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This page contains all of Sonya's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Sonya: Hmm? Did you need something, little girl? Apologies. Treating you like a child must chafe a bit. ...How’s that again? You agree that you’re still just a child? Well, what a perfectly boring reply. You’re no fun to tease—you know that? Pipe up and speak from the gut every now and again. Quit being so stoic. Aw, don’t give me that sad puppy look. You make it seem like I’m bullying you. I’m just saying you should speak your mind a bit more. That’s all.

Conversation 2

Sonya: You’ve got a pretty face, Celica, yet somehow you’re just so...plain. As a princess, shouldn’t you be decked out in silk and gold and other fineries? ...That stuff just gets in the way? Ugh, you’re such a pragmatist. If it were me, I’d be swimming in jewels! Maybe even wear my hair up... Don’t you think it’s fun to daydream about that sort of thing? I lived in a priory when I was a child, you know. Wearing the same drab habit... Praying day after day after day... Well. no thank you. I’m done with all that. If beautiful women don’t celebrate their beauty, the entire human race loses out. Don’t you agree?

Conversation 3

Sonya: Growing up, I had two older sisters. The eldest was stern, but deeply kind. The middle one was smart and mature, and also marched to her own beat. The three of us were inseparable back at the priory. We waited for our father to come get us, yet knew the day would never come. Ah, but that was a lifetime ago. And they’re both gone now...