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Sanctuary of Sorcery/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


After much struggle, Marth finally escaped and arrived on Khadein soil. He then waited for the rest of his troops to catch up. The magic city, Khadein, is a sanctuary for mages. Many prospecting mages go there to undergo vigorous training. The basis of Sorcery relies onn sealing nature's hidden power into tomes and staves, and feely using those to harness great power. Hundreds of years ago, a sage created an academy here, and taught his life's teachings to people. However, originally desigend to bring happiness to people, magic was used in conflicts, and was bought and sold in masses. The sage was disappointed, and disappeared without a trace. Although it seems hard to believe, some people say that sage was Archsage Gotoh. But right now, those who can wield thomes and staves are limited to a few high bishops. But even they can only use weak Fire and Heal magic. Powerful magic like Aura cannot be created without the power of Orbs. Also, those who can wield such powerful magic are limited in number. This was chosen to be by the will of its creator. Magic city Khadein... A proud and almighty Sanctuary of Sorcery.
— Chapter 9 Intro


(Michalis flies to the village)
Michalis: Minerva. If you wait in this village, you should be able to meet Marth. Although I don't like that boy, he is indeed of heroic calibre. You should aid him.
Minerva: Brother, what are you going to do next? If possible, you should come with us...
Michalis: I don't plan on doing that. I just want to find Maria, and bring her back to Macedon.
Minerva: Brother, you've changed... Or should I say, you've changed to how you used to be. So you truly were under the control of Gharnef's dark magic.
Michalis: No, it wasn't that. Wanting to destroy that prideful Archanea, and allow Macedon to become the conqueror of this world, was my own idea. I originally planned to ally with Dolhr to destroy Archanea, and then later join forces with Grust's Camus to defeat Dolhr. But father didn't agree with me, and finally he sent me away.
Minerva: So that's why you killed father? You idiot... Didn't you know that it was a trap set by Gharnef? Father was indeed very strict towards you. However that was because he loved you. Why didn't you understand?
Michalis: That's enough, Minerva. I'm not stupid. When I was struck by your lance, I was just outside death's door. Later, when I found consciousness, in front of me I saw a crying Maria, praying to the deities. She saved me, by selflessly and tirelessly taking care of me, even though her face was completely in tears. I don't believe in deities, but at that time she truly looked like an angel. The way I treated Maria, and yet she still cried for me... Minerva, I must go. I must rescue Maria. That is the only thing I can do to repend!
Minerva: Michalis...
(Michalis leaves)

Marth: Jagen, everybody appears to be safe. That's great to see.
Jagen: But, your highness, what should we do next?
Marth: Hmmm... I want to return to Altea, but if we don't defeat Hardin we won't be able to save it. What on earth should we do...?
Jagen: Please wait a second. I just received some news. ..... What!? Your highness, there's trouble. Khadein's mage army has launched an attack at us. It seems Khadein has allied with the Empire.
Marth: Huh!? Even Khadein views us as enemies? What is Merric doing...?
Jagen: Your highness, we've got to do something. Even though we'll probably have to make some sacrifices, we should charge straight for the temple. If we don't hurry up, Archanea's pursuit squad will appear from behind and prevent us from moving.
Marth: I understand. There's no choice. Troops, charge into Khadein Temple, but try to avoid needless battles if possible!


  • Young man: The commander of Khadein's mage army, is a youth called Arlen. Although he's not a bad guy, he can be unreasonable. It seems he really hates Merric. Oh yeah... The only person stop him is probably bishop Wendell.
  • Woman: If you continue north from here there are no more shops. Be sure to make enough preparations if you're going.
  • Old man: The Swordslayer deals great damage to Mercenaries and Heroes. You should try and get your hands on one.


Marth: Huh!? Princess Minerva, what are you doing here?
Minerva: My brother... Michalis rescued me.
Marth: Really? That's great. When I heard that you were taken by Prince Michalis, I was very worried. But he actually saved you. I wonder what he's thinking.
Minerva: Michalis's life was saved by Maria. Maria is a gentle child, unlike me... Even a man like him could be moved by Maria's gentle heart.
Marth: But, you also hoped for that, and that's why you didn't finish him off, right?
Minerva: Oh. .....
Marth: I understand. The bond between siblings cannot be torn so easily. Princess Minerva, please look up. You don't need to worry about Macedon. I already left some trusted people to begin its reconstruction. I hope that you can fight together with us, like in the past. To crush Hardin's ambitions, I wish to borrow Macedon's and your strength.

Fighting Astram

Astram: You foul traitors! Taste the might of my Mercurius!

Killing Astram

Astram: Midia...

Note: Astram's battle and death quotes are shared with his past encounters

Fighting Yodel

Yodel: You dare trespass this temple, unforgivable! Earth, punish them! Bolganone!!

Killing Yodel

Yodel: Arlen... Is what we're doing really okay...?


Jagen: Your highness, there's something strange about the temple's situation.
Marth: Hmm, you're right, something's definitely going on. Let's go, Jagen. I'm worried about Merric!

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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