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Raise the Standard/Conversations

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Outside the Village

???: Yes, that's what I heard! What with that light... and that silver...
Lass: Could she... Could she be the Silver-Haired Maiden?
Micaiah: Hm?
Lass: Oh, it is! It is you!
Grandmother: Oh... Oh, my...
Lass: You're fighting with King Ashnard's son to free Daein, aren't you? Oh, we've heard so much about you!
Grandmother: Oh...what a blessing! What a blessing!
Lass: We're all waiting! We're waiting for the day you free us from those filthy Begnion pigs!
Grandmother: Please...take...this.
Lass: It's not much, but people from all over the village pitched in.
Micaiah: Oh, no, I couldn't possibly...
Sothe: Thank you. We appreciate your kindness.
Grandmother: ...
Lass: We're all counting on you! Please, free us!
Micaiah: ...
Sothe: Looks like Izuka's propaganda is working fast.
Micaiah: Mm.
Sothe: You didn't want me to take the money, did you?
Micaiah: It's not that. It's just... Oh, never mind.
Sothe: Oh, come on. What did I do this time? You're not going to say? Great. In that case, let's get out of here and go find the others.

(Got 1000 gold.)


Kurth: So, you're staying, then?
Almedha: I appreciate your concern. However, I--
Kurth: You can't leave Prince Pelleas's side. Is that not so?
Almedha: That's right.
Kurth: Then take this, at least.
Almedha: A sending stone?
Kurth: Do you remember how to use one?
Almedha: Of course I remember how to use one. But it's such a precious gift... Are you sure about this? Thank you, Kurth.
???: Kurth! Where are you?
Almedha: I must go now.
Kurth: Please, remain safe.
Almedha: You as well.
Kurth: ...
Micaiah: Kurth?
Kurth: Micaiah. How nice to see you.
Micaiah: Kurth, I'm leaving for Terin. I know this is sudden. To tell the truth, I'm surprised too.
Kurth: I see. You are off to perform your first duties as a general of this "Liberation Army."
Micaiah: Yes.
Kurth: I abhor violence. I do not think you should fight.
Micaiah: Kurth, I'm not fighting because I enj--
Kurth: I know. I know you wish there were another way. And I understand that you feel this is what you must do to save your country.
Micaiah: ...
Kurth: Here, take this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Kurth: May it serve to protect you. Micaiah, I must leave you know. I am going home to my own country.
Micaiah: What? So suddenly?
Kurth: I'm sorry, Micaiah. Being so close to battle frightens me, to tell the truth. Thank you for rescuing me. And thank you for the short time we spent together. I enjoyed it immensely.
Micaiah: Will I ever see you again?
Kurth: Who knows? Why don't we... Yes. Let us leave it up to the goddess.
Micaiah: I suppose we must.

(You got a RenewalIs wii renewal scroll.png.)