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Rogues & Redeemers 3/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in Rogues & Redeemers 3, triggered when a character gets into battle against a specific enemy character.

Chrom vs. Pr. Marth

Chrom: You're formidable opponents, all of you.
Pr. Marth: As are you. So why not spare us this violence and return to your world?
Chrom: Sorry, but that cannot happen until we've defeated every last one of you.

Robin vs. Katarina

Robin: That garb... You're a tactician like me?
Katarina: Something like that.
Robin: Then this should be an interesting battle.
Katarina: Count on it.

Robin(M) vs. Saias

Saias: Aren't you the enemy tactician? What sort of fool strategist puts himself at the fore of the battle?
Robin: The kind who knows he'll win.

Frederick vs. Eldigan

Eldigan: Tell me. If you prevail here, what comes next?
Frederick: Peace for this land, sir. That would be my hope.
Eldigan: Ha! What nonsense. If you want peace like us, then why have you brought war instead?

Lissa vs. Petrine

Lissa: Aren't you a little, you be taking the field?
Petrine: What? Grr... You won't live to be my age, brat!

Sully vs. Lyn

Sully: Oh, so you want to butt heads? That's cute.
Lyn: Say what you will. On my honor, I will drive you from this land.

Virion vs. Eliwood

Virion: You dare challenge me? I only do battle with the most upper of crusts.
Eliwood: I see. Would the son of the marquess of Pherae fall below your standard?
Virion: The what?! ...Sweet gods, is everyone here more noble than I?

Stahl vs. Travant

Travant: I cannot stop now. I have yet to earn my gold...
Stahl: Is that the only reason you fight? For money?
Travant: I fight for my people—not that some knight like you could understand. What matters is we clash and that I break you!

Vaike vs. Ephraim

Ephraim: Do yourself a favor and return to your own world!
Vaike: Sorry. No can do. Teach has got a quota, and you're his next pupil.

Miriel vs. Raydrik

Miriel: Forgive me, sir, but I see no merit in trading blows with you. Now, step aside and allow me to seek out an opponent of worth.
Raydrik: I'll punish you for that insult, you—you woman!
Miriel: Ugh. Must you demean yourself with every utterance? Now I must squander precious seconds to eradicate you.

Sumia vs. Julia

Sumia: Milady, work with me. Help me find some way to avoid this fight.
Julia: I don't want to avoid it. I'm tired of running!
Sumia: That's a shame... I would have rather not come to blows.

Kellam vs. the Black Knight

Kellam: Before we get started, I was hoping you might give me a few pointers. How do you achieve that whole larger-than-life feel?
Black Knight: What do you care? The less people notice you, the better your chances.
Kellam: Hey... You're right!
Black Knight: A shame you realized it too late.

Lon'qu vs. Marisa

Lon'qu: Out of my sight.
Marisa: Why? You don't want to see your own death coming?
Lon'qu: Hmph. I can look death in the eye. Just not a woman.
Marisa: Well, today you get both.

Maribelle vs. Narcian

Narcian: I am strong. I am wise. I am lovely. And most importantly, I am right! ...Me! No one else!
Maribelle: Yes, you seem 'special' indeed, but not how you mean it...

Ricken vs. Raigh

Ricken: Don't even think about treating me like a child!
Raigh: Really, now. Who BUT a child would say that?
Ricken: But I—you— ...Rrgh!

Panne vs. Oliver

Panne: Not a step closer! Something about you chills me to the bone.
Oliver: A beautiful creature like you has nothing to fear from me. I keep beauty safe. Do not be afraid...
Panne: Back, I said! Ugh, you make my skin crawl...

Gaius vs. Seliph

Seliph: Will nothing convince you to leave our world?
Gaius: That depends. How well can you play dead?
Seliph: Alas, not my strong suit.

Cordelia vs. Leif

Leif: I've already lost one kingdom. I refuse to lose another!
Cordelia: I know all too well how it feels to lose all that you love. Let us see which of us has learned more from our grief!

Gregor vs. Roy

Roy: This is our realm. I won't let you just do as you please with it!
Gregor: Oy! Why so tense? Stress make it hard to achieve peak battle performance!

Nowi vs. Gharnef

Gharnef: Join me, and the whole world could be your plaything!
Nowi: Uh huh. Sure it could. Are you going to offer me candy, too?

Libra vs. Arvis

Arvis: Ha! You could confuse a man, sir. Do I need to be delicate?
Libra: Whatever you make of me, you'd be wise not to trifle with my gods.

Tharja vs. Lilina

Lilina: There's something very sinister about you. But I'm not afraid!
Tharja: You should be. I can get frightfully creative with my curses. Hee hee...

Olivia vs. Navarre

Navarre: A woman? It's a shame you serve the enemy. I would rather not do you harm.
Olivia: It's all right. I mean, I'm a bit frightened, I admit... But it beats not being taken seriously at all.

Olivia vs. Sothe

Olivia: Um...I challenge you...
Sothe: "Um"? You don't sound too keen on the idea.
Olivia: Ah! Get back! Like, fifty paces. Please... I'm shy.
Sothe: Then how do you expect us to fight?!

Cherche vs. Ashnard

Cherche: How dare you treat your poor wyvern so carelessly!
Ashnard: Damn you and damn the wyvern. All that matters is I win!

Henry vs. Micaiah

Henry: Hey, it's not too late to avoid being splattered all over the grass. ...I just thought I'd mention that. Seems like it'd be a shame to waste you...
Micaiah: Very kind of you. But I've managed to avoid getting "splattered" so far.
Henry: All right then... I wonder what happens if I do...this...

Basilio vs. Nanna

Basilio: Just surrender, kid. You don't really think you can beat me?
Nanna: I think it's worth a try!

Flavia vs. Sigurd

Flavia: Huh? You want to take me on?
Sigurd: I know a seasoned warrior when I see one. You may even be a match for me...
Flavia: Ha! You do know how to compliment a lady!

Donnel vs. Zephiel

Donnel: I hereby challenge ya to man-to-man combat!
Zephiel: Ha! And where's the man I'll be facing? You've got a death wish, boy.

Anna vs. Sephiran

Anna: It's just you and me.
Sephiran: Aren't you going to strike a bargain? You're a merchant.
Anna: True. Which is why I can tell when there's no use haggling.
Sephiran: Ah. Then you've a keen insight indeed.

Lucina vs. Camus

Camus: Why do you dress like Prince Marth, young lady? Do you think you can deceive us?
Lucina: Certainly not. I have my reasons... But none of them involve avoiding a fight with you!
Camus: Good. Then have at you!

Owain vs. Jaffar

Owain: Woe be upon you this day, evil one, for today my powers are unleashed! Can you withstand the boundless and sublimely awesome power within me?
Jaffar: ...Let's find out.
Owain: ...What?
Jaffar: I'm waiting. Unleash your power.
Owain: I...I will. Just as soon as the appointed time comes!
Jaffar: You won't live that long.

Inigo vs. Ursula

Inigo: Come closer, my dear.
Ursula: Why? Are you flirting with me?
Inigo: Actually, in this case, it's more of a threat.
Ursula: favorite kind of flirting.

Brady vs. Ares

Brady: You, in the black armor... Guess who's about to destroy you.
Ares: You? I might die of laughter first.
Brady: Oh yeah? You have no idea what I can do. Especially when you're my ticket out of here!

Kjelle vs. Celica

Celica: Fight me, milady! And if I win, promise you will leave this world forever!
Kjelle: Whether I leave or not is not for me to decide. But I gladly accept your challenge! En garde!

Cynthia vs. Eirika

Cynthia: Hold it right there, infidel! The mighty Cynthia has come to—
Eirika: Hyaaa!
Cynthia: Wh-whoa! What are you doing? I'm still monologuing!
Eirika: But...wouldn't it be faster to just clash and be done with it?
Cynthia: Faster ISN'T better!

Severa vs. Deirdre

Deirdre: This is not your world to conquer! Go back whence you came!
Severa: Like I even care whose land this is! Look, it's simple... We're not going anywhere until we defeat you! Got it?

Gerome vs. Selena

Gerome: I can see previous battles have not treated you kindly.
Selena: Perhaps not. But I am a knight, and a knight never wavers. I will not falter in the service of my lord!

Morgan(M) vs. Linus

Linus: Start praying! I will crush you myself, in the name of the Fang!
Morgan: Right... Pray, pray... ...Hey, wait a second! I didn't sign up to be crushed!

Morgan(F) vs. Lloyd

Lloyd: It matters not who you are. It's too late...
Morgan: Are you sure about that? I could be a fascinating individual. Not that I know myself... But surely it's at least worth talking through? Make peace, not pieces. ...Of me. ...Please?

Yarne vs. Elincia

Elincia: I wish we could have found a peaceful way to settle this.
Yarne: I'd wish the same, if there wasn't the fate of the entire species at stake!

Laurent vs. Nergal

Nergal: Ha! You're just a roach beneath my boot!
Laurent: Oh dear... How do I even begin to dissect that statement?

Noire vs. Jamke

Noire: I ch-ch-challenge you...
Jamke: Earlier, I saw an audacious woman resembling you—your twin sister?
Noire: No, we're, uh...sort of the same person. Sorry to disappoint...

Nah vs. Julius

Nah: Ours is the just cause! I will make you see it!
Julius: Try, you insignificant worm!

Tiki vs. Ishtar

Ishtar: Feel the wrath of the goddess of lightning!
Tiki: I feel only sadness, and you'll never defeat me with that.
Ishtar: Silence! I shall be the judge!

Gangrel vs. Hardin

Hardin: Defy me, and you will be shown no mercy!
Gangrel: Pah! I know a few places you can stick your mercy. If you're lucky, I'll destroy you before you find out where.

Walhart vs. Lyon

Walhart: You'll never defeat me so long as darkness controls your feeble heart.
Lyon: Darkness doesn't control me. I control the darkness!

Yen'fay vs. Alm

Yen'fay: Yield, Sir.
Alm: You'll have to kill me first. This is our land, not yours!
Yen'fay: Then let us see if your heart of fire can prevail over my heart of stone.

Aversa vs. Caeda

Caeda: Stay away! I have no business with a witch like you!
Aversa: Hmm, you're just not using your imagination. Here, I'll show you...
Caeda: Stay back, beast!

Priam vs. Ike

Ike: Doubts or no doubts, if you stand against me, I will show no mercy.
Priam: Fine by me. The way you look, the way you move—it's all perfect. You're just the kind of legend I'm fighting to become!