Radiant Aether

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Radiant Aether

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Radiant Aether (Japanese: 蒼の天空 Blue Heavens) is a special skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes and is the personal skill of Ike in his Radiant Dawn and Valentine's Day incarnations. Radiant Aether allows the user's attack to bypass 50% of the target's Defense or Resistance, and heal the user for half of the damage dealt. Radiant Aether can be considered an even stronger variation of the Heroes iteration of Aether despite that skill not being a prerequisite, having an identical effect to Aether with a faster cooldown charge. Radiant Aether cannot be passed to other units through skill inheritance, making it exclusive to the Legendary Hero and Valentine's Day incarnations of Ike.


Game Icon Effect Rarity req. Cooldown SP cost Notes
Heroes Is feh skill special.png Treats the target as if it has a 50% penalty to defense and resistance during the strike, and restores (damage dealt / 2) HP to the user. 5★ 4 500 SP Cannot be inherited to other units.



Units Ike: Stalwart HeartIke: Vanguard Legend


  • This skill's connection to Ike stems from the fact that he is the first character to have Aether in the series.

Etymology and other languages

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Radiant Aether

Latin: sky, the heavens. Traditionally, "aether" or "ether" was a classical element defined as the substance of the universe beyond Earth - that is, space. The "Radiant" prefix most likely comes from Ike's title as the "Radiant Hero"



Blue Heavens


See also

  • Aether, the normal form of this skill.
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