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Ike: I've brought her, Nasir.
Mist: ...
Nasir: ...I'm sorry, Mist.
Mist: ...
Nasir: I knew how much the medallion meant to you, and I stole it nevertheless. No matter the words I use to apologize, I did something unforgivable. I gained your trust--and Ike's--and betrayed it. Then I compounded my dishonor by fleeing. ...I am so very sorry...
Mist: ... Thanks for coming back, Nasir. I... I wanted to see you again. And I'm glad I did. Welcome back.
Nasir: ...Ah, Mist. I do not deserve your kindness...
Ena: ...Mist, please allow me to apologize as well. I am the one who is truly at fault here. What Nasir did, he did for me.
Mist: I'm sure there's some very important reason for all of this. And it's probably still unresolved. I'm honestly quite curious. Plus, I want to help! But... But I doubt that I can. So, I'm going to wait. I've decided to wait until the two of you can tell me about whatever it is. don't need to worry about it anymore. All right?
Nasir: ...Thank you, Mist.
Ena: Thank you.
Ike: ...


Janaff: Har! So tomorrow's the day we take on the capital. I'm ready! Whooooo! It doesn't matter how hard the fight you're facing might be, I always feel excited the night before!
Ulki: I'd like to tell you how wrong that is, but I can't. I...can't seem to calm my nerves, either.
Janaff: We're going to win, you know? King Daein won't survive the day.
Ulki: Mmm...I wonder.
Ike: Are you two on guard duty?
Janaff: Oh, it's you. Heya, Ike.
Ulki: Do you have some need of the king?
Ike: Yeah, will you tell him I'm here?
Jaffar: We will. Wait here.
(Janaff and Ulki leave)
Ike: ...
(Tibarn and Ryson arrive)
Tibarn: So, tomorrow it is. Did you come by to check on our preparations?
Ike: You know me too well. You're going to circle the capital and ensure that no airborne enemies escape. That's clear, isn't it?
Tibarn: Yes. I think encircling the capital's a good idea. We'll guard the west and take care of airborne combat as well. The Phoenicis and Kilvas armies are unbeatable in that regard.
Ike: Kilvas is going to help out?
Reyson: Of course.
Tibarn: After what we saw in the dungeons of Gritnea Tower, we all agreed that King Ashnard must pay. Reyson and Leanne helped to sway certain opinions. It was tough, but in the end, we understood what needs to happen. That having been said, the crows are traitorous by nature. If worse comes to worst, it may be just us hawks out there.
Ike: That will be enough. At least I know I can rely on you.
Tibarn: Well, to be perfectly honest... I wouldn't mind a chance to remove Ashnard's head from his shoulders.
Ike: It's just like the time I fought the Black Knight... You're being kept away from the main fight. My apologies, hawk king.
Tibarn: That's all right. But if you find yourself overwhelmed, give me a call.
Ike: Understood.
Tibarn: And as for you, Reyson. I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, but--
Reyson: I know, I know. Be careful. Don't die. Don't worry, I won't die. I'm not going to leave Leanne and my father all alone.

Nealuchi: Nestling. It appears they're discussing tomorrow's battle. Shouldn't you join them?
Naesala: ...No, I think not. It's just Tibarn after all. He doesn't really want help from Kilvas anyway.
Nealuchi: The hawk king may not care, but... Prince Reyson would surely feel that you had betrayed him yet again, Nestling.
Naesala: What?
Nealuchi: Oh, and dear lady Leanne as well. If you were to flee in the face of the enemy, it would break her heart. Hah...... It would be so sad... HAAAH... Heeee!
(Nealuchi leaves)
Naesala: Senile old crow. You think if you bring those two into it, I'll do as I've been told and fight... Curse you!


Ranulf: This war has been waged for over a year... But it could all be over by midday tomorrow. How do you feel, Ike? Think we'll win?
Ike: We'll win.
Ranulf: I knew you'd say that! Ha! You don't fool me anymore. But even so...I appreciate your bravado tonight.
(Giffca arrives)
Giffca: Without such courage, it would be impossible to face King Daein.
Ranulf: Master Giffca! What are you doing here?
Giffca: The king felt uneasy knowing you were here on your own. I come in his name.
Ranulf: So, are you going to fight with us?
Giffca: That is my purpose. That is, if Lord Ike grants his permission.
Ike: Of course. The Daein army is large, so we're going to be attacking them from the front and holding the two eastern gates. I'd be very appreciative if you would agree to take command of that front.
Giffca: If that is your wish, I can but agree.
Ranulf: What's this now? You weren't satisfied with the work I was doing? I mean, I know that I'm no Master Giffca, but please...
Ike: Ranulf, I want you to be with me. Is that all right?
Ranulf: Oh, now I see. Sure, that would be fine! Getting to be part of the main pack is the highest of honors.

Mordecai: Master Giffca!
Lethe: It's been a long time. How is the king?
Giffca: He's in good health. The king...has given me a message for you two.
Lethe: A message? Not orders?
Giffca: That's right. He said to be sure you make it home alive. And then he said that your work in the past year has been most satisfactory and that he's sincerely grateful to you both.
Lethe: ...That's...such an honor!
Mordecai: We have fought hard. wasn't a bother. Ike and the others are good beorc... We are happy to fight with them.
Giffca: I see.