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Selena (Fates)/Quotes

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My Castle quotes

You're on patrol AGAIN? Jeez, you're making the rest of us look bad.
— Selena, when failing to receive a bonus.
Nobody better mess with me today. I'm really feeling it!
— Selena, when gaining a surge in My Castle.

Private quarters quotes

Bonding quotes
So, is this all I can expect from this relationship? Because so far, not blowing me away.
— Selena when bonding with Corrin as her spouse

Prison quotes

Ha ha ha! I can't wait for a prisoner to be nasty to ME! I'll show 'em!
— Selena, when in charge of the prison.
Why can't you do it yourself? Ugh. FINE.
— Selena, when attempting to persuade a prisoner to join you.
Anything else? Hurry up--I have places to go.
— Selena, before Corrin leaves the prison.

Battle Quotes

Ugh, you don't deserve to even LOOK at me. Get out of here!
— Selena, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 13.
Selena: Well, if it isn't Corrin. Do you even remember who I am?
Corrin: Um...
Selena: Ugh, whatever! Like I care whether you remember me or not. You're a monster for making Lady Camilla so sad! Now it's up to me to make you pay for breaking her heart!
Corrin: Gah!

— Selena, fighting Corrin in Birthright Chapter 13.
I let you win last time. You know that, right? Well, the kid gloves are coming off this time. You're going down!
— Selena, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 23.
Selena: Ugh. You again.
Corrin: Why do you seem unhappy to see me?
Selena: We're about to fight, dummy! Lady Camilla told me not to kill you, though, so I guess it's your lucky day.
Corrin: Heh, so you're going to go easy on me, then?
Selena: Argh! Yes, but ONLY because Lady Camilla said so! Geez! Anyway, I'm not allowed to kill you, but that doesn't mean I can't beat you up!
Corrin: *sigh*

— Selena, fighting Corrin in Birthright Chapter 23.
I'm Selena, one of Lady Camilla's retainers. I can tell that milady is unhappy with this mission. But orders are orders. I'll faithfully carry out whatever milady commands. So--please either die or get out of my way!
— Selena, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 12.

Paired Battle Quotes

Alright, let's go!
— Selena
Can we start now?
— Selena
Come on!
— Selena
Don't you dare lose!
— Selena
Go, go!
— Selena
I've got your back!
— Selena
Ugh, fine!
— Selena
Get away!
— Selena, performing a Dual Strike
What a pain!
— Selena, performing a Dual Strike
— Selena, performing a Dual Strike
Don't even think about it!
— Selena, performing a Dual Guard
Show me what you got!
— Selena, performing a Dual Guard
What are you doing?
— Selena, performing a Dual Guard

Critical quotes

— Selena
So annoying!
— Selena
Time to play!
— Selena
Let's get this over with!
— Selena

Death/retreat quotes

This is so not fair...
— Selena's defeat voice clip
Way to go Selena...getting yourself killed here. Now you'll never see them again...
— Selena's death quote in Classic Mode.
This bites... Even with all this new power! I guess I'll have to fall back for now...
— Selena's retreat quote in Hidden Truths 2
Whatever. I wasn't even trying my best...
— Selena's defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 13.
Not fair!
— Selena's defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 23.
How?! No one told me you were this strong! I'm sorry, Lady Camilla--I need to fall back!
— Selena's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 12.

Victory quotes

What a fool.
— Selena, after defeating an enemy.
I'm the best!
— Selena, after defeating an enemy.
Like I'd lose!
— Selena, after defeating an enemy.
What did you expect?
— Selena, after defeating an enemy.
Told you I was tough!
— Selena, after defeating an enemy.
Whoa. Thanks.
— Selena, if her partner defeated an enemy.
I guess I owe you one.
— Selena, if her partner defeated an enemy.
I had it under control.
— Selena, if her partner defeated an enemy.