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Soren/Quotes (Engage)

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Battle quotes

Ike: You always did like making things difficult.
Soren: Ike?!
Ike: Let's see if this is good enough for you.
Soren: Stop! You don't have to prove yourself to me!

— Soren as an enemy, when fighting a unit synced with Ike in The Radiant Strategist
Soren: The time has come to unleash all my power.
Alear: Show us what you've got, Emblem Soren! Give us the chance to prove that we are worthy allies!

— Soren as an enemy, when fighting Alear in The Radiant Strategist

Critical quotes

You will not survive this.
— Soren
I dispose of my enemies.
— Soren

Engage attack quotes

Out of my way!
— Soren
Are you ready to die?
— Soren