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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Roshea's paired base conversations.

Roshea and Kris

First conversation

Kris: Sir Roshea, what is that...?
Roshea: Oh, this... It's a letter I received from the kids.
Kris: Kids? You have children, Sir Roshea?
Roshea: No, no. They aren't my children... They're from an orphanage I visit often. The previous war... made many children into orphans from Archanea to Aurelis... That's why I'm helping in an orphanage, to try and save them. This is a letter of thanks from the kids living there.
Kris: I see...
Roshea: When I'm broken from fighting... reading this letter rekindles my resolve. It makes me do my best, for the kids...
Kris: Sir Roshea... You're a kind man.
Roshea: Never. I'm just weak, that's all...

Second conversation

Kris: ...All the letters from the children overflow with gratitude towards you, Sir Roshea. You play with them... and even teach them how to write, don't you?
Roshea: Oh, yes. I adore children, you see.
Kris: And you even donate money to the orphanage... These aren't things... many people would be able to do.
Roshea: I wanted to repay a favor to Coyote... The four of us didn't have parents, just like the kids. We're only alive now because Coyote raised us. That's why I wanted to follow in Coyote's footsteps...
Kris: I find it most admirable. I'm very impressed by your dedication.
Roshea: Thanks... But, I'm just... a hypocrite... All I'm doing is killing more people during this war...
Kris: ...
Roshea: I'm weak. I'm doing all this just to try and flee from that sin... The townsfolk told me the same. That I'm just a hypocrite...
Kris: ...Sir Roshea... I don't think you're a bad hypocrite.
Roshea: Pardon?

If Kris is male
Kris: There might be people who call your actions hypocrisy... However, in truth, you're the person who's saving those kids' lives.
If Kris is female
Kris: There are probably people who call your actions hypocrisy... However, in truth, you're the person who's saving those kids' lives. Am I not right?

Kris: If you can save somebody through hypocrisy, that doesn't automatically make you a bad person, just because you're a hypocrite.
Roshea: Kris...
Kris: In fact, I'd say that a hypocrite is a better person than those who accuse him– The ones who do nothing to help. That's what I think.
Roshea: T-thanks. This is the first time somebody has put it that way...

Third conversation

Kris: Sir Roshea, the end of this battle is nigh. Once it's over, there will be no more war orphans.
Roshea: Yes, that's right. The lives lost in this war won't come back... So, at least this glimmer of hope remains...
Kris: Sir Roshea... Fighting Emperor Hardin was probably... harshest to you, of all people. Since you are kinder than most, you're hurt more than most, too...
Roshea: No, I'm just weak.

If Kris is male
Kris: Indeed, kindness and weakness are oft intertwined...
If Kris is female
Kris: If kindness is weakness... Then there's no reason to become strong.

Kris: However, I like your kindness, Sir Roshea. Please don't... abandon it.
Roshea: Thank you... Kris.

Roshea and Vyland

Vyland: Roshea!
Roshea: Oh, Vyland. I'm so glad...
Vyland: You're glad...? Eh? What for? Don't tell me you thought I'd been defeated?
Roshea: Huh? Of course not. I can't imagine anyone ever defeating you. ...But, you know how things were. I thought you might have been in trouble...
Vyland: Roshea! I don't believe it. Somebody like you...
Roshea: Wha, what?
Vyland: You're too naive for words! Just like always... You were there in the same battlefield, were you not?
Roshea: Well... Yeah, of course I was. Don't tell me not to worry. Especially when...
Vyland: Especially when what?
Roshea: Vyland, you're always marching to the front-lines alone. So, if you were to be surrounded by enemies again...
Vyland: Oh... That. You needn't worry in that case.
Roshea: What, why?
Vyland: I only go to the front-lines when you're with me. Sedgar and Wolf would be fine too, but like hell I'd let those other guys fit into our style.
Roshea: I... see.
Vyland: Yeah, that's right! ...That's why, Roshea. Will you ride with me through the battlefield?
Roshea: Yes, certainly. It's what I always wanted!