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This page contains all of Silque's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Silque: It was my mother’s idea for me to become a cleric. She was a cleric as well. As for my father, I fear I never met him. When I was little, my mother and I went on a long pilgrimage. So you see, I’m quite used to grueling marches such as this. I can look at the sky and read the weather. I know which plants are edible. So if you find yourself wanting for advice, simply say the word.

Conversation 2

Silque: ...You’d like to know more about Novis? Oh, it’s a peaceful little isle. When I left, the turmoil in mainland Zofia had not yet reached it. But the pirate scourge? Well, that was another matter entirely. They stole food sent from the mainland until we had naught to eat but fish. I’m not complaining—fish is lovely. Another gift from the Mother. But too much of a good thing can grow just a wee bit tiresome... Some of us began to wonder if we might start growing scales. Hee hee.

Conversation 3

Silque: You may recall me mentioning the pilgrimage my mother and I went on. Well, as it turns out, the pilgrimage was in Rigel. This is because my Mother was a cleric of the Duma Faithful. It was only later that she crossed to Zofia and left me with the priory. It was sudden, and I never learned why. She simply vanished from my life. But another mother rescued me when I was at my lowest—the Mother Mila. Now I will spend my life repaying that debt however I can. I will bring the Mother’s wisdom to the meek and lonely and save them in turn.