franz.
Amelia: What? But...
Franz: We are rivals, right? There's no need for the formality of titles.
Amelia: Oh, of course not, sir!
Franz: Ha ha ha... You did it again.
Amelia: Well, then... I got it, Franz.
Franz: Good.
Amelia: Ha ha... I'm not used to being so casual.
Franz: Can I ask you, what do you think of this war?
Amelia: What?
Franz: I still don't understand why Grado chose to invade Renais. Grado and Renais were allies. Their royal families were close friends. Why, Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika are friends with your Prince Lyon. I detect something funny here. I simply cannot believe a friendship so strong could end so abruptly. How many lives have been destroyed by such a seemingly random turn of events? Perhaps the prince and princess know more of the truth, but...
Amelia: I...
Franz: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't mean to besmirch your homeland's name.
Amelia: No, it's all right. I wonder what drives Grado's ambitions now, too. I was born in a rural village and raised in Grado's countryside. Ever since I was a little child, I took pride in my home's origins. Grado, of course, is named after the legendary hero who saved all of Magvel. I thought I lived in a country that believed in justice and peace. But this war... It's something different than all that.
Franz: Amelia... I'm sorry. This war must be especially painful for you...
Amelia: I'll be fine, Franz. But thank you, though. It was wrong of Grado to invade Renais. Nothing can justify it. Grado has no right to destroy whole nations, ruin people's lives. This is all wrong! I began this war as a soldier in Grado's armies. But now... I just want to believe... I want to believe in justice! I want to know I'm doing the right thing!
Franz: Amelia... I understand it all very well. Your love of your homeland... Your sense of justice, of honor... If there's anything I can do to help you, please let me know. We are rivals, but that doesn't mean we can't also be friends, right?
Amelia: Franz... Thank you.
Franz: I won't let you down.
Amelia: No, neither will I!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Franz C

Franz: Oh, hello there. You're... Ah, it's Amelia, isn't it?

Amelia: Hm? Oh... Yes, and you're Franz!
Franz: That's right. How are you? Getting the hang of things?
Amelia: Oh, yes. Quite! You know, everyone here is so much friendlier than the folks in Grado. I'm glad there are so many people around my age traveling with us.
Franz: Yeah. I think I'm about the same age as you are, too. You know what that means? That means, from now on, you're my rival.
Amelia: What?
Franz: What do you say?
Amelia: Um... Well, does that mean... I have to fight you?
Franz: No, no. It's nothing as complicated as all that. We'll just work together. See, I'll try to be better than you, and you try to be better than me! Every day, try to be a better person than you are today. It's easier to do when you've got someone to work with.
Amelia: I see... But why?
Franz: Yes, well. Um... My brother's a knight, too, and he's had someone like that for a long time. I've always been envious of the competitive relationship he has. They compete, and they argue, and they bicker... But I know they respect one another, and they grow together. I envy that.
Amelia: Um... I'm not sure I can be like that.
Franz: Ha ha ha... Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter who you are. All that really matters is that we have someone like that in our lives. Besides, you are a qualified soldier, are you not?
Amelia: Er... I'm not honestly sure I'm even qualified to be out here.
Franz: Same here. That's why I picked you. Let's work together.
Amelia: All right! I'm not sure I can live up to your expectations... But I'll do my best.
Franz: Good. It's nice to meet you, Amelia.
Amelia: It certainly is!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Neimi A

Amelia: I just noticed something, Neimi. There are a lot of female soldiers traveling with us, aren't there?

Neimi: You know, you're right!
Amelia: It's nice to see. It wasn't like that in Grado's army. It makes me feel much more at ease.
Neimi: I was really nervous when I started up, but then I spoke more with the princess...
Amelia: I've started noticing that some of the women are getting...friendly with the men. I thought it was, you know, just the camaraderie of the field or whatever. But I'm starting to think that's not the case, if you know what I mean. I'm starting to think maybe it's something else entirely.
Neimi: Hee hee hee... So, um... Is there any boy you like?
Amelia: Hm? Why do you ask? it that you have someone YOU like?
Neimi: I do. He's someone who's always watched over me, stood by my side. He used to make me cry, but I...I love him.
Amelia: That's amazing! You know, I'm a little jealous of you... Have you told him how you feel?
Neimi: Uh-uh...
Amelia: Well, you have to tell him! I'm sure he likes you, too, Neimi.
Neimi: I will. Someday. Not today. But someday, I will.
Amelia: There you go.
Neimi: But you never answered my question!
Amelia: What, me? I honestly never really spoke to any of the men in Grado's army.
Neimi: But you're not in Grado's army anymore! What about now?
Amelia: Huh? Oh, er, well... I'm...not so sure...
Neimi: Ha! You do, don't you!
Amelia: Uh... Mm-hm...
Neimi: Don't worry. I'm sure he likes you, Amelia.
Amelia: Why do you say that?
Neimi: Well, you're so... You're so cute, and you're so nice. How could anyone NOT like you?
Amelia: Neimi... Thanks. That's really sweet of you. I'm happy to hear you say that!
Neimi: Be sure you tell him how you feel!
Amelia: You, too! I'm not the only one suffering here!
Neimi: Hee hee hee. All right. We're in this together!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Neimi B

Neimi: Amelia, can I ask you a question? Why did you become a soldier?

Amelia: Hm? Well... It's... I become strong.
Neimi: Strong? What do you mean?
Amelia: All my life, I've felt helpless, like I needed someone to defend me. I didn't want to feel like that anymore. But what about you, Neimi? What are you fighting for?
Neimi: I'm not really sure how I wound up getting involved in this whole war. It just...sorta turned out that way, you know?
Amelia: It doesn't matter how you wound up here. Your skill with the bow is amazing, Neimi. I'm not sure how to put this, but... You seem more battle ready than most of the trained soldiers I've met.
Neimi: Hmm mm mm... Thanks. My grandpa taught me everything I know.
Amelia: Really?
Neimi: We used to go hunting together when I was little... Oh! That reminds me! I used to have a pet fox, a little kit I found out hunting one day.
Amelia: Wow! A fox kit? I've never seen one before. Was it cute?
Neimi: He was adorable! So small, and he had such soft and fluffy fur. It was so cute watching him try to run his fastest on those short little legs.
Amelia: Tee hee.
Neimi: What about you? Did you ever have any pets?
Amelia: Me? Well, I don't-- Oh! I did! I used to have a little pet bird.
Neimi: Oh, what kind?
Amelia: Hm. Well, she had beautiful feathers, I remember that. They were all blue and yellow and orange. She used to sing to me.
Neimi: She was a songbird? That sounds nice.
Amelia: It was. Whenever I felt lonely, she would sing her song to cheer me up. I let her go when I left my village and joined Grado's army.
Neimi: That's so sad... I think I'd like to get another pet when this war is all over.
Amelia: Really?
Neimi: Definitely. You should get one, too. Once this war is over, I mean. When everything is at peace again, we should each get a pet.
Amelia: That sounds great! And then we can have our pets visit one another.
Neimi: I'd like that.
Amelia: Me, too.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Neimi C

Neimi: Whoa... That's beautiful! Your armor, I mean. It's so shiny.

Amelia: Th-thanks. Ah... Er...
Neimi: I'm Neimi.
Amelia: Oh, my name is Amelia. Nice to meet you, miss.
Neimi: Miss? Oh, no. I'm just Neimi. It's nice to meet you, too.
Amelia: All right, Neimi it is.
Neimi: Anyway, your armor really is lovely. That color reminds me of the michew berries that grow in my hometown.
Amelia: Oh, I've had michew berries before! They're really shiny, and they're sweet and a little tart when you eat them. I just love them in pies...
Neimi: Oh, I know! I didn't think they grew anywhere else. They're so yummy!
Amelia: Tell you what: if we come across any in the field, let's stop and pick them.
Neimi: That sounds like a good idea.
Amelia: Maybe we can use some of the supplies to bake some michew pies for everyone. One bite, and they'll forget all about their exhaustion.
Neimi: I agree. I'll keep my eyes peeled, and if I see any, I'll pick some for you.
Amelia: Ha ha! That's great! Now we've got something to look forward to, hm? Oh, we'd better get back to the battle.
Neimi: Aw... All right, Amelia. But let's talk some more again.
Amelia: Oh, you bet! I'm really glad I met you, Neimi.
Neimi: Me too, Amelia.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Ross A

Amelia: Hi, Ross.

Ross: Hey, Amelia. I heard you're getting better.
Amelia: Yes, I'm getting there.
Ross: Well, it's a hard road to get to where we think we should be.
Amelia: Yup, that's true.
Ross: As for me, my father was always the warrior in the family. I've always wanted to be just like him. I think I'm just finally starting to get close to that goal. But anyways, how are your parents?
Amelia: Well... I don't talk about them much...
Ross: Oh! Um... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
Amelia: No, no. It's fine. My father has been gone for as long as I can remember...
Ross: I see.
Amelia: I was living with my mother, but... But she longer with me.
Ross: I see... Sounds like you've had a rough life...
Amelia: Well...
Ross: I'm sorry I brought up something painful.
Amelia: Um...
Ross: Um... I've got it! I'll be your big brother!
Amelia: What in the world are you talking about?
Ross: Your brother! And you'll be my sister! Yeah! This is the best idea I've had in a while! It doesn't matter that we're not blood relatives. The army is like a family, so we are like siblings! So it's decided, then. You're my little sister from now on. So you're not alone anymore. You can call me big brother, OK?
Amelia: Um... This is all kind of...sudden. I don't know if I'm ready to--
Ross: Never mind all that! We're brother and sister from now on. All right, Sis?
Amelia: How old are you anyway?
Ross: Huh? What's that got to do with it? You know... Old enough to show you the ropes.
Amelia: Wait a minute... You're probably the same age as me!
Ross: What?!
Amelia: In fact, I'll bet I'm a little older...
Ross: Grrrrrr! Be quiet! I said I'm the big brother. It doesn't matter the exact date we're born. I'm the big brother. Any way you look at it, I'm the older one!
Amelia: Ha ha! You're too funny! It's so cute when you get mad! Hee hee hee!
Ross: Grrrrr.
Amelia: Thanks for the laugh.
Ross: Hmph! When this war is over, I'll take you to my village.
Amelia: What?
Ross: Haven't you been listening to anything? We're brother and sister now, remember?
Amelia: Um, right.
Ross: From now on, you and I are going to share both joy and sorrow as a family. OK?
Amelia: If I didn't know better, I would think that you were proposing to me. Ha ha ha!
Ross: What! That's not what I'm talking about at all! You twisted my words up! Just forget it! Anyways, let's go!
Amelia: Ha ha ha! Thanks...BIG BROTHER! Hee hee!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Ross B

Ross: Hey!

Amelia: Oh, hi, um...
Ross: I guess I haven't told you my name, huh. I'm Ross, the son of the warrior Garcia.
Amelia: I'm Amelia. Nice to meet you, Ross.
Ross: Likewise. By the way, it looks like you're getting better at battle.
Amelia: Yes. It's mostly because you and others are helping me out. I'm also getting the hang of my spear.
Ross: I see. I was once a rookie too. Everyone has to start somewhere. We're young, and we start at the bottom of the chain, you know? But we'll get stronger, both of us. So let's work hard, all right?
Amelia: Yes!
Ross: Good, good. Oh, by the way...
Amelia: Yes?
Ross: I have something for you. Now, where did I put it? Hmm... Ah, here it is.
Amelia: Thanks... Um, what is it?
Ross: Isn't it obvious? It's a necklace.
Amelia: I can see that, but... Why?
Ross: I bought it. I mean, I bought it a long time go. There was a kid selling this on the street, and he just wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't need it, but he seemed really hungry, so... Amelia: That's very kind of you, Ross.
Ross: Oh, it's not a big deal. A-anyway, it's yours now.
Amelia: What?! I couldn't!
Ross: No, it's yours.
Amelia: But...
Ross: Don't you like it?
Amelia: It's not that. It's very pretty! It's just...
Ross: Then keep it.
Amelia: Thank you. It's so lovely.
Ross: You should have just accepted in the first place. Why are you acting so reluctant?
Amelia: Well, I've always lived very...modestly.
Ross: Huh? What's that got to do with it?
Amelia: I could never afford something like this... So to me, everything is so very precious... And I couldn't take something that was precious to you...
Ross: I see. Please just take it and enjoy it.
Amelia: If you're sure... Thank you.
Ross: Of course! Besides, I've always looked better in earrings than necklaces. Just kidding! OK, let's go, Amelia.
Amelia: Ha ha ha! Sure.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Amelia Ross C

Amelia: Zowie!

Ross: Ugh! Hey! Ow! What the heck?!
Amelia: I'm so sorry! I'm just very clumsy. Are you all right?
Ross: Oooooow!
Amelia: E-excuse me.
Ross: You! You're from Grado, aren't you! This was a sneak attack, wasn't it! Then prepare yourself for battle!
Amelia: Oh, no! Please listen to me! It's true that I am from Grado, but I am now on your side!
Ross: You must think I'm pretty gullible! You can't trick me like that!
Amelia: But I'm telling the truth! I am on your side! I didn't attack you. I tripped and fell into you, but it was an accident!
Ross: Right... Let's say for a second I buy this story. But how can you explain tripping when there's nothing around to trip on?
Amelia: There was a dent over there, and--
Ross: Huh? Oh, you mean that. I see. You tripped on that thing, huh?
Amelia: Y-yes!
Ross: How could you have tripped on that? I can barely even see it! Hey, isn't that spear a little heavy for you? You're so small. Need a little help?
Amelia: Not really. It's much lighter than other knights'. I'm working on building up more power, but I'm getting the hang of it.
Ross: Hmmm... I noticed that your armor is very shiny.
Amelia: Um, yes. Thanks, I guess. I'm always polishing it.
Ross: That's a sure sign of a new recruit! Watch out for hazing. You might as well be wearing a sign taped to your forehead that says? I'm a rookie!?
Amelia: Oh... Um...
Ross: Don't worry. I've got your back.
Amelia: What?
Ross: But in exchange, you must cover ME when someone attacks me with a sword!
Amelia: Oh... OK. I'll do my best! Um... Say...
Ross: What is it?
Amelia: Thank you... for believing me that I'm not your enemy.
Ross: There's no point in fighting with someone on your own side. OK, let's go!
Amelia: Yes!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Cormag A

Cormag: I should apologize to you, Artur.

Artur: What's wrong, Sir Cormag? Did something happen?
Cormag: The star-stone amulet that you so generously gave Genarog... It got shattered when an archer attacked us. It's not all bad, though. That stone stopped the arrow cold. Saved both me AND Genarog, it did. Had that amulet been not there, we wouldn't be here right now.
Artur: That's unfortunate, but I'm glad the amulet worked! I'll have to make a prayer of thanks for the stone's protecting.
Cormag: Well, we owe you, Artur. And it's not exactly a perfect trade, but... Here.
Artur: What's this? This... This looks like a wyvern stone!
Cormag: A wyvern stone? Are they rare?
Artur: Yes, very! Where on earth did you...
Cormag: Genarog had it. I didn't have any idea what it was. I figured maybe you'd know something about it. And it looks like I was right, wasn't I? You know what it's worth? Well, like I said, it's yours. Keep it.
Artur: A-are you sure!?
Cormag: Sure. You don't mind, now, do you, Genarog?
Artur: Th-thank you... I mean it... Sir Cormag, Genarog... Wyvern stones are like dragonstones, only far more rare. Mages covet them. Having one focuses your powers, refines your magical control. But nobody knows where they come from or how to craft them. There are no more than a handful of wyvern stones in the world today. I never thought I'd even see one, much less hold one in my hands.
Cormag: So it's a big deal, eh?
Artur: It most certainly is, Sir Cormag. Genarog... I can't thank you enough. You've made one of my dreams come true.
Cormag: I'm glad we were able to help you, Artur.
Artur: I'll cherish this wyvern stone always. ...By the way, Sir Cormag, do you have a dream?
Cormag: ...My dream. Hmph... My only dream right now is to undo the damage Grado has done. I want Grado to be a peaceful nation again, ruled by a gentle man.
Artur: I'm sure you'll see your own dream realized, Sir Cormag. After all, we're all fighting to make that dream come true. You and Genarog have made my own dream a reality. And you know that I'll do what I can to make yours real, too.
Cormag: Genarog was right. You are a good lad, Artur. Tell you what. If we do restore peace, you must visit my homeland. And when you do, I think Genarog would like to take you flying.
Artur: I'd love to, Sir Cormag. I look forward to visiting Grado in better times.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Cormag B

Artur: Sir Cormag!

Cormag: If it isn't Artur. What's the rush?
Artur: I've been thinking about how to become friends with Genarog. I was thinking perhaps he might like it if I gave him something.
Cormag: You want to give Genarog a gift?
Artur: Yes. It's an amulet made of a star stone. According to legend, those who carry star stones are blessed from above. It's customary to wear them as amulets in Renais, and I thought...
Cormag: I see... But that's your amulet, isn't it?
Artur: No need to worry for me, Sir Cormag. I pray every morning and every night.
Cormag: Well, if that's the case, then we'll take it. Look at that, Genarog! All right, Artur, I want you to place it in his saddlebag.
Artur: I'm a little scared, but I'll give it a try! All right... The saddlebag... This one right here? There you go... ... Sir Cormag, look! Genarog licked my hand!
Cormag: Whoa, not bad... Not bad at all, Artur. I've never once seen him lick anyone's hand but mine.
Artur: Really?
Cormag: Yeah, and it took him two years before he'd even do that! You and he seem to be getting along famously, as they say.
Artur: That makes me happy, Sir Cormag. I'm glad he likes the amulet.
Cormag: I think he likes you more than he likes that amulet, honestly.
Artur: Really, Sir Cormag? May I talk to him again?
Cormag: Sure, anytime. We're looking forward to it. Both of us.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Cormag C

Artur: So this is a wyvern...

Cormag: Hey, what's going on here? Don't get too close now. It may look calm now, but it's got a dangerous side. Like me.
Artur: S-sorry! Oh, the name is Artur.
Cormag: I'm Cormag. Nice to meet you.
Artur: You, too, Sir Cormag. It's a pleasure.
Cormag: So... Interested in wyverns, are you?
Artur: It's not so much interest as it is, well, fascination, if you will. The way how they fly in the sky at will... and their powerful limbs. I've seen them from a distance before, but I've never seen one up close... Do you think it would mind if I were to touch it?
Cormag: Nah, go right ahead. But wyverns can be proud. They won't warm up to anyone they think unworthy. Took me three years before this one would let me ride on his back. Oh, he hated me at first. Always snarling and snatching at me... I don't know how many times he threw me when I tried to ride him.
Artur: R-really? Maybe I should keep my distance then.
Cormag: No, he seems to like you.
Artur: How do you know?
Cormag: He hasn't tried to eat your face yet, for one thing. Maybe he can sense your, what'd you call it, fascination? Yeah, maybe it won't take too long for you two to be friends.
Artur: Hm. Well then, it's very nice to meet you, Sir Cormag's Wyvern?
Cormag: His name's Genarog. Next time you're around, come say hi.
Artur: Thanks. I will!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Joshua A

Joshua: Hey, Artur! You're looking pretty pleased with yourself today. Care to make a bet? If I win, we'll hit the training again tonight.

Artur: No need for bets, Joshua. I'll be happy to train with you.
Joshua: You're volunteering? Are you feeling all right? Did you take a blow to the head?
Artur: No, no. I'm fine. I'm just offering to help you out. It's easier than losing another bet to you.
Joshua: What do you mean? You've got even odds of winning.
Artur: You must be joking! Out of the past 21 coin flips, I've won two, and you've won 19! Those are impossible odds to beat, so there's only one answer. You must have some divine betting power or something. If I can help you train, I will, but I don't want to lose anymore.
Joshua: Hmph... But that's no fun! All right, you don't have to train with me if you don't want to bet.
Artur: ...Excuse me?
Joshua: I don't have any divine power. You've won 11 out of 21 coin tosses so far. We're about even. I was...cheating. Just a little, though.
Artur: You cheated? I felt so guilty when I accused you earlier. I guess I just trusted--
Joshua: Yep. That's your problem. I know trust and faith are important to you monkly types. However, on the battlefield, you can never trust your foe. If we were gambling for your life, and not for training, you'd be dead 19 times over. Well, I mean, you can only die once, but you get my drift.
Artur: ... I'm speechless...
Joshua: Ha ha ha. Good thing I'm a reasonably fair man, huh? No harm done, and you even learned a little something, didn't you?
Artur: I suppose.
Joshua: So here's the deal. I want you to keep being my partner. But this time, I'll be teaching you a little bit about wagers.
Artur: What's more important to you, Joshua? Gambling or training? I guess I don't even have to ask you that, huh? But no more cheating!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Joshua B

Joshua: Hey, Artur. I wanted to thank you for training. I learned a lot from it. I hope you're not too exhausted for today's training session.

Artur: Well, actually... Could we not do this today?
Joshua: Hey, now. Show a little enthusiasm, why don't you? An attitude like that ain't gonna win you any battles!
Artur: You may be right, but I just can't keep up with you. If you keep exhausting me in training, I'll be no good when the real fighting begins. I'm trying not to let it show, but I'm really worn out today.
Joshua: Then let's make a bet. If I win, you do what I tell you.
Artur: Joshua, I'm quite drained, and we still have much fighting to do. You should just rest tonight.
Joshua: Don't worry about me, Artur. So, heads or tails?
Artur: Fine... Heads.
Joshua: Great! You're heads, and I'm tails. Here we go! Incredible! Tails! I win again!
Artur: ... Could I see that coin?
Joshua: What for? Are you suggesting that I would actually cheat?
Artur: ...No. Sorry.
Joshua: So it's a deal. I'll be waiting for you tonight. Don't forget!
Artur: Fine... ......
Joshua: ...You're hopeless. Don't look so tired. It gets me all worried, and I can't go back to the front being all worried. Listen, just take a day off. Get some rest, all right?
Artur: But I lost the bet.
Joshua: The deal was, if I win, you do what I tell you. And what I'm telling you to do is take it easy.
Artur: Joshua... I appreciate it. I've never done much fighting. I think I'm just worn out. It's exhausting, having to keep your guard up all the time. But your kindness has rejuvenated my frazzled nerves a little.
Joshua: Well, we're still fighting, so don't let your guard down. Stick close to me today, and I'll watch over you. But don't skip tomorrow's training!
Artur: I'll be there.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Joshua C

Joshua: Hey, you there.

Artur: Yes?
Joshua: You a monk or something?
Artur: Yes. I came from Renais. My name is Artur.
Joshua: I'm Joshua. So, uh... You want to make me a bet?
Artur: A bet?
Joshua: Sure! Call it in the air: heads or tails?
Artur: ...?
Joshua: What's the matter? All you have to do is say heads or tails. So what's your call?
Artur: I have no idea what this is about, but I'll say heads for now.
Joshua: Right, so I get tails. Here, we'll flip now. Annnnnnd... Right! Tails. I win.
Artur: You win. Um... What do you win?
Joshua: Well, now, you have to do whatever I tell you.
Artur: What? Why do you say that?
Joshua: You lost, right? Since you lost, you've got to do what I tell you. So when this battle's over, I want you to train with me.
Artur: Train? What are you talking about? Look, I only said heads because you pressed me to! I don't remember you saying anything about what we were betting on.
Joshua: You shouldn't worry so much about the tiny details! You'll waste your life, worrying so much! Now, about that training. I always have a tough time fighting against people who use magic. I think it's got something to do with getting the timing right... I don't really need to polish my technique too much. However, I've noticed that these battles just keep getting harder. So, I figured I should train with someone who can use a little magic!
Artur: I commend your attitude, but I really can't help you... My evenings are pretty full as it is, so...
Joshua: Hey, now! A deal's a deal. I'll be waiting, so don't be late!
Artur: Fine... But just for a little while!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Lute A

Artur: Hello, Lute.

Lute: ......
Artur: What is it? You look like you have something on your mind.
Lute: Oh. No. I was just thinking about monsters.
Artur: Monsters?
Lute: Yes. All these monsters are our enemies, I know, but...they're not all bad, are they?
Artur: What are you talking about?
Lute: They're kind of cute, don't you think? I mean, like those revenants, for example.
Artur: It's fair to say I will never understand your tastes. Besides, I thought you enjoyed using them as, well, magic practice.
Lute: Oh, I do. I do indeed. I use my magic to rip them to shreds...with love, of course.
Artur: Your way of expressing love is somewhat frightening...
Lute: Do you think so? Thank you.
Artur: No... That wasn't a compliment. ... Should I, ah, expect you to attack me with magic, too?
Lute: Hm? Why would I attack you with my magic?
Artur: You don't get it?
Lute: No. Your strange logic baffles even my brilliant, brilliant mind. That's why I'm curious.
Artur: Really? You don't get it?
Lute: No, I don't!
Artur: You really don't?
Lute: Stop that!
Artur: I'm just giving you a hard time, Lute. All right. I'll just come straight out and say it.
Lute: Finally!
Artur: It's because I like you.
Lute: What!?
Artur: In fact, I love you, and I'm hoping perhaps that you love me.
Lute: Oh! Oh!!!
Artur: Now, do you understand?
Lute: Er... Um... A-according to "A Young Girl's Primer to Nazonian Magic," that most ancient tome long sought by, er, the terrible Demon King himself... it's not uncommon for a party to assign feelings, love to the reanimated hordes they confront on the battlefield, and considering my incredible brain and the remarkable skills I--
Artur: Lute?
Lute: Well, that is... What I mean is...
Artur: What's wrong with you? I don't often see you lose your cool.
Lute: Th-that's because...
Artur: Yes?
Lute: Well... My books don't tell me anything about how to deal with love! So...
Artur: Heh... Heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha!!!
Lute: I'm sorry. I'm a little out of my depth when it comes to love.
Artur: No, you're not. Love needs no textbooks. Just be yourself, and listen to your feelings.
Lute: Is...that all I need to do?
Artur: I promise.
Lute: ... Er, excuse me...
Artur: Yes?
Lute: Well, er...
Artur: Yes?
Lute: I'm're here.
Artur: I am, too, Lute.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Lute B

Lute: Are you tired, Artur?

Artur: Huh...? Oh, no, I'm... ...... You're right. I am tired. How could you tell, Lute? I was trying my best not to show it.
Lute: Oh, come on! There's no one better than me at spotting things like this! I can tell, you're mentally exhausted.
Artur: I don't know what I expected, but... I had no idea war would be like this. One battle after another, overwhelming odds...and monsters!? In this day and age, we're fighting monsters from the legends and epics? I know how much is at stake, but sometimes...I get so tired.
Lute: When you're tired, there's nothing better than a good meal and a long sleep. And if you look at page 990 of "De Floris Mysticis," there's a special herb that, once decocted into a potion, will help relax your muscles. Look for the parfina flower, and reduce it into a thick syrup before drinking. Oh, and I hear music helps you sleep. If you like, I can hum something for you.
Artur: Thank you. However, I think I'll pass on your offer, delightful though your humming must be. You must be tired as well. Take care of yourself, and rest when you can.
Lute: I will. In fact, maybe I'll just hum to myself instead. Will you be all right?
Artur: I'm fine. I feel quite refreshed, in fact.
Lute: Refreshed? How so? Was it some new kind of magic?
Artur: Perhaps, from a certain point of view. Your every word has nurtured my soul...
Lute: Hm. I'm not sure I get it, but as long as you're feeling better!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Lute C

Lute: Hm... I wonder if... Oh, I see...

Artur: What are you doing, Lute?
Lute: Oh! I was just observing this chemida beetle.
Artur: You haven't changed at all, have you, Lute?
Lute: What do you mean?
Artur: You spent most of your time sequestered in your room, studying your books. On the rare occasion you went outside, you were paralyzed with fascination.
Lute: Of course! There are so many fascinating things to be learned from nature! There are a great many books out there, and I have read most of them, of course. But I've found that what is written can differ greatly from how things truly are. Take this chemida beetle, for example. I've been reading from "The Glossary of Falibrian Entomology" lately. According to the glossary, their wings fall off once they reach maturity. However, I have just found an adult beetle whose wings still work perfectly! Exceptions do exist to the rules my books outline. This is a rare specimen. I wonder, should we take it back with us?
Artur: Sigh... I hope this isn't another of your pranks.
Lute: My...pranks?
Artur: Do you remember when I loaned you my copy of "Lux Aeterna"? You replaced my bookmark with the tail of a sedgel lizard. You scared ten years off my life, I swear it!
Lute: Did I do that?
Artur: And! Knowing full well that I have a...mild...fear of spiders, you caught a small army of them and unleashed them in my room!
Lute: I thought that if I immersed you in the thing you feared, maybe you might be able to overcome your fear entirely! And I went to a lot of trouble trying to catch those spiders!
Artur: ...Why would you do that?
Lute: Well, I did get a bit of a kick out of the experience myself. Why? Did it bother you?
Artur: YES! Oh, don't worry about it. At least you did it because you cared about me, right? I'll just accept it as the best gesture of kindness you can manage, Lute.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Neimi A

Artur: Neimi!

Neimi: Artur...
Artur: Look, I found it! Here...
Neimi: Oh...
Artur: I've been asking around since the last time we spoke. I found out that our convoy master had found a mirror lying on the ground. When I asked to see it, imagine my delight when I saw it was your mirror!
Neimi: ...Sniff... I'm so... so happy!
Artur: ... You know, when I was looking for your mirror, I was reminded... I had a similar experience when I was young. It's why I chose to be a monk.
Neimi: What happened?
Artur: One day, when I was just a little boy, I had lost a toy, and I was crying. I lived near a monastery, and one of the monks saw me sitting there weeping. He spent his day trying to find out why I was so sad and to cheer me up. It was so trivial--that toy was nothing but a trinket, but to me, it had value. I later found out a friend of mine had taken it without asking, but... Anyway, I was very happy that someone had stopped to show so much concern. To everyone else, I was just a petty child weeping over a toy. To this monk, however, I was a sad and lost soul, crying out in need. He was so kind, and he spent so much of his day on a child's tears. I admired his attitude, even then. It was then that I realized that I could honor his deed by becoming a monk.
Neimi: And...that's why...
Artur: Yes, that's why. Oh! Your mirror! Here you go.
Neimi: Oh...... I'm...really happy...
Artur: Ah. Just as I thought.
Neimi: What?
Artur: Your smile is delightful. It's a vast improvement on those tears. The heavens themselves must have wanted to see that smile and conspired to help me find your mirror.
Neimi: Thank you, Artur... I'm so grateful.
Artur: No, Neimi. I'm grateful to you. Talking to you makes me feel at peace. I feel like...some of the others make light of me from time to time.
Neimi: Oh, that's only... It's just because you're so honest and pure of heart. Someone I know...teases me a lot, too. All the time, he teases me.
Artur: I see... I'm sorry to hear that.
Neimi: Well, it's not that he's all bad. He can be very kind, but... But you're kind, too, Artur.
Artur: Thank you. You know, when you meet someone, that person reflects back at you like a mirror, revealing within them the emotions that you project. Angry people bring out the anger within others, just as sullen, hopeless people bring out nothing but the sorrow within all those to whom they speak. Do you know why so many people seem kind to you, Neimi? It is because you yourself are a kind person. You bring that out in others.
Neimi: Oh, Artur... That's so kind-- I mean... Er... Thank you.
Artur: Please, Neimi, always hold that kindness close to your heart.
Neimi: I will...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Neimi B

Artur: Neimi, it's an honor to speak with you again so soon!

Neimi: Oh! Artur! Yes, I'm happy to see you.
Artur: That's an impressive bow. Am I to understand that you're an archer? I've heard the others speak highly of your skills.
Neimi: Thank you. And I was watching you use your magic. It was pretty incredible!
Artur: Oh, it was nothing. I'm just a novice. Oh! Neimi, I see you've put your mirror away, have you?
Neimi: Hm...? Huh...? I don't...think...I did...
Artur: What? What does that mean?
Neimi: Oh, no! I've lost it! What am I going to do?
Artur: Lost!? How could that happen!? That mirror is a precious artifact, not to mention an important keepsake!
Neimi: The leather strap... It's torn... Ohhhh... Sniff... Waaaaaaah!
Artur: Oh, don't-- Please don't cry. Don't worry. We'll look for it together.
Neimi: Sniff...
Artur: Any idea when you lost it?
Neimi: I think I...sniff...had it with me when the battle started. It was...right there on my belt... Sniff...
Artur: Then it must be around here somewhere, right? I'll go look over here. You check the ground back there.
Neimi: All... All right...
Artur: ......
Neimi: ......
Artur: I couldn't find it here... Any luck there?
Neimi: ...Sob... Sniff... I can't...find it...
Artur: Don't worry. It has to be around somewhere. Just keep looking. I'll ask the others, too.
Neimi: All right... I'll just go look over here...
Artur: Oh, Neimi... Sigh... How am I ever going to find it in the middle of a battlefield? I suppose I simply must have faith. Yes, that's it. Faith will guide me to her mother's mirror.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Neimi C

Neimi: Oh... Brother Artur...

Artur: Yes? And you must be...
Neimi: I'm...Neimi.
Artur: Ah, Neimi. I'm sorry that our introduction has been so delayed. And please, just call me Artur. "Brother" is too formal.
Neimi: Oh... All right, Artur it is.
Artur: Very good. Ack!
Neimi: What is it? What's wrong?
Artur: Oh, nothing. Sorry. But...that hand mirror hanging from your waist...
Neimi: Oh, this? It's a keepsake from my mother. I had it stolen from me once, so I've made this leather strap for it. I can tie it to my belt and take it with me everywhere now.
Artur: It's... Excuse me, but may I look at it for a moment? Hm... Yes, well, that is interesting. If my memory serves, this is quite a valuable mirror. It is a gift given only to clerics of the highest order. Few of these mirrors exist, and for you to have one means your mother...
Neimi: Yes, she was a cleric... When I was young, an illness...
Artur: Say no more. I understand. But seeing you and the mirror she left you tells me something. Your mother was a good person, benevolent, faithful, and caring. And you are the product of her care, filled with the same light.
Neimi: Thank you... It makes me happy to hear that.
Artur: I'm delighted to have met you. We shall have to speak again.
Neimi: I hope so, Artur! See you soon.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Tethys A

Tethys: Well, look who's come to see me! I'm glad to see you showing some initiative. You must be practicing a lot, hm? Well, show me what you've got!

Artur: Please! I have a name! I am not a child! My name is Artur! And...I really must protest about becoming a dancer. I have no interest in learning how to dance, do you understand?
Tethys: I'm glad you're here, because I have something I wanted to tell you.
Artur: Y-you do?
Tethys: I scrubbed my face with manon leaves, just like you said, but look... I got a rash, just like I thought I would. Look here, on my cheek.
Artur: Uh... Maybe you scrubbed too hard?
Tethys: Well, here... Take a look.
Artur: I'm not sure this is the right time. We're in the middle of a battle.
Tethys: We'll be fine. It'll only take a second. We'll be done in a flash.
Artur: Fine, fine... But let's be quick.
Tethys: Come on, you're not looking right. Get closer. Closer... More. Look right around here... See? It's red, isn't it?
Artur: ...A little,'s not that bad. Whoa!! I-if you turn your head so suddenly like that...your face is... It's so close to my...
Tethys: Hm mm mm. You're blushing. Are you all right, child?
Artur: I-I'm fine, but... Every time you're around, my heart...
Tethys: Starts thumping?
Artur: Y-yes...
Tethys: To tell you the truth, you look just like my first love.
Artur: Is... Is that so?
Tethys: But he moved, and I never saw him again. Oh, it brings back such memories... He and I couldn't have been much older than, say, ten.
Artur: ...Are you telling me I look like a ten-year-old child?
Tethys: Yep. Those sparkling eyes are totally him.
Artur: ... I see... I know someone who looks like you, too.
Tethys: Oh, really? Who would that be?
Artur: ...My mother. She called me "child" when I was little, just like you do now. I used to like that then, but now that I'm older...
Tethys: ...Oh... A bit of a mama's boy, are you, Artur?
Artur: Excuse me? Mama's boy?
Tethys: Tee-hee... Very well. I shall mother you. Call me "mom," child.
Artur: ... Er... I... I'm not sure about this. Besides, I used to call her "mother," not "mom," so...
Tethys: I'm only kidding. I just love teasing you. However, I am serious about you becoming a dancer. Your good looks and graceful movement tell me you have the talent... You would make a fine partner. Just think about it, will you?
Artur: Oh, I forgot--that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I don't want to-- ...Er, excuse me. Tethys, would you wait up for me!?

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Tethys B

Tethys: Do you remember the dance steps I showed you the other day, child? No? I'll show them to you again. Pay attention, as you'll be going next.

Artur: Tethys, we're in the middle of a battle. Can't this wait until later?
Tethys: My, aren't we confident! No, we can't have that. We have to practice. I refuse to have a partner who's too lazy to practice daily.
Artur: No, you're not following me. I'm not your partner. I don't want to-- Would you please stop calling me "child" in front of everyone!
Tethys: What's wrong with looking young? After all, you have such lovely skin. May I...touch your cheeks?
Artur: Oh... Ah, normally, people wait for an answer before they well, touching me. Um... Would you please stop?
Tethys: Amazing! It's like velvet to the touch! You have such smooth skin!
Artur: Er... Excuse me... Ah... I really must protest... P-please... S-stop...
Tethys: Tell me... What's your secret?
Artur: I... I don't have any secrets! Oh... You meant my skin. Well, I just rub manon leaves on after I wash.
Tethys: Manon leaves? Those scratchy things? I always thought they would just leave a rash. Hm. Maybe I should try... I'll see you later, child. I'll be checking up on your progress, so be sure to practice those steps.
Artur: ...Huh? But... But I don't want to be a dancer... I... Sigh...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Artur Tethys C

Tethys: Child, come here a moment.

Artur: Child...? Are you talking to me?
Tethys: Yes, that's right. Come here for a moment. I won't bite.
Artur: How may I help you, my lady?
Tethys: Would you spin yourself around right there?
Artur: ...What? Spin around? Like... Like this?
Tethys: Hm... Not bad. Not bad at all. You have a graceful form. And you're quite beautiful. It'd be a waste to let you stay a simple clergyman.
Artur: Beautiful? Me? Do you really think so?
Tethys: Yes, you have a lovely face. Say... Would you like to dance with me? I think you have the potential. I could use a partner. When this war ends, I think it should be you.
Artur: I...don't know about that. Dancing probably isn't my thing.
Tethys: You never know until you try. Anyway, from what I can see, I think you've got what it takes. Trust me. There's no future in this church business. Be a dancer.
Artur: I'm afraid I have to disagree. I feel this is my calling, you see. Er... If that's all you wanted, would you excuse me?
Tethys: Oh, oh. Yes, fine. Only... What's your name, child?
Artur: I'm A-Artur.
Tethys: I'm Tethys. I'm a dancer. Don't forget.
Artur: Hm? T-Tethys?
Tethys: That's right. I'll see you later, child. Think about what I told you about becoming a dancer, won't you?
Artur: I really don't think it's for me...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Kyle A

Colm: Kyle, I have some useful news!

Kyle: Finally. What is it?
Colm: Heh heh heh... Well, it's a secret about you.
Kyle: A secret about me? What is it?
Colm: You have a girlfriend! Her name is Meriella! You send letters to her all the time, don't you!
Kyle: Oh, that. I've been meaning to tell you about her.
Colm: I'm so glad to hear that, Kyle. Let me know if you need to talk to someone. Long-distance relationships can be hard. I can't believe it! Stuffy old Kyle is in love!
Kyle: In love? Me? I think you're confused. Meriella is not my girlfriend. She is one of my teammates.
Colm: Workplace romance, is it? Say no more. I understand.
Kyle: Just shut up and listen to me. Meriella is the alias we use for Renais knights on undercover missions.
Colm: Alias? Like a secret code?
Kyle: Precisely. We send mail addressed to Meriella, which only the Renais knights know. The contents are always the same: We let them know that Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika are safe. It's all written in secret code. That's the letter I was sending.
Colm: Even though we're in the middle of a war, does it really have to be so complicated?
Kyle: Yes. Better to be safe than sorry.
Colm: I see. Well, would you like me to deliver that letter?
Kyle: No. Every single soldier is important in this war. We need you here.
Colm: Really? You value my service? Neat!
Kyle: Um... Yes. Although you do bring me some pointless tidbits, you have also been a big help.
Colm: Great! This is so encouraging! Until recently, I thought I'd never have any real connection with the knights. But it's different now. Now, I consider everyone involved in this war, especially the knights like you, to be my friends. I will always fight for my friends!
Kyle: Thank you, Colm. Civilians and knights... Together, we'll restore peace in Renais.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Kyle B

Colm: Kyle, big news!

Kyle: What is it this time, Colm?
Colm: It's about Prince Ephraim.
Kyle: What? What happened?
Colm: He's just like me!
Kyle: Just like you? In what sense?
Colm: He hates studying, too!
Kyle: And...? That doesn't seem like news or anything.
Colm: It's big news for me! And for you, too! The future of Renais is not looking good if he hates studying as much as I do.
Kyle: Don't worry about it. He might not like studying much, but no one is as bad as you. Besides, if you're bringing this up to denigrate him, you are in serious trouble.
Colm: Not at all! I'm just worried about Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika.
Kyle: I understand. But this news was really useless. In the future, please only bring me relevant information.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Kyle C

Colm: Kyle, do you have a minute?

Kyle: What is it, Colm?
Colm: Well... It's about Princess Eirika.
Kyle: Is something the matter with her?
Colm: It was a while ago, but when she went to bed, she was...
Kyle: What happened after she retired to her room? Colm, don't toy with me. Just tell me!
Colm: The princess looked like she was having trouble falling asleep. She kept pacing.
Kyle: Having trouble falling asleep?
Colm: Yup.
Kyle: That's not good. It's very important for her to get enough rest during this tough march. This war has been very hard for Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika. I'm sure she's probably spent a few nights worrying, but--
Colm: Hey! I just remembered that I have this secret remedy my mother used to make. It started off as a freckle cream, but it turns out that it works pretty well with insomnia, too.
Kyle: Really. That's a good idea. I'm sure Prince Ephraim and Lady Eirika would love to have something like that.
Colm: OK, then. I'll give it to her next time I see her. I'll let you know how it goes.
Kyle: All right, Colm.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Marisa A

Marisa: Colm.

Colm: Hi, Marisa.
Marisa: I was thinking about what you were saying the other day.
Colm: You mean about you not fighting the enemy in front of you, but something else? Is that what you're talking about?
Marisa: Yes.
Colm: What about it?
Marisa: Do you want to know? What I'm really fighting with?
Colm: Huh? Y-yeah...... If you want to tell me, sure.
Marisa: What I'm really fighting with is...
Colm: ...
Marisa: My father.
Colm: Your father?!
Marisa: Well, to be more precise, his shadow.
Colm: Was he a swordsman also?
Marisa: He was one of the most famous swordsmen in Jehanna. He was also a mercenary.
Colm: I see why you're so good.
Marisa: Ever since I was a child, my father taught me how to live as a mercenary.
Colm: Since you were a kid?
Marisa: The harsh conditions of Jehanna breed strength and ruthlessness. The only way to survive is by being a mercenary.
Colm: Oh.
Marisa: My father is my parent, my teacher, and above all, a mountain I must conquer.
Colm: A mountain?
Marisa: Once I conquer the mountain, I can accomplish anything I want.
Colm: That must be a...big mountain. So, where are you on the mountain? A third of the way up? Halfway up? Or can you already see the summit?
Marisa: ...I'm only at the base.
Colm: You still have a long way to go, huh?
Marisa: ...Yes. I don't even know where the summit is yet.
Colm: Well, then, you don't know how long it will take, do you?
Marisa: I'll just keep climbing. Even if it takes me forever...
Colm: Oh. I see. Well, good luck. I'm sure you'll make it to the top.
Marisa: Yes. Someday. For sure. You're...a nice guy.
Colm: Ha ha ha! Oh, please. You're embarrassing me.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Marisa B

Colm: Oh, hi, Marisa! I'm sorry for what I said the other day. I figured out that you were the scary woman I was talking about. I'm Colm. Nice to meet you.

Marisa: OK. So, what did you want from me?
Colm: Oh, nothing special. I just wanted to meet the famous swordswoman. I was going to challenge you to a match, but I've seen you fight and know how good you are. You'd beat me senseless.
Marisa: I'll accept a match with you anytime.
Colm: Well, I don't know how else to say this. You're scaring me.
Marisa: Scaring?
Colm: Yeah. It sounds funny, but you never look at the enemy... I don't care about the enemy at all.
Marisa: I have no idea what you're talking about. Speak English.
Colm: I mean... Even when the enemy is right in front of you, you aren't even looking at him. You're fighting something else.
Marisa: Something else?
Colm: I'm not that smart, and I don't know much about swords. So I can't say exactly who or what it is you are really fighting.
Marisa: I see.
Colm: Um... What I mean to say is good luck in all your battles. Um... That's it. See you later!
Marisa: The enemy...I'm really fighting?

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Marisa C

Colm: Hey, you! Have you seen a scary-looking woman?

Marisa: ...Scary-looking woman? Is she your sister?
Colm: NO. I don't have any sisters. The woman I'm talking about was beautiful, but also very scary. Have you seen someone who fits that description?
Marisa: I don't think so. Beautiful but very scary... What do you mean by that?
Colm: Well, I'm not exactly sure, either. I just heard from one of Gerik's mercenaries that there is a woman sword fighter here. Apparently, she's very talented and was hired for an unbelievable sum.
Marisa: A woman sword fighter??
Colm: Rumor is that if you speak to her without thinking, she's likely to attack you out of nowhere!
Marisa: Is that so.
Colm: Maybe her face is scarred from fighting. Yeah, that's probably it! She's beautiful, but has a very sad past behind that scar. And that's why she's so scary!
Marisa: A scarred face? A sad past?
Colm: Or maybe it's because her lover was killed, and she's trying to avenge him. That seems equally plausible, doesn't it? Anyway, if you see her around, would you tell her that I was looking for her? See ya.
Marisa: Well, I'm the only female sword fighter here. I guess he was looking for me. He is so clueless...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Moulder A

Colm: Yawn... Oh. Let me guess. You want to hear what I've been reflecting on.

Moulder: Exactly. Although...I noticed that you look sleepy. Are you well?
Colm: I...was up late last night thinking about everything. I couldn't sleep well.
Moulder: That's unfortunate. Did you have so much that you regretted doing? Hm. Well, let me hear it. Tell me what's on your mind.
Colm: All right, well, here goes.
Moulder: Hmmmmm... That's...
Colm: How's that? I'm doing good, aren't I?
Moulder: I'd say so. You're going over your every action, from waking to sleep.
Colm: Well, that's what you told me to do.
Moulder: Well done, my lad! I've never heard so much thought go into what you've done before! Compared with the salted pork, your transformation is impressive! It's a little extreme, but......
Colm: But the funny thing is... I've started noticing all these things about me I didn't know before. I keep saying, "That was wrong" and "I'll do better next time." So...I'm not repeating the same mistakes over and over.
Moulder: I had noticed that your behavior has significantly improved of late. You look sleepy now, but your face seems far more peaceful as well. It seems that you're finally growing up, thanks to these quiet moments.
Colm: Heh... You know, I think that's the first nice thing you've said to me!
Moulder: You're coming along just fine. But... go easy on yourself, all right?
Colm: How come?
Moulder: If you stay up all night thinking about your day, you'll make yourself sick. You've already mastered the art of learning from your own experiences. I don't want you falling into old habits because of a little illness. I have high expectations of you, my son.
Colm: Thank you, Father Moulder. I'm glad that you do. It's only your expectations that have made me become a better man.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Moulder B

Moulder: Colm. Did you do what I asked of you?

Colm: Of course, Father Moulder! In fact, I've set aside a little time each night to reflect on my day's deeds!
Moulder: Good. I'm glad to hear you've taken my suggestion to heart. Might I inquire as to what manner of thing you're reflecting on?
Colm: Well, I reflected on how hungry I was, and so I packed some extra salted pork today.
Moulder: Did you say...salted pork?
Colm: Yes. See, on reflection, it had been a while since I'd had salted pork.
Moulder: ... What about the day before?
Colm: Hm... The day before... Oh, yeah! I was reflecting on how much walking we'd done, and I realized I needed new shoes. I figured, next chance I get, I'd go out and steal me a new pair!
Moulder: Colm... I'm not sure you understand what it is I asked you to reflect upon.
Colm: You told me to think about what I'd done during the day and to reflect on it.
Moulder: I told you to think over the things you did and feel sorry for having done. I wasn't talking about what you wanted to eat or whether you needed new shoes! That is not the point of all this!
Colm: Did it ever cross your mind that... maybe I haven't done anything I'm sorry about?
Moulder: Don't be foolish! Think back on the things you've done during the day. Then, think about the troubles you caused and vow not to repeat them! Do you understand me now? This is for your own sake! I'll come back in a few days. Keep thinking!
Colm: ...I thought that whole self-reflection thing was going a little too well. Fine, Father. I'll do it. I'll do it.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Moulder C

Moulder: Colm, you dolt! Don't you see what you've done!?

Colm: Hey! That's no way to be! I was trying to do you a favor here. It's not my fault if I accidentally burned your package lighting my torch!
Moulder: That's exactly what I'm talking about! You're always so careless! My spare robes were in that bundle! Oh, and now look at them! They've been charred black!
Colm: Oops... Those were your clothes? Tch! That IS a shame. My mistake. I apologize.
Moulder: This isn't the first time this has happened, Colm! And it was my robes of office then, too! I'm starting to wonder if you have it in for my clothes!
Colm: Oh, no, no. Don't be silly! And besides, only the bottom has been singed. Just trim it off and wear it short. See? Why, I'm sure you'll set the world of fashion on fire with your new look!
Moulder: That's what you said last time about the sleeves.
Colm: Oh, er... Really? Ha ha ha! Well, sorry. I'm sorry. No, really. I deeply regret this.
Moulder: You don't look particularly sorry. You look rather pleased with yourself.
Colm: No, I'm sorry! Truly! Seriously!
Moulder: If that's the case, then you can just spend tonight reflecting upon what you've done.
Colm: Me? Are you kidding?
Moulder: I want you to take some time to reflect on the consequences of your actions. Colm, I'm only doing this because I care. I care about the condition of your soul.
Colm: ...You really know how to lay on a guilt trip, don't you? Sigh. I'm in trouble now... Shoot!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Neimi A

Neimi: Waaaaaah!

Colm: Neimi! What's wrong?
Neimi: Oh... Sniff... Colm...
Colm: What's wrong? Did someone attack you? Are you hurt?
Neimi: No...
Colm: Did someone say something mean to you? Did someone steal your mirror again?
Neimi: That's not it...
Colm: Then what is it?
Neimi: I j-just...have something in my eye...
Colm: What?!
Neimi: Whew! It's gone now.
Colm: I thought you were hurt!
Neimi: Colm...
Colm: What's the matter now?!
Neimi: Uh... I'm sorry for alarming you... But... I'm happy that-- I mean-- Thank you for caring for me...
Colm: No need to get all mushy about it. You shouldn't cry so much.
Neimi: I know. The other day, when I was in battle, I was remembering all the times you helped me when we were little.
Colm: Oh?
Neimi: Like that time I fell into the river and you came and rescued me. Or the time I broke Grandpa's bow. You helped me fix it. And all the times bullies picked on me, you defended me.
Colm: Seriously, Neimi. You've always been such a crybaby.
Neimi: Yes, but... Because you were there with me, I was never sad... When Grandpa died, you were by my side the whole time, holding my hand...
Colm: Neimi...
Neimi: Thank you, Colm. For then and now... I like you a lot...
Colm: Oh... If anything is troubling you, come see me first, all right? I'll take care of anyone who makes you cry.
Neimi: I will...
Colm: I think your haplessness is permanent. But don't worry, I'll take care of you.
Neimi: Oh! Sniff... Colm... Sniff...
Colm: Oh, no. I made you cry again, didn't I.
Neimi: Sniff... Yes... But for different reasons this time.
Colm: That's better.
Neimi: Sniff...
Colm: Neimi... I'm the only one who can make you cry. For now and ever, got that?
Neimi: All right...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Neimi B

Neimi: Whew!

Colm: What are you doing?
Neimi: Oh! C-Colm... I-I was just restringing my bow...
Colm: Wow. You really take after your grandfather. The way you handle your bow is great!
Neimi: Grandpa taught me how to shoot when I was little...
Colm: Yeah. Your grandfather was a really top-notch archer. I still remember how he tried to shoot me.
Neimi: W-well, Colm... That's because you were stealing fruit from our tree.
Colm: He really taught me how frightening an archer with a good shot can be.
Neimi: But... He never hurt you. He just wanted to scare you. He missed on purpose.
Colm: No, he was aiming for me. I was just too fast for him to hit me.
Neimi: He never missed a target when we went hunting.
Colm: Well, then, I guess I'm just faster than wild animals.
Neimi: Hee hee! Ha ha ha!
Colm: Hey! You're laughing at me, aren't you?
Neimi: Hee hee! That's not true... It's just that... You haven't changed much since then.
Colm: What's that supposed to mean?
Neimi: J-just that you still exaggerate a lot. But now that I think about it, you've always been on my side.
Colm: Not always! And now especially, I can't always be there to protect you. I have many responsibilities to this unit, you know.
Neimi: I know...
Colm: But I can't leave you alone, either.
Neimi: Thank you...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Neimi C

Colm: Neimi.

Neimi: Oh, hi, Colm... How are you doing?
Colm: This no time for pleasantries! You need to concentrate in battle!
Neimi: I was just being polite...
Colm: I never thought thought I'd see you on the battlefield.
Neimi: Well, I might not be the best, but when something needs to be done... I do it.
Colm: It's amazing how war affects people. I mean, look at you. You're a bumbling crybaby, but even you've pulled yourself together temporarily.
Neimi: Uh...
Colm: When we were little, you followed me everywhere, tripping and crying...
Neimi: Oh! Sniff... Why are you always so mean? Waaa!
Colm: And now look at you! You're still following me everywhere, tripping and crying, but now you're doing it on the battlefield. Will you PLEASE stop your boo-hooing
Neimi: Sniff... OK,,, I'll try...
Colm: Man, you can't do anything without me, can you! And stop crying!
Neimi: But... Sniff...
Colm: What is it?
Neimi: You're the one who's... making me cry.
Colm: Ugh!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Rennac A

Rennac: Hi there, urchin. I haven't heard you bragging in a while. I thought maybe you gave up on your big plans.

Colm: I'm more persistent than you think I am. I came to see you because I remembered-- Wait, you haven't noticed yet?
Rennac: Noticed what?
Colm: Ha ha ha! I won!
Rennac: What? Did you actually steal something? Don't tell me... A ha!
Colm: So you finally noticed! Yes, I secretly stole only the embroidery off your precious jacket. So, how's that for stealth? That's some pretty fine thieving, if I do say so myself.
Rennac: I see. The embroidery IS missing. Good work. It's a little early for a victory celebration, though. The embroidery was of a pony, correct?
Colm: Huh? Yeah...
Rennac: Unfortunately for you, that was a fake. I knew you would try to steal it, so I replaced it with a fake beforehand. The real embroidery is of a phoenix. But I won't show it to you. Nope, never.
Colm: You! That's a cheap trick!
Rennac: In this business, anything goes. However, I'm impressed that you got as far as you did. I definitely don't want you for an enemy.
Colm: Heh heh heh... Same here, I guess. I'm glad that we're on the same side. Now give me my boots!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Rennac B

Rennac: Hey, urchin, have you made any money yet?

Colm: Stop calling me urchin! I heard that your dad is a wealthy merchant in Carcino.
Rennac: Yes. So what? My father is a wealthy merchant, and his son is a thief. Great family, huh?
Colm: If you're rich, you don't need to steal. You can just buy whatever you want.
Rennac: You are so green, boy. Greener than the fruit I left out for a month.
Colm: What's that supposed to mean? I've never had dried fruit, so I don't know what you're talking about!
Rennac: Oh, that's too bad. Listen, urchin. Merchants are always stingy. It's part of who they are. And my father was especially stingy. He gave us nothing for free.
Colm: We had to work for everything we had. So my brothers and I learned the value of hard work from a young age. And this just happens to be my job. Get it? It's not easy being the son of a merchant, huh? Forced to work from a young age. I had a tough childhood, too. I always had to hunt and garden with my dad. I guess our lives aren't so different after all, huh.
Rennac: Er, a little hunting and gardening is quite different from actual work. You can see that just by looking at how you and I turned out.
Colm: Well! I'll show you! Maybe you'll wake up one morning and find that something important to you is gone! Consider yourself warned, old man!
Rennac: You know, warning people of your plans isn't really the most effective thieving strategy. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what you can muster.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Colm Rennac C

Colm: Hey, you! I know your secret.

Rennac: Huh? My secret?
Colm: You're a thief, too, aren't you? Do you think that's acceptable behavior for someone in the princess's entourage?
Rennac: Ha ha ha! Where'd you learn a big word like entourage, boy? Not that it's any of your business, but Her Highness already knows about my...hobbies. You're not, by any chance, trying to threaten me, are you? That's funny. I never thought I'd be reprimanded by a boy!
Colm: Hey, old man, don't you talk down to ME! I'm not a boy. I'm Colm! And I'm not threatening you, either. I was just surprised that you're a thief because you dress so nicely.
Rennac: I assume you're in the same trade. Those rags are a dead giveaway. Well, you may not take any pride in your appearance, but I'm different. Do you see this jacket? It has silk embroidery, a trend that I started in Carcino. Where are the stitches, you ask? They're on the inside of the jacket. But I'm not going to show you. The truly cultured man cares about every detail. It would be a waste of my time to even try to explain it to a poor urchin like you.
Colm: Why are you bragging about something so lame? And I'm not a poor urchin! Man, I've never met anyone as annoying as you!
Rennac: Oh, don't be so sensitive, little urchin. If you want to be like me, make more money. Improve your skills. The name of the game is making money. Money is all that matters. It's your only way out. Work hard and escape from poverty.
Colm: First of all, I don't want to be like you! Second of all, I'll show you!
Rennac: Well, don't pull a muscle, little urchin!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Duessel A

Duessel: Cormag... I've something I want to show you. Here it is. This lance. What do you think of it?

Cormag: My! It has such power! It sends chills down my spine... I am not nearly strong enough to wield a weapon such as this.
Duessel: Hm, you think so? Merely holding this lance makes me tremble with dread. Not overly so, but enough to stop me from wielding it in combat. This lance... It can drive its wielder to madness.
Cormag: Madness, you say?
Duessel: Yes, Cormag. It's a magic weapon of dark design that's been in my family for ages. Legend states that the leader of our house must always carry it, but never use it. We are prohibited from wielding it until such a time as madness itself rules the day. It's part of my legacy, and yet...I... I made a grave error... I allowed Valter to use this lance.
Cormag: You let Valter--
Duessel: Yes... ...We were in the middle of a battle. Valter had broken his lance, and when I wasn't looking he somehow took this one. From that moment, he was changed... He killed everyone--even retreating men. I took the lance from him when I realized what had happened, but it was too late. Madness had awakened within Valter and was coursing through his body. From then on, he hungered only for battle and for blood... It's not as though Valter was a gentle lamb before, but now his appetite for violence increased many times over. It's all because of this cursed lance.
Cormag: ...... That odd light playing around the point... I thought it looked familiar. It was Valter... It's the same light Valter had in his eyes on the battlefield. Valter's insane because of this lance. ...... Sir Duessel, if it please you, would you let me have this lance?
Duessel: What? You? B-but...
Cormag: Are you worried that I will end up like Valter?
Duessel: N-no... ......
Cormag: This lance--someone needs to master it. It's just a feeling I have. A weapon is only as good or evil as the man who wields it. In the hands of someone just, it can be a righteous weapon. In the hands of the wicked, it's a danger to all. Believe me, I have not been seduced by this lance. I merely want to see it used for the purpose for which it was forged.
Duessel: ...... I understand you, Cormag. I'm going to let you have it. I have no son. I had not yet decided to whom I should pass on this legacy. Now I see that leaving it to someone whom I trust and believe in is best. As with me, your admiration of weapons is balanced by a healthy respect. You also have a good eye, and you possess tremendous strength. The day you are able to wield this lance may not be far off at all. If the madness in this lance can be tamed, it may very well be a weapon without equal. ...I never had the courage to wield it, but I would love to see it used righteously. ...I am entrusting it to you. I hope you will use it one day.
Cormag: I accept your gift, Sir Duessel. I would receive it once this battle is finished and our hearts are calmer. If I were to take it in the heat of battle, I might become Valter the second. It is a possibility that I cannot dismiss.
Duessel: Yes, I see. Cormag... I'm counting on you. I look forward to the day I can see this lance wielded correctly.
Cormag: Understood. Until that time comes, please try not to get yourself killed, General Duessel!
Duessel: Ha!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Duessel B

Cormag: Sir Duessel.

Duessel: Well met, Cormag. I'm impressed by your skills.
Cormag: They're still far below yours, General Duessel. By the way, I have a favor I've been meaning to ask of you.
Duessel: What is it? Please tell me.
Cormag: Your stories tell of a small lance you carry like a treasure. May I see it?
Duessel: Stories, you say? Am I the subject of stories now? Interesting. Here is the lance you're talking about. Examine it at your leisure.
Cormag: It... It really is... It's a Gavaleus...
Duessel: Oh! You've heard of Gavaleus, have you? You must know quite a bit about the crafting of weapons. This is one of Gavaleus's final works. I have quite a collection of weapons, but this is among the most beautiful of them. While it can be used in battle, I would never dull its shine with blood or dirt. If I ever use this lance, I vow that it will be only in my own final hour.
Cormag: It shines as though it could light up the soul of its wielder. You're right. I would hesitate to stain its beauty with blood, too.
Duessel: Ah, so you grasp what I mean? Cormag, you have a discerning eye.
Cormag: Thank you. And yet, I know that I will never be your equal, General Duessel.
Duessel: Come, now. You know, your brother asked to see this lance once as well.
Cormag: My brother?
Duessel: Yes. You two are so alike. His comments mirror your own almost exactly.
Cormag: Is that so?
Duessel: For warriors, our weapons are our lives. I'm glad to know you understand that. Someday, you'll be a splendid wyvern knight to equal your brother.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Duessel C

Duessel: Cormag...

Cormag: Sir Duessel.
Duessel: Are you well?
Cormag: I am as you see me. Fine in every respect.
Duessel: I'm not talking about your flesh. It's your heart I'm worried for.
Cormag: ......
Duessel: I'm here because I made the decision for myself to leave Grado. Luckily for me, one of the leaders here is an old acquaintance of mine. I'm not saying my heart is at ease, but I have found something to believe in. Something to fight for. And yet, you...
Cormag: I, too, made a choice to be here. There's no need for your concern.
Duessel: ......
Cormag: I believe in myself. Therefore it matters not where I am. So no matter where I go or what I do, I'm sure my brother would understand.
Duessel: Cormag.
Cormag: And besides, General Duessel, you're here in this army with me. There's no shame in fighting alongside the man once known as Obsidian.
Duessel: Mm. Cormag, let us emerge victorious from this war, for the things we both believe in.
Cormag: Yes.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Natasha A

Natasha: ...Hello, Cormag.

Cormag: What's the matter? You've got your gloomy face on again.
Natasha: Doesn't this all get hard for you?
Cormag: This what?
Natasha: ... Ever since this started, we've been fighting nothing but Grado soldiers. These are our countrymen. Our families...
Cormag: ......
Natasha: Every battle we win, I see only how many casualties we've caused. I'm a healer, but to win this, I must turn my back on my countrymen. I have to let them suffer, when all I want to do is help them. But...
Cormag: ...But what?
Natasha: Grado is responsible for all of this. Our homeland... Grado has caused so many deaths now. We have no choice but to fight.
Cormag: Ah. You see it now. That's the sad irony of the battlefield. I ride a wyvern and use my spear to bring low men who should be my allies. We each joined this cause in hopes of bringing Grado to its senses. Our country has set the world on its ear, and it's up to us to right things.
Natasha: I suppose...
Cormag: ... You know something, Natasha? You should never be ashamed of the fact that you're from Grado. You have no debt to pay, no burden of guilt to bear. Grado was once a magnificent country. Do what you can to restore that glory. It took only a handful of men to turn Grado down the wrong path, but perhaps a mere handful of soldiers can set things right again.
Natasha: I understand, Cormag. I'll do what I know to be right, no matter what. I feel like a heavy fog has been lifted from my heart. Thank you.
Cormag: Ah, I just wanted to see that lovely smile on your face again. You and me, we've got lots to talk about, I think. Let's do this again.
Natasha: I'd love to.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Natasha B

Cormag: Hey, it's Natasha, right?

Natasha: Yes, that's right. How is the kitty doing?
Cormag: I took him back to his mother. I figured he belonged back with his mom.
Natasha: I agree.
Cormag: How about you? Where are your parents in all this?
Natasha: I haven't seen them since I joined the clerical order. We would write, but it's been a while since I heard from them. I wonder how they are. I've been worried about them.
Cormag: Are you from Grado, Natasha?
Natasha: Yes, I am.
Cormag: I thought so! You know what? That's where I'm from, too! Where were you born? I'm from the south myself.
Natasha: I was born in a village near the Renais border.
Cormag: Ah, well, you've got nothing to worry about then. When I joined the army, I was stationed near the border. Worst thing you've got to worry about there is bandits.
Natasha: Really? That's so good to hear. Thank you for telling me that. I get so worried.
Cormag: Ah, there. That's a nice smile you've got there. Cheers me up just looking at it, it does. Don't worry too much about your parents, Natasha.
Natasha: I won't, Cormag. And thank you. I mean it.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Natasha C

Cormag: Oh, great. Perfect timing. You're a priestess, aren't you?

Natasha: Y-yes. I am. How may I--
Cormag: Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry here. Uh, could you heal this little guy for me?
Natasha: Heal...who? Do you mean that kitten?
Cormag: Yeah, what's the matter? Can't you do kittens?
Natasha: No, that's not it. It's just, I was a little surprised to--
Cormag: Whatever. Doesn't matter. If you can heal him, hop to it!
Natasha: Oh, yes... Sorry. ... There. He should be fine now. Aren't you a lucky little kitty? This sweet man saved you!
Cormag: Sweet man? Me? Heh. Lady, you don't know me. But thanks for saving him.
Natasha: Not at all. I couldn't let the little guy suffer.
Cormag: The name's Cormag. I'm glad I ran into you.
Natasha: I'm just glad I could help. My name is Natasha.
Cormag: Well, I owe you one for saving the cat. If you need any help, just call out, and I'll be here.
Natasha: I shall remember that, Cormag.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Seth A

Seth: Can I have a word with you, Cormag?

Cormag: Oh, Seth. Of course. What can I do for you?
Seth: I've been thinking about your story, and I've come to a decision.
Cormag: Hm? What are you talking about?
Seth: ...Cormag, listen. As general of the Knights of Renais, I'd like to offer you a post.
Cormag: What? You want me to join the Knights of Renais?
Seth: Yes, exactly. I've been watching you fight, and I've been thinking about this for some time. Since we've been speaking, I've seen more than just your fighting prowess. I've seen that you're a strong and noble person as well. You are a man I would risk my life fighting beside. Prince Ephraim will be a great king. Would you fight for him with me?
Cormag: I really appreciate it. Thanks, Seth. But...Grado is my home. I can't trade loyalties to Renais just like that.
Seth: ...I knew you would say that.
Cormag: Emperor Vigarde is my only lord. My duty now is to correct the mistakes he has made. That's why I'm here. I hope you can understand.
Seth: Yes, of course... Still, I'm glad that I met you.
Cormag: Same here, Seth. Now, let's get this war over with, shall we?
Seth: Yes, and when it's done, we'll get together and tell some stories.
Cormag: I'm looking forward to it!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Seth B

Cormag: Hey, Seth.

Seth: Ah, Cormag. Good timing. I had something I wanted to ask you. Your family, are they all soldiers?
Cormag: Why do you ask?
Seth: Your skill with the spear is amazing. Have you trained since you were a child?
Cormag: No, I come from a long line of dirt-poor farmers. I wielded a plough, not a spear. When we were kids, Glen and I had to chase birds and animals from our fields. We used sticks and stones, and I think that helped with our aim, to be honest.
Seth:Is that so... So why did you join the army?
Cormag: It's a funny story really... The emperor's caravan passed through our village one day. My brother and I watched the glorius procession from the top of a tree. Then, a stray dog started to harry the horses pulling the emperor's carriage. We threw rocks to drive off the mutt, but some soldiers decided to arrest us.
Seth:Why? You were trying to help...
Cormag: Yes, well. We didn't just hit the dog. We got a few of the soldiers as well.
Seth: Ah-ha... So, What happened next?
Cormag: Well, the emperor shows up in the room the soldiers had thrown us. He looks around and, in this very calm but stern voice, says to the soldiers: "What are you men doing, arresting mere children? They were trying to help!" Then, he invites us to dine at his table, and it was luxurious feast, I tell you! Now, we were just kids. We lacked the basic courtesies. We were just filthy. And we kept droning on about the most idiotic things: chores, the village... But he listened to us intently, and that fatherly smile never left his face. And he said, "You lads are good at driving off dogs with stones... Your skills are wasted in the fields. Let's see how you fare with spears instead."
Seth:And that's how you were recruited.
Cormag: Exactly. It's difficult to ignore such a commanding presence. But...the emperor changed. I still can't believe what's happened.
Seth: ...I was born into a family of knights, so it was agiven that I should be one, too. I trained in spear and sword. I studied chivalry and swore my oaths of fealty. And because of my hard work, the late King Fado treated me like a second son... It's funny. You and I are from different worlds, but we share the same loyalties.
Cormag:True... But King Fado is dead now. And my emperor is the one who killed him... My emperor is as good as dead to me.
Seth: ...I already serve a new lord, Cormag, you will find a ruler worthy of your loyalties, too.
Cormag: Yeah, I hope so...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Seth C

Cormag: You're pretty good with a spear.

Seth: Thank you. I don't think I've introduced myself. I'm the leader of the Knights of Renais--
Cormag: I know you. Of course I know you. You're General Seth, the Silver Knight.
Seth: ... Yes, that's right. And you are Cormag, the renowned wyvern rider of Grado.
Cormag: If the legendary Silver Knight knows my name, I can't be doing too bad, huh?
Seth: You and your brother, Glen, are famous even among the Knights of Renais. We have no wyvern riders in Renais, and your stories are favorites among the men. I've been watching your combat style since you joined our forces.
Cormag: Oh, is that so? Well, tell me: what do you think?
Seth: I'd love a chance to spar with you.
Cormag: Not a chance. I could never beat you.
Seth: So you say, but I can see in your eyes that you'll never accept failure.
Cormag: Heh... And all this time, I thought you were just another loyal dullard. Guess I was wrong. We should chat some more some time.
Seth: Yes, I think I'd like that. Perhaps once things have eased up. I'm looking forward to it, Cormag.
Cormag: Sure thing.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Tana A

Tana: What are you fighting for, Cormag?

Cormag: What makes you ask?
Tana: I saw you fighting earlier... and for some reason, it made me sad.
Cormag: I see. I can think of many reasons why a man would fight. Atonement, revenge, entertainment... For power... For fun... But I don't know the reason I am fighting anymore.
Tana: Cormag...
Cormag: What more would you expect from a man who's lost his faith? A man whose emperor has gone mad, whose homeland is collapsing?
Tana: ...... What are you going to do when the war is over?
Cormag: I'll help rebuild Grado, of course, but I'm not sure beyond that. I doubt that I'll remain in Grado for long, though. They've branded me a traitor. I'll find no home awaiting me there.
Tana: Then why don't you come to Frelia? You can join us as an airborne knight!
Cormag: And what makes you think a traitor like me would be welcomed in Frelia?
Tana: You're no traitor, Cormag. You've stayed true to your beliefs. That sadness I saw in you comes from your own country's betrayal of those beliefs. Your sadness runs as deep as your faith in Grado once ran. I want your faith, your strength, and your passion to serve Frelia now.
Cormag: I appreciate the offer, but I cannot reforge the oaths I've broken. I'm sorry.
Tana: It's all right. I understand your feelings. However, if you ever wish to serve your beliefs again, remember my offer.
Cormag: I might just give up this soldiering nonsense and go into woodworking.
Tana: Then I'll track you down in your woodshop and ask again.
Cormag: You may not look it, but you're pretty strong willed for a princess. I'll think about your offer.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Tana B

Tana: Cormag, thanks for warning me about that archer the other day. Your wyvern startled me, but I think you may have saved my life!

Cormag: Well, you should thank him, then. I can't take credit for it. I mean, he started shrieking out to you before I even saw that bowman.
Tana: Really? That's amazing... In that case... Thank you.
Cormag: The bond between a wyvern and rider is close, and this guy's a smart one. I'm sure you and your pegasus are the same, wouldn't you say?
Tana: Oh, yes. It's the same with every knight and her pegasus. It's so sad to see how war has changed the way we relate to our animal allies. It's taking such a tremendous toll on these beautiful creatures.
Cormag: I agree. This whole war is ludicrous. War itself is madness, even more so if it's for greed or the fantasy of power.
Tana: I hope our efforts end this war quickly. I don't want to see anyone else die.
Cormag: Nor do I. But you cannot race headlong into battle. We'll need you to help rebuild our shattered nations, after all. We soldiers are expendable, but you regal types aren't.
Tana: Cormag, don't say that!
Cormag: But it's true.
Tana: No! No life is expendable!
Cormag: Your Highness...
Tana: Don't throw your life away. Promise me, will you?
Cormag: ... As you wish, Princess. I'll be careful.
Tana: I have your promise, Cormag.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Cormag Tana C

Tana: Hello, Sir Cormag.

Cormag: Princess Tana! That still sounds so odd to me. You know, I had no idea you were a princess at first. But please, just call me Cormag. There's no need for honorifics with me.
Tana: Cormag it is, then. I had a favor to ask of you.
Cormag: What would you have me do, Princess?
Tana: I'm prone to attacks from archers when I'm on the battlefield...
Cormag: That makes two of us. It's a common problem for airborne soldiers.
Tana: I thought perhaps we could keep watch for archers and warn one another.
Cormag: Hm. Yes, you've got a good idea there. A "buddy system" of sorts. But if you saw an ally in danger, you'd warn him regardless, wouldn't you?
Tana: Well, of course! But we're so high up that I was worried... If I saw an archer, I didn't think my voice would carry to you in time. Perhaps the neighing of a pegasus or the cries of a wyvern could carry far enough to warn the others.
Cormag: Oh! I see... Yes, we might not be able to hear each other in the heat of battle. But our steeds can be louder than either of us could. And trust me, my wyvern's shriek can pierce your ear from two leagues away. A brilliant idea, Your Highness.
Tana: Really? Thank you.
Cormag: Right, so if we see anything out there, we'll have our mounts call out, right?
Tana: Yes, and thank you, Cormag.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Ewan A

Ewan: Ah, Uncle Dozla. Listen to this, will you? I've been thinking about something new.

Dozla: Ooh, I can hardly wait.
Ewan: Imagine people far away from each other talking.
Dozla: Far away? You mean, like, if you and I were maybe...100 paces apart?
Ewan: Nope. Farther than that.
Dozla: All right, 1,000 paces!
Ewan: Not even close. Farther still!
Dozla: 10,000 paces? You must be kidding.
Ewan: No, I'm not. And even farther than that! For example... What if one person were in Frelia, and the other person were in Rausten?
Dozla: What?!
Ewan: That's right! Anyone you could think of, you could talk to. I read about magical devices that could do the same thing, but... Wouldn't it be better if anyone could do it, and not just mages?
Dozla: Impressive! I think I see it... People could send and receive important messages instantly, is that it?
Ewan: No, even better than that! I'm not talking about just sending messages back and forth. I mean like if they could talk, just like you and I are now! We wouldn't need messengers at all! It would all happen instantly!
Dozla: I just can't wrap my head around this one, laddie. It's too much for me.
Ewan: Great, isn't it? You could contact your people in Rausten from anywhere, at any time!
Dozla: My, oh my... You've got quite an imagination, don't you? The things you come up with always surprise me, laddie.
Ewan: Ha ha ha. I used to get in trouble for always thinking up these outlandish things.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! That's a shame, laddie. After all, I'm sure a lot of the things we have now seemed outlandish once. If nobody dreamed, nothing new would ever be created, would it?
Ewan: Uncle Dozla... You always have time to listen to my ideas, Uncle. It makes me really happy.
Dozla: It's always worth the time to listen to you youngsters and your ideas. It's sad, but I know people who are so busy that they've no time to spare. But me, I've got time. As you know, I'm one of Princess L'Arachel's men. I'm not the brightest fellow around, so she doesn't give me a lot to do. But that gives me lots of free time, and I'm always happy to spend it with you.
Ewan: Thank you. I think you're the best, Uncle Dozla!
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! What a nice thing to say. And I think you're the best, laddie. I think when you're fully grown, you're going to be a great and interesting man.
Ewan: Do you really think so?
Dozla: I do. It's that sparkle in your eyes that convinces me.
Ewan: Yahoo! Ha ha ha.
Dozla: I'm looking forward to the day when I see one of your ideas made reality.
Ewan: And that day will surely come. It's weird...but there are times when I can almost picture a world like that.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Now that would be something. I'll have to make sure I live long enough to see it.
Ewan: Yep! And you'll have to stay my friend, too!
Dozla: Well, of course!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Ewan B

Dozla: Ho, laddie.

Ewan: Uncle Dozla!
Dozla: So, you're in high spirits today?
Ewan: Yep! I'm always in high spirits. How about you, Uncle?
Dozla: Oh, I'm doing as well as can be expected. I'm a bit tired, actually. I'm a bit closer to the ground than everyone else, so my legs tire easily. Gwah ha! It would be nice if there were an easier way to move around, wouldn't it?
Ewan: Oh, that reminds me. I've been thinking of something. Do you want to hear about it?
Dozla: What's this? Have you come up with yet another fabulous idea?
Ewan: Yep!
Dozla: Well, what is it?
Ewan: Coaches! You're familiar with coaches, right?
Dozla: Uh-huh.
Ewan: And we've got a coach in our convoy because it can carry people and supplies.
Dozla: Yeah, they're useful enough. They're nice if you're traveling far with wounded men, children, and whatnot. But without roads, they're almost useless, and forget about dense forests. Oh, and they can be quite vulnerable in a battle. Not very useful at all, really.
Ewan: Exactly! So I was thinking about coaches that could travel in the air...
Dozla: What's that? Are you talking about using pegasus knights?
Ewan: That's what I was thinking at first. But you know, that probably wouldn't work. I mean, a pegasus can get mighty picky about who it lets ride him, right? I haven't really thought about how to actually make a flying coach, but... But wouldn't it be amazing if one really existed? It would be fast, and all that stuff like bad roads and forests wouldn't matter!
Dozla: Ho ho ho ho!
Ewan: And even if people lived far apart, they could visit one another quickly! What do you think?
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! It's fantastic! And it would be useful, that's for sure! Sounds like fun, too. I'd sure love to ride about in a flying coach. Think about it--the land spread out below, glittering dawn skies...and the wind! Ah, it all sounds like a dream.
Ewan: I hope it becomes reality someday.
Dozla: Me, too. I like the way your mind works, laddie. Let's talk more later.
Ewan: Yep!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Ewan C

Dozla: Hello, laddie.

Ewan: Oh, hi! Uh...
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! The name's Dozla.
Ewan: I'm Ewan. It's nice to meet you, Dozla, sir!
Dozla: Aren't you a little bundle of energy? I bet you're a regular troublemaker. So, what were you so lost in thought over? You having any problems?
Ewan: Nope, nothing. I don't have any problems. I was thinking of something interesting. You want to hear about it?
Dozla: Sure. Tell me everything.
Ewan: Well, I was thinking of how much fun it would be if I could do something...
Dozla: Uh-huh.
Ewan: Some battlegrounds are full of plants and stuff, but others are dreary and dead.
Dozla: Yeah.
Ewan: If a place like that were suddenly filled with beautiful colors, it'd be neat, right? Like if it could suddenly become a flower garden?
Dozla: Ho ho, a battleground becoming a lovely flower garden? Aye, that would be nice. It would help heal the hearts and minds of the soldiers. But how would you do it? Do you have some sort of magical powers or something?
Ewan: Yeah, I do, but I've decided that wouldn't be the best way. If I did that, people would be more impressed by the magic than by the flowers. I think it would be better to make it something that anyone could do and enjoy.
Dozla: Oh... It's all too difficult for me to follow, but it sure sounds like a nice dream. If you could pull it off, I'm sure people would really enjoy it.
Ewan: Ha ha... I haven't really thought much about how I would do it. I was just thinking how nice it would be, that's all.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! That's fine. That's what young people are supposed to do. Many great things come from the daydreams of youth.
Ewan: Really? Do you think so? All right! I like you, mister.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Is that so?
Ewan: Yep. And I'm going to call you Uncle Dozla from now on! It's about time for me to get going. I'll talk to you later, Uncle Dozla!
Dozla: All right, laddie! Till next time!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Garcia A

Garcia: That did not go as well as I had hoped.

Dozla: Well, that's not entirely true, is it.
Garcia: It would have helped if you hadn't whacked me in the head with the staff.
Dozla: I didn't mean to hit you! You just got in the way when I was... conjuring.
Garcia: I still have a lump on my head.
Dozla: I feel badly about it, all right? Besides, I think you're forgetting that I also healed you with that staff!
Garcia: No, you didn't! You burned my beard clear off!
Dozla: Oh, yes. That's right. I'm sorry.
Garcia: Hmph.
Dozla: You have to admit, though, you looked quite dashing without that beard. It took at least ten years off of your appearance. No, at least twenty!
Garcia: You really think so? I can't stop smelling burnt hair.
Dozla: But, wait! At least give me credit for making it grow back that quickly.
Garcia: ... Very well. It grew back nicely. Thank you.
Dozla: You're welcome!
Garcia: This little foray into other disciplines has certainly taught me a lot.
Dozla: Me, too! After all this, sword fighting should be a piece of cake!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Garcia B

Dozla: Garcia!

Garcia: Hello there, Dozla!
Dozla: I had a great time last time!
Garcia: Yes, indeed.
Dozla: I just love sparring! It's like having a conversation, except with weapons!
Garcia: You DO know that you're not supposed to swing the bow like an axe, right? Ha ha!
Dozla: I was only clowning around! I'm recalling that a certain someone loaded the arrow in the wrong direction and nearly impaled his shoulder. Hmmm. Now, who could that have been?
Garcia: That was a defect in the arrow!
Dozla: Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm sure!
Garcia: Maybe you just can't teach old dogs new tricks.
Dozla: I don't believe that's true at all. You're magnificent with an axe. How hard can it be to learn something new?
Garcia: No, you're the great one. You're a menace to the enemy!
Dozla: Where did you learn to fight like that?
Garcia: Well, I used to lead troops in Renais. I learned the basics there... Once I retired, I was living on a mountain. My daily chores involved swinging an axe, although just for splitting firewood.
Dozla: See? You learned how to apply your skills to different fields. Maybe archery just isn't our thing. We should try something else.
Garcia: What do you suggest?
Dozla: How about magic?
Garcia: Hmmm...
Dozla: It can't be that difficult to learn. As far as I can tell, it's just a bunch of arm waving and shouting gibberish.
Garcia: You do have a point.
Dozla: Let's practice sometime soon.
Garcia: I'm looking forward to it...Mage!
Dozla: Ha ha ha ha! Yes, indeed!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Garcia C

Garcia: You must be Dozla.

Dozla: That's right! Who are you?
Garcia: My name is Garcia. Sir Dozla, I've been hearing a lot about you lately.
Dozla: Only good things, I hope! Ha ha ha! I've heard of you, too, Sir Garcia. Mostly about your incredible strength! Hey, would you mind lifting this boulder? Just kidding! Ha ha ha!
Garcia: Ha ha. It's not a big deal. Are you normally this...energetic?
Dozla: Well, I stuffed myself, so I'm feeling pretty great!
Garcia: You can't fight on an empty stomach. Eating is very important to keep up your strength. Especially breakfast. I've heard that in some cultures, they call breakfast "first break."
Dozla: What's that? What do they break?
Garcia: A fast.
Dozla: A fast what? Huh? Speak plainly! I don't understand all this talking in circles.
Garcia: We don't eat anything while we sleep, so it's as if we are fasting. So, the meal you eat in the morning breaks that fast. This means that breakfast is an especially important meal.
Dozla: Huh. Who would have thunk it? The only thing I consumed this morning was knowledge!
Garcia: What do you mean?
Dozla: Just that I make it a point to learn other disciplines. You have to if you want to grow as a fighter.
Garcia: I completely agree. Young men in this army are strong in their specific fields, but weak in others. The art of complete training has been lost on the younger generation, I'm afraid.
Dozla: Yes, that's right! Back in our day, fighters had to learn many disciplines in case they had to fill in for a wounded teammate. I've always wanted to learn archery. The delicate precision is the opposite of fighting with an axe.
Garcia: Me, too. Why don't we meet sometime and study it together?
Dozla: That's a great idea!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla L'Arachel A

L'Arachel: How is it progressing, Dozla? Is it working?

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You will be pleased, Princess L'Arachel! Just recently I saw a group of villagers together gossiping. They'd seen a suspicious young woman in fantastic garb riding around at night. And they called that enigmatic woman "the beautiful princess of peerless beauty"!
L'Arachel: Yes! They were most certainly talking about me then. At last, I am becoming known amongst the people of the land. Those three long trips I took around the area were worth the trouble.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You're so right, Princess L'Arachel! There can be no doubt that the villagers were appropriately impressed.
L'Arachel: Yet I find it passing strange. How is it that no one has appeared to imitate me? The beautiful banisher of darkness was well enough known, after all. It's only natural that someone somewhere would have aspired to be like me. The fact that no imitators have appeared has me very worried, I must say.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! How right you are! But you are peerless, Princess L'Arachel, as your nickname says! It would be impossible for anyone to claim your beauty as her own!
L'Arachel: Well, that is true. It certainly was not easy for me, after all. Yet now, I am destined to be remembered in the future as a hero. I wonder how my legend will be passed on after I leave this earth. I am so looking forward to it. "The beautiful princess of peerless beauty," L'Arachel... Ah... How enchanting. Already, I weep for the world that will one day be robbed of my beauty.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha!
L'Arachel: I must do something spectacular this battle to ensure my name is remembered. Let's go, Dozla.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Ready as ever, Princess L'Arachel!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla L'Arachel B

L'Arachel: Dozla, have you thought of any good plans?

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Prepare yourself for joy, Princess L'Arachel! I, Dozla, have come up with a plan of masterpiece proportions!
L'Arachel: Oh! That is good news! Don't keep me waiting, Dozla. Let me hear it.
Dozla: Gwah ha! Here goes! All of the heroes from the dawn of time had two names, did they not? So what you need, Princess, is another name. Something with oomph!
L'Arachel: Oh, Dozla! What a splendid idea! An alias would make it easier for the people to remember me. Very well, Dozla, we must come up with a wonderful epithet for me.
Dozla: Hmm... Aha! It's come to me, Princess L'Arachel! How do you like the sound of "the green-haired battle princess"?
L'Arachel: Um, no. I want something with more force. Something with more...impact. I've got it! What do you think of "the beautiful princess of peerless beauty"?!
Dozla: Oh! It's fantastic! You're amazing, Princess L'Arachel! What a splendid nickname!
L'Arachel: Of course it is. L'Arachel, "the beautiful princess of peerless beauty"! It has such a nice ring to it. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?
Dozla: Gwah ha!
L'Arachel: What we do now is vital to our success, Dozla. It wouldn't do for me to ride about calling myself by my own nickname. It must be spread about in a nonchalant manner. Dozla, starting now, I want you to refer to me exclusively by my epithet, "L'Arachel, the beautiful princess of peerless beauty," when you're among the soldiers. And don't forget to slip it into everyday conversation, too.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Understood, Princess L'Arachel!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla L'Arachel C

L'Arachel: Oh, I cannot believe it. There is something very wrong with this world.

Dozla: Hm?! What is it? What's happened, Princess L'Arachel?
L'Arachel: Hello, Dozla. Listen to this. The other day, I paid a visit to a nearby village. I found something inconceivable there. Not one of them had ever heard of the beautiful banisher of darkness before.
Dozla: What?! Even with your anonymous campaign to rid the world of monstrosities? I cannot fathom how those people could be so uninformed!
L'Arachel: Last night, I was so distraught that I quite nearly drowned my pillow in tears. This will never do, Dozla. I must be more famous. The entire world must know of my legend. The troubadours must be made to sing my praises far and wide.
Dozla: And I'm sure they will!
L'Arachel: The five heroes who banished evil... My own sacred ancestor... Oh, to be like them... I so long to be praised by the masses, too.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! And you shall be, Princess!
L'Arachel: But I get the feeling that we're going to have to change our methodology. Appealing to the common people is of the utmost importance. First and foremost, we need a plan of action. A means to win their hearts. Please, Dozla, I want you to think of something, too.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Leave it to your trusted Dozla!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Myrrh A

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Are you all right, lassie? There's no need to worry. No matter how many enemies pop up, I'll protect you.

Myrrh: I appreciate it... I do feel safe when you're nearby... Somehow, you remind me of my father.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! I get that a lot! So tell me, little one, where is your father, anyway?
Myrrh: ...My father... ......
Dozla: Er... What's wrong?! Did I ask something that I shouldn't have? I-I'm sorry, lassie. Please don't cry...
Myrrh: I'm not crying... I'm not crying...
Dozla: Ah! What do I do? Wait. Just think. I must have run across something like this before. When Princess L'Arachel was a babe, and she would begin to cry... She would tug on my beard! That would always make her happy. C'mon, lassie, grab a handful of my beard and give it a good, strong yank!
Myrrh: ...... You are strange, Dozla.
Dozla: What?
Myrrh: But you were worried about me. That makes me happy. You're a nice person after all.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You've stopped crying. Hm, that's a good thing.
Myrrh: Yes. Thank you.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Myrrh B

Dozla: Hrmph! Princess L'Arachel! Princess L'Arachel! Where are you?

Myrrh: ......
Dozla: Oh, lassie. What luck meeting you here. Do you know where I might find Princess L'Arachel?
Myrrh: ...I do not. But that's not important. Where is Ephraim?
Dozla: If it's Prince Ephraim you're after, just follow the sounds of combat! There's no better way to motivate your troops than to stand by their side!
Myrrh: That L'Arachel person is probably with Ephraim. I saw her next to him speaking to him on quite familiar terms. For some reason, it made my chest feel...funny.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! It must be love!
Myrrh: Love? This feeling
Dozla: Mm. I've tasted the sweet and the sour that life serves up, and I know love. You, my dear, are in love with Princess L'Arachel!
Myrrh: I'm not so sure about that...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Myrrh C

Dozla: Oh! You there, lassie. Are you lost?

Myrrh: I... I'm not lost. I'm traveling with Ephraim. I'm his...friend.
Dozla: Oho! In that case, you and I are allies, are we not? My name's Dozla. It's an honor to meet you!
Myrrh: Uh-huh...
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You're a quiet lassie, aren't you? And you're so tiny, too. Seeing you takes me back to the days when Princess L'Arachel was a child. Tell me, lassie, how old are you?
Myrrh: ... It's impolite to ask a woman her age. That's what Ephraim says. I think you're being rude.
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Aren't you the sassy one! You're still young. I don't think you need to worry about age just yet.
Myrrh: And how old are you?
Dozla: Me? I'm all of forty-seven years old.
Myrrh: And I am... 1,200 years old. Roughly.
Dozla: Huh? Gwah ha ha! Stop teasing me, lassie! You don't have to be shy. Just tell me how old you are.
Myrrh: I did. And I said I'm 1,200... Roughly.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Rennac A

Dozla: You know, Rennac. I was just thinking about something. These battles are tough on an old man like me. I might not make it through to see the end of this.

Rennac: Where did that come from? It better not be an omen.
Dozla: I want to see Princess L'Arachel in her wedding dress one day. That's my one wish in life: to see her happily wed.
Rennac: Telling me about it isn't going to make it happen. Trying to find a worthy prince who's willing to take Princess L'Arachel? That's no easy task to accomplish.
Dozla: If I end up food for the crows, if I cannot escort the princess home, I want you to take care of her for me.
Rennac: What? Why? No, I won't do it. You can't make me! Sorry, but NO! You're the vassal, old man. I'm nothing more than an escort, a thief. When this war's over, I'm going to collect my pay and then disappear. You got it? Once Princess L'Arachel settles down, she'll probably never leave Rausten again. It's got nothing to do with me.
Dozla: That's cold, Rennac... I'm disappointed. I'm sure she'll be so lovely. Princess L'Arachel, the bride... If I gently close my eyes, I can envision what a glorious spectacle it will be.
Rennac: If all you need is someone to listen, I'll play along. What kind of spectacle?
Dozla: The loving couple exchanging their sacred vows. The joyous citizens of Rausten!
Rennac: "Congratulations, Princess L'Arachel!" "Our condolences, Prince."
Dozla: The newlyweds will smile and wave as the royal coach passes through the crowds. Can you see the flowers? The silver and gold inlay and the gems glittering in the sun?
Rennac: What? They have a gem-encrusted coach? Now that's something I must see. I'll be on the street, waving a flag, then I'll race up and offer my congratulations!
Dozla: Would you really? That's happy news. Princess L'Arachel will be so surprised to see you running after them!
Rennac: Yeah, and then she'll look at me with that smug face and say, "Oh, Rennac. Whatever are you doing here? Come along! Fall in and follow us."
Dozla: And then Princess L'Arachel will set out across the continent on her honeymoon... I've got it! You'll be her guard on her honeymoon! Fantastic! That's wonderful!
Rennac: N-no! You're getting carried away!
Dozla: Now you're a true vassal to Princess L'Arachel, body and soul. Gwah ha ha!
Rennac: I've got a terrible feeling I'll never get away from Princess L'Arachel...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Rennac B

Rennac: Life is...a fickle beast, is it not, old man?

Dozla: Why are you so solemn, Rennac? You can't win battles if you've no hope!
Rennac: This journey has taught me the hollowness and the transience of life's pleasures. Ah, to what end do we toil on this unforgiving earth? Why do we live?
Dozla: Why do we live? Well, if you're not alive, then you're dead, and... Er...if you're dead, then you can't eat, and... What was I saying? I think I must be getting hungry. I wonder what's for dinner. My belly's a-rumbling!
Rennac: It must be nice to have no worries other than what to eat, old man. And not just you, either. I'm sure that a certain young lady has nothing to worry about, either.
Dozla: What's that? Do you mean Princess L'Arachel? That girl believes the world will turn out just as she envisions it. I doubt if the word "worry" even has any meaning to her in the first place.
Rennac: What a completely envious position to be in. I may not look it now, but I'm the son of a wealthy Carcino merchant. I believed that you could move the world if you but had the gold. Money was everything, and with money, nothing was beyond my reach! I adored money! I loved money! You see?
Dozla: What good fortune for you that your father was a thriving merchant.
Rennac: That's just it... There are people who can do anything without any money at all... She's overbearing and egotistical, yet she has us all jumping through hoops. That's a skill normal people don't possess.
Dozla: That's Princess L'Arachel! She makes the impossible possible! You're with her because she made a deep impression on you, too, right?
Rennac: A deep impression? It's more like I'm in shock, and my brain's been frozen.
Dozla: What? Your brain's frozen? That'll never do! Did you forget to wear a hat? Let me at it. I'll thaw it out.
Rennac: Knock it off! I was speaking figuratively! You know? As in "not literally"? You're too strong to joke around like that! Stop it!
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Just teasing you!
Rennac: Sigh... What a pair the two of you make... You know, you're the only one who can keep up with Princess L'Arachel, old man.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Dozla Rennac C

Rennac: Ah... Why has fate chosen to treat me so cruelly?

Dozla: Ah, Rennac. You look so pleased to have been reunited with Princess L'Arachel. I'm glad we're all in one piece!
Rennac: You haven't changed, Dozla. Your ability to misread people still ruins all conversation. I am lamenting, old man! I am raging against my horrible misfortune! You're a vassal sworn to serve Princess L'Arachel. You're supposed to be here. I, however, am not. I'm temporary. Got it? I'm an employee! I am NOT a vassal!
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You're just as interesting as ever. You're still hard to follow, but...
Rennac: This is not a conversation for you to enjoy, and it's not at all hard to follow! It's not that I don't enjoy being in this army, but traveling with her again... I mean, I haven't even been properly paid for the last job.
Dozla: Oh, so it's about money, is it? In that case, you've no worries, Rennac. All you have to do is see Princess L'Arachel safely back to Rausten. Once that's done, His Majesty will pay you any amount you desire.
Rennac: That's what I heard the last time, but do you have any idea how much I desire? When he hears it, His Majesty may very well explode!
Dozla: Hmm, so about 1,000 gold pieces?
Rennac: Huh? You can't even buy a proper blade for that price!
Dozla: What, 5,000 then?
Rennac: You've got the wrong number of zeroes, old man.
Dozla: Oh, my apologies. So you want 500 gold, eh?
Rennac: No! That's smaller! It cannot get smaller! I want more! It's 50,000! 50,000 gold! And I'll bend 50,000 ears to get it if I have to! Someone must listen!
Dozla: Oh, right. I understand! You need 50,000 ears, is that it? Very well, when we return to Rausten we'll get 50,000 people together! Wait...that's 100,000 ears. Well anyway, you'll have all the ears you need!
Rennac: It's just a figure of speech, old man. Bah! I was a fool to complain.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Duessel Ephraim A

Ephraim: Phew...

Duessel: Nicely done, Ephraim. There's nothing left for me to teach you, it seems.
Ephraim: That's utter nonsense. I still have much to learn from you, Duessel. I intend to be the greatest spearman Magvel has ever known. I gave up on swords after seeing how they fare against spears. Sword, axe, spear, bow...and even magic. I've seen them all. The spear always comes out on top. And I want mine to be the best spear around.
Duessel: Hm... That's a bold statement. But you may yet be the one who can prove it true, lad.
Ephraim: ...I thank you, Duessel. It's only because of the skills you gave me that I'm alive and here now. Our countries were friends, but you taught me like family...
Duessel: I am a warrior. All I can do is improve my skills and pass them on to a student. And if you best me using the skills that I taught you, well... That's just the nature of war. The young surpass the old. And I am glad to be fighting at the side of such a worthy student.
Ephraim: Duessel...
Duessel: I know that I've been branded a traitor. I'm prepared for that. But I do have one regret... I regret that I betrayed my emperor...
Ephraim: You never betrayed him. You remain as loyal to him now as when you swore your oaths. No, it is Grado who has betrayed the ideals it once held dear. And now, as then, you are my teacher. Nothing has changed. No, you are no traitor. If anything, you are the last true man of Grado.
Duessel: Ephraim... Hm... Yes. A student should not inspire his teacher. Ephraim. Be strong. Remain true. Believe in yourself, and act in accordance with your beliefs. ...No matter what happens, be a strong king.
Ephraim: Yes, you needn't worry about that. Such has been my intention since the day I first held this spear. No matter what the future holds... I'm never going to change. I will let my faith and my beliefs drive my every action as king.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Duessel Ephraim B

Duessel: ...

Ephraim: Duessel, do you have a moment?
Duessel: Oh Ephraim. Of course.
Ephraim: ...Were you thinking about Grado just now? You looked distracted. I wonder, was it the wrong decision to send you fighting against Grado?
Duessel: ...You've no need to worry. My reasons for leaving Grado are my own. It doesn't matter who I'm fighting. My resolve won't be weakened.
Ephraim: That is good to hear... Actually, I'm here for a rematch. I have no idea how you beat me last time, but this time, I can do it!
Duessel: Hmm. It looks like you haven't learned your lesson yet. You know, they used to call me Obsidian. I was one of the Imperial Three. I'm not about to let a young punk like you best me at the spear!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Duessel Ephraim C

Ephraim: Duessel, can we speak?

Duessel: Oh, Prince Ephraim. Of course, my friend.
Ephraim: I feel I should apologize for making you side against Grado in this.
Duessel: Bah. What nonsense! Please, use me however you would to end this war.
Ephraim: I want you to know how honored I am to fight at your side again. Show me a little of your skill with the spear, like when you taught me.
Duessel: Hmm... Ephraim, your skills have grown significantly since then. Why, the first time I met you, you could hardly hold a spear! I couldn't even bring myself to lie and say you weren't THAT bad!
Ephraim: ...There's no need to be cruel! I realize how helpless I was then.
Duessel: Let me finish! Even then, your strong will was most impressive. On your first day wielding a spear, you chose to challenge ME! I remember how enthusiastic your attack was. You were determined to win. were destined to lose that day. Still, I was quite shocked. You weren't trying to learn my skill. You were trying to steal it from me! And I thought an apprentice was supposed to be obedient to his master.
Ephraim: When you fight, you must respect your opponent, not obey him. ...Besides, you knocked me out so quickly, I hardly touched you.
Duessel: I never dreamed of testing my skills against a prince of Renais. After that match, though... Oh, I changed my mind. I knew it would be interesting to teach my skills to someone like you.
Ephraim: Now, you're the one speaking nonsense! Ah, I know... Let's duel again after this battle! I'm older now, better trained. I'm sure I can beat you this time.
Duessel: Hmmm... Yes, fine. I'd like to see if you've been keeping up with your training.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Duessel Knoll A

Knoll: ......

Duessel: Knoll.
Knoll: Is that you, General Duessel?
Duessel: You're tired, aren't you? Worn to the bone. I understand how you feel, but on the battlefield, this only invites death.
Knoll: You are probably right... And yet that might be best.
Duessel: What are you planning to do from here on?
Knoll: I do not know... I have lost my way. Perhaps I should have been executed in the capital.
Duessel: ......
Knoll: I once studied dark magic alongside Prince Lyon. He was such a gentle soul. You could see it--he was too kind to survive. Prince Lyon dreamt of finding happiness for all of Grado's citizens.
Duessel: ......
Knoll: And now, Prince Lyon is no more. I have lost everything.
Duessel: I have also lost everything. And we have both lost our ways. We are dead men who have stayed too long away from our graves. But remember, Knoll... You cannot see the future, but you can look back at your past. Look and learn. And remember. What gave your life meaning, and what has taken meaning from you now?
Knoll: ......
Duessel: If you still hold the convictions that guided you in Grado, you can start anew. That... That is what I must do. We may be diminished by our shame, but we are not dead yet, my friend.
Knoll: General Duessel... I am not as strong as you. Still, I believe you are right. I, too, shall search for a new path. A path that guides me to realizing the dreams Prince Lyon once held so dear.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Duessel Knoll B

Knoll: We students of ancient magic, along with Prince Lyon himself, were researching certain arcane techniques lost long ago. We were able to reproduce one... phenomenon, but only briefly.

Duessel: ......
Knoll: I should be more concise. Prince Lyon and I pierced the veil that clouds our futures.
Duessel: What? You...could see into the future? How is that possible? What magic is powerful enough to--
Knoll: Time is like the water of a river: it flows ever on, never stopping. Certain disturbances can cause ripples that speed swiftly downstream. If you can see the water, you can read the flow, the ripples, the waves.
Duessel: Hmm...
Knoll: It is possible, General. Possible and, at times, easy. Just think of it: If you knew a storm was coming in advance, you could evacuate everyone in its way. If you could see what was to come, you could help those who might have died. Prince Lyon explained this to us with much joy in his voice and heart. His power would, at long last, be able to help the citizens of Grado.
Duessel: ......
Knoll: We continued our work. There were ceremonies, rituals--such horrors... And then we saw it. In the near future, Grado would be ravaged by catastrophe.
Duessel: A catastrophe? Do you...
Knoll: No, it's not the conflict in which we are currently embroiled. This event is still in our future. We saw Grado. We saw the earth crumble. We saw our people dying. We saw the shape our future would take.
Duessel: What? That's madness... Idiocy! I've lived a long life, and I've never heard of anything like that. Not ever.
Knoll: I am not surprised that you do not believe me, General. We could not believe it, either. We tried to disprove what we had seen. But nothing could shake the vision. In this disaster, Grado would be destroyed. Countless would die. Those who died quickly would be spared the slow horror of starvation. This was when the emperor died, by the way. Lyon was shattered by despair. He devoted himself to research, and then came the Dark Stone...
Duessel: So that's what happened? Is that when the decision to invade Renais was made?
Knoll: I don't know. Only one person knows the truth behind that.
Duessel: ......
Knoll: I have told you only the truths I have seen.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Duessel Knoll C

Duessel: Don't tell me you've joined up here as well, have you?

Knoll: ...General Duessel. Prince Lyon no longer holds the capital. My reason for remaining is gone...
Duessel: Knoll, I have something I would ask you. What exactly happened to His Majesty and Prince Lyon?
Knoll: ...... Do you have the courage to hear that answer? I think perhaps that it will not be an answer you want to hear.
Duessel: What does that mean?
Knoll: Are you familiar with a certain foreign anecdote of comedic nature? It involves two starving men and a single loaf of bread. If they break the loaf in two, both men will die of starvation...
Duessel: Knoll, I'm not asking for a riddle. Let's not waste any more time here. I'm ready to hear the truth. Nothing you tell me could surprise me.
Knoll: If that is your wish, General Duessel... I will speak frankly. This is something that Prince Lyon does not know. Something that no one should know.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Ephraim A

Eirika: Just...a bit longer.

Ephraim: Yes, you may be right. There may be an end to this fighting soon. We may yet defeat the evil in this land and return it to the hands of men. Then, Renais may enjoy its former glory.
Eirika: Yes... You will be crowned king of Renais, and I will help you rebuild our land. We will make it a happy and prosperous country, free of conflict. Just as we three used to dream about...
Ephraim: We...three. Lyon was here with us, wasn't he? We three had so many grand ideas for the futures of our lands.
Eirika: Yes... We talked about a lot. But Lyon...
Ephraim: ......
Eirika: Brother... Brother...please promise that you won't ever leave me alone. Please...promise...
Ephraim: Of course. I would never leave you. Why would you ever think I could do something like that?
Eirika: Brother...
Ephraim: I know better than anyone how you feel, dear sister. Ever since we were born... No, even before... We two have always been together. And together... we will always stay.
Eirika: Yes, dear brother...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Ephraim B

Eirika: Yaa... Yaa!

Ephraim: Eirika, try taking a deeper step forward when you lunge. Otherwise, you might find it hard to dodge the counterthrust of a foe. That's why you always want to end a duel with a single blow. Don't give your opponent the chance to return the attack.
Eirika: Ah, Brother! Thank you for the instruction! I suppose I still have a lot to learn.
Ephraim: No, not at all! Rather, I am surprised at your rapid progress after such a short time! I think you would give me an excellent match were we to spar.
Eirika: You really think so? And yet, I feel... Sigh... If only we lived in a world where such skills were not even necessary.
Ephraim: I see... You're a peaceful soul. All of this fighting... It must be hard on you.
Eirika: It is... I just pray that this fighting will end as swiftly as possible. No one desires this war. So why must it continue?
Ephraim: ...Indeed. And yet there is fighting in every generation. In ancient times, our ancestors fought all manner of evil beast. But once the beasts were subdued, man then fought against fellow man... So we learned from Lyon.
Eirika: I know... But if men understand the futility of fighting, why do they do it? We could gain so much more by cooperation than by conquest.
Ephraim: You may be right... ...But I think... I understand why.
Eirika: Why, Brother...?
Ephraim: I pray for peace to return to our fair Renais. I know that war brings only sorrow. And yet, somewhere in my heart... There is a lust for battle that cannot be stilled. It screams within me when I clutch this spear...
Eirika: Brother...
Ephraim: Perhaps it is because I am a man. Perhaps it is because I was raised to fight. I enjoy the practice of my art. I find pleasure in the battle victorious. And the stronger I become... The more strongly the call to arms sounds within my ears. I want to see how great is the skill that I have acquired. It may be crass and low, but I cannot deny it.
Eirika: Brother...
Ephraim: You would disdain me for this?
Eirika: No, I could never... But, Brother, listen. No matter why you fight... Please ensure that this fighting brings good to our people and to our kingdom.
Ephraim: Of course. I am not so far gone as that. And I could not bear to see you cry for our people. Besides, I would fear the judgment of your mighty sword!
Eirika: Brother, I--!
Ephraim: Ha ha! I'm joking, of course!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Ephraim C

Ephraim: Eirika, are you all right?

Eirika: I am fine, Brother.
Ephraim: I'm right here, so please call me if you need anything. I'll always be nearby.
Eirika: Yes, thank you. But you do understand that I am here to fight, don't you? I cannot ask you to watch me constantly. I am your sister, not your ward.
Ephraim: Eirika...
Eirika: Wait, don't... What are you--?
Ephraim: You looked a little upset... I thought I would stroke your face like I used to...
Eirika: Please stop it. You're treating me like a child...
Ephraim: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just an old habit... Besides, you were always the one who pestered me to do it when we were little. Don't you remember?
Eirika: N-no, I don't remember! That was such a long time ago... Ahh... Dear brother, please try to remember where we are right now. What would our companions say if they saw us in such a personal moment?
Ephraim: Yes, that would be embarrassing... Forgive me, I did not mean to do anything you would find unpleasant.
Eirika: N-no... I didn't mean that... It's just--
Ephraim: So, you really do want me to stroke your face?
Eirika: No! I mean, look...
Ephraim: Ha ha, you always did blush so easily! You haven't changed at all!
Eirika: E-enough! are starting to anger me!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Forde A

Forde: Princess Eirika.

Eirika: Forde.
Forde: You asked me earlier what I would do when all this fighting ended...
Eirika: I remember...
Forde: Well, I should have asked you, too. What will you do when this fighting ends?
Eirika: Me?
Forde: Yes.
Eirika: I... ... I'd like to restore Renais and bring happiness back to her people.
Forde: ...Princess Eirika...
Eirika: It is not enough that this war end...that we go home again. It's not enough that my brother become king. These things aren't enough to make a good country.
Forde: ...
Eirika: People deserve happiness. They are the reason that we rule. Without the people, there can be no Renais.
Forde: To live happily, to be proud of our nation... To restore the happiness of her people...
Eirika: Yes, that is my dream now. It is an abstract goal, and perhaps a little vague, but...
Forde: No, not at all!
Eirika: How so?
Forde: I mean, rebuilding a country, now THAT is an abstract goal. But what you've described, that is a wonderful ambition. I've never been so proud to serve the kingdom of Renais.
Eirika: Forde...
Forde: I've come to a decision! I know I've already sworn an oath, but... I want to renew that vow. Please, let me help make your dream come true! I'll do anything I can to help long as it doesn't require heavy lifting.
Eirika: Thank you... I'm very grateful to you, Forde. It feels like this war might never end, and our people give in to despair quickly. But thanks to people like you, who smile in the face of sorrow, they can be saved.
Forde: Oh, no. You make too much of it. I'm nothing special. I simply cannot allow myself to worry when there's fighting to be done. You're the special one. You have such a profound effect on us all.
Eirika: ...Me? How so?
Forde: It is because of you that we can go on. You and the prince are here, risking your lives for the cause. Your guidance, your leadership... It gives us a reason to live as well.
Eirika: A live?
Forde: Yes... To restore that radiant smile to your own lovely face.
Eirika: Oh!
Forde: I fight to see you smile again, to drive the worry from your face. If I can do that, then I will be more than happy to paint your portrait.
Eirika: Forde...
Forde: We'll do it together. Every day is another step closer to the end of war. One step closer to making your dream come true.
Eirika: ...Agreed!

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Forde B

Forde: Princess Eirika! Good to see you.

Eirika: Ah, Forde. Yes, it's good to have you fighting at my side again. It's only because of your skill that I'm fighting here today.
Forde: Well, we all seem to be deep in this fight, milady...
Eirika: Yes, there's no pulling back now.
Forde: So it would seem. My lady, leave the fighting to us soldiers. Even if there be an unholy hail of arrows, we would ride into them for your sake.
Eirika: Ha ha... Why, thank you, sir knight! ...Say, Forde.
Forde: Yes?
Eirika: What will you do when all this fighting is over?
Forde: When the fighting is over? Hm... Good question. Well... I suppose I'll return to Renais... and take a very, very long nap.
Eirika: That does sound like you. And then?
Forde: Then? I would like to return to my painting, I think.
Eirika: You paint?
Forde: Yes, milady. I paint. In the past, I've tried to be quiet about this little hobby of mine. However, quite a few of our group have unearthed my hidden secret.
Eirika: Is that so? Well, I'd love to view your work sometime.
Forde: Ah, I'd be honored. It's hardly worthy of such an audience, but I'd be glad to show it to you.
Eirika: I look forward to it. Oh! And...
Forde: Yes?
Eirika: Would you ever consider... doing a portrait of me?
Forde: I'm sorry?
Eirika: Is that distasteful to you?
Forde: No! No... It's just that I so rarely do portraits.
Eirika: So, it would be a bother?
Forde: Not at all! A bother? Really. This request comes from my princess. I'd be more than happy to.
Eirika: Thank you, Forde.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Forde C

Forde: Aaaah...

Eirika: Forde, you're looking in rare form today.
Forde: Ah, Princess! Yes, I'm trying not to overextend myself today. I see you're looking well, too. Except for...
Eirika: Yes, Forde? What is it?
Forde: Well... I was just thinking about something... Princess, do you find that your armor leaves a bit too
Eirika: I beg your pardon?
Forde: You know, too exposed. Especially around, if you will. Aren't you worried that, in the heat of battle, it might, eh...
Eirika: Fly up like this?
Forde: Augh! Oh... Uh... You were...just joking. Wow. Don't scare me like that!
Eirika: Oh, I'm sorry. That must have seemed rather unladylike. Honestly, though, I do rather like this armor. It's very easy to move around in. I think that freedom of movement is far more important to me in combat.
Forde: Well, sure. I guess everyone has his own preference. I've gotten many long years of use from my armor.
Eirika: I can imagine. Now that I look at it, I can see all the scars from all your fights.
Forde: A knight's greatest pride are the scars his armor bears for him. This battered shell of mine is the only true badge of valor... ...The only real sign that I've weathered blade and arrow for king and country.
Eirika: Forde...
Forde: Oh, and... Well, in my case... Some of these dents are from me falling off my horse. Heh... Oh, and some come from falling asleep in my armor and rolling onto my weapons. Kind of a lot of them, actually. Heh...
Eirika: You stood by my brother when he and I were separated, didn't you? I never got a chance to thank you.
Forde: Oh, it was nothing. Really. To be fair, Ephraim probably saved my hide more often than I his.
Eirika: I doubt that. My brother rushes into battle without thought for consequence. I think, if nothing else, you restrained his natural recklessness. I owe you a debt. Both you and Kyle.
Forde: Princess Eirika...
Eirika: Forde, Renais thanks you. May you always stand beside us.
Forde: At your service, Princess.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Innes A

Innes: Eirika. Forgive the intrusion, but I must speak to you at once.

Eirika: Prince Innes? What is it?
Innes: First, just listen to me. Is there...anyone who lays claim to your heart?
Eirika: What? N-no... There's nobody like that.
Innes: I see. Then let me speak frankly. Eirika, it seems I have fallen in love with you.
Eirika: Wh-what!? This is no place for jokes, Innes! Why would you say something like that?
Innes: This is no joke. I am absolutely serious. These feelings surprise me as well. I don't know what to do. Fighting at your side all this time, the emotion just exploded within me. I love you. I could not bear to see you in the arms of another.
Eirika: P-Prince Innes! I... I...
Innes: No, Eirika. Do not answer now. I have not yet bested Ephraim. I have not earned the right to woo you.
Eirika: Wha--? Why are you bringing my brother into this?
Innes: With a man like him around, I can see why you show no interest in suitors. If I prove myself his superior, you will surely accept my hand. If I fail, I release any claim to your affection. But I swear it on the depth of my love that I will destroy that man. Eirika, I will expect your answer then. That's all I have to say.
Eirika: Innes! What an...infuriating man! Why does he have to be so...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Innes B

Innes: ...What are you doing?

Eirika: What is it now, Innes?
Innes: ...I told you I was going to protect you.
Eirika: Right.
Innes: And yet, whenever an enemy shows himself, you rush in and attack! ...Everyone's going to think you're the one protecting me.
Eirika: Well, I can't help you with your image problems, Innes. You're an archer, while I have to fight up close.
Innes: That is unacceptable. I said that I would protect you, and I was being quite sincere.
Eirika: And I appreciate that. It's nice to know that, when I cross swords with the enemy, you're never far from me, with your bow close at hand.
Innes: Eirika... You are so kind... You're so different from that... brother of yours.
Eirika: No, not as much as you think. Maybe you only see him as a warrior, as competition, but he is a fine and gentle man, capable of great compassion.
Innes: ...If you say so. I suppose I cannot doubt it if it comes from your lips.
Eirika: Prince Innes, please, try to befriend my brother. I know he would want this as well. I don't know why you dislike him. When I am alone with him, he is so kind.
Innes: Forgive me, but I can bear no more of this talk. When I see you look that way, I feel only jealousy for this Ephraim.
Eirika: What--?
Innes: He is...a hard man to forgive. Perhaps there is only one way to settle this.
Eirika: Prince Innes...?

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Innes C

Innes: Eirika. I know this might seem sudden, but... I've decided I must protect you for a while.

Eirika: What? What do you mean by that?
Innes: I was in a difficult situation at Carcino. I...must admit that I owe you much for your help that day.
Eirika: I... I see.
Innes: So now, I've decided to protect you in battle. I don't know how to say this, but... It is unacceptable that I remain indebted to you.
Eirika: Oh, you and your fool pride--
Innes: Regardless, you can count on me. No arrow can reach all enemies, but I guarantee your safety. Will you accept my oath?
Eirika: Er... Sure. I accept. Thank you, Prince Innes.
Innes: Follow me, then.
Eirika: Uh, wait a moment, Innes. You're an archer... Wouldn't it make more sense if you stayed behind me?
Innes: ......

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika L'Arachel A

L'Arachel: Eirika... Please hold for a moment.

Eirika: What is it, L'Arachel?
L'Arachel: About what we were discussing earlier... I would not want you to get the wrong idea. I was not saying I was lonely because my parents were dead. I am not that weak, you know? I have never even...cried...when thinking of my parents.
Eirika: I know, L'Arachel. You are a very strong person. We are lucky to have you with us.
"L'Arachel: I hope you do not think this all too sudden, but... Here. Look at this.
Eirika: What's this...?
L'Arachel: This ruby has been in Rausten for generations. It is a valuable gem. I would be honored if... I would like for you to have it.
Eirika: What? No, I couldn't! It's far too precious to accept...
L'Arachel: No, I mean it. Please, accept this as a gift. Here. I won't allow you to refuse.
Eirika: L'Arachel... Thank you. I will treasure it. I so wish I had something to give you in return...
L'Arachel: You needn't feel that way. Here, I've an idea... Once we've put an end to all the monstrosities in our lands... Invite me to Renais. Does this plan please you?
Eirika: Yes...certainly. Of course.
L'Arachel: Then we are agreed! Now, you had better not go dying in battle on me. Not until then, at any rate. Do I have your word?
Eirika: Yes...let us both live long enough to look back on this time. I am sure that, when we do look back, it will be as the best of friends.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika L'Arachel B

L'Arachel: Take that! And that and that and that!

Eirika: L'Arachel? What are you doing?
L'Arachel: I'm practicing! I want to be prepared for when those fiends next show up. You never can tell where or when they'll appear, after all. And if they were to appear and I were unable to prepare a magical attack... Well, I'd like to be ready to whack them with this staff of mine.
Eirika: Ahhh... Don't you think that's a bit, well, dangerous? Perhaps you should stop. If monsters appear when I am around, I promise I'll come to your aid.
L'Arachel: That's simply no good, Eirika. You know how those monsters can be. I insist that I be able to hold my own, relying on nothing but my skills.
Eirika: I've been curious about something, L'Arachel... Why are you so obsessed with fighting monsters?
L'Arachel: ...My parents were kind people. I would be like them if I am able. My home of Rausten is so near to Darkling Woods. We experienced many sudden raids. My parents took it upon themselves to defend our people against the monsters.
Eirika: I had no idea...
L'Arachel: Yes, but my parents are gone now. I've been told that they passed away when I was but an infant. They...gave their lives defending many helpless people.
Eirika: I'm so sorry.
L'Arachel: Oh, you needn't be sad. I would not want for that. No, it's wonderful that they gave their lives battling that filth. I was so young that I do not remember their faces, if I must be honest. However, that does not diminish the pride I feel for what they've done.
Eirika: Don't you feel lonely at the loss of your parents?
L'Arachel: No! Not at all! What do you take me for? Some kind of weakling?
Eirika: No, I see that you are strong indeed, L'Arachel.
L'Arachel: I should say so. But...would you not say that you are strong, too, Eirika? Your father stayed in his castle, fighting the forces of Grado. He had a noble death, don't you think? Your father was a great man. You must be quite proud of him.
Eirika: Well...yes. He refused to take even one step in retreat from the advancing Grado soldiers. But still... I mean, I...I would have thought no less of him if he had fled. Even if he were no longer a brave king... Still... I would be happier if he were still alive.
L'Arachel: Eirika... I do understand you. Everyone would tell me of my parents' bravery, of their honor... But I will never see them. I will never know them for myself. Oh, what I would give if I could have met them...just once.
Eirika: L'Arachel...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika L'Arachel C

L'Arachel: Good day to you, Princess. What a funny thing that we should meet here! It is providence, I tell you!

Eirika: L'Arachel, it is NOT providence. It is not even a coincidence. We agreed to meet here when we planned out our battle strategy. Wait... Don't tell me that you don't remember that!
L'Arachel: We planned this? I suppose I simply don't usually worry about such trifling details. And here we are, so I suppose that our plan must be working.
Eirika: I suppose you're right.
L'Arachel: Still, divine providence or not, isn't it strange and wonderful? A beautiful princess traveling with such a ragged bunch as this... You could have told me much sooner, you know!
Eirika: My apologies. Necessity demanded that I conceal my identity at the time.
L'Arachel: Oh, it is no longer any worry. To be honest, I believe I had figured out your ruse from the very moment we met. I said to myself, ?This lovely woman could only be of my own superior breeding.? After all, you could never truly fool a woman with my keen mind.
Eirika: My. How...impressive.
L'Arachel: There is something about nobility that simply cannot be hidden from its kin! Why, Eirika, certainly you must have felt the same thing upon seeing me? You surely saw a refinement and grace of carriage surpassing that of common folk?
Eirika: Err... Aheh... Yes, why...the very first time I met you, I could see that you... You were very far from common.
L'Arachel: Exactly. Far from common. I could not have put it better myself. It's simply impossible to travel incognito these days.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Saleh A

Eirika: ...

Saleh: ... What troubles you, Princess Eirika?
Eirika: Oh, Master Saleh. No, nothing. My mind was somewhere else... Oh, and in the middle of a battle... I'm sorry.
Saleh: Don't be sorry. I am not going to judge you for how you think or act.
Eirika: Thank you. ... I was just remembering my home. I was thinking about the last time Renais was at peace.
Saleh: ...
Eirika: There were the most beautiful mountains, the clearest rivers... The scent of wildflowers filled the air. The sky was clear and bright. This was before war scarred the hills and scorched the skies. It was a wonderful place. Every day was filled with hope and possibility. My brother and I would go hunting with Prince Lyon. ...I would make lunches for us. Ephraim would tease, but Lyon was happy. I... I miss that time so very much.
Saleh: Princess Eirika... I give you my word that you will once again see the Renais you love restored.
Eirika: Master Saleh... I do hope so. But first, you and I must concentrate on the battle at hand. We must win. Thank you, Master Saleh. Your homeland, Caer Pelyn, was also a most beautiful place.
Saleh: We had nothing special. But, because of that, we had...everything.
Eirika: I didn't understand that before. Now, I think I know what you mean.
Saleh: I am glad.
Eirika: When we have to fight no more, please, let me visit you in Caer Pelyn. I would like to know more about your home. About Valega and Nada Kuya.
Saleh: You are welcome anytime. Caer Pelyn and I will welcome you with open arms.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Saleh B

Eirika: Master Saleh.

Saleh: Princess.
Eirika: What you were telling me about Valega was most enlightening. It sounds as though you align your desires with the world around you. By knowing the vastness of creation around you, you come to know yourself. And then, by transcending your selfish needs, you wish for a better world. What you told me, it helped me rediscover the importance of that unselfish wish. It's the reason for the war we fight now... The dream of a better world. Because of your Valega, my own conviction was renewed.
Saleh: Ahhh. I'm glad to hear that. ... Princess Eirika, you remind me of the warrior princess, Nada Kuya.
Eirika: Nada Kuya?
Saleh: She's one of Caer Pelyn's ancient heroes.
Eirika: I'd like to hear about her.
Saleh: I've been told she was a strong woman, beautiful and proud. She spoke with the voice of nature, and she lived at one with the earth.
Eirika: But you called her a battle princess...?
Saleh: Well, in ancient times, Caer Pelyn was invaded by a foreign nation.
Eirika: Really?
Saleh: And leading the charge against the invaders was Nada Kuya. She carried a narrow sword made from a fang gifted to her by the dragonkin. With her dragon blade in her hand, she drove Caer Pelyn's enemies away.
Eirika: Wow... Quite a story. And you think I--
Saleh: Yes. You remind me of her.
Eirika: No, no... When Grado invaded Renais, I was paralyzed. I couldn't do anything. It is only because of the sacrifices of others that I could even escape.
Saleh: But now, you are here. With your strength, courage, and dignity.
Eirika: Master Saleh...
Saleh: If you achieve victory, the legend will become reality. You will become the Nada Kuya of this age.
Eirika: I see... Yes, I see! I have a reason to fight. I have things to protect. I fight for the future. The future of Renais, the future of my people. Thank you, Master Saleh. Your stories always give me the courage to fight on.
Saleh: I'm glad to hear that.
Eirika: I pray your wisdom guides us through this war.
Saleh: I will do what I can.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Saleh C

Eirika: Master Saleh!

Saleh: ...
Eirika: Master?
Saleh: ...
Eirika: ...
Saleh: ... ...Oh, I'm sorry, Princess Eirika.
Eirika: It's all right. Were you...praying?
Saleh: Not exactly. It's called Valega.
Eirika: Valega?
Saleh: Yes.
Eirika: What is it? Is it something to do with Caer Pelyn's cultural history?
Saleh: Yes, in a sense. Think of it as a kind of wish. A very pure wish. It is a wish that expands far beyond individual desire.
Eirika: I see. I don't claim to understand, but it sounds very interesting. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about it later.
Saleh: If you like.
Eirika: Yes, I would.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Seth A

Eirika: Seth, do you have a moment? Could you help me practice a bit right now?

Seth: ...Princess Eirika. Before I do, there is something I must say to you.
Eirika: Yes, what is it?
Seth: Please forgive my rudeness... Princess, I am merely your subject. Recently, you have been too close to me. It is not becoming of a noble of Renais to fraternize in this way with her subjects.
Eirika: Oh... But I... it's just that your wound has not yet... I was merely...
Seth: It's true. The wound I received the day our castle fell has not yet healed... Perhaps it will afflict me to the end of my life. But it would be a mistake to assume you owe me a debt for this wound. This thought should not rest beneath the crown you soon must wear.
Eirika: But still, you suffered for me...
Seth: Lady Eirika. You are a noble of Renais. The nobility should not favor one subject over another. How can they maintain their fealty if you treat one so differently?
Eirika: ......
Seth: You may have to forego such attachments just to defend your country. There will be times when victory in battle demands a sacrifice. If you cannot send your men to die, then you are not fit to rule.
Eirika: ...... I understand... Seth... You are correct. I had forgotten my place, and I had forgotten my duty. Please forgive me.
Seth: ......
Eirika: That night... We fled from the soldiers of Grado... You held me tight, keeping me safe from the enemy's blades... Perhaps...I did feel something more for you then. was improper for a queen of Renais. And with my father dead, I suppose that is my station. I am a queen, and you are a knight in my service. If I do not keep this in mind, then I will never be able to rebuild our kingdom.
Seth: I thank you for your understanding, my lady. Now, if you will excuse me...
Eirika: ......
Seth: Princess Eirika. If you would allow me to say one more thing...
Eirika: Seth...?
Seth: ...That night... I felt what you felt. When I held you in my arms as we rode into the night... It was the first time since I was knighted that I forgot my duty. I thought of you not as my queen, but rather as someone I wanted to protect from all harm. I wanted to leave everything behind... To take you far away to someplace where we could be together... Those were my thoughts...
Eirika: Seth...
Seth: Please forgive me. I swear to you that I will never again forget my duty in that way. Now, please excuse me. When I see you next, it will be as a Knight of Renais... And I will lay down my life to protect my queen.
Eirika: Seth...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Seth B

Eirika: Hrrngh... Hahh! What do you think?

Seth: Your sword arm is magnificent, my lady. You have improved yet again.
Eirika: Thank you. It is only because I know my brother will scold me if I do not practice every day. But I still am nowhere near your level of skill, Seth.
Seth: ...My lady, I hardly think...
Eirika: Perhaps next time, you could spar with me and help me learn some technique? The basics I've learned from my brother all apply to skills with the spear. If I could learn the sword techniques of the Knights of Renais, then perhaps I could be even stronger. I would be of greater help to you on the battlefield.
Seth: Yes, but... Princess Eirika, I think you should stay away from the front lines. You are of the royal family of Renais. Please leave the fighting to me...
Eirika: Still... How can I just watch from afar while others risk their lives for me? I cannot rely on you always. I must learn to protect myself. So please, continue to observe as I practice.
Seth: Princess Eirika...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Seth C

Eirika: Seth.

Seth: What brings you, Princess?
Eirika: How fare you, Seth? Ever since the castle fell you have been protecting me, despite your own injuries...
Seth: Would that I could have served you better, my lady... You were not meant to see such things. But my wound has closed up, and it does not affect my lance arm...
Eirika: Wait. Show it to me. Look. The wound has closed, but it has not yet fully healed.
Seth: ...... What made you think of this, my lady?
Eirika: Your fighting is as superb as ever, Seth. But when you raise your lance, I see a flicker of pain on your face, as if you were merely enduring it... But it only lasts a moment. Perhaps it is all just my imagination...
Seth: Your Highness, please put your mind at ease. My wound has healed. There is no reason to worry.
Eirika: I would that were so, Seth. Please do not overextend yourself. I beg this of you. Without you, I may not be able to continue this quest...
Seth: You praise me too much, my lady...

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Tana A

Tana: Eirika, are you all right

Eirika: I am, thank you, Tana. I always feel better when you're around.
Tana: I've been wondering... Eirika, do you think I've grown stronger? I mean, stronger than when I was cooped up in the castle at least?
Eirika: Yes, of course you have.
Tana: Really?
Eirika: Tana, you should have more confidence in your abilities. If I had to rely on my own blade alone, I would not survive. But with you around, I know I can keep fighting.
Tana: You think? I guess I'm still not sure. Still, it is nice to hear you say that. Eirika, we'll get through this, the two of us. And when we do, let's sit together and just relax.
Eirika: Sure, Tana. But first, we'll have to apologize to King Hayden.
Tana: Oh... Father... I wonder if he's still mad.
Eirika: Yes, you probably should.
Tana: Say, Eirika. Could you...
Eirika: Of course... I understand. You and I will speak to him together. Don't you worry.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Tana B

Tana: Oh, Brother... I'm going to get you for this, Brother...

Eirika: What's wrong, Tana? Has something happened to Innes?
Tana: My brother is so cruel! Listen to what he said to me! He told me that I was just in everyone's way... He said I should just go back home to Frelia...
Eirika: Oh, dear...
Tana: I'm so depressed. He's always like that, too. He just makes fun of me and insults me and teases me. I hate him so much!
Eirika: Tana, your brother has a strange way of showing his concern... But he IS concerned about you. You can see that, can't you?
Tana: Yes, but...
Eirika: Even my brother gets angry at me when I put myself at risk, even for a good cause. Your brother is harsh and rough of speech, but he doesn't want you to get hurt.
Tana: Well... I suppose you're right.
Eirika: Why don't we go speak with him later? I'll be right beside you.
Tana: Ah...all right. But, Eirika... I still envy you.
Eirika: Me?
Tana: You and Ephraim as so close... You understand one another. It must nice I wish my brother and I shared that kind of connection.
Eirika: Well, we are twins, you know. I think that makes us slightly different from normal siblings.
Tana: But you two never fight or anything, do you? How do you two maintain such a close relationship?
Eirika: I... Well... Isn't that normal for twins?

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Eirika Tana C

Tana: Ah, Eirika. Shall we ride together a while?

Eirika: Tana, you seem well. And yes, I'd appreciate the company.
Tana: I feel I should apologize. I'm afraid I haven't been very much help to you, Eirika. To be honest, I'm still in training, and not quite battle-ready. Perhaps you'd fare better if I were not traveling with you...
Eirika: Tana, that's not true at all. You've been a great help to us. I have seen you in action. I know what I'm talking about.
Tana: Thank you, Eirika. Heh... I feel so foolish now.
Eirika: Why is that?
Tana: I look on you as a sister, Eirika. And yet, even though we're the same age, you seem so much more mature.
Eirika: Hardly...
Tana: It is you who even gave me the courage to leave the castle. I wanted to be out on my own, like you, to pattern my life after yours. I'm simply glad that we are friends.
Eirika: Me too, Tana. I'm glad you came. You help to remind me of better times.

Template:Cargo FE8 supports Ephraim Forde A

Ephraim: How are you doing, Forde?

Forde: Me? Oh, I'm fine as long as I've got a sword in my hand.
Ephraim: ...Oh, by the way, Forde. When you have some time, would you show me your painting again?
Forde: You'd like to see it? Why the sudden interest, Prince?
Ephraim: The scene you painted, it's the Renais we once knew... Those magnificent fields and tranquil farming villages... When I look at it, I can forget, for a second, that we're on a battlefield. I want to restore the Renais you painted. I want to restore these landscapes that fill me with joy looking at them. I wanted to see the painting again so that I could carry it with me in my heart.
Forde: If you like it, Prince Ephraim, I'd be honored if you would take it.
Ephraim: ...Really? Are you sure, Forde?
Forde: Yes, of course. Please take it.
Ephraim: Thank you, Forde! It is truly beautiful. ...Did you study painting?
Forde: No. I just... When we were young, I would paint for Franz. ...Our father spent much time away, and Franz wept every night, missing him. But I was just a child, too. I didn't know how to make him stop crying. One day, I showed him a drawing that I'd made of our parents... And Franz stopped crying. I've been painting ever since...
Ephraim: ...I see...
Forde: ...I've a thought... In exchange for this painting, there's something you can do.
Ephraim: ...What is it, Forde?
Forde: Once you've achieved your goal, once you've restored Renais to the way it was... Can I have a vacation?
Ephraim: Is rest all you ever think about? If you want that vacation, earn it!
Forde: Right, right. I'll just keep risking my life protecting you then, Ephraim.
Ephraim: You do that. I'm counting on you, Forde.