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This page contains all data pertaining to Saber's support.


Saber Small portrait saber fe15.png receives these
bonuses from:
Small portrait jesse fe15.png Jesse
Support Level Accuracy Avoid Critical Dodge Req. Points Req. Act
Bond -- -- -- -- -- --
C -- -- +3 -- 15 3
B +5 -- +3 -- 35 3
A +5 +5 +3 -- 60 4

C support

Jesse: Hey there, Saber.
Saber: You need something, Jesse?
Jesse: Nah. Just always wanted the chance to have a chat with the legendary Saber. I've heard the tales of your sellsword derring-do at all the taverns!
Saber: Heh. I bet those tales ain't very flattering.
Jesse: Oh yeah. They're really terrible. ...Ha! I'm just kidding. They DO say you're a shady character... but also damned good in a fight. ...And a few of 'em are about all the women you've left in your wake.
Saber: Oof. That's a scary thought...

B support

Jesse: Hey again, Saber. So have you thought about what you're gonna do once this job's over?
Saber: 'Course I have. I'll just pick up and go looking for the next one.
Jesse: Yeah? Mmm, seems like kind of a waste if you ask me. Celica's the type who'd find you a good post once she's in charge, you know?
Saber: Do I seem like some kinda royal-court kiss-up to you?! I just hope she don't make the world TOO peaceful and put me outta work.
Jesse: Huh. That's, uh... quite a thing to hope for...

A support

Jesse: So, I've been thinking, Saber.
Saber: That's dangerous.
Jesse: Yeah. But anyway, what do you think of a country made up of mercs like us?
Saber: Huh? What's that even mean?
Jesse: Just what it sounds like! A country made for folks like us, free from Zofia and Rigel both. No nobles! No commoners! Just a place where anyone can live free. And when somebody asks for our help, we go help 'em! ...For a fee, of course.
Saber: You're a real dreamer, you know that, right? Though I gotta say, the idea ain't half bad.
Jesse: Right? Hey, every dream's gotta start somewhere! Ha ha ha!