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List of chapters in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles

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Main story

Chapter List
Title Objectives Defeat New Units Bosses
Chapter 1 Arrival at Wellt Rout enemy Runan or Sasha dies Runan, Kreiss, Arkis, Garo, Sasha, Kate Russ
Chapter 2 Subduing the Bandits Seize Runan or Enteh dies Lee, Ezekiel, Narron, Ruka, Esther, Raffin, Barts, Enteh, Julia, Plum Yazam
Chapter 3 The Encounter Rout enemy Runan or Enteh dies - Eritz
Chapter 4 Tragic Soldiers Seize Runan or Enteh dies Mahter, Vega, Raquel Roger
Chapter 5 Beyond the Legend Defeat Boss Runan or Enteh dies Zeek, Maruju Dagon
Chapter 6 Across the River Defeat Boss Runan or Enteh dies Mel, Norton Dommes
Chapter 7 Liberation of Wellt Seize Runan or Enteh dies Thomas, Roger Berom
Chapter 8 Holy Dragon Neuron Seize Runan, Enteh or Katri dies Katri, Xeno, Yuni, Meriah -
Chapter 9 Two Paths Seize Runan or Enteh dies Narcus Keimos
Chapter 10 Freedom and Justice Seize Runan or Enteh dies Sharon, Billford, Mintz, Rennie Pavlov
Chapter 11 Mage of Leda Rout and Get Item Holmes or Katri dies Alicia, Samson Yazam
Chapter 12 A Youth of Blood Sieze Holmes or Katri dies Attrom Doruk
Chapter 13 Sea Serpent Defeat Boss Holmes or Katri dies Krishna, Maerhen Maerhen
Chapter 14 Holmes the Hero Seize Holmes or Katri dies Plum -
Chapter 15 Oasis Market Seize Holmes or Katri dies Frau, Sun, Lyria
Chapter 16 Dark Beasts Open All Chests
Chapter 17 Warriors of the Plains Seize
Chapter 18 The Black Forest Seize
Chapter 19 A Chance Encounter Seize
Chapter 20 Frontier Battle Seize
Chapter 21 The Demon Dragon Kranion Survive and Open All Chests
Chapter 22 General Zacharia Defeat Boss
Chapter 23 The Maiden's Tears Defeat Boss
Chapter 24 The River of Reeve Seize
Chapter 25 Desert Storm Seize
Chapter 26A The Ghost Operation Seize
Chapter 26B The Dark Prince Seize
Chapter 27 The Sea Lion
Chapter 28 Battle for Granada
Chapter 29 Sea Lion's Flag
Chapter 30 The Legendary Swordsman
Chapter 31 Traitor...
Chapter 32 The Temple of Salia
Chapter 33 Holy Sword of Reeve
Chapter 34 Total War
Chapter 35 Julius...
Chapter 36 City of Love and Sorrow
Chapter 37 Holy Sword of Reeve
Chapter 38 Fading Life
Chapter 39 In the Darkness...
Chapter 40 The Evil God and Goddess