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Saga:Arrival at Wellt/Script

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In the center of the great Moraton Ocean lies the vast continent of Lieberia. In ages past, its people suffered under the rule of the tyrannical god Gerxel. But eight centuries ago, a young man dared to rebel against him.

This young man's name was Carluon. With the help of the goddess Yutona, he overthrew Gerxel's dark empire and established a new one of peace.

Carluon and Yutona were wed, and after his passing, the empire was divided among their daughters into four kingdoms, each bearing the name of its holy queen.

Reeve, the serene oases of the east. Canaan, the great mountains of the north. Leda, the untamed western wilderness. Salia, the bountiful southern steppes.

For centuries, these great kingdoms flourished together, but it was not to last. Fifty years ago, Leda waged a terrible war of self-destruction against its neighbor Salia.

In its aftermath, the ancient Cult of Gerxel made its move, seizing power and spreading its influence far and wide.

Wary of the Cult's revival, King Bahanuk of Cannan led a campaign to unite the lands around him and stamp out the Cult. To this end, he petitioned his ally Reeve.

However, Reeve's selfish King Badoum refused to help Bahanuk, turning a blind eye to the clear danger the Cult presented.

After that, Bahanuk changed completely.

He declared the revival of Gerxel's empire and crushed his former ally underfoot.

And now, two noble sons of Reeve flee from their fallen homeland, seeking out aid from the island kingdom of Wellt.

Little do they know that the two of them will determine the fate of the world...


Holmes: Runan, there you are. What's the matter? You look a little spaced out.

Runan: Oh, Holmes... It's nothing. I was just getting some fresh air.

Holmes: If you say so. Anyway, we're almost at Wellt. Are you and your knights ready to go?

Runan: As long as I have my rapier, I'll be fine. Eugen is taking care of the others.

Holmes: I sure wouldn't want to be one of Razelia's knights. How do they stand that old geezer jabbering at them all the time?

Runan: They look up to him, more or less. After so much fighting against the Empire, all that's left of the Razelian Knights are young recruits like them, save Eugen. Eugen went trough hell to protect us, and now he can't even swing a sword anymore after all the wounds he's suffered. The young knights all understand his pain, so they're doing what they can to repay him.

Holmes: You're right, he has been dependable... Without Eugen and my old man, we all would've died a long time ago. Though it's kind of sad that young guys like us had to be saved by a pair of, shall we say, "senior citizens."

Runan: I've been meaning to ask you, Holmes... Are we really doing the right thing? Your father told us to escape while he and his men held off the Imperial Army, but do we deserve to survive if we had to sacrifice him to get away?

Holmes: Don't beat yourself up about it, Runan. It was his choice. Hell, he might not even be dead. He's always been a tenacious little rat.

Runan: I do hope you're right... I will pray for Admiral Vals's safety.

Holmes: Come on, Runan. It's not like you to be so sentimental. My old man didn't do this for you, or even for me. He just wanted to stay and fight for what he believed in. When the time comes for us to retake Granada, we'll see him again. I promise you that.

Runan: Hah, I'll hold you to it. Thanks, Holmes.

Holmes: Now, forget about my old man. This is actually pretty exciting, isn't it? I've always dreamed of traveling the world as an adventurer and seeking out legends. Now that my old man let me go, I can make that dream come true!

Runan: An adventurer... That sounds like fun.

Holmes: Yep. I'm gonna gather up some expert thieves and knowledgeable folks, and we'll go on all sorts of crazy expeditions. Say, Runan, why don't you come with me? Aren't you sick of this useless war by now?

Runan: Holmes, you know I can't do that.

Holmes: Don't act so serious, buddy! I was only joking around. I know you've got obligations. Your dad left you quite the responsibility...

Runan: Yeah... But someday, I'd like to...

Eugen: Lord Runan, forgive my interruption, but the Isle of Wellt has been sighted.

Holmes: Ah, so it has. No more time to be shooting the breeze, eh? Okay, Runan. I'll drop you off at Port Saura. Fort Wellt isn't too far from there.

Runan: Thank you, Holmes. Get everyone ready to depart, Eugen.

Eugen: Yes, milord!

Before Battle

Runan: This is Port Saura? For the doorway to a large kingdom like, it's very quiet.

Eugen: Well, milord, we cannot blame them for being intimidated by the sight of a pirate ship like this. Holmes, you should leave at once. It would not do for Lord Runan to be mistaken for an outlaw like yourself.

Holmes: Yeah, yeah, we're going. As if I'd stick around just to get yelled at by an old man like you.

Runan: So, I assume you're off to Isura?

Holmes: Yeah. That island's out of the Empire's reach. We'll drive out the pirates there and make it our new base.

Runan: Will you be all right on your own?

Holmes: Don't worry about us. Hunting down pirates is our job. One glimpse of the Sea Lion's flag, and they'll be running as fast as they can. I'm more worried about you, Runan. Your knights are all greenhorns, 'cept for that old fossil Eugen... I know! I'll lend you one of my men. Garo! Get over here!

Garo: I got it, boss. You want me to lend a hand, right?

Holmes: That's right. Consider him your temporary captain.

Runan: Thanks, Holmes. And thank you, Garo.

Holmes: Well, suppose it's bye for now, Runan. May the sea breeze bless your journey! Same to you, Holmes.

(The units enter the map)

Runan: Eugen, do you believe that the Kingdom of Wellt will be sympathetic to our cause?

Eugen: I'ts hard to say, milord. The last time Wellt tried to aid Reeve, at the Battle of Balt, they suffered tremendous casualties. I've heard that King Loffaru has been missing in action ever since. Convincing the queen to assist us with her kingdom in its current state will certainly be no easy task. For now, we should assume that Welt will be unwilling to provide us aid.

Runan: In that case, we should do what we can to get into the queen's good graces. Our first course of action should be to get a grasp of what exactly the situation is here in Wellt.

Eugen: Agreed, milord. We can gather information from the citizens here in Port Saura.

Runan: Make it so. I want all troops to ask and gather whatever information you can. After that, we'll head for Fort Wellt to meet with Queen Liza.

Kreiss: Yes, Lord Runan.

Arkis: Leave it to us, milord.

Garo: Aye aye, sir!

During battle

(Sasha and Kate enter the map)

Kate: Lady Sasha! The enemy is gaining on us. We must make haste!

Sasha: Huff, huff... Kate... I can't... I can't... go another step...

Kate: You musn't talk like that, milady! We're almost to Verje. Please, just a little further!

Sasha: But... my leg... Ow!

Kate: Your Highness! Your ankle's been sprained! To think that you've been putting weight on it this entire time... Forgive me, milady. I should have noticed sooner.

Sasha: Kate...

Kate: I shall stay here and hold off our pursuers. Try to make it as far as Port Saura. If you can hide yourself and rest in a lodge overnight, the pain should subside somewhat. Then you can continue on toward Verje i the morning. You must press on, with or without me!

Sasha: Oh, Kate! I can't abandon you here!

Kate: Don't fear for me, Your Highness. I am your guardian, and a trained knight. The likes of Codha's soldiers are no match for me.

Sasha: You are indeed a fine knight, Kate, but there's no way you could win against so many soldiers...

Kate: I know, milady... But I must protect you, no matter the cost. That is my duty... no, my privilege as your knight.

Sasha: No, I won't abandon you, Kate! Please, I can make it to Saura! We'll go together, all right?

Kate: Lady Sasha...

(The enemies enter the map)

Codha: Good, we've caught up to them! Russ, I leave the rest to you. Capture the princess and bring her back to my castle.

Russ: What of her escort, sire?

Codha: Get rid of her, I don't care! Don't bother me with useless details!

Russ: Understood, sir.

(On turn 5)

Eugen: The drawbridge has been lowered, Lord Runan. Let us be off.

Houses and villages

Old man: Nearly all of the countries on the mainland have fallen under Imperial rule. However, I doubt the Empire would bother coming all the way out here to Wellt. Our tiny kingdom is hardly a threat to the Emperor's army. When our King Loffaru led his knights to Fort Balt earlier this year, no one even found what was left of his body. He was such a fine king... It's terrible that his kindness cost him his life. Wellt is finished without him. I hate to say it, but I doubt Queen Liza or Princess Sasha can pull our nation through these troubled times. Oh, sorry about that. You've been very patient to sit through this old man's depressing ramblings. Here, take this sword as a token of my gratitude. It may be run-of-the-mill, but its edge hasn't dulled since the days that I used it. Not one bit!
(Iron Sword obtained)

Young man: You know that big ship that sailed in not too long ago? I think it was one of Granada's privateering galleys! Wait, you guys were on that thing? Who are you people...? Er... Look, I don't care why you came all the way here, but please don't cause any trouble, okay? We've got enough problems as it is. Oh, this thing? It's medicine, I think. I found it down at the docks. Don't know what it's for. If you want it, be my guest.
(Master Potion obtained)

Old man: The drawbridge to the south is raised and lowered when the tide changes. If it's not down yet, it should be soon enough.

Young man: Chancellor Codha is nothing compared to Count Marlon. He's the lord of the eastern countship of Verje, and he's as loyal as they come. In fact, most everyone agrees that Count Marlon was more suited to be chancellor than Count Codha ever was. I just don't get why the queen would appoint Codha instead. It's like the royals all have their heads buried in the sand! It's hard enough just to make ends meet without their bad decisions ruining our lives. just typical. Why don't you guys try stirring up things here? It'd be nice to see Codha gone. Here, you can have this. My ex gave it to me, and I don't want her to find out that I still have it. but, well... I don't really have the heart to just throw it out, either. It'd be a real load off my mind if you could just take it.
(Amulet obtained)

Young girl: Wellt used to be such a peaceful kingdom, but all that changed a few months back. When the Reevans were pushed back to Granada, King Loffaru went to the mainland to aid in the Battle of Balt. But the battle was lost, and no one's heard news of him since... Codha, the count of Gram, was appointed chancellor in the king's absence. But he's made a complete mess of things, draining this great town of all the life it once had. He's made the tariffs on all imports and exports so high, no one can afford to trade. not to mention when his troops came through and conducted an "emergency tax," seizing all kinds of valuables... There's no way we can survive if this goes on. If only our good king were here with us... Ah, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be acting so gloomy in front of such kind visitors. This isn't much of a way to apologize, but here, please take this shield. It was my late father's. It's all I have left of him, but I'd be much happier to see it used by good knights like you than gather dust on my mantle. I'm sure my father would agree.
(Leather Shield obtained)

Old Woman: Oh! So you're one of those heroes of Granada, are you? I'd been wondering what kind of fearsome men had managed to hold off the Imperial army for an entire year... But you're just a bunch of kids! Oh, well... Well, never mind that. You came all this way, so here you go. You can have this herb.
(Medicinal Herb obtained)

House with the blue roof: Welcome to my naval academy! Here, I train soldiers in the art of fighting on the high seas. Pirates are everywhere these days, so knowing how to fight at sea is a must-have if you're gonna be sailing through the Sea of Senay!

(If the unit already has Sea Fighter)

Wait, you're already a fine seafarer! I can't teach you anything. If you have any friends who wish to learn the art of seafaring, then sign them up! I'll be happy to train them.

(If the unit doesn't have Sea Fighter)

Hmm... You look like a good fighter! Interested in learning the ways of fighting at sea?

(If "Alright! Teach me" is chosen)

All right, to fight effectively on the water... Congratulations, soldier! You may now call yourself a fully-fledged seafarer/sea fighter! You'll be a force to be reckoned with on the high seas. Use your new skills to knock some sense into those pirating goons!
(Sea Fighter skill learned)

(If "Reconsider" is chosen)

I see ... Come back any time if you happen to change your mind!

When recruting Sasha

Runan: What's going on here? Are those soldiers chasing you?

Sasha: Ah...!

Eugen: Lord Runan, this is not the time for conversation! We must protect her from those soldiers!

Runan: Got it! We'll deal with your pursuers, so in the meantime, hide someplace safe. You can tell us what's going on afterwards.

Sasha: Y-Yes...

Kate: Foreign knights? Where did they come from...?

Against Russ (With anyone except Sasha)

Russ: You will not stand in my way!

Against Russ (With Sasha)

Russ: I didn't want to have to fight the princess herself...

Defeating Russ

Russ: Ugh... I failed...


Eugen: Lord Runan, the soldiers are turning tail.

Runan: Good. Where's that girl we found?

Eugen: She is safe and sound with us. Ah, there she is...

Runan: Are you all right?

Sasha: Yes... Thank you very much.

Runan: Those were Welltese soldiers, right? Why were they after you? You look like someone of noble upbringing.

Eugen: Lord Runan, I thought you recognized her! This is Princess Sasha of Wellt!

Runan: Princess Sasha?!

Sasha: I am pleased to see you again, Lord Runan.

Runan: And I you... I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.

Sasha: Don't worry about it. It's been years since I last saw you. Although... I recognized your kind eyes. We only met for a short while, but you were very kind to me. Much like you were today.

Runan: I was only ten years old when I accompanied my father on his trip to Wellt. I recall meeting the young princess, but you've changed so much, I would never have guessed you were the same girl.

Eugen: Well, I remembered, milady.

Sasha: Oh, you must be Lord Runan's guardian. Your name was...

Eugen: Eugen. At your service, milady.

Sasha: Yes, that's right. General Eugen. Thank you for your kindness.

Runan: Princess Sasha, would you mind telling us what's happening here in Wellt? Why is a member of royalty being pursued by her own soldiers?

Sasha: Are you familiar with the Battle of Balt, Lord Runan?

Runan: Naturally. About half a year back, the Western Alliance united to rescue Reeve from the Empire's clutches, starting with Fort Balt, but they were decimated. We heard from the townspeople here that King Loffaru has been missing ever since.

Sasha: Unfortunately, it's true... We haven't heard a word from my father. Most of the brave nobles and knights who accompanied my father were killed. Only a handful managed to return to us. With so much of the nobility gone, those who remain have been greedily abusing their power. Without my father to keep them in line, they're running the country into the ground.

Runan: But even with his Majesty gone, how could Wellt be so crippled after a single defeat? Surely your father left contingencies in place in case the battle went poorly? Or at least left someone trustworthy to manage things while he was off in battle?

Sasha: Yes, of course. Our chancellor was left in charge, but he has since fallen ill and passed away. after that, Count Codha of Gram named himself the replacement chancellor. Everything went south after that. Codha has levied absurd taxes on all our people and banished all those who dare to question his authority. He's become nothing short of a tyrant.

Runan: What about your mother? Surely the queen has something to say about all of this?

Eugen: After being made aware of Codha's tyranny, my mother prepared a decree to exile him and appoint Count Marlon as chancellor in his place, but...

Runan: Who is Count Marlon?

Eugen: He's the Count of Verje, to the east. He was unable to accompany my father to the Battle of Balt due to his age, but he is loyal and honorable, loved by the citizenry and nobility alike. My father always wanted him to be his chancellor, but Count Marlon insisted that he was not worthy of the honor. He still resides in Verje today.

Runan: I see... So you were on your way to Verje to deliver your mother's decree to him?

Sasha: Yes, my mother entrusted her letter to my personal knight, Kate, and told us to flee to Count Marlon's side.

Runan: All right, I understand. We'll help escort you to Verje. I'd like to meet this Count Marlon myself.

Eugen: I'm happy to hear it, but... What are you doing here in Wellt? The last I'd heard, you were holding out against the Empire in Granada.

Runan: I'll tell you about it on the way. We should leave here before Codha sends reinforcements after you.

(At Fort Wellt)

Codha: Queen Liza, how do you fare? If there is anything at all I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Queen Liza: Count Codha, how long do you intend to keep me confined in this room? Are you not ashamed as one of King Loffaru's allegiants?

Codha: No, no... This is...

Queen Liza: I have heard rumors that you are planning to form an alliance with the Empire. Do you honestly believe that Loffaru would allow such foolishness? What sort of excuse do you intend on giving the king when he returns?

Codha: With all due respect, your Majesty, King Loffaru was lost to us long ago. As chancellor, it is my duty to protect our nation, is it not?

Queen Liza: The king is alive! I am his wife, I would know... Count Codha, I ask that you cease your oppression of my people at once. There is still time to repent for your sins.

Codha: You wound me, Your Majesty! Generous as I am, I still have my limits.

Queen Liza: Are you threatening me? Then spare yourself the trouble and kill me now. Your name shall be stained forever in history as a filthy traitor!

Codha: Urgh...

Queen Liza: Count Codha, if you have no further business, then I ask you to leave. I need some rest...

(Queen Liza leaves the scene)

Codha: Gods be damned! That impudent woman! Perhaps I should kill her off after all...

Unknown Adviser: No, milord. If we harm the queen now, the unaligned nobles will turn against us. The royal family of Wellt descends from General Sutherland the Great. Taking any action against them directly would be ruinous.

Codha: What do you suggest we do, then?

Unknown Adviser: The queen's hope lies in Count Marlon. If he were lost, she would surely give in to us.

Codha: Yes... We must eliminate Marlon. Let us make haste! If we take too long, the neutral nobles may side with the queen anyway.

(At Verje)

Raffin: Preparations are complete, Father. We will be departing shortly.

Marlon: Hold, Raffin. I just received a report from Port Saura. Princess Sasha is safe. She is heading here as we speak.

Raffin: Is that true? I thought she was being pursued by Codha's soldiers!

Marlon: She was rescued by a group of knights who had landed at Saura. A small band, a few dozen at most, but apparently quite valorous.

Raffin: Knights? ...Could it be the Empire?

Marlon: I don't think so. The report says their ship was flying the flag of Muse.

Raffin: Muse... Soldiers from Reeve?

Marlon: It seems that way. Likely Razelians, specifically, since their last remaining base at Granada fell only a few weeks ago.

Raffin: That would make them Lord Runan and Lord Holmes, right? Do you think they're seeking asylum?

Marlon: Perhaps... In any case, they are undoubtedly in search of friends here. King Loffaru and the late Duke Gramud of Razelia were like brothers. The king's decision to leave for Balt was likely in part to avenge his fallen friend. I would be surprised if Lord Runan had not come to Wellt seeking aid.

Raffin: And will you offer him aid, Father? I know his citizens hail him as a hero for holding his own against the Empire, but what do you think of him?

Marlon: He may be brave, but he is still just a boy. Far to young to be called a hero. The citizens are simply projecting that image onto him because their true hero, Duke Gramud, has fallen.

Raffin: So you think the rumors are untrue?

Marlon: Only that they are exaggerated. I have no doubt that Runan might one day live up to his father's name. As for whether or not I will aid him, we must first deal with our own troubles before we can assist with Reeve's. Regardless, we must thank him and his knights for rescuing the princess. Raffin, go to the castle gate and prepare to greet them. They deserve a proper welcome.

Raffin: Yes, Father.

Esther: May I accompany you, brother? Or would just I be in the way?

Raffin: What do you mean, Esther?

Esther: Well, it's been a long time since you last met the princess. I perhaps thought that you might prefer some time to yourselves.

Raffin: Don't be absurd. I have sworn loyalty to the princess as a knight of Wellt. That's all there is to it.

Esther: Hahaha! You're the same as ever, dear brother. But I'm sure the princess would appreciate a kind word or two from you for a change...

Raffin: Bah! Esther, if you have time to waste on such useless gossip, why don't you spend it on your training? I went through all the trouble of convincing Father for you to let you train as a knight, but not once have you taken your responsibilities seriously! One day, I'll return to Barge, and I won't be able to protect you anymore.

Esther: I never asked you to protect me! Hmph!

Raffin: Wait! Esther!

Marlon: Raffin, you mustn't be so casual with her. We don't need the knights to start gossiping about Lady Esther and her foster brother.

Raffin: Yes, Father. I will choose my words more carefully.

(At Port Saura)

Sasha: I see... Then Lord Gramud...

Runan: Yes. He was burned to death by the terror of Muse.[1] My father worked tried[sic] so hard to end the war with Canaan and the Empire... When there was finally hope of a treaty in Nolzeria, he was overjoyed and headed over at once. But the Empire had somehow resurrected back the Holy Dragon Muse. My father was reduced to ash along with thousands of other innocent people by the dragon's breath...

Sasha: ...I'm sorry. He was so kind...

Runan: Sasha?

Sasha: ...Lord Gramud used to visit Wellt very frequently. He cared for me like his own daughter. The last time we met, he even offered for me to go visit Razelia.

Eugen: Lord Gramud was very fond of you, Lady Sasha. He always dreamed of welcoming you to Razelia as Lord Runan's queen. He was sorely disappointed that you could not, though, since you are the only heir to the throne of Wellt.

Sasha: Is that true, Eugen? But I have no plans to take the throne. My father would never have wished as much. Lord Gramud... He should have told me.

Eugen: Well, then, Lady Sasha, what say you come to Razelia with us?

Sasha: What?

Runan: ...Eugen, let's get going.

Eugen: Ah! Yes, of course, milord.

  1. "ミュースのブレスに焼かれて死んだ." — Runan to Sasha, TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles