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This page is about the Queen of Silesse. For the Yngvi noblewoman, see Lana.


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Lewyn (son)
Erinys (daughter-in-law*)
Ced (grandson*)
Fee (granddaughter*)




Queen of Silesse


I understand how you feel, but you must not hold grudges against people like that. Hate will bring you nothing.
— Rahna, to Sigurd

Rahna (Japanese: ラーナ Rahna) was the Queen of Silesse, reigning over the country following the death of her unnamed husband, the former king.


Rahna was a member of the Silesse royal family by marriage, and thus was not a descendant of Ced of the Twelve Crusaders.[1] With the king she had a single child, Lewyn, who ran away from Silesse to travel the world in Grann 757 as a result of the inheritance squabbles initiated by the king's younger brothers, Maios and Daccar.[2] Upon receiving word of the charges of treason alleged against Sigurd of Chalphy following the death of Kurth, Rahna offered Sigurd and his army asylum from the Grannvale army as they closed in on him in Agustria, sending Annand and a squad of Pegasus Knights to escort him to Silesse.[3]

For a short time afterward, Rahna gave Sigurd's group (including Lewyn) the use of the western Sailane Castle as a temporary home, all the while doing her best to help by sending letters to Grannvale's King Azmur trying to explain his innocence; none of these letters ever reached Azmur, likely intercepted by Reptor.[4] During this time, Maios and Daccar commenced the Silessean civil war with the support of Grannvale, launching their armies to claim Sailane and the capital. With the support of Andrey of Yngvi, Daccar's army seized Silesse Castle, holding Rahna as a hostage, but not before she successfully evacuated the capital's citizens. Sigurd's army successfully recaptured the capital and freed Rahna, before moving on to finish the battle with Daccar at Zaxon; at this point, Rahna entrusted the Book of Forseti to Lewyn. Following Daccar's defeat, Rahna learned of Lombard's impending army and their capture of Lubeck Castle, but nonetheless tried to convince Sigurd not to take the risk of a head-on confrontation. Sigurd opted to leave Silesse to confront Lombard, not wishing to risk dragging Silesse into the war.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Belhalla, when the Grannvale army conquered Silesse, Rahna died in the invasion.[5] She was succeeded by Erinys, Lewyn's wife.

Personality and character

While not of Ced descent, Rahna was a strong believer in and embodiment of the Crusader's principles, believing in peace and kindness above all else and seeing no value in hatred.[6] Even though she had never previously met Sigurd, she was confident in his innocence with respect to the charges of treason laid before him, and did her utmost to help his cause and provide for him in his exile in Silesse; Sigurd came to regard her as a mother figure in his life as a result.[7] She was selfless in many of her actions, personally ensuring the safety of Silesse Castle's citizens at the cost of her own freedom,[8] but was still hurt by Lewyn's abandonment of her and was cold to him for a time upon his return to Silesse.[2]

Other appearances

Genealogy of the Holy War Ōsawa manga adaptation

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Etymology and other languages

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Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Rahna.



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