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Lan's Mirror

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Lan's Mirror

YHWC Lan's Mirror.png
Artwork of Lan's Mirror from TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.

Raises HIT and AVO by 5 within 3 tiles.



First game

TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles

(Japanese: ランのてかがみ Lan's Mirror) is an item appearing in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles. It is an item possessed by Plum's grandfather at the start of Subduing the Bandits and it was entrusted to him by Plum's mother: Lan. He wishes to give it back to Plum as a mean to find back her real father in Blaad.[1]

This item gives a slight bonus in hit rate and avoid to every allied units within 3 tiles from the holder.


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles Is ps1 lan's mirror.png -- -- Raises the hit rate and the avoid by 5 within 3 tiles.


TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles

Treasure Map 2, village (Must be visited with Plum)

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Lan's Mirror

Used in the TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles fan translation.



Lan's Mirror


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  1. "Grandfather: ...Plum. That mirror was a gift from your real father to your mother. It's the only clue you have to finding him.
    Plum: N-No way... You don't mean he's still alive?!
    Grandfather: Lan only told you that he died, but really, she never knew what happened to him. ...Please, forgive my son. By bringing Lan here to Taurus, any chance of growing up knowing your real father was taken from you...
    Plum: No, I could never hate him... Thanks to him, Mother survived, and I was able to grow up here with you all. Grandfather... Barts doesn't know any of this, does he? Please don't tell him. Please... He doesn't need to know...
    Grandfather: It'll be our own little secret, Plum. You're a kind girl, just like your mother. I knew you would understand... Now dry those tears and get going. Go to Blaad, and find your real father. I'll be praying for you all the way.
    " — Plum's Grandfather giving to her Lan's Mirror, TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles
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