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Regaining the Capital/Conversations

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Jeorge: Kris, it seems Astram is among the enemies inside the castle.
Kris: Are you familiar with Sir Astram, Sir Jeorge?
Jeorge: Yes, I've known him for a long time. He's not a bad fellow, but... It seems blood rushed to his head when he heard Altea had betrayed Archanea. Charged with pursuing us, he has pursued us relentlessly until now. There was no way he'd listen to us then. However, now that he's charged with castle defense duty, he might listen. I'll try and persuade him.
Kris: However, wouldn't that be dangerous?
Jeorge: I've known him for a long time, so I know his personality well. Leave this to me.

Current status

Jagen: Altea is under our control once more. But a lot of things have happened between then and now... We swore to take back our homeland from Archanea, but couldn't return right away... Without a way to defeat Emperor Hardin, we had no choice but to flee to Khadein... Seeking the Lightsphere, we travelled through Anri's Way to obtain it from Lord Gotoh in the Ice Dragon Shrine... And then, finally, we returned to Altea. The time to fulfill our oath draws near. All that's left is to recapture Altea Castle.