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Saga:Dagger (weapon)

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The dagger (Japanese: 短剣 dagger) is a weapon type that started appearing in TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga. It has the main property of treating the foe's defense as being 0 during damage calculations. Furthermore in Berwick, instead of directly using the strength of the user, the game will generate a number between 0 and the user's strength during damage calculations. In Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, it is merged with the sword weapon type.

Daggers in the TearRing Saga and Vestaria Saga series

Regular weapons

Weapon Available in: Notes
Dagger --
Paper Knife --
Bolt Knife Deals 3 thunder damage.
Dart Deals bonus damage to Flier and Dark Flier units in Vestaria.
Air Knife Deals 2 wind damage.
Thief's Knife +15% chance of activating Robbery.
Seax --
Carnwenhau Brave weapon, Defense +3.
Sword Breaker Has a 33% chance of destroying foe's swords. Sword in Yutona.
Main-Gauche Grants Parry skill in Berwick. Grants High Evasion skill in Vestaria. Sword in Yutona.
Throwing Knife --
Throwing Knife +1 Grants Ambush skill.
Stun Knife 33% chance of disarming the enemy.
Critical Edge --
Blood Knife Deals 3 dark damage, restores HP equal to damage dealt.
Vespa Brave weapon in Vestaria.
Narkose Deals 8 wind damage.
Shieldknife Reduces damage taken by half in Berwick. +2 Defense in Vestaria.
Crotalus Brave weapon.
Kris Mind +6.
Poison Dagger 66% chance of inflicting poison, turns into a Dagger if taken.
Sleep Dagger 20% chance of inflicting sleep, turns into a Dagger if taken.
Assassin Edge Assassins only in Berwick.
Dirk --
Dirk +1 --
Jeweled Knife --
A means that the weapon is available in that game, while a indicates the contrary.

Personal weapons and regalia

Weapon Available in: Notes
Starfall Dagger Strikes 5 consecutive times.
A means that the weapon is available in that game, while a indicates the contrary.
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Daggers appearing in TearRing Saga and Vestaria Saga
Basic daggers Assassin EdgeCritical EdgeDaggerDirkDirk +1Jeweled KnifeVespa
Daggers with secondary effects Air KnifeBlood KnifeBolt KnifeCarnwenhauCrotalusDartKrisMain-GaucheNarkosePoison DaggerShieldknifeSleep DaggerStun KnifeSword BreakerThief's KnifeThrowing KnifeThrowing Knife +1Vespa
Personal and daggers Starfall Dagger