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FEE Solm.png
Artwork of Solm from Fire Emblem Engage.


Solm Palace




Matriarchal monarchy[1]



Solm (Japanese: ソルム Solm) is a queendom in Fire Emblem Engage, located at the southeast of the continent of Elyos. It is a neutral nation ruled by a queen that values freedom.[2]


Solm is a peaceful country known for its love of freedom. After the First Fell Dragon War, Solm, like the other countries of Elyos, was entrusted with an Emblem Ring by the divine dragon Lumera, this being the Ring of the Radiant Hero. However, unlike Brodia and Elusia, they were secretly entrusted with a second ring, the Ring of the Crux of Fate, which the royal family hid in the ruins of a fortress in northwestern Solm.

Solm is famous for its food, having more local food stalls than any other nation in Elyos. According to Bunet, Solm has imported large amounts of food from Elusia.

The royal family of Solm uses Tartu Flamingos to carry messages. Solm has a non-aggression pact with Firene, despite never having had conflicts with each other.

Notable locations in Solm

Solm Palace

Solm Palace.

Solm Palace is the capital of Solm, and home to the Solmic royal family. It is famous for the massive chandelier hanging in the throne room, and the numerous waterways carrying flowers all over the palace. During the second fell dragon war, the palace was under siege by the Elusian army after princess Hortensia took queen Seforia hostage in a bid to take Alear's Emblem Rings. After her plan fails, three of the Four Hounds arrive to kill the Divine Dragon, seize their rings, use Queen Seforia as a blood sacrifice to Sombron, and even brain washing Hortensia to fight for them. After the Divine Dragon's army repels the invading forces they recruit Hortensia and obtain the Ring of the Instructor.

Oasis Village

Oasis village is a settlement near the southern shore of Solm. Built around an oasis in the desert, it is one of the largest settlements in Solm. The place is a central place of commerce for Solm as many of the inhabitants run their own stalls, selling many different items ranging from spices and medicines, to lamps and fabrics. The shopping district is staffed around the clock, and is made up of communal tents which people can freely claim to set up shop in. The oasis' main exports are spices, which it exports to the whole continent. It also grows a unique spice found nowhere else on Elyos.

Northern Fortress

The Northern Fortress is the ruins of a fortress built to house the Ring of the Crux of Fate after being entrusted with it by Lumera. Over the course of the next millennium the fortress would be abandoned and it fell into disarray. Due to it being the hiding place for an Emblem Ring, civilians are not allowed near the structure. The fortress is where Alear first encountered Seadall who was under attack by corrupted.

Tullah Desert

Tullah Desert

An arid desert with numerous quicksand pits near the Elusian border. The area is almost nothing but rocks, sand, and cacti. Little to no people live here as near nothing, besides cacti, palms and grass, will grow in the dry sands, and the place is under frequent assaults from Elusia's corrupted. The area is patrolled by the Sentinels.

Azure Coast

The Azure Coast is the strip of land connecting Solm to Firene. The coast is well known for its crystal clear waters and varied wildlife, which is what made it a popular tourist destination across the entire continent. The coast has sparse population who mostly make their living by fishing. Seadall's birthplace was located close to the Azure Coast.

Dark Ruin

The Dark Ruin is a ruin located in southwestern Solm. According to Emblem Eirika, it greatly resembles the Black Temple, where she faced off against her childhood friend Lyon together with her brother Ephraim. This is the location of Emblem Eirika's challenge to Alear.

The location is based on Chapter 21 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Forgotten Shrine

The Forgotten Shrine is an abandoned shrine on an island southeast of Solm. According to Emblem Celica, it greatly resembles the Seabound Shrine, where she fought a Necrodragon. This is the location of Emblem Celica's challenge to Alear.

The location is based on Act 2, Chapter 7 of Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Pale Sands

Pale Sands is a remote village located in northeastern Solm. It is an isolationist society that worships the Dragons of the East. It is where Kagetsu is from.

Ruined Fortress

The Ruined Fortress is a fortress located deep in the Solmic desert. During the Fell Xenologue Rafal imprisoned Alear in the fortress, and led the Four Winds to a nearby temple, before being confronted by Nel who aimed to stop him.

Characters from Solm

Character Description Appears in
Seforia The queen of Solm. Engage
Small portrait timerra fe17.png
The Crown Princess of Solm. Engage
Small portrait fogado fe17.png
The first prince of Solm. Engage
Small portrait merrin fe17.png
A retainer of Timerra. Engage
Small portrait panette fe17.png
A retainer of Timerra. Engage
Small portrait pandreo fe17.png
A retainer of Fogado. Engage
Small portrait bunet fe17.png
A retainer of Fogado. Engage
Small portrait seadall fe17.png
A dancer. Engage

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  1. "Solm is a queendom, so my sister is first in line to the throne, not me." — Fogado in his and Hortensia's B support, Fire Emblem Engage
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