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The following is a list of all known requests in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE and its enhanced remake Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore.


Request Giver Availability Request Area Rewards Notes
Lucky Spot 1 Kanae Urabe Chapter 1 Report about your future Daitama Observatory Kiddie Candy --
Repel the Rejects Mirage (Sister) Chapter 1 Deliver a Myrmidon Force, a Barbarian Force, and a Cavalier Force Illusory 106 Treasure Key --
Coloring Book Hero Reliable Girl Chapter 2 Deliver a magazine Toubo Rooftop Colored Pencil --
The Voiceless Voice Actress Ayaha Oribe Chapter 2 Find Anigoe's Perfoma Fortuna Office Clap Track --
Writer's Block Ayaha Oribe Chapter 2 Find Torama's Perfoma Fortuna Office Clap Track The Voiceless Voice Actress must have been completed
Pummel the Pests Mirage (Sister) Chapter 2 Deliver a Shaman Force, a Skellington Force, and an Archer Force Illusory Shibuya Treasure Key Repel the Rejects must have been completed
Shibuya Remedy Cafe Staff Chapter 2 Deliver three Maca Leaves Shibuya Melmark Unlock Herban Legends Tea in Café Seiren menu
Good Luck Charm Arrogant Man Chapter 2 Find the man's lucky charm Shibuya Glass Catseye --
Conveying My Feelings Moeka Katao Chapter 2 Give Katao a "Feel" CD Daitama Observatory Magic Increase --
Lucky Spot 2 Kanae Urabe Chapter 2 Report about your future Harajuku Kiddie Candy Lucky Spot 1 must have been completed
A Chic Job Hunt Itta Arima Chapter 2 Find a job advert Shibuya Melmark (x2) --
Slick Skull Delivery Masked Salesclerk Chapter 2 Deliver 5 Slick Skulls Illusory Daitama Melmark
Repel Water
Repeatable request
Coarse Mane Delivery Masked Salesclerk Chapter 2 Deliver 5 Coarse Manes Illusory 106 Melmark
Fasterine S
Repeatable request
Everburn Cloth Delivery Masked Salesclerk Chapter 2 Deliver 5 Everburn Cloths Illusory Shibuya Melmark (x2)
Maragi Stone
Repeatable request
Arena Staff on Hire Receptionist Mirage Chapter 2 Recruit various Mirage NPCs Urahara Arena Master Seal While the request can be initiated from Chapter 2, it cannot be completed until a later chapter
Path of the Strong Nieg Chapter 2 Rescue Nieg Illusory Daitama Luck Incense Must have traded with Nieg 12 times. Grant Itsuki the Deft Hands Perfoma.
Iori in Love Souji Iori Chapter 3 Inform Iori's saviour that he loves her Shibuya Magic Incense (x2) --
Dating Difficulties Hayato Chapter 3 Find Momoko, Hayato's date Shibuya Detritus (x10) --
Voice of the People Female Staff Chapter 3 Delivery two Energy Drinks and two Fresh Spicy Currys Harajuku Melmark Unlock Biovitahydroxy Crepe in Crepe Dia menu
The Tongue-Tied Gourmet Ayaha Oribe Chapter 3 Find Himemaro's Perfoma Fortuna Office Clap Track Writer's Block must have been completed
Funny Business Ayaha Oribe Chapter 3 Find Aniki's Perfoma Fortuna Office Clap Track The Tongue-tied Gourmet must have been completed
Lucky Spot 3 Kanae Urabe Chapter 3 Report about your future Toubo Rooftop Kiddie Candy Lucky Spot 2 must have been completed
Ditch the Deadbeats Mirage (Sister) Chapter 3 Deliver an Inferno Force, a Blackscale Force, and a Knight Force Illusory Daitou TV Treasure Key Pummel the Pests must have been completed
Femme's Horn Delivery Masked Salesclerk Chapter 3 Deliver 5 Femme's Horns Illusory Daitou TV Melmark (x2)
Dekaja Stone
Repeatable request
A Torn Pocket Upset Girl Chapter 4 Find her three lost stamp cards Shibuya Pharmacy Beads --
Monstrous Roar Mr. Dougen Chapter 4 Give anti-diarrhea medicine to the Dougen Daitama Promised Quartet --
Grapple the Groupies Mirage (Sister) Chapter 4 Deliver a Hirudinean Force, a Knight Force R., and a Shaman Force R. Illusory Daiba TV Station Treasure Key Ditch the Deadbeats must have been completed
Attention Misdirection Taneaki Tezuma Chapter 4 Find Tezuma's license card Harajuku Clap Track (x3) --
A Chic Menu Itta Arima Chapter 4 Find out what kind of foods youngsters find trendy Harajuku Melmark (x4) A Chic Job Hunt must have been completed. Unlock Mustard-Natto-Yogurt Burger in Dona Dona menu, Burnt Miso-Squid Crepe in Crepe Dia menu, and Red-Wine Wasabi Cake in Café Seiren menu.
Lucky Spot 4 Kanae Urabe Chapter 4 Report about your future Hee Ho Mart Kiddie Candy Lucky Spot 3 must have been completed
Scarlet Armor Delivery Masked Salesclerk Chapter 4 Deliver 5 Scarlet Armors Illusory Daiba TV Station Melmark (x3)
Attack Mirror
Repeatable request
Lucky Spot 5 Kanae Urabe Chapter 5 Report about your future Shibuya Kiddie Candy Lucky Spot 4 must have been completed
Shibuya Elixir Cafe Staff Chapter 5 Deliver 3 Soma Droplets Shibuya Melmark Shibuya Remedy must have been completed
The Glare of the Spotlight Ayaha Oribe Chapter 5 Find Kuzu's Perfoma Fortuna Office Clap Track Funny Business must have been completed
Stained Steel Ayaha Oribe Chapter 5 Find Manai's Perfoma Fortuna Office Clap Track The Glare of the Spotlight must have been completed
Dating Disaster Hayato Chapter 5 Find Momoko, Hayato's date Daitou TV Station Detritus (x10) Dating Difficulties must have been completed
Iori's in Love Again Souji Iori Chapter 5 Inform Iori's lover that he loves her Daiba Studio Speed Incense (x2) Iori in Love must have been completed
Moe Medical Kit Upset Producer Chapter 5 Purchase a Soothing Pack for the producer Daiba Studio Ge Face Roller --
The Stunted Stuntman Ayaha Oribe Chapter 6 Find Tobita's Perfoma Fortune Office Clap Track Stained Steel must have been completed
Mopey Model Ayaha Oribe Chapter 6 Find Okii's Perfoma Fortune Office Clap Track
Chakra Pot (x3)
The Stunted Stuntman must have been completed
Closing the Distance Moeka Katao Chapter 6 Deliver a Nan-no magazine Daitama Observatory Magic Incense Conveying My Feelings must have been completed
Lucky Spot 6 Kanae Urabe Chapter 6 Report about your future Daiba Studio Kiddie Candy Lucky Spot 5 must have been completed
Concentration Misdirection Taneaki Tezuma Chapter 6 Find Tezuma's suitcase Harajuku Clap Track (x3) Attention Misdirection must have been completed
Iori Can't Stop Falling in Love Souji Iori Chapter 6 Inform Iori's lover that he loves her Cosmic Egg Defense Incense (x2) Iori's in Love Again must have been completed
Iori's Dream Girl Souji Iori Chapter 6 Retieve Iori's Perfoma Shibuya Strength Incense (x2) Iori Can't Stop Falling in Love must have been completed
Conditions for a Masterpiece Movie Sadako Mirage Chapter 6 Present an "ambition", "harmony", or a "courage" element Illusory Daiba Studio Detritus (x20) --
Looming Pillar Delivery Masked Salesclerk Chapter 6 Deliver 5 Looming Pillars Illusory Dolhr Melmark (x3)
Makajam Stone
Reapetable request
Flummox the Flirts Mirage (Sister) Chapter 6 Deliver a Dark Knight Force, a Titan Force, and a Parasite Force Illusory Dolhr Treasure Key Grapple the Groupies must have been completed
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