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Refining Stone

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Refining Stone

Is feh refining stone.png
Icon of a Refining Stone from Heroes.



First game

Fire Emblem Heroes

The Refining Stone is an item appearing exclusively in Fire Emblem Heroes. Refining Stones are one of three types of items used in the Weapon Refinery, the other types being the Arena Medal and Divine Dew; Refining Stones are used alongside Arena Medals to refine inheritable, non-regalia weapons. Refining Medals are mostly won by placing high in an Arena season, but can also be awarded by completing quests. When the player spends Refining Stones to refine non-regalia weapons, they will receive a quantity of Divine Dew equal to the number of Refining Stones used; this is currently the only method of obtaining Divine Dew.


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Heroes Is feh refining stone.png 1 -- One ingredient needed to refine non-regalia weapons.



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Arena Rank rewards (top 300,000 only)
(All rewards distributed weekly)
Quests and missions Voting Gauntlet: October 2017

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Refining Stone



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