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Sacred Stone (part 2)/Script (Ephraim)

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Fomortiis (disembodied): Heh heh...heh heh heh... Well done, Lyon. The sacrifice of your flesh and the sum of your efforts... They were all for naught. Grado's disaster cannot be averted. My resurrection is at hand. All this time, you imagined yourself in possession of your own free will, but it was I who planted the seed from which your ambitions grew. My deceit made you my puppet, and oh, how you danced at the end of my strings. You could never have been saved. It's a shame, isn't it, Lyon? And now I... I am reborn.

(Light flashes, and Fomortiis returns to his body; Ephraim and Eirika enter the room)

Ephraim: Demon King! You are responsible for all the misery we've seen! Lyon... My friend... You're the one...
Eirika: Brother... This power... It's different.
Ephraim: I know. This power is greater than anything we've ever faced... But none of that matters. I've learned so much... My lance is stronger than ever. That thing deceived and murdered my friend... No matter what happens, I'm going to destroy it!

(Other units enter)

Ephraim: L'Arachel! It's time to use it. Prepare the last Sacred Stone! We have to use its power on that beast, like in the legends!
L'Arachel: You must listen to me, Ephraim. The stories are true: the stone does hold the power to stop the Demon King. However, the source of its power is human will, the desire for peace within our hearts.
Ephraim: In our hearts...
L'Arachel: Yes, that's right. We need not pray for the Sacred Stones to aid us now. No, we need only focus ourselves and concentrate on a better future.
Ephraim: I understand. Everyone! Listen to me! This is the final battle. If we can defeat this thing, it's over. We face the king of demons, the monster that once ruled all Magvel. He's more powerful than any one of us here. But we have something that beast will never have. We have community, friendship, love... We have all the virtues of humanity. That is our weapon. That is our strength.

Each deployed character says their respective lines:

Eirika: Let's finish this.
Seth: My only wish is to serve and protect the two of you...
Kyle: We're with you all the way, Prince Ephraim!
Forde: We've got to do what we can, right?
Franz: There must be something that I can do!
Innes: Bah... I am in NO way inferior to this so-called Demon King.
Tana: There's nothing to fear. I'll protect everyone!
Vanessa: Please, let everyone come through this unscathed...
Syrene: I will show you the honor and valor of the Frelian Pegasus Knights.
Gilliam: We can't let our guard down.
Moulder: Hm. I wonder if we can reenact the legend.
Duessel: We must be steel blades with which to pierce the enemy.
Knoll: That's the heart of the darkness I've studied? It can't be...
Natasha: ...Prince Lyon.
Cormag: Defeat the foe. Nothing else matters.
Amelia: Gotta d-do my best. Here goes!
Gerik: Never stop fighting. Never...
Tethys: Don't tense up! You'll fight better if you're relaxed.
Marisa: My blade will cut deep.
Joshua: So, what's Lady Luck have in store for me today?
Saleh: Hm... Can my magic prevail?
Ewan: I'll show you all what my magic can do.
Myrrh: I'll do what I can.
Garcia: This may be my last battle. I'll hold nothing back.
Ross: Watch with pride, Father! I'll show you who's the strongest!
Colm: Fighting's all well and good, but where's all the treasure?
Neimi: I'm starting to wonder if I really should be here...
Artur: That's the king of all demons... What a ferocious sight he is.
Lute: Oh, that's the Demon King, isn't it? Yes, I've read all about him.
L'Arachel: I, L'Arachel, strike in the name of righteousness, order, and Rausten!
Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Same goes for me!
Rennac: Come on... You can't be serious!
Ephraim: Is everyone ready? We're going to win.

Fomortiis: Gaa...grrr... Abominable Sacred Stone... I will not suffer imprisonment again. How? You possess only one... Do not fool yourselves. You cannot fully imprison me... I will grind that wretched rock and your accursed bones to powder!

(The Sacred Stone shimmers, and draws energy into itself)

Ephraim: Did we do it?
L'Arachel: Yes, we did it. The Demon King's soul has been bound once more. But, Ephraim, it's not over yet. The Demon King's soul rages against its prison. We must return it to its proper place--and quickly. But first, we must defeat the Demon King's soulless body!
Ephraim: That thing?
L'Arachel: Uh-huh... The real battle's just beginning. Our ancestors paid dearly for their victory. A mountain of corpses... It's written the Demon King was surrounded by the dead before he finally fell.
Seth: We are all prepared to do what must be done.
Ephraim: No... I'll do it. I have no intention of seeing anyone else die!


Eirika: That's it. It's over, isn't it?
L'Arachel: Yes. Evil has been imprisoned, locked away. The legends of old have been mirrored in our actions today.
Innes: No, we've done far more than the legends ever told. We've destroyed the Demon King's body. He can never come back.
Eirika: That's right. And we have you all to thank for it.
Ephraim: And another thing... In that ancient battle, it took the might of the five heroes to do what we did. We did not have their extraordinary power to draw upon.
Eirika: No, we didn't. We conquered darkness and restored peace to the land, thanks to you. It was because you never gave in, you never stopped fighting. None of you, not once. Thank you...

If Tana, Syrene, Vanessa, Moulder, and Gilliam are alive

Vanessa: This means we've accomplished our mission! I must relay the good news to King Hayden at once.
Tana: Yes. I'm sure Father will be most pleased. Brother! This means peace will be restored, doesn't it? Shall I fly back to Frelia and let him know?
Innes: There's no need to rush. I'm sure he knows. After all, we were together, and that ensured our victory.
Syrene: Of course, Prince Innes...
Moulder: Hmmm... Looks like we're on the outside looking in, eh? Even so, the fighting's over. And that's something to be happy about.
Gilliam: Exactly.

If Joshua, Gerik, Marisa, and Tethys are alive

Gerik: Well that took some doing, but we finally finished the job.
Tethys: We certainly earned our pay... Please tell me we're going to enjoy it.
Marisa: Let's go home, Chief.
Gerik: Let's see now... Shall we head back to Jehanna? I guess we could stop in at the guild and get our next contract, eh?
Tethys: But the queen's gone... I wonder what Jehanna will do now.
Gerik: I'm sure it'll all work out. After all's said and done, it's our home. C'mon. It's time for Gerik's band to ride.
Marisa: Let's go.
Joshua: ...... ...Hm... Heads. Looks like I should be getting back as well. Homecoming time...

If Natasha, Amelia, Duessel, Cormag, and Knoll are alive

Natasha: It's over, isn't it? The demon that drove Grado to madness is dead and gone.
Amelia: I-I can't believe that I was part of this whole thing...
Cormag The war is over. But so much remains to be done. Our country lost this war. The road ahead will be long and hard.
Duessel: That's true. And yet... It's a road we must travel. That's the burden survivors must shoulder.
Knoll: Yes. And we must fulfill the dreams of Emperor Vigarde and Prince Lyon.

If Dozla and Rennac are alive

L'Arachel: Dozla, Rennac. We've done it.
Dozla: Gwaa ha ha! And a job well done it was, Princess L'Arachel.
Rennac: Whew... It's finally over. So it's about time for me to...
L'Arachel: Hold it! I gave you no orders to leave! I am the princess of Rausten, lest you forget. I have many missions yet to fulfill. Come, Dozla, Rennac. It's time to go!
(L'Arachel leaves)
Dozla: Gwaa ha ha! Wait up! Let's move, Rennac!
(Dozla leaves)
Rennac: ...Sigh.

If Saleh and Ewan are alive

Myrrh: ......
Saleh: ......
Myrrh: The darkness... It's gone.
Saleh: Yes. That's the end.
Myrrh: I guess so...
Saleh: Let's return home, Lady Myrrh. Our friends and family will be worrying about us...
(Myrrh and Saleh leave)
Ewan: What? Hey, Teacher! Where are you going? Wait up. I'm coming with you.

If Garcia, Ross, Colm, Neimi, Artur, and Lute are alive

Garcia: You did well, Ross. You're a true warrior, my pride and joy.
Ross: But you're still the best, Father! That's right! My father's the best warrior in all Magvel!
Colm: Bah, I'm glad everyone's so happy, but... They'd better not forget that they won only with our help. Right, Neimi?
Neimi: We all worked...together. Wasn't...that great...Colm? Sniff...
Colm: H-hey... Don't start crying... Please?
Artur: O glorious light, were you witness to our victory? The foul demon has been purged from the earth.
Lute: The ancient Demon King was as powerful as the scrolls described. And yet, in the end, we were able to defeat him! After all, there's no one better than us.

If Franz, Kyle, and Forde are alive

Seth: Your continued safety is all that matters to me, Princess Eirika.
Franz: General! Princess Eirika! We can finally return to Renais, can't we?
Eirika: Yes, we can go home. All of us unharmed...
Forde: Ah, I'm exhausted. I'd like nothing more than to laze about a while... Alas, we're not going to have that opportunity, are we, Prince Ephraim?
Ephraim: No. The reconstruction of Renais is going to keep us busy. Keep your strength up. I'm going to need you in the days ahead.
Kyle: We'll be beside you through it all!

Regardless of anyone's status

Ephraim: ...... The war is over. Victory is ours. Now we ride for home!

Battle conversations

Fighting Fomortiis with Ephraim

Ephraim: Demon King... I'm going to kill you!


(At Rausten Court)

L'Arachel: Ephraim... It is time I must be going. I am still princess of Rausten, after all. There is much to which I must attend. Renais and Rausten are far apart, but that distance can be managed somehow. If you and I were to be betrothed, that is... I wonder if I appear too forward... No, how silly of me!

(At Caer Pelyn)

Myrrh: Ephraim... I must return to Darkling Woods. With my father gone, much responsibility falls on my shoulders. Yet I would ask... May I come and visit you from time to time?

(At Renais Castle)

Innes: We of Frelia will do what we can to aid in the restoration of Renais. If you have need of our assistance, you can come to me at any time. And another thing... It...wasn't such a bad thing, fighting on the same side as you. That's all. The day will come, though. One day, we will see who is the better.

(In Renais Castle; Ephraim and Eirika approach the throne)

Eirika: Where are you going, Brother? We've endured so much to get home, and now...
Ephraim: I'm sorry, Eirika. I must journey to Grado. I just received word from Seth. In the south, within the empire, there has been an enormous landslide.
Eirika: A landslide?
Ephraim: Yes. Word is it was so great that whole cities were destroyed. They say the damage is so severe, the empire itself is in danger...
Eirika: That's...
Ephraim: That's why I must go to Grado. The people are saying this is Grado's divine punishment... But these are the same citizens Lyon wanted nothing more than to protect. I cannot ignore their plight.
Eirika: Yes, of course not. I will ride with you.
Ephraim: No, you must remain in Renais. Our country is recovering, but we cannot rest easy. Someone must stay to protect the realm.
Eirika: Ephraim... I understand. I will take your place until you return. I will wait for you in Renais, Brother.
Ephraim: I can always depend on you, Eirika. Lyon... I will be king. The type of king we often spoke of... Strong and kind in measure: an ideal king. The people of Renais and Grado are under my protection, and I won't fail them. Watch and see...

(Credits roll)

Lyon: Oh, are you... I'm... My name is Lyon. Uh-huh. That's me... The son of the emperor. You're Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika from Renais, aren't you? I heard you were coming, and I've been waiting here all day. I've always wanted... I don't have any friends my own age... So, Prince Ephraim... Princess Eirika... What do you say? From now on, let's be friends...