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Jorge: Hey, Ike! Er... General Ike! Wait up! Say, if there's an enemy in my way, but I don't want to kill him, what do you think I should do?
Ike: ...Is this about that stupid game again?
Jorge: Well, it's all your fault! You had to go and tutor Daniel, and now I've been on this losing streak!
Ike: Tutor? You mean back when we were onboard the ship? It was just one hint!
Jorge: Daniel isn't like me! He's smart. I'm the one who thought up this game, but he's the one who's getting better and better. I hardly ever win anymore!
Ike: Instead of playing that game, why don't you try some real combat?
Jorge: Stop joking around. We're happy-go-lucky traveling merchants. We don't know anything about fighting.
Ike: Give me a break! It's nice you're having fun and all, but please... Can you save your stupid game for someone who's not fighting for their life day in and day out?
Jorge: Well, what do you expect? Everything's war, war, war, and there's no place for us. All we can do is play this game. Sorry... I'll just go lose again...
Ike: Oh, for heaven's sake... Look, if there's an opponent you don't want to kill, just shove him out of the way. Then you don't have to fight him.
Jorge: Huh? Oh, t-thanks. ...Um... You know, we are what we are, but we'll be with you till the end. I hope we can continue to be of service. All right?
Ike: Yeah, thanks. Sorry for being so irritable.
Jorge: That's all right. I know how much stress you've been under.
Ike: ...


Sothe: ...
Ike: Something on your mind?
Sothe: Oh, Commander Ike! Oops! I guess I'm supposed to call you General now, huh?
Ike: Commander's fine. So what's going on? Are you thinking about that person you were looking for?
Sothe: That's...all settled. Actually, no... it's not really settled. It's just...I figured that worrying about it all the time wasn't doing me any good. I turned over every rock in Begnion during my search, but... It's just easier to assume that everything's going well...somewhere...
Ike: Well, as long as you're happy, I won't say a word. So...what were you thinking about then?
Sothe: I...I didn't say anything before, but Daein is my homeland.
Ike: Is that so?
Sothe: Yeah. Until a few years back, I lived in the slums of Nevassa and stole for a living.
Ike: ...
Sothe: So anyway, I went back to my old stomping grounds and saw some friends. The rest of the city's empty, but they're still here. They've got no other place to go, you know?
Ike: And what did they have to say?
Sothe: Every one was mad that Crimea had won. They said if the king had been here, there's no way they would've been defeated. It's so weird. Until now, all they had ever done was complain about this place.
Ike: I see.
Sothe: You know, Ashnard wasn't such a bad king. At least, as far as we could see. If you were strong enough, you could rise up and become a knight one day. You could escape the filthy slums. He was the only king who ever gave us that chance. That hope.
Ike: ...
Sothe: Don't get me wrong. I don't mind fighting with all of you. But still, seeing your homeland scarred and trampled like this is tough. I'm sorry. I know Crimea is suffering in the same way, but... I can't change how I feel.
(Sothe leaves)
Ike: ...