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Rite of Shadows/Script

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Part 1: Caring Princess


Alfonse: It turns out that Zacharias is fine after all. What a relief!
Sharena: Yes, but... Why did he leave again before we had a chance to meet?
Anna: I don't know, but he must have had a reason, judging by what Kiran told us. Don't worry! Even if Zacharias is in hiding, we do have a way to speak with him now...
Sharena: We do? Since when?
Anna: I managed to get my hands on something special while we were in the World of Radiance. It's called a sending stone—it's a magical stone that lets you talk to someone far away.
Alfonse: And you believe we can use this to speak with Zacharias?
Anna: Usually, the person you want to talk to also needs to have a stone... But we can use it as the catalyst for a magical rite in the World of Shadows, which is where we're headed next. As long as he's alive, Zacharias will be able to hear us... even if he's asleep!
Sharena: That's fantastic, Commander Anna! What are we waiting for? Let's talk to Zacharias right away!

(scene changes to the map screen)
Celica: My name is Celica. I'm a childhood friend of Alm's, and... I don't want to fight you. Sadly, though, It[sic] seems I cannot resist this contract. I'm sorry. All I can do is fight, and pray that your strength will be enough to free us.


Anna: It seems the Heroes of this world are already under the control of Embla, which means...
Bruno: You again? I tire of meeting like this.
Alfonse: Prince Bruno!
Bruno: Guh! Leave... now. Get in my way, and... I... will kill... you.
Alfonse: Wait!

Part 3: The Mountain of Fear


Anna: An ambush! Just remember—if we keep on defending, the enemy will eventually retreat. Be careful and don't do anything rash. We just need to be patient!

Part 5: The Dark Domain


Anna: That's it! We've found the arcanist's manor. We can perform the rite!
Alfonse: Commander Anna! Wait! Look...
Bruno: There... you are. Now... die... I...will kill... you all.
Alfonse: Something's wrong with him. It's like he's not even the same person.
Bruno: I will kill you! You, prince of Askr!


Bruno: Grr... ugh. I lost... Now kill me...
Alfonse: You helped us, once. I have no intention of taking your life here.
Bruno: You'll live to regret letting me off so easy...
(scene changes)

Anna: Alfonse, Sharena... come here. Everything is ready. We can begin the rite. "With all thy heart, yearn for me. With all thy voice, call to me." Concentrate. Zacharias is out there somewhere! Call to him... With all your heart and soul! Now!
Alfonse: Zacharias!
Sharena: Zacharias!
Anna: Zacharias! Zacharias! Answer us... please!
Bruno: You're wasting your breath.
Alfonse: Why isn't anything happening?
Bruno: Shout as much as you like. You won't get a reply.
Anna: You lie! The rite won't fail us! If Zacharias is alive, he should be able to talk with us, no matter where he is—even asleep!
Bruno: There's your problem: "if."
Anna: What do you mean? Wait. You—
Alfonse: Prince Bruno... Is he dead? Answer me! Tell me what you know!
Bruno: He stuck his nose into things that he really should not have. Right before I came here... I killed him.
Alfonse: You what?!
Bruno: What was it I just told you? Oh, yes. I said you'd regret your decision to let me live. It's time for me to go, however. Alfonse. Sharena. There's something you need to understand. You're next. I'll send you to meet your Zacharias. One by one. Look forward to it.