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Sacred Stone (part 1)/Script (Ephraim)

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(One and a half years ago)

Ephraim: Don't make that face. We'll see each other again. All three of us--you, me, and Eirika.
Lyon: Yeah... I know. But when we get older, when we each take the reigns of our nations, we probably won't meet again... Not like this, I mean. Not as friends.
Ephraim: What's that got to do with anything? Kings are humans, too. Emperors need not be friendless, you know.
Lyon: I suppose you're right. You have a knack for cutting to the heart of things. But becoming a king or an emperor is not something you can take lightly. I really don't think we'll be the same people we are right now... What if Renais and Grado went to war? What if we were forced to fight?
Ephraim: Don't be ridiculous. That would never happen.
Lyon: If... If it did... We'd still be friends, wouldn't we?
Ephraim: Even if that happens, yes. We're friends forever. Nothing can change that. You'll see.
Lyon: Hm... All right, Ephraim. Then I will see you again.

(Present day; Ephraim and company enter the temple and confront Lyon)

Ephraim: Lyon.
Lyon: You came after all, Ephraim. I'm glad.
Ephraim: Lyon. Is this... Is this my fault? Am I responsible for how much you've changed? I haven't seen you for two years now... Have you...hated me that entire time?
Lyon: No, Ephraim. I was never dishonest. I liked you both. I still do. But I was envious of you, too. That's why I...desired this. You may not believe me when I tell you this, but... Even now, after all this, I still consider you a friend.
Ephraim: Lyon... You know that I do, too. I spoke the truth to you... I truly thought that we would always be friends. That's why I... I have to stop you.
Lyon: Of course. I know... You are Ephraim, after all. You could do no less, my friend. Well, come then, Ephraim. Try and stop me. I will defeat you, and then I will save the people of Grado. No one... No one will stand in my way.

(Lyon vanishes into black, then quickly reappears and teleports away)


Lyon: I guess that proves it. You're too strong, Ephraim... I've always...admired...
Ephraim: Lyon!
Lyon: You know, Ephraim... I always wanted to be you. I wanted to be strong and handsome... With Eirika always at my side... That's what I wanted to be. I had... I had nothing...
Ephraim: Don't be ridiculous, Lyon. Who was it that taught me history? Who covered for me when I stumbled? Didn't you see how I looked up to you? I admired your compassion, your wisdom, your thoughtfulness...
Lyon: Oh, yeah... That seems so long ago... I did keep you out of trouble, didn't I? Thanks for remembering. See? You're thoughtful, too...
Ephraim: Lyon... Wait! Don't close your eyes! I'm going to save you! I'll find a way! I...
Lyon: No, don't... Thanks, anyway. It was all my fault... Don't look so sad. C'mon, Ephraim, smile. Like you used to...
(Lyon dies)
Ephraim: ...Lyon...

(The surroundings blacken; Lyon's body levitates, and is teleported away)

Ephraim: What?! This...
Eirika: Brother! Lyon's body! It's...

Fomortiis (disembodied): ...The time has come... ...My resurrection is at hand...

Battle conversations

Fighting Lyon

Lyon: I am the Demon King... I know nothing of human frailty. I am supreme...

With Ephraim

Lyon: Tell me, Ephraim: do I look like I've grown stronger? The last time we dueled, I was too weak to test you. Why, I was so weak, I even lost to Eirika...
Ephraim: ......
Lyon: I've sacrificed the lives of many good people. I've committed many unforgivable sins. The caring heart I once possessed died long ago... And I've grown stronger because of it. I've grown strong enough to defeat even you, Ephraim.
Ephraim: ...No, you haven't. You're still no match for me. You were never one for combat. It's not in you. You should never have chosen this path.
Lyon: ......
Ephraim: ...... Here I come, Lyon.

Defeating Lyon

Lyon: Where... Where did I go wrong...