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Rebellion at Macedon/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Kingdom of Macedon

Marth: Macedon... To think that I'd have to fight here again.
Kris: Sire, are you perchance acquainted with Princess Minerva, who's in the enemy's hands?
Marth: Yes. Princess Minerva fought in the previous war as our ally. She even took it upon herself to fight her own brother, Prince Michalis. All for the peace of Macedon.
(Flashback starts)
Michalis: Minerva, I have missed you, Sister. Let us embrace one last time!
Minerva: Michalis...
(Flashback ends)
Marth: The princess had the three knight sisters, Palla, Catria and Est, as subordinates. Each of them is strong on their own, but together their power is unmatched.
(Flashback starts)
Palla: With me, sisters! Triangle Attack!!
Catria: We have you now! Triangle Attack!!
Est: It's just you and me... And my sisters! Triangle Attack!!
(Flashback ends)
(If Kris is male)
I see.
(If Kris is female)
Is that so.

Sounds like they'll be good to have around.
Marth: Yes. However, Est, the youngest of the three, has retired from knighthood and is living happily in Altea. Catria and Palla should still be here in Macedon. I hope they're safe...

Current status

Jagen: I have no love for General Lang and his extremely rude attitude, but we have a task we must complete. I am sure you have things on your mind, but you must hold them in for now. Our foremost objective is quell the rebellion in Macedon and rescue Princess Minerva. It pains me, but we had no choice but to leave the young prince and princess behind in Grust. However, should we successfully rescue Princess Minerva, Prince Marth could be in a position to obtain custody of them. Before that, we have to crush the dracoknights in Macedon's rebel army and cross the forest.