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Road to the Empire/Conversations

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Rafiel: Mmph.

(Ike arrives)

Ike: What's wrong, Prince Rafiel? Are you feeling sick?
Rafiel: ...No. I am all right. Thank you, though.
Ike: ...You're a real puzzle, you know that?
Rafiel: Why do you say that?
Ike: You look a lot like your brother Reyson, but you're nothing like him. Reyson looks delicate, but on the inside he's all rion. You, on the other hand... I don't know. I worry that I might kill you if I shout too loud or something.
Rafiel: ...I'm sorry.
Ike: See? That's exactly what I mean! You should get mad at me for saying that, not say "I'm sorry." I mean, come on!
Rafiel: I-I apologize.
Ike: There you go again! What I mean is that--

(Nailah arrives)

Nailah: That's enough, Ike. Rafiel is everything that herons are expected to be: quiet, elegant, and delicate. Those are words people use to describe the herons, and he fits all three.
Ike: Yeah, well... None of those words fit Reyson.
Nailah: True. Maybe Princess Leanne is only so innocent and sweet because she was asleep for twenty years. Prince Reyson certainly doesn't seem to have any of the characteristics herons are known for.
Ike: King Tibarn did mention that "real" herons are more like Prince Rafiel.
Nailah: Prince Reyson spent a long time in the care of the hawk tribe. No doubt he's picked up all sorts of quirks. Thank goodness Reyson hasn't picked up Tibarn's speech or mannerisms, though. It would be completely ridiculous. Can you imagine a man with Reyson's looks, talking and acting like Tibarn? I don't think I could help but laugh at him.
Ike: Well, he told me he wanted to be just like King Tibarn. He admires Tibarn a great deal.
Rafiel: Reyson said that?
Ike: Yeah. What about you?
Rafiel: Well... Sure, it'd be nice to be a bit more like Tibarn, I suppose.
Ike: Well, it looks like you guys really are brothers after all.
Nailah: Ike, be quiet. You're a bad influence! I won't allow Rafiel to be tainted like that.


If Mist is alive

Mist: Ike!
Ike: What is it, Mist?
Mist: Take a look at this!
Ike: How odd. Looks like a master crown.
Mist: I had the strangest vision just now. There were these places on the ground which were shining. One was close, so I went to take a look, and here it was!
Ike: Stop it. You sound like Yune when you talk like that. The enemy could attack at any time, so don't go wandering around alone.
Mist: All right. You're the boss!

(You got a Holy CrownIs wii holy crown.png.)

If Mist was defeated

Mist: Ike.
Ike: What is it, Mist?
Mist: I had the oddest vision just now. There were these places on the ground which were shining. Then I heard a voice say "Seek the shining stones." But it happened so fast. I don't know where I'm supposed to go.
Ike: It sounds like Yune was speaking to you. The enemy could attack at any time, so don't go wandering around alone.
Mist: All right. You're the boss!


Aimee: Ooo, it's my hero, Ike! I'll take the spot next to you.
Ike: Hello, Aimee.
Aimee: Would you do me a favor? Take this and give it to little Soren. It's an extremely rare item. We don't know what we'll run into out here. He'll be ready for anything with a powerful tome like this.
Ike: What, you can't give it to him yourself?
Aimee: Oh, no way! I'm trying to get YOUR attention. So I'd much rather give it to you.
Ike: That's very direct of you.
Aimee: Because you can be so thick sometimes! I swear, you wouldn't know how I felt if I didn't tell you outright.
Ike: Even if I did, I wouldn't do anything about it.
Aimee: That's fine. I understand. You still have things you want to do, places to explore. That's why you don't want to be tied down by a relationship. I know how you are.
Ike: Uh...
Aimee: But someday, you'll be ready to settle down. When you are, maybe you'll think of me. That's why I'm starting work on you now! Don't worry about it...for now.
Ike: But it DOES worry me!
Aimee: See? You're already under my spell! Well, good night! Sleep well, my hero.

(Aimee leaves)

Ike: That woman has issues with reality.

(You got a RexcaliburIs wii rexcalibur.png.)