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Seal Attack/Speed

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Seal Attack/Speed

Is feh seal atk spd 1.png
Icon of the Seal Atk/Spd 1 skill in Heroes.

Inflicts Atk/Spd-3 on foe through its next action after combat.


Passive (Type B)



Seal Attack/Speed (Japanese: 攻撃速さ封じ Attack/Speed Seal) is a two-tiered passive type B skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes; the individual tiers of the skill are known as Seal Atk/Spd 1 and Seal Atk/Spd 2 in order from lowest to highest. Units with a Seal Atk/Spd skill will drop its foe's Attack and Speed at the end of combat through the target's next action; the size of the both stat drops increase with the skill's tier.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
(Seal Atk/Spd 1)
Is feh seal atk spd 1.png Target's Attack and Speed -3 each after combat until end of target's next action. -- -- Cost: 80 SP
(Seal Atk/Spd 2)
Is feh seal atk spd 2.png Target's Attack and Speed -5 each after combat until end of target's next action. -- -- Cost: 160 SP



Units Frederick: Horizon Watcher

Flavor text

Game Text
(Seal Atk/Spd 1)
Inflicts Atk/Spd-3 on foe through its next action
after combat.
(Seal Atk/Spd 2)
Inflicts Atk/Spd-5 on foe through its next action
after combat.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Seal Attack/Speed

Abbreviated as Seal Atk/Spd.



Attack/Speed Seal


Sellar Ataque/Velocidad

Seal Attack/Speed; abbreviated as Sellar Ata/Vel in the European localization and as Sellar Atq./Vel. in the Latin American localization.


Sceau Attaque/Vitesse

Seal Attack/Speed; abbreviated as Sceau Atq/Vit.


Angriff/Geschwindigkeit rauben

Seal Attack/Speed; abbreviated as Agr./Ges. raub.


Sigillo Attacco/Velocità

Seal Attack/Speed; abbreviated as Sigillo Att/Vel.


Selo Ataque/Velocidade

Seal Attack/Speed; abbreviated as Selo Atq./Vel.

Traditional Chinese


Attack/Speed seal

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