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Saga:Beyond the Legend/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Before Battle

Guenchaos: You never fail to amuse me, Ezenbah. Look what has become of the Four Sages! Maois and Octavus have already fallen before my power. Not even light or fire could hope to overcome my overwhelming darkness. That leaves only you, Sage of Wind. Do you still doubt my power?

Ezenbah: You have not once used your own power. Rather than produce your own magic, you've stolen the ancient curses for yourself. Master Morse cast you out for breaking the seal on Zahhak, yet you still cannot see your mistake? You are a fool, Guenchaos!

Guenchaos: Spoken like a man who still has something left to lose. You have never known true pain... But I have. I have fallen to the abyss of despair, and within it, I found new power. Witness with your own eyes, Ezenbah... I will show you just how deep the darkness goes.

(Scripted round)

Ezenbah: Augh... I... I cannot...move...

Guenchaos: Hahaha... Don't make threats you can't keep, Sage of Wind. Let us put an end to this little game. Die, Ezenbah!

(Scripted combat)

Guenchaos: Hmph, fallen already? I had expected better. Dagon, clean this mess up. Dispose of the other clerics while you're at it.

Dagon:Yes, Your Holiness.

(Guenchaos teleports out of the map)

Maruj: Grandfather!

Sylphis: Maruju, do as the Master ordered! Go and warn Sister Enteh! Leave the temple to us. We can take care of ourselves. No go!

Maruj: Mother...

Enteh: T-This feeling... No... Master Ezenbah!

Runan: Enteh? What's wrong? ...Wait! Don't rush off on your own!

During battle

Recruiting Zeek

Zeek: You are this army's commander, correct? I wish to surrender.

Runan: ...Who are you?

Zeek: I am Zeek. I was a knight of a kingdom in the north called Barge, but my homeland was destroyed by Cannan and my kinsmen taken as slaves of Gerxel. I became a Shadow Knight in return for my family's safety, but I... I cannot let things continue like this. Please, accept me as a refugee! I want to fight alongside you and liberate my homeland!

Runan: A refugee... What do you think, Eugen?

Eugen: Sir Zeek, was it? I'm very sorry to hear what happened. You are welcome among us, Knight of Barge. Let us fight for freedom from the Empire together!

Zeek: I am forever indebted to you. You have my undying loyalty. Now, at your command, milord.

Runan: Right... (Became Zeek)(Zeek is recruited)

If Zeek is engaged in battle before recruitement

  • (Battle with Zeek)


  • (Defeating Zeek)


Against Dagon

Dagon: Fools... I would have killed you painlessly had you not resisted...

Defeating Dagon

Dagon: It seems I have underestimated you... I will remember this! (Dagon teleports out of the map)


Enteh: Master Ezenbah! No... This can't be happening!

Ezenbah: Enteh... I'm glad... to see that you are safe...

Enteh: I'm sorry, Master... This is all my fault! If I'd never come here to Wellt, then...

Ezenbah: No, you musn't blame yourself, Enteh. None of this is your fault... Take care, Sister Enteh... Promise me you'll never lose hope... You must be strong... and live bravely...

Enteh: I promise. I will never give in. I shall take good care of this life you have saved.

Ezenbah: Ah... I can see the light... I have reached my destination at last...

Enteh: Master Ezenbah...? No... Master!

Maruj: Grandfather is dead!? No, it can't be...

Sylphis: Maruj, listen carefully. Grandfather left this spellbok for you.

Maruj: But this is Wundergust! I can't use this spell! No one can! Grandfather said it was to dangerous for us!

Sylphis: Maruj, you are your grandfather's successor, the rightful heir to the title of Sage of Wind. How will you live up to his legacy if you cannot master his spells?

Maruj: But I just can't...

Sylphis: Your grandfather broke the seal on the spell so that you could use it. Do you know why he went that far?

Maruj: To... To protect Enteh?

Sylphis: Yes, that's right. Now it is your duty to protect Enteh in your grandfather's stead. You are the only one capable of carrying on his legacy.

Maruj: Mother, please tell me about Enteh. I know almost nothing about her. Why is she being pursued? If I'm going to protect her, I need to know what I'm protecting her from.

Sylphis: She is an innocent girl who lives in fear of a terrible cult. I can tell you no more than this. Anything more is not for me to say. The truth will eventually become clear.

Maruj: The truth...

(Outside the temple)

Maruj: There you are, Enteh.

Enteh: Maruj...

Maruj: Are you still blaming yourself? Grandfather's death wasn't your fault. How many times do I have to tell you?

Enteh: I know that, I just... ... Maruj, you know who it was who killed Master Ezenbah, right?

Maruj: Yes... Pontiff Guenchaos... The man responsible for the revival of the Cult of Gerxel forty years ago. He's as wicked as he is powerful.

Enteh: Indeed, he is a terrible man. Three of the Great Sages have already fallen by his hand. Thank goodness you were able to escape him!

Maruj: Grandfather told me to run, but I... I wish I'd stayed and fought. Even though I couldn't have done anything, I should've faced them like a man. Why should I have survived, when so many of our friends were killed...?

Enteh: Don't say that, Maruj! Your survival is a blessing! Think of how Lady Sylphis would feel if her son had been killed! §I'm not just "Lady Sylphis's son"!

Enteh: What...? §You're going with Lord Runan to the mainland, right?

Enteh: Yes... I cannot stay here any longer.

Maruj: Then I'm coming, too. But not for you, Enteh. For me. I'm going to make myself useful, and then maybe someone will appreciate my efforts.

Enteh: Maruj?

Maruj: I don't even know a single thing about you. You've been freeloading here at the temple for a year now, and not once have you ever treated me like a friend.

Enteh: That's not true! I think of you as... § a cute little brother. Mother told me.

Enteh: Yes... You're like family to me, Maruj. I apologize if I've upset you... I'm sorry...

Maruj: You're always like that! You never think about anyone but yourself, and you think you can get away with it with your empty apologies! Just leave me alone! I'm sure your precious Lord Runan will be happy to look after you. As for me, I'm going after Guenchaos. I'm not going to waste any more time on you!

Enteh: Maruj...

(Maruj: ☆Wundergust obtained)

(At fort Wellt)

Codha: You lost the impregnable Fort Gram to a bunch of strinking rebels?! And now you come running back to me like a frightened dog!

Roger: Yes... Forgive me, sire.

Codha: And you call yourself a Paladin, do you? ...Ah, I see. It's that girl, isn't it? She turned you into a gutless coward. I heard the reason she left the Temple was to elope with you. What an embarrassment she must be for the great Master Ezenbah! Abandoning her oath as a cleric to become a harlot to deceive and seduce men!

Roger: Milord, I...!

Codha: Roger, I shall keep the girl here. You will be able to fight without distraction knowing that she is safe, will you not?

Roger: Mel and I are engaged for marriage. You cannot separate us now, not when our wedding day is si soon!

Codha: What was that!? The other generals have left their entire families under my supervision! You dare complain about a single girl!?

Roger: Milord!

Codha: Don't worry, I won't lay a finger on her. I shall return her safe and sound... after you get rid of the rebels. But know that if you still refuse me, or if you fail in your duties again, her and the rest of your family's blood will be on your hands. Do I make myself clear?

Roger: You...!

Mel:: Roger, do as Chancellor Codha says! Don't worry about me. I believe in you.

Roger: Mel, I...

Codha: Come now, Roger, you have no need to worry. Leave Mel to me, and you just focus on taking care of those rebels.

Roger: ...Yes, sire.

Codha: Now, Roger and Berom, you will combine your troops and reinforce the defenses of Fort Wellt.

Berom: Understood, sire!

Roger: Understood.

Codha: General Dommes, take your troops and set up a defensive line at the Great Bridge. You may take any man you see fit from the castle guard. The rebels must not cross that bridge!

Dommes: Yes, milord. We shall rout them in no time!