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Soulful Bridge/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Soon after reclaiming the Fane of Raman, Marth was pursued by Archanea's army and headed towards Chaismir Bridge to escape. However, after easily reaching the central islet, the Altean army was attacked by a new foe. "Archanea's army is approaching from the north. If this continues we'll become surrounded." There's no way to go! Can Marth and the others safely overcome this danger?
— Chapter 8 Intro


(Cain approaches)
Cain: Your highness, you're safe!
Marth: Cain! You're safe as well?
Cain: Mmm, I had to break through the enemy to get here. But, they have already have already secured the northern bridge now.
Marth: It doesn't matter. We'll crush them.
Cain: No, that's not possible. Hardin is being protected by a mysterious power. We can't touch him. Basically, if we fight now we can't hope to win. You should head towards the north western fort and escape by ship to the Khadein desert.
Jagen: Your highness, the mercenaries towards the south are beginning to move out. This truly isn't the time to fight. We should do what Cain says, and escape to the Khadein desert. Afterwards, we can formulate a new plan...
Marth: Really...? Even though it's regrettable, that's our only choice... Troops, we will march to the north western fort!
(Cain joins)


  • Woman: It seems the relations between two archers should be good.


Bantu: Oh, Prince Marth. It's been a while since we met. There seems to be some commotion outside. What's going on?
Marth: Ah, Bantu! I didn't expect to meet you here. How is Tiki?
Bantu: That child isn't with me anymore. Gotoh took her back to the Ice Dragons' Temple.
Marth: Ice Dragons' Temple? What kind of place is it? I've never heard of it.
Bantu: It's located in the northern icelands. However no normal person can reach there. Besides the hero Anri, no human has ever visited it.
Marth: Anri!? Then, could that place be the "Land of Gods" as described in the legends of Anri?
Bantu: I've said all that I can say. If you want to learn more, you'll have to ask Gotoh. Actually, could you listen to a request of mine? My precious Firestone was stolen by thieves. If you can recover it for me, I will help you as best as I can. Thank you, Prince Marth.
(Bantu joins)

On Turn 6

Hardin: Hahaha... Prince Marth, it's been a while.
Marth: Hardin... Why did you attack my country? Why did you do it? Even now I am still in disbelief. Have you really changed?
Hardin: Your highness, I am the Emperor of Archanea, ruler of this world. I cannot allow those who oppose me to go unpunished. And that includes you, Prince Marth... This disgusting world must be destroyed... Everything in it is a mistake. Rebels, this game is over. You will all die here. Troops, charge! Slay the traitors without remorse!!
(Many enemies become hostile)

Fighting Jeorge

Jeorge: If you hadn't gotten so close you wouldn't have needed to die. Pitiful fool...

Killing Jeorge

Jeorge: To think, there exists such a strong foe...

Note: Jeorge's battle and death quotes are shared with Chapter 5

Recruiting Jeorge

Gordin: Mister Jeorge! Please wait a second!
Jeorge: Huh? ...Gordin? Long time no see. You appear stronger, but has your archery improved?
Gordin: Yes, right now... I am recognized as the finest archer of Altea. It was all thanks to you, Mister Jeorge, that I could become this strong.
Jeorge: So? Did you come all the way here so that you could duel with me?
Gordin: Wh-what? Of course not! This might sound silly but... Can you come along with us again?
Jeorge: .....
Gordin: Please! Mister Jeorge!!
Jeorge: I already swore and oath to Nyna, but I can't stand Hardin. He used his might to threaten other countries, and executed anybody who opposed him without question. Archanea's army right now is just a bunch of paid savages, with no dignity of a knight. I will draw my bow against my own country, to bring back the Kingdom of Archanea of old. Gordin, I hope you can pass on my thoughts to Prince Marth.
Gordin: Thank you, Mister Jeorge!!
(Jeorge joins)

Fighting Astram

Astram: You foul traitors! Taste the might of my Mercurius!

Killing Astram

Astram: Midia...

Note: Astram's battle and death quotes are shared with the previous chapter

Fighting Hardin

Hardin: Rebels... Did you come here to get yourselves killed? I'll show you to fear my Gradivus!!


Jagen: Your highness, please hurry. The pursuers have already arrived.
Marth: But, everybody is still fighting. I can't just leave them.
Jagen: Don't worry, they will all escape safely. We will all meet up at Khadein. Well, your highness, please get onboard the ship!

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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