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Return of the Prince/Conversations

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Marth: What in the blazes? Abel is among our enemies...?
Jagen: Indeed, sire... Sadly, that's the inescapable truth.
Kris: Sire, Sir Jagen, what's going on?
Marth: Kris. I should tell you about Abel, too. Before your arrival, Abel was a knight of Altea and Cain's trusted partner. Afterwards, he retired to live together with Est in Altea, but now...
Jagen: As you know, our enemy is the Archanean army that has occupied Altea... And Abel is among their ranks.
Kris: What? In other words, he's now our enemy?
Jagen: It would seem so. But who'd have guessed... It's simply unfathomable.
Kris: Sir Jagen. I am not acquaintanced with Sir Abel, but... I don't think someone who used to be a knight in Prince Marth's service would betray Altea without reason. There must be something going on.
Jagen: Yes, indeed... Otherwise, there is no way Abel would betray the prince.
Marth: I think the same. Jagen, Kris, I'll try to talk to him. If I go, I'm sure Abel will tell me his reasons.

Current status

Jagen: It was a arduous journey like no other, but we can wave farewell to Anri's Way. At the Ice Dragon Shrine, Prince Marth obtained the Lightsphere from Lord Gotoh. With it, we can now challenge Hardin and his Darksphere. And now is the time for us to reclaim our homeland.