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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Reiden's support conversations.

Kris and Reiden

First conversation

Reiden: Training, huh? I see you're full of spirit today.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Sir Reiden? It's rare to see you around here.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Ah, Sir Reiden. It's rare to see you around here.

Reiden: Your willpower and vitality are admirable.
Kris: Not at all. It's all thanks to continuous training. ...Besides, you can easily handle this amount of training as well, right?
Reiden: The training I can handle... But weren't you checking around the platoons just a few days ago? And you even tinker with the food... Are all Royal Guards jacks-of-all-trades?
Kris: Y-you have good sources. Naturally my duty as a Royal Guard comes first. But I think it's equally important to forge bonds with my comrades.
Reiden: And why is that?
Kris: ...That's because I believe trust can save people.
Reiden: And you think that trust will allow you to save your liege... Is that it?
Kris: Exactly.
Reiden: Okay, well, I'm sorry for asking such a rude and contrived question.
Kris: No, no. Talking with you was an honor.

Second conversation

Reiden: ...I admit you've got stamina, but it's clear to me you're always overdoing it.
Kris: Are you talking about me?
(If Kris is male)
Reiden: You would do well to learn to leave some matters to others. What would happen if you were to collapse from exhaustion?
Kris: But...
(If Kris is female)
Reiden: You would do well to learn to leave some matters to others. You won't be young forever, after all.
Kris: Hey! How could you say that to a girl?

Reiden: Listen to me. One can grow by relying on others, too.
Kris: ...
Reiden: You have the stamina, so you afford to check on other units. You can also cook and clean. That isn't bad at all. But you can't do every single thing even if you're the only who can.
Kris: ...You might have a point. But when I think about it, it's hard to ask others when I could just do it myself...
Reiden: That might be true for you, Kris. Looking at you, I'm reminded of how I used to be.
Kris: How you used to be?
Reiden: Yeah, once, I couldn't rest until I had done everything myself, just like you. However, there's a limit to what one can do by themselves. ...I learned that the hard way, in one of my previous battles.

Third conversation

Reiden: I heard you volunteered to become an Altean knight, Kris.
Kris: Yes, that's correct. I knocked on the gate of Altea Castle because I wanted to serve Prince Marth.
Reiden: So you've chosen your liege yourself.
Kris: Yes. I'm extremely fortunate to serve Prince Marth.
Reiden: I can understand that. You see, I didn't have the opportunity of choosing my own liege. But I am proud of having served under an excellent general.
Kris: You mean... Sir Camus? If you speak of him like that, Sir Reiden, then I'm sure he was a great man.
Reiden: Indeed, he was. ...If something were to befall Prince Marth... I'm certain you'd feel just like we did, back then...
Kris: Sir Reiden? What do you mean?
Reiden: We'll talk about it IF that happens.

Reiden and Roberto

First conversation

Reiden: Robert, it's time for the war council.
Robert: Huh, is that so? ...Oh right, I think I heard about that...
Reiden: Sir Jagen told us yesterday. Have you forgotten already?
Robert: Eh, well, that's strange... I didn't intend to.
Reiden: You're such an airhead, you know?
Robert: R-really?
Reiden: Misbuttoning your clothes, wearing two right gloves... How do you plan to tell me otherwise?
Robert: Did that sort of thing happen...?
Reiden: Yes. I lent you a left glove because you had two right ones. Then, you lost that too....
Robert: Ohh! I remember now.
Reiden: Hmm? The war council? Or the left glove?
Robert: Sir Jagen told me he had that glove, so he asked me to go and collect it during the war council.
Reiden: ... I'm fairly sure he had a different set of gloves in mind.

Second conversation

Robert: Reiden, don't just throw away everything you own.
Reiden: ...? What are you talking about?
Robert: You've a habit of throwing away anything you don't need... They once got really mad at you when you threw an old, dirty book away. "How dare you! It was a precious textbook!!" they said.
Reiden: Yeah... Don't even remind me. I got in some real trouble that time. But that happened all the way back home. I'm just organizing my things now. Did I throw away something I shouldn't have?
Robert: ...Isn't this book Sir Jagen's? I remember borrowing it.
Reiden: ...! True... ...That was a close one.
Robert: Your detachment from material things is one of your good points, but you're just a step away from getting another good scolding.
Reiden: Indeed. I'd bet... Sir Jagen would be frightening if angered...
Robert: Oh, Sir Jagen!
Reiden: ...!!!
Robert: ...Oops, wrong person.
Reiden: You craven...!

Third conversation

Reiden: Robert? Weren't you supposed to get back by nightfall?
Robert: Reiden: You never get lost anywhere... You should share some of that sense of direction with Sir/Dame Kris.
Robert: Well, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. But I think Sir/Dame Kris'll survive no matter where he/she goes.
Reiden: Haha, maybe.
Robert: Meanwhile, if you weren't a knight, you'd be some dull fellow leading a gray life somewhere...
Reiden: Hey, you're going too far. And you--if you weren't a knight... Nah, you'd probably manage, oddly enough.
Robert: What was that?
Reiden: Well... Doesn't matter. Even if this war is over, it'll take time for the dust to settle.
Robert: We'll have a lot of work to do... right?
Reiden: Yeah. In any case, let's focus on the task at hand. Shall we train together?
Robert: It would be a pleasure.