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Ryoma/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Oh, Corrin. I didn't see you there. How are you doing today?
— Ryoma, when spoken to at My Castle.
Thank you for your counsel, Corrin. I appreciate your hard work.
— Ryoma, when spoken to at My Castle.
I'm gathering intelligence for our next battle. Let me know if you can help.
— Ryoma, when spoken to at My Castle.
Great work today. Now, rest up! You need to recover.
— Ryoma, when spoken to at My Castle.
Ah, Corrin. I was about to go train. Care to join me?
— Ryoma, when spoken to at My Castle.
Welcome, stranger. Please make yourself at home in our realm.
— Ryoma, when visiting another castle.
Sometimes the right gear makes all the difference. Don't you agree?
— Ryoma, asking for an accessory.
This is a fine gift, Corrin. I'll be sure to repay the favor.
— Ryoma, accessory given liked.
This is for me? How thoughtful! Thank you, Corrin.
— Ryoma, accessory given loved.
Are you sure you didn't mean to give this to someone else?
— Ryoma, when given the bath towel as an accessory.
I don't like to make a big deal out of my birthday. But... thank you.
— Ryoma, receiving an accessory on his birthday.
Thank you, Corrin. I look forward to a lifetime of celebrating with you.
— Ryoma, receiving an accessory on his birthday when married.

Event tile and conversation quotes

I feel stronger than usual. Justice will be served today!
— Ryoma, when gaining a surge at My Castle.
I have seldom felt more at one with my weapon.
— Ryoma, when gaining weapon experience at an event tile or My Castle.
Hmm? What's this?
— Ryoma, when finding an item in My Castle.
What do you do when you have free time? It's a novel experience for me.
— Ryoma, asking someone about their free time.
When I am not training my body, I am training my mind with quiet meditation.
— Ryoma, answering a question about her free time.
We face a difficult road ahead. Will you fight with me in the next battle?
— Ryoma, asking a question about fighting together.
Of course. Together, may we restore peace to the world.
— Ryoma, answering a question about fighting together.

Shop quotes

Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know much about the accessories for sale.
— Ryoma, when running the accessory shop.
I urge you to buy any item that you think will ready us for success.
— Ryoma, when running the staff/rod shop.
Was there anything else you needed?
— Ryoma, after Corrin has backed out of his services.
For me? I can't give you a discount, you know.
— Ryoma, when buying items at a shop he runs.
Sorry, I can't give you a special deal.
— Ryoma, when selling items at a shop he runs.
I'll gladly accept anything you want to buy me.
— Ryoma, when buying items at a shop.
It is wise to keep only the essentials.
— Ryoma, when selling items at a shop.

Smithy quotes

Welcome. It will be my honor to forge your stronger weapons.
— Ryoma, when running the smithy.
I'll reforge any of my weapons you deem weak.
— Ryoma, when forging his own weapon while on duty.
Soldiers can be forged just like a weapon.
— Ryoma, when one of his weapons is forged.

Mess Hall quotes

I'll be cooking for you today. All I have to do is follow the recipe, right?
— Ryoma, when on chef duty.
Very well. I'll get started on your order.
— Ryoma, when given the ingredients to make a meal.
I tried something different with this meal. What does everyone think?
— Ryoma, after cooking an okay meal.
I'm quite proud of this dish. Please, tell me what you think.
— Ryoma, after cooking a delicious meal.
I've never tasted anything like that before! I hope you make it again sometime.
— Ryoma, after eating a delicious meal.

Hot Spring quotes

Leaving, are you, Corrin? No matter—let's talk another time.
— Ryoma, entering the Hot Spring as a male Corrin is leaving.
Ah, Corrin. Nothing like a relaxing bath to end the day, is there?
— Ryoma, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring.
Ahh. Nothing like a hot bath to really relax the muscles.
— Ryoma, talking with male Corrin in the Hot Spring.
Was I taking too long in here? Sorry Corrin... I'll be done soon.
— Ryoma, when a female Corrin enters the Hot Spring unmarried.
We finally have a chance to relax together. Let's sit back and enjoy it.
— Ryoma, when a female Corrin enters the Hot Spring married.
Agreed. There are few indulgences I enjoy more than a hot steam.
— Ryoma, talking with female Corrin in the Hot Spring.

Arena quotes

The arena is a great place to test one's skill in battle.
— Ryoma, when selected to fight in the arena.
I'll lend you my strength. Let's give this everything we've got!
— Ryoma, when supporting a fighter in the arena.
I expected nothing less.
— Ryoma, after winning in the arena.
How could this happen?!
— Ryoma, after losing in the arena.

Private quarters quotes

This is good timing, Corrin. I wanted to go over these maps with you.
— Ryoma, being invited to the private quarters.
I'm glad you called, Corrin. I wanted to show you a new sword technique.
— Ryoma, being invited to the private quarters.
I take it you need some advice. You can ask me anytime. I'm glad to help.
— Ryoma, being invited to the private quarters.
Oh, you're both here? Good. I wanted to discuss this with the two of you.
— Ryoma, being invited to the private quarters if Corrin is married.
It's nice to get a little quiet time together like this.
— Ryoma, bonding in the private quarters.
I'm glad you invited me here. I really needed a break.
— Ryoma, bonding in the private quarters.
This has been fun, but I should get back to my training.
— Ryoma, bonding in the private quarters.
Our bond is stronger than iron. I will always fight by your side.
— Ryoma, bonding in the private quarters.
I cherish every moment we have together, my dear.
— Ryoma, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
I love you, please don't ever leave me alone.
— Ryoma, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
Kiss me, you fool. Heh, sorry. I don't know what came over me.
— Ryoma, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
We'll be together forever. I...I can't lose you.
— Ryoma, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.

Battle quotes

Ryoma: I demand to know why you Nohrian dogs are invading Hoshido! Was that cowardly attack on my people your doing princeling?
Xander: ...I have nothing to say to you. Surrender now. If you die here.

— Ryoma, fighting Xander in Prologue.
Hold strong, Sisters! I'm coming for you!
— Ryoma, as an NPC in Chapter 4.
Ryoma: Vengeance will be mine... Prepare to die!
???: Heh. Heh. Heh...

— Ryoma, fighting ??? in Chapter 5.
I will not allow a filthy Nohrian to sully my honor!
— Ryoma, as the boss of Conquest Chapter 6.
Ryoma: Corrin! Do not allow them to fool you a moment longer. There's still time... Come back to your true family, where you belong!
Corrin: I'm sorry, Ryoma. I'm afraid that's not possible. I've made up my mind. I'm staying with Xander and my Nohrian siblings.
Ryoma: Very well. Although it pains me, I see you cannot be dissuaded. In that case, I have no choice but to drag you back to Hoshido by force!
Corrin: Ryoma! Don't do this!!

— Ryoma fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 6.
Return Corrin to me or feel the wrath of my blade!
— Ryoma, as the boss of Conquest Chapter 12.
Corrin: I'm sorry Ryoma, but you know I can't go back to Hoshido with you. Though it pains me, I will not hesitate to strike you down to save my sister.
Ryoma: Your sister? Hmph. So you still think of the Nohrian royals as your true family.
Corrin: ...
Ryoma: If you only knew what it would mean to us to have that place in your heart....It's not too late for that. I won't give up on you, Brother/Sister. Never. That's why I must win this battle and take you back to Hoshido! Let us begin!

— Ryoma fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 12.
Ryoma: Azura... Hinoka and Takumi told me you were fighting with the enemy. I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it. What a pity. I suppose the Nohrian blood flowing in your veins lends itself to betrayal...
Azura: Think of me what you will, Ryoma. But know that I am, and ever shall be, grateful for my time in Hoshido. I'm especially grateful for your family, who raised me as their own. That includes you too, Ryoma. You were like the brother I never had.
Ryoma: Azura... Leave it to you to craft such a lovely farewell. I wish I could forget our time together. It would make this a lot easier. But enough with farewells. Let us battle!

— Ryoma fighting Azura in Conquest Chapter 12.
Ryoma: It's time, Corrin. Show me the power you used to slay our sister! Or does the Yato repel at your touch now that your heart and soul are dead?
Corrin: Ryoma, stop this. I don't want to fight you! I can explain all of this, even Hinoka. Please, listen to me!
Ryoma: Ha! As though I would allow you to distract me with false remorse. How dare you pretend to be my brother/sister after killing Hinoka! You are nothing to me. Just a filthy coward like the rest of your kingdom. I have said all I wish to say to you. Nothing you can do will sway me. You are no brother/sister of mine, Nohrian prince/ss! Watch as my blade takes back whatever Hoshidan blood remains in you!
Corrin: Ryoma! No!!

— Ryoma fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 25.
Only an honorless boor would interfere with a duel!
— Ryoma, as the boss of Conquest Chapter 25 if fought by anyone other than Corrin.
Get out of my way! I need to settle things with Nohr.
— Ryoma, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 6.
Ryoma: Corrin... Are you sure you won't return with us to Hoshido? You risk getting yourself killed by taking this neutral position!
Corrin: That could very well be true... But I've made my choice—there's no turning back now!
Ryoma: I won't give up on you, Corrin! If it means I have to drag you back, kicking and screaming, then so be it!
Corrin: Ryoma!

— Ryoma, fighting Corrin in Revelation Chapter 6.
Meeting on the battlefield—you weren't expecting a warm welcome, were you? I won't hold back, regardless of who I am facing. If you wish to beg for your life, now would be a good time.
— Ryoma, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 13.
Ryoma: Here we are again, and still you are my enemy.
Corrin: Ryoma...It's true that I still haven't chosen a side. But that's because I believe we can work together for a different cause. We don't have to fight Nohr, and we don't have to fight one another!
Ryoma: Don't be foolish. You're asking me to abandon Hoshido. I cannot do that. I would never... I couldn't face Queen Mikoto if I did!
Corrin: ...Ah!
Ryoma: Return to Hoshido, Corrin! I'll bring you back by force if I have to!
Corrin: Please, Ryoma! Stop! This can't be what Mother would want!

— Ryoma fighting Corrin in Revelation Chapter 13.
Kagero: Lord Ryoma, I'm so glad to see you're alive!
Ryoma: Indeed I am. And it appears you were able to tell everyone where I was going. I don't recall asking for you to bring an enemy army with you, though.
Kagero: Lord/Lady Corrin is not leading an army of enemies, milord. He/she can't go into detail yet, but... I feel that he/she knows something.
Ryoma: It doesn't matter, Kagero. Anyone who doesn't side with Hoshido is the enemy. What will you be?
Kagero: I...will defeat the real enemy and seek out the truth.
Ryoma: I see... If you're so convinced you're right, then ready your weapon! Prove your resolve to this new path and cross swords with your liege!

— Ryoma fighting Kagero in Revelation Chapter 13.
Saizo: Lord Ryoma...
Ryoma: You would point your blade at me, Saizo? Have you truly joined Corrin and betrayed your liege?
Saizo: No. My loyalty lies with you and you alone. However, I feel that you are blinded to the real enemy among us. I do not think I am betraying you now. My actions will show you...
Ryoma: Hmph... So even you have had your heart swayed by Corrin.
Saizo: That may be the case. In time, yours will, too. I must get past you, though. The fate of this town requires it. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me for what I must do...

— Ryoma fighting Saizo in Revelation Chapter 13.
Scarlet: ...
Ryoma: This feels so familiar. that you, Scarlet? No, it can't be... This may be Scarlet's form, but the woman herself is long gone. Even knowing that, I... I can't... Forgive me, Scarlet. At the very least, I will give you peace...

— Ryoma fighting Scarlet in Revelation Chapter 23.
Sumeragi: Ryoma, my eldest son... My pride... I hunger for the glory of a battle between us. I expect nothing less than your best-you will be getting mine!
Ryoma: My father... was a respectable man, a just king, and a true samurai. You, fueled only by a lust for battle and glory, are not that man. I will destroy you for pretending to be him!

— Ryoma fighting Sumeragi in Revelation Chapter 25.

DLC battle quotes

I've been waiting for this. I won't give up. I won't give in. Now fight me. Any which way—I will still defeat you.
— Ryoma, in Beach Brawl
I have never shrunk from a test of courage, not even at a young age. But I'd rather you didn't appear suddenly from behind to surprise me...
— Ryoma, in Boo Camp
I stayed up all night waiting for this! A true warrior doesn't need sleep...or breakfast...or his morning coffee. Grr!
— Ryoma, in Ghostly Gold
I will not go easy on you, do you hear me? I'm going to take you all down! J-just don't take my Raijinto from me...
— Ryoma, in Museum Melee
I know they say everyone has his doppelganger somewhere in the world. But 14 identical men all in the same place is taking the idea too far! It makes me wonder how many doubles I have in the world... I can't imagine what my life would be were I to live together with them all.
— Ryoma, in Anna on the Run

Paired battle quotes

Show no mercy!
— Ryoma
— Ryoma
I got your back!
— Ryoma
We can do this!
— Ryoma
Steel yourself!
— Ryoma
Stay alert!
— Ryoma
We stand together.
— Ryoma
We can do this.
— Ryoma
I've been waiting for this!
— Ryoma
I welcome the challenge.
— Ryoma
Allow me!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Strike
Now face my wrath!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Strike
Let me help!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Strike
My strength is yours!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Strike
I'll finish this!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Strike
How naive!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Guard.
Stay out of this!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Guard.
Not on my watch!
— Ryoma, performing a Dual Guard.

Victory quotes

— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.
Here we go!
— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.
— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.
You fought bravely.
— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.
Hmph. Not bad.
— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.
We're done here.
— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.
I will not lose!
— Ryoma, after defeating an enemy.

Critical quotes

You die! Now!
— Ryoma
You deserve worse!
— Ryoma
You have breathed your last!
— Ryoma
For the glory of Hoshido!
— Ryoma

Level up quotes

I can't possibly get any stronger!
— Ryoma, when all stats are capped in a Level Up.
I should have been more devoted.
— Ryoma, when one stats grow in a Level Up.
This will do for now.
— Ryoma, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
I'm ready to lead my kingdom!
— Ryoma, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
I shouldn't brag. But this feels good.
— Ryoma, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.

Defeat quotes

I am...sorry.
— Ryoma's defeat voice clip
Ryoma: You can kill me, but you cannot kill the spirit of Hoshido!
Sakura: Brother, no! You have to step back! We can't afford to lose you...
Ryoma: Ugh... you're right. I'll retreat for now...

— Ryoma, when defeated as an NPC unit in Chapter 5.
I can't continue with these wounds... I'm sorry, Corrin. I must retreat.
— Ryoma's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
Ugh...I can't die here! I have to retreat...but my people still need me. I have no choice...
— Ryoma's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
Damn! I'll have to withdraw for now... This isn't over, Corrin!
— Ryoma's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 6.
Not again! We'll have to...retreat...
— Ryoma's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 12.
My kingdom... My honor... All is lost...
— Ryoma's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 25.
Ugh... I'll have to retreat for now... Corrin...
— Ryoma's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 6.
Ugh.. You've defeated me... Do you really believe that there is another force at play here...?
— Ryoma's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 13.

Endgame quotes

Come on, Corrin... Wake up! I know you can do it!
— Ryoma, in Birthright Endgame