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Rebellion at Macedon/Script

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Mystery of the Emblem


Carrying regretful feelings, Marth leaves Grust and lands at Macedon, to rescue Princess Minerva. After the War of Shadows, Macedon was ruled by Minerva, who removed the generals, who had caused suffering to her people, and renovated the army. However, the powerful General Lykke opposed Minerva's actions. He gathered the removed soldiers to overthrow her in a coup. The unprepared Minerva was captured by Lykke's followers and Macedon fell into the control of the rebels. They then dispatched powerful dracoknights to sternly guard the country's bordering forests.


(Catria flies over on her pegasus)
Catria: Lord Marth!! Great, so you are here.
Marth: Catria!? I heard a rebellion broke out in Macedon. Are you alright?
Catria: Yes. My sister, Palla, and I managed to escape, but Minerva was captured by the rebels... Marth, please rescue Minerva! If this continues, her life will be in danger!
Marth: Of course I will. Catria, please take me to where the princess is.
Catria: Yes! But we must break through the bordering forests in front of us... These forests are full of General Lykke's dracoknights. If we approach head on, we'll be discovered by them.
Marth: Is that so...? Then we will march through the left or right side. I understand, Catria, leave everything to us!

Villages and houses

Woman: Be careful of thieves. If they steal any precious items, you should take them back from them. You mustn't let them escape.

Man: Warren is such an idiot. He actually joined the rebels because of money. Oh, I remember he and Catria know one another...

Old Man: The previous war caused many hardships for the countries' people. The only country that had it easy was Emperor Hardin's Archanea.

Old Man: The thieves escaped with my family's treasured Lady Sword. That sword can only be used by females, but it contains tremendous power. If possible, please try and recover it.

Young Man: You should be careful of Lumel. He is carrying a Ridersbane. Cavaliers and Paladins can be defeated in one blow with that weapon!!

Versus Warren

Warren: I'm sorry. I have nothing against you, but for my work, please forgive me!

Warren dies

Warren: Damn... How could this happen...?

Catria talks to Warren

Catria: Warren!? Even you've joined the rebels...?
Warren: Whitewing, Catria, it's been a long time. I am just a hunter. I'll do anything as long as I get paid.
Catria: Warren, listen to me! Princess Minerva worked hard to create a country where everybody can live and work in peace. That was the reason why she removed those worthless generals and soldiers. But, even knowing this, General Lykke provoked the soldiers into joining the coup. His only reason being because he wanted to take this country for himself. So do you think what he's doing is right?
Warren: ...Is that true? I don't like the army doing as they please. I understand. If you're going to rescue the princess, let me help as well.

Versus Lumel

Lumel: Take this! Ridersbane!! I'll show you the horrors of the Macedonian dracoknights!

Lumel dies

Lumel: General Lykke, I leave the rest to you...


Jagen: Your highness, we found an unexpected person held captive in the fortress.
Marth: Huh? ...Linde! What are you doing here?
Linde: Lord Marth! It's great to finally see you. In order to find you, I looked all over for your news. Then the Macedonian soldiers captured me, and took me to this fortress...
Marth: I see. It's good to see that you're safe. Coming here by yourself was a dangerous thing to do. But, why were you looking for me? Shouldn't you be by Nyna's side?
Linde: Princess Nyna wanted me to give this to you.
Marth: ? ...!! That's the Fire Emblem! Isn't that the Archanea royal family's treasured Emblem shield?! But why give it to me? Right now, shouldn't Archanea be prospering under Emperor Hardin's mighty rule...? In this peaceful age, why has Nyna given the "Conqueror's Proof" to somebody like me...?
Linde: I don't know either. Nyna didn't say anything and just told me to give it to you... I don't know why, but her eyes seemed so sad... As if she had been crying very hard...
Marth: Nyna!? Why... Linde, regardless, it's dangerous for you to go alone. After this battle is over, we will return to Nyna. Before that time comes, you will travel together with us.
Linde: Understood, Lord Marth!

New Mystery of the Emblem

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