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Saga:Subduing the Bandits/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Raffin: Princess Sasha, we have been expecting you.

Sasha: Raffin! Why didn't you come to my aid? I barely escaped from the palace with my life! I thought you would be there for me, but no, you just left me on my own!

Raffin: Forgive me, the report of your escape only came in late last night. I was not prepared for the sudden news, so my departure was delayed.

Sasha: How coldhearted! You don't care at all about me, do you, Raffin? I trusted you...

Raffin: My humblest apologies...

Sasha: ...Don't worry, Raffin, I'm kidding. I just wanted to tease you. I'm not mad at you at all.

Raffin: ......

Sasha: Sorry, did I upset you? You've always been so serious and stoic, as if nothing in heaven or earth could ever move you. I wanted to see you flustered just once. I apologize if I angered you. Sorry, Raffin.

Eugen: ...Lady Sasha, would you mind introducing your friend to us?

Sasha: Oh, of course. This is...

Raffin: Raffin, son of Count Marlon of Verje. Please, follow me. Let us continue this conversation inside. My father has been waiting for you.

Marlon: ... I see... So that is what happened. I suspected it would be you, Lord Runan, when I heard reports of the flag of Muse sailing into Port Saura. So, you are here to ask for reinforcements?

Eugen: That is correct. The Razelian Knights were among the finest in Reeve, but our numbers have dwindled in the recent string of battles. We have no hope of retaking our homeland with only a handful of knights left. And so we decided to seek aid from our close friend and mighty ally of Wellt.

Marlon: You flatter us, but surely you must know the sort of chaos our kingdom is in now that Chancellor Codha is in charge. Providing troops to you under our current circumstances would be difficult.

Runan: I completely understand, Count Marlon. However, I believe we may be able to come to an arrangement. Could you tell me more about Codha?

Marlon: Codha is the head of a powerful family whose roots lie in the royal house of General Sutherland himself. He is the count of Gram, a vast region north of the royal capital of Fort Wellt. He is cunning, greedy, and vile. The sort of man who would do anything to get his way and stay in power.

Eugen: Why let a man like that run loose? Can you not expel him from the court?

Marlon: As you have likely heard, Wellt suffered massive losses in the Battle of Balt six months ago. Codha and many other nobles were against joining the Western Alliance, arguing that we should seek peace with the Empire. But King Loffaru would have none of it, as the Empire had joined forces with the dark necromancers of Gerxel. The King knew that if the Emperor were not stopped, he would lead the world to ruin. Only brave nobles who were loyal to the king accompanied him to Fort Balt.

Eugen: I see... So now, only those disgraceful nobles such as Codha remain...

Marlon: Well, not entirely. I am ashamed to say that I, too, was one of those who stayed behind...

Runan: Ah, forgive me... The king undoubtedly trusted you to keep watch over Wellt in his absence. ...Is there no way to stop Codha?

Marlon: I tried many times to talk some sense into the man, but not once has he heeded me. Our only choice left is to expel him by force, but Verje lacks the sufficient manpower.

Runan: Are Codha's forces that numerous?

Marlon: Not exceptionally, but the main problem is that the bulk of our troops were lost at Balt, including my elder son. Only those knights under the command of my younger son Raffin remain. We would have enough soldiers left to fight Codha, but bandits near Taurus have taken advantage of our diminished numbers and begun attacking our rural villages. As lord of Verje, it is my foremost duty to protect my people, and as such I cannot spare the troops to deal with Codha.

Runan: I understand. In that case, allw us to assist with your bandit problem. That way, we may focus our efforts on reclaiming Fort Wellt from Codha. Does that sound acceptable to you?

Marlon: I have no objections, of course. However, are you sure you want to involve yourselves in this?

Runan: We would have it no other way.

Marlon: Very well. Raffin, please accompagny the Razelians. You can serve as their guide in our lands.

Raffin: Yes, Father.

Esther: I shall go as well!

Raffin: No, Esther. You will stay here.

Marlon: Hold, Raffin. As a knight, one must never run from the face of battle. You may go as well, Esther. Prove yourself a worthy daughter of this house.

Esther: I will, Father!

Marlon: Lord Runan, I would be pleased to spare you one more of my best soldiers. Please, come this way.

Inside Castle Verje

Marlon: Lord Runan, these soldiers wish to join you in your quest. However, I ask that you only take one of them, as the rest will be necessary to guard the keep.
(This message can be repeated by talking to Marlon again)

  • Talking to Lee:

Runan: And you are?

Lee: My name is Lee. I am a bishop in the service of Count Marlon. I may not be handy with a blade, but I have magical skills to offer.

Runan: What do you think, Eugen?

Eugen: Let's see... Bishop Lee specializes in both healing offensive magic[sic]. Both are abilities that our force currently lacks. However, we cannot expect him to stand at the front lines with a sword in his hand.

Runan: You're an Axe Soldier, yes?

Ezekiel: Pleased to meet you, Lord Runan. I'm Ezekiel, front-line combat expert!

Runan: What do you think, Eugen?

Eugen: Let's see... Sir Ezekiel specializes in the axe. His attacks are powerful, albeit lacking in accuracy. He is strong, and above all, experienced. He would immediately be a valuable asset.

Runan: What's your name?

Narron: I-I'm Narron. I'm was[sic] just knighted last month, but I promise I'll do my best! Please, Lord Runan, let me accompany you!

Runan: What do you think, Eugen?

Eugen: Let's see... I appreciate Narron's enthusiasm, but I do not see any particular skill worth nothing. Still, maybe... Just maybe, he might be a diamond in the rough, just needing to be polished.

Runan: You don't look like a soldier...

Ruka: ...Yes. I am Ruka, from a village north of Gram. I escaped from Codha's tyranny and fled here to Verje. I am merely a hunter, but please allow me to help you defeat the bandits.

Eugen: Lord Runan, we do not yet have a competent archer among our ranks. Ruka's skill with the bow may be just what we need right now.

(If one unit is chosen)

Marlon: Is he your choice?

(If "Yes, he's fine" is chosen, proceed to the next scene.)

Outside the castle

Sasha: Lord Runan, I heard that you're going to bring those bandits to justice.

Runan: Yes, the villages in the south are being hit the worst. Things will only get worse for them if we don't act quickly.

Sasha: Raffin is going with you... Lord Runan, may I accompany you as well?

Runan: I'm afraid I cannot take you along.

Sasha: Why not? Even Esther is going...

Runan: After we deal with the bandits, the next step will be liberating Wellt. You will have the responsability of leading the Liberation Army. For now, you should rest and prepare for upcoming battles. I must ask you to stay here with Kate until our return.

Sasha:As you wish...

Raffin: Princess Sasha, you needn't worry about Lord Runan. He is a hero of Reeve, after all. Such a man would never fall to a band of simple outlaws.

Sasha: But, Raffin...

Esther: Raffin, there's no time for talking! Taurus is in danger. Lord Runan, we must strike swiftly!

Runan: Indeed, we should get going. We ride, everyone!

Inside Fort Wellt

Codha: What? The princess still walks free!?

Unknown Adviser: Yes, I'm afraid so, milord...

Codha: Grr... You useless idiots! You letting her escape to Verje, of all places! We have no choice now. We must capture the princess no matter what the cost. Bring me General Eritz!

Eritz: Lord Codha, you summoned me?

Codha: General Eritz, Marlon has raised an army in rebellion. Her majesty the queen has ordered his execution. Bring me his head, and you shall replace him as Lord of Verje.

Eritz: Is that true!? Very well, then. The impudent fools won't know what hit them!

Lionel: Wait a minute, General Eritz. Count Marlon is a veteran general of no small renown. His son Raffin is no joke, either. I've fought him before in the royal tourneys, but not once could I best him. If you're going against them, you're on your own. I don't want any part in it.

Eritz: You're out of line, soldier! How dare you embarrass me in front of the lord chancellor!

Lionel: We're knights of Wellt, General Eritz, not the chancellor's personal lackeys. Why should we be listening to him?

Codha: What are you implying? I told you, the queen herself has ordered this attack.

Lionel: Then bring her here! I'll ask her myself.

Codha: The queen has been ill from shock after the rebels made off with the princess. No one is allowed near her quarters.

Lionel: Then what are your soldiers doing keeping watch in front of her door? If you ask me, it looks like like(sic) you're keeping her prisoner.

Codha: Bah! Such insolence! You... you're with those rebels, aren't you! Guards! Seize this traitor and throw him into the dungeon!

Lionel: Oh dear, I am in trouble, aren't I? But let me tell you one thing before I go, Your Chancellorness... The knights of Wellt are loyal to the king and to the princess. The only ones who'll listen to you are your own troops or idiots like Eritz. If you think you're going to overthrow this kingdom while we sit idly by, I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken.

Codha: Why, you...! Guards! Forget the dungeon! Execute this man at once!

Norton: Um, what's his crime, sir?

Codha: Think one up yourself, you useless halfwit!

Norton: Uh, okay...

Codha: Eritz, I'm returning to my own lands. You will first escort me to Gram.

Eritz: Of course, milord. We can bring you there on the way to Verje. But why the sudden decision?

Codha: I am returning to gather more of my own men. I cannot trust these capitol guards, as you can see. Eritz, let this be a lesson to you. If you dare betray me, you can be sure that your wife and children will be the first ones to pay!

Eritz: ......

Before Battle

Old Man: Miss Julia, are you sure you'll be all right?

Julia: Yes, I must do what I can. It's the least I can do in return for what you all and Sister Enteh did for me, saving my life like you did.

Old Man: I won't ask you to change your mind, but please, accept this from us.

Julia: Such a beaytiful sword! You'd give a treasure like this to me?

Old Man: A traveling merchant left it behind by mistake some years ago. None of us have the skill to use it, but it'd be well-suited for you, Miss Julia.

Julia: Of course, thank you! No bandit will be a match for me now!
(Julia appears on the map)

Barts: You all right, Sister Enteh?

Enteh: Y-Yes...

Barts: You're unbelievable, Sister. It's good to help those in need, but you're taking it all a bit too far. You go knocking on a bandit hideaout's door all on your own just because there was someone who needed healing there?

Enteh: That man was in grave danger. Had I been but a little later, he would not have survived.

Barts: But once he recovered, he didn't waste any time throwing you into the dungeon. Sound just like something Yazam would do.

Enteh: Was that his name? Yazam?

Barts: Yeah, he's the leader of those bandits. That man you saved is the biggest, baddest, and cruelest of 'em all.

Enteh: I'm sorry... But still...

Barts: I know, I know. "Master Ezenbah always says, never to overlok a person in need!" You must really admire that old man, huh?

Enteh: Yes, the Master is wise. He preaches the teachings of Mars, the sacred spirit of water.

Barts: You're really something, Lady Enteh. You're not that much older than my little sister, but you're nothing like her. You're mature, and you're considerate... You're fear nothing, seek nothing in return... How can you be so strong?

Enteh: I'm not strong at all! I'm just...

Barts: Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to put you on the spot.

Enteh: N-No, it's quite all right...

Barts: If you say so... Crap, we can't be sitting here talking. The bandits will catch up to us! Stay behind me, lady Enteh. In an open valley like this, there's nowhere for us to hide. One wrong move, and we'll be caught!

(The units enter the map)

Raffin: Lord Runan, that is the village of Taurus, just to the south. The bandits' hideout is to the west.

Runan: How is the village doing?

Raffin: It seems to be safe for now.

Runan: How can you tell?

Raffin: Because it's still standing. When those bandits attack, they pillage and burn, razing villages to the ground. They leave nothing behind.

Runan: How cruel... Then I suppose you want us to show them no mercy in return.

Raffin: Of course. We shall deal them the only just punishment that exists in this world. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Runan: And if they surrender? Do you still want us to kill them?

Raffin: Even if we choose not to, the villagers most certainly will. With thier homes destroyed and their kinsmen murdered, a simple apology will not suffice. Besides, the bandits will never surrender. They know that the only thing that awaits them is death.

Runan: There's no easy way out, is there...

Raffin: My good Sir Runan, these are harsh lands where people are desperate to scrape up a living. The people here lead hard, hard lives from dawn till dusk. When there is a shortage of food, men resort to banditry to feed thier families. Those who have had their villages destroyed also become bandits.

Runan: And we have to protect the village to prevent that vicious cycle... All right, we'll send the faster cavalry units to the village first. We'll head for the bandit's base after we secure the village.

During battle

Houses and villages

  • Old man: Bandits have recently moved into the old fort to the west. They wouldn't be able to do much harm if they didn't have that base. Here, I'll give you one of my special remedies, so go do something about them, will you?
    (Max HP Plus obtained)
  • Plum's house: (When visited by anyone but Barts or Enteh and before Enteh's visit):

Plum: I beg of you, please rescue Sister Enteh! She came all the way here from the Temple of Mars to care for our sick and wounded. She even saved my brother's life when he was dying from a venomous snakebite! If anyone ever needs help, then Sister Enteh is the first to lend a hand, no matter who it is. But I never imagined she'd trust the words of a bandit... My brother went to rescue her, but I'm still worried. If only I were able to fight, then I could help out in times like these... Please, save Sister Enteh from the Taurus bandits!

(When visited by Barts but before Enteh's visit):

Barts: Plum, I'm home!

Plum: Oh, Barts! You're safe! Thank goodness...

Barts: Hey, hey! What's wrong, Plum? You didn't think I'd lose to a bunch of brigands, did you?

Plum: No... But... I couldn't help but worry... If something happened to you, then I'd be all alone...

Barts: ...

Plum: I'd never be able to bear that! I couldn't bear being left all alone...

Barts: Plum, I...

Plum: ...Barts?

Barts: ...

Plum: ...I knew it. You're leaving the village, aren't you?

Barts: ...I'm sorry.

Plum: I hate you!

Barts: Plum! I'm sorry, Plum. But I promise I'll be back someday. I'm taking the halberd in the shed. ...Take care.

Plum: Barts...
(Poleax obtained)

(When visited by Enteh):

Plum: Sister Enteh! I'm so glad you're safe!

Enteh: I'm sorry. I caused both you and your brother so much grief.

Plum: No... I've become fed up with myself after all this.

Enteh: What...? Why?

Plum: I'm only a year younger than you, but I'm nothing like you. I'm just a useless child.

Enteh: That's not true! You've been trying your very best to master the healing arts because you want to help the people of your village. And now that you can use the Heal staff, you can tend to your people in my place. The villagers are very grateful.

Plum: I need to learn more... I want to become a pure and strong cleric like you. Please, Sister Enteh, take me with you to the Temple of Mars!

Enteh: But...

Plum: Barts isn't the only one who can go on journeys! I want to spread my wings, too! i don't want to be left here all alone, doing nothing but waiting! I want to see what the world has to offer! I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a tiny village like this!

Enteh: Plum... Very well. I can't say no to such strong resolve. But remember, Plum: many people cannot return to their homes even if they want to. Someday, you will realize how important this village is to you. Someday, I'm sure...
(Plum is recruited)

  • Grandfather's house : (When visited by anyone but Barts, Enteh or Plum and before Plum's visit):

Grandfather: Ah, you must be knights from Verje! We were wondering when you'd arrive! I beg of you, please help Sister Enteh! She's being held captive by bandits!

(When visited by Barts but before Plum's visit):

Grandfather: Barts! You're safe!

Barts: Yeah, sorry for worrying you, Gramps... I'm thinking of leaving the village to join the prince's army.

Grandfather: What!?

Barts: I like this village, but... I think that maybe in Lord Runan's army and outside this tiny village... I can do so much more.

Grandfather: Barts...

Barts: Well, if I can't stay with them, I'll just come back. Don't worry.

Grandfather: Worry? Ha, I wouldn't worry about you. Here, Barts. Take this bag of coins. Think of it as a last gift from your old grandfather.

Barts: Thanks, Gramps. I won't forget this. If I make it big, I'll be sure to get you a big, fancy gravestone!

Grandfather: Just get going, you fool!
(Gold Bag obtained)

(When visited by Enteh but before Plum's visit):

Grandfather: Sister Enteh! We were worried sick when we heard that the bandits got ahold of you. Thank goodness you're safe.

Enteh: Yes, I was able to return safely thanks to Barts. Forgive me for causing you worry...

Grandfather: My foolish grandson was able to help you, huh? Hah! I'm honored. Now, I'm sure you're exhausted. Here, have some fruit. You'll feel better in no time.
(Healing Fruit obtained)

(When visited by Plum):

Grandfather: Plum, what's all that baggage for?

Plum: I'm sorry, Grandfather... I've decided to leave the village with Sister Enteh.

Grandfather: I see... I suppose it was inevitable...

Plum: What?

Grandfather: Plum, take this hand mirror. Your mother asked me to give it to you once you finally set out from the village.

Plum: Mother left it for me?

Grandfather: Indeed she did. Lan knew this day would come... She was born into a poor family, and she was sold to a traveling caravan of entertainers as a girl. Her life there was harsh... She said that rarely a day passed that she didn't think about suicide. But one day, a young man appeared and bought her freedom. Lan fell in love with the man, and they were blessed with you.

Plum: Wait, but that man was killed in the Salian Civil War, wasn't he? You're telling me that my real father was Mother's first husband?

Grandfather: Yes, he was your real father. The man you knew as Father, my foolish son Daros, was not related to you. His own wife died giving birth to Barts, and he left him with me when he went to work as a mercenary in Blaad. It was there that he met Lan, who was carrying you. He fell in love with her, but as you well know, she never reciprocated his feelings.

Plum: Yes... Mother never talked about it, but I assumed they'd just stopped getting along with each other.

Grandfather: A good guess, but mistaken. They were never together in the first place. When Daros found your mother deathly ill in Blaad, he cared for her, brought her here, and nursed her back to health himself... There was no question that Daros loved your mother with all his heart. And when Lan's illness came back a few years ago, he died soon after, as if to follow after his love even to the grave. I think the grief was too much for him.

Plum: I always felt sorry for Dad... Why couldn't Mother love him?

Grandfather: I think she did love him, in her own way. But she was too conflicted with herself to be with Daros. She was still deeply in love with your father.

Plum: Huh...?

Grandfather: ...Plum. That mirror was a gift from your real father to your mother. It's the only clue you have to finding him.

Plum: N-No way... You don't mean he's still alive?!

Grandfather: Lan only told you that he died, but really, she never knew what happened to him. ...Please, forgive my son. By bringing Lan here to Taurus, any chance of growing up knowing your real father was taken from you...

Plum: No, I could never hate him... Thanks to him, Mother survived, and I was able to grow up here with you all. Grandfather... Barts doesn't know any of this, does he? Please don't tell him. Please... He doesn't need to know...

Grandfather: It'll be our own little secret, Plum. You're a kind girl, just like your mother. I knew you would understand... Now dry those tears and get going. Go to Blaad, and find your real father. I'll be praying for you all the way.
(Lan's mirror obtained)

Conversation: Arkis and Esther

Arkis: Hey, you want me to guard you? You look like you're going to have trouble swinging your lance with those thin arms of yours.

Esther: I most certainly do not need a guard! Besides, I'd be better off without a complete novice like you as a bodyguard.

Arkis: Well, aren't you quick-witted! I like that. I'm Arkis, from Razelia. What's your name?

Esther: I can't believe an airhead like you is serving under that calm and collected Lord Runan. Why do you want to know my name? If that was a pickup line, then I'm afraid I've heard far better.

Arkis: Ha ha, don't be ridiculous. What's wrong with wanting to know your fellow soldiers? I may still be new, but this is my seventeeth battle. I've seen hundreds of my comrades fall in battle, but I remember all of their names. They were all my precious companions. But fine, if you're that opposed to it, I won't pry. It's just one less name that I have to memorize.

Esther: Hundreds...?

Arkis: What's the matter? You look pale. Don't tell me my story scared you.

Esther: W-Why would I be... All right, fine. I'll tell you my name. I'm Esther, daughter of Count Marlon. But I won't ask you to remember me.

Arkis: Esther... What a lovely name. I'll be sure to remember it. See you around, Esther.

Esther: ......

Conversation: Runan and Julia

Runan: Are you a mercenary? Were you hired by the villagers?

julia: Yeah, I'm a mercenary, but I don't take money from poor farmers. I owe them a favor, that's all. I'm Julia, thanks for asking.

Runan: Then you have my thanks, Julia. The village was saved largely due to your brave efforts.

Julia: No thanks to you. You're knights from Verje, right? You sure took your sweet time making your way here.

Runan: We are knights of Razelia, here to assist the soldiers of Verje. We came as fast as we could muster, but...

Julia: Hmph, sure you did. Isn't it a lord's duty to protect his villages? If all you do is reap taxes and do nothing in return, we'd be better off without you knights at all!

Runan: You have a point... I will apologize to the villagers myself.

Julia: Wait, really? All the nobles I've ever met just sat around eating themselves full off the toil of their serfs... But you're not even from Verje, and you're still going to apologize? Who are you?

Runan: Runan, heir to the Duchy of Razelia.

Julia: What?! You're the ones who almost held off the Empire at Granada?! I'm surprised you're still alive.

Runan: Yes, well... We were the lucky ones. µOh, you look upset. I'm sorry, was that a touchy subject?

Runan: It's fine. Forget it. Anyway, you seem to be a rather experienced warrior.

Julia: Not particularly. I've only been doing mercenary work for about half a year. But I do have confidence in my sword arm. My father taught me swordplay ever since I was a little girl. He was... Oh, sorry, this isn't the time for reminiscing, is it? You seem to be nice enough, Lord Runan. How would you like to hire me?

Runan: I'd be glad to have you. But why do you want to join us?

Julia: You're going back to reclaim Razelia eventually, aren't you? I've got my own business to take care of there, too, but I can't go back until the Empire's been cleared out. It's a rather... personal matter.

Runan: That's fine with me, I won't pry. You're hired, Julia.

Julia: Thanks! Just keep me well fed, and I won't complain what you pay me. See you around, Lord Runan.

Conversation: Runan and Enteh

Runan: Are you the cleric the villagers were talking about--?

Enteh: Oh...! Ah... Oh, um, yes! I'm Enteh, a priestess of Mars.

Runan: I... see... Well met, then, Lady Enteh. I am Runan of Razelia, here to assist the knights of Verje on their mission to subdue the bandits in this area. The villagers of Taurus are very worried for your safety, Lady Enteh. You should return to them.

Enteh: R-Right... Erm... Lord Runan?

Runan: Yes, milady? Was there something you needed?

Enteh: N-Not really... I was just wondering why you're... Oh, never mind.

Runan: Come again?

Enteh: It's not important, forgive me. I will return to the village. Thank you, Lord Runan.

Conversation: Barts and Plum

Barts: P-Plum!? What are you doing here?

Plum: I'm sick of staying behind... always waiting all alone by myself... I'm going to the Temple of Mars with Sister Enteh!

Barts: Look, Plum. You have no idea how dangerous it is beyond the village walls. You're not tough enough for a long journey. Go back home!

Plum: No way! Besides, you're leaving the village too, aren't you, Barts?

Barts: Plum...

Plum: You're always talking about making a name for yourself on the battlefield. I was always scared that one day, you'd disappear and leave me behind. But I have dreams just like you, Barts! If you get to leave, then why can't I go with Sister Enteh!?

Barts: ...All right. I'm sorry, Plum. I thought I was keeping you safe, but... Maybe I was just being selfish.

Against Yazam

Yazam: Don't think you're gonna make it out of this alive!

Defeating Yazam

Yazam: Uggghhh... Damn it all...!


Runan: It looks like the bandits have fled.

Eugen: The Taurus Mountains are riddled with caves. That is likely where they have fled.

Runan: It's getting dark... Chasing them any further would be dangerous.

Eugen: Well, we've struck them hard enough that they'll be laying low for a while. That will have to suffice for now.

Runan: You're right. We should return to Verje.

Eugen: One more thing, Lord Runan. About Sister Enteh...

Runan: Yes?

Eugen: She said she would be returning to the Temple of Mars, but going alone would be dangerous. I have convinced her stay[sic] under our army's protection for the time being.

Runan: That's a good idea. Getting ambushed while out on her own would be the last thing she needs.

Eugen: By the way, Lord Runan... Sister Enteh is quite a beauty. I can say with confidence that she is the most beaytiful lady I have ever seen in my sixty years of life.

Runan: Really? I hadn't really thought about it.

Eugen: My goodness, Lord Runan! You must make an effort to better understand women. When you take rule of Razelia, you will welcome a fine lady into the palace as your wife. Whether it be Lady Sasha or Sister Enteh... Being oblivious will not win you any prizes, milord.

Runan: This isn't the time to be talking about such nonsense, Eugen. We're going back to Verje.

Eugen: Yes, sire...

(If Plum received Lan's Mirror and Lee was recruited)

Lee: Plum, is something wrong? You look like you've been crying.

Plum: Oh, Father Lee... No, it's just... It's just that so much has happened over the past few days, and I'm a little disoriented... I'll be fine...

Lee: Don't worry. That is perfectly understandable.

Plum: Bishop Lee... Why do people fight? Why do they murder and rob one another?

Lee: That is a difficult question to answer. I could spout off lines of scripture, but I doubt that would satisfy you. Travel the world and see it for yourself. You must find your own answer to that question.

Plum: Yes, Father...

Lee: Here, Plum. A little gift from me.

Plum: Hm? A staff?

Lee: This is an Defense staff. It surronds the body with a magical aura that will lessen injury. It is very well-made, but it's too much for an old man like me to handle. I'd like you to have it instead.

Plum: Thank you, Father Lee! I'll make good use of it!
(☆Defense staff obtained)

(At Verje)

Kate: There you are, Lady Sasha. Are you waiting for Lord Runan to return?

Sasha: Yes... Say, Kate... Do you think Lord Runan and his knights will be all right?

Kate: Sir Raffin is with them, milady. There's no need to worry. Now then, Lady Sasha, let's go back indoors. You'll catch cold out here.

Sasha: Kate... I want you to stay with me always(sic). You won't leave me, will you?

Kate: W-What? I mean--Of course, Lady Sasha.