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Sacred Stone (part 1)/Script (Eirika)

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(One and a half years ago)

Lyon: When tomorrow comes... You have to go home, don't you?
Eirika: Yes... Thank you for everything, Lyon. I'll never forget the time I spent here.
Lyon: Do you think we'll see each other again?
Eirika: Yes, of course. My brother and you and me. We are friends, after all. Aren't we?
Lyon: Eirika... Yep, you're right.
Eirika: I hope your study of the Sacred Stones is fruitful. I know you'll use the wisdom you glean to make your people happy.
Lyon: Thank you, Eirika. You know, you're the only reason I was able to save that girl. There were times when I wanted to give up, to admit failure. But you were always there. You were always encouraging me to succeed. That's what kept me going. I just thought of you.
Eirika: Lyon...
Lyon: Eirika... I... I've always... I'm sorry... Forget what I was saying. I could never be like Ephraim...
Eirika: Lyon, what do you--
Lyon: I guess this is it, Eirika. Hope to see you again someday. I'm going to focus on my work and do my best until that day. My research will progress, and my discoveries will benefit us all. One day, I will be a prince worthy of you, and I will see you again.

(Present day; Eirika and company enter the temple and confront Lyon)

Eirika: Lyon!
Lyon: ...... Eirika?
Eirika: Lyon... It is you, isn't it, Lyon?!
Lyon: Yes... But I'm... I'm almost completely gone. Before I'm lost entirely, I want to apologize. I'm sorry, Eirika. This is all my fault. I was too weak...
Eirika: You're not to blame, Lyon. It was the Demon King. He was controlling you...
Lyon: No, that's not true, Eirika. When the Demon King reached into me from inside the Dark Stone... When he whispered he would see all my dreams and desires made true... I...I did not reject him. In the shadows of my heart, he saw jealousy...vanity... It was my weakness that put these emotions there, allowed them to thrive.
Eirika: Everyone has weaknesses, Lyon. You're not the only one. I do. I'm sure my brother does... Don't hate yourself for having these feelings, please.
Lyon: Thank you, Eirika. You were kind. The Demon King will claim my flesh as a vessel for his resurrection. Before that can happen... I want you to kill me. I'm sorry, Eirika. I'm already--
Eirika: ......

(Lyon vanishes into black, then quickly reappears)

Fomortiis: Oh, please... Are you done turning your failings into some sad epic of personal tragedy? It's time we started then. I have a ritual to complete...and some nuisances to kill.
Eirika: Shut your mouth. I won't allow you to desecrate Lyon's body any further. You will not return to this world. I will stop you myself if I must.
Fomortiis: Ah, is that so? And do you honestly think yourself capable, wench? You once prayed for this fool's salvation. Can you bring yourself to kill him?
Eirika: I can and I will. I made a promise to Lyon, and I intend to honor it.

(Lyon teleports away)


Lyon: ......
Eirika: Lyon!
Ephraim: Be careful, Eirika!
Eirika: It's all right. He's Lyon. Lyon...
Lyon: Ei...Eirika... Is...that you...?
Eirika: Yes, Lyon. It's me.
Lyon: Eirika... You stopped me, didn't you? I'm glad...
Eirika: Lyon... Lyon...
Lyon: Listen...Eirika... I never had the courage to tell you, but... I've always loved you...
(Lyon dies)
Eirika: ...Lyon...
Ephraim: ......

(The surroundings blacken; Lyon's body levitates, and is teleported away)

Ephraim: What?! This...
Eirika: Brother! Lyon's body! It's...

Fomortiis (disembodied): ...The time has come... ...My resurrection is at hand...

Battle conversations

Fighting Lyon

Fomortiis: Come, and face your death! I'm waiting, you miserable fool. Your corpse will make a perfect offering in my resurrection!

With Eirika

Eirika: Lyon... I hope you're watching. I will defeat the Demon King.
Fomortiis: Hah, do you really think your blade can hurt me? Cut me and see! If you can even hit me, that is.

Defeating Lyon

Fomortiis: Ha... Ha ha... HAAA HAHAHAHA!