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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Radd's paired base conversations.

Radd and Kris

First conversation

Kris: Radd, you used to be a mercenary from Warren, correct?
Radd: Yeah. I came with Caesar when he told me he accepted a job away from home. He's like a bro to me, so... I thought he'd appreciate it if I could help him, even a tiny bit!
Kris: You wanted to help Sir Caesar?
Radd: Yeah! I'd pull my load, earn some gold, and then... Oops, I nearly said too much.
Kris: Huh?
Radd: I almost forgot Caesar swore me to secrecy. So, I'm afraid I can't say any further.
Kris: I see, then I won't pry. However, I'll pray for your success.
Radd: Thanks. Kris, you're a nice guy/girl.

Second conversation

Radd: Hmm, hmmm...
(Kris appears)
Kris: Radd? What's wrong?
Radd: Hm? Oh, Kris? Nothing, it's just that I was reading a book Caesar recommended me earlier, but... doesn't make a lick of sense to me.
Kris: What book were you reading? ...Oh, this? I've read this book. The Fundamentals of Tactics. It's a good book.
Radd: Oh! How convenient. Then, please teach me all about it! It'd help if you could summarize the entire contents in a single phrase, if possible.
Kris: That wouldn't benefit you at all. This is the kind of book you need to read again and again, until you understand it. It's no use just asking others and pretending like you get it.
Radd: Bah. You sound just like Caesar. ...Why does it feel as though I've gotten yet another bro?

If Kris is male
Kris: That said, I'll teach you if there's any part you don't understand. Feel free to ask me anything.
If Kris is female
Kris: That said, I'll teach you if there's any part you don't understand. You can ask me anything.

Radd: Uh-huh, got it. I'll do my best and give it a shot! One page a day...

Third conversation

If Kris is male
Kris: Radd, what are you planning to do once this war reaches its conclusion?
If Kris is female
Kris: Say Radd, what are you planning to do once this war reaches its conclusion?

Radd: I'll return to Warren. By then, I should have saved up enough money.
Kris: I see. You refer to the secret from earlier.
Radd: Yeah... Hmmm... Well, I reckon it's alright to tell you, Kris. I want to buy medicine for Caesar's lil' sister.
Kris: ...Is she unwell?
Radd: Yes, and it's pretty serious. There's good medicine for her condition, but it's so expensive it's unreal. That's why I tagged along when Caesar said his next job took him far from home. Because Caesar's sister is like my sister.
Kris: So that was it...

If Kris is male
Kris: But, why keep it a secret?
If Kris is female
Kris: But why keep it a secret?

Radd: Caesar always told me. Fallible compassion and allies who try to take advantage of us... are things we must steer clear of. We're mercenaries, we can't afford trusting people. But Kris, you're special.
Kris: Radd...
Radd: Please don't tell anyone. I only told you because it's you.
Kris: Yes, got it. It'll be our secret.

Caesar and Radd

First conversation

Caesar: Did you like the book I lent you the other day, Radd? Was it informative?
Radd: Uhh... Y-yes! It sure was! I feel so much stronger already!
Caesar: ...You could just admit to me you hadn't read it. I won't get mad.
Radd: Ahahaha... sorry... The letters are too small... It's kind of hard to read.
Caesar: Your fencing style is self-taught. I'll admit that you're skilled, but it might cause you problems in the future. So... read, Radd. Read. You need to get some real instruction. You'll regret it later, if you don't.
Radd: I know that! I'm just... no good at book-learnin'. It just goes right out of my head as soon as I head into battle.
Caesar: Good heavens... That's because you feel your way through fights. If you could combine that with a little formal knowledge... Why, you'd be the strongest mercenary on the continent!
Radd: The strongest on the continent!? Who, m-me!?
Caesar: Yes, you. You've got a ton of potential in you, Radd.
Radd: Really!?
Caesar: I guarantee it.
Radd: ...Caesar! Can I borrow your book for a little longer!?
Caesar: Sure. If there's anything you don't understand, just ask.
Radd: Thanks!
(Radd leaves)
Caesar: ...That attitude of his... isn't going to change, is it?

Second conversation

Caesar: Radd, we have to talk.
Radd: Wha... What is it?
Caesar: What was that pathetic display of swordsmanship? Do that on a battlefield, and you'd be dead in seconds.
Radd: Ah, well, y'see... I'm feeling a little sick today.
Caesar: We mercenaries fight on the frontlines; our blades lashing out at the enemy. Do you really think that I'd let a poor excuse like that slide?
Radd: N-no! The truth is... I was testing out a style from that book.
Caesar: Book...? You mean the one I lent you?
Radd: Yeah. The minute I gave it a shot... I understood. I can't fight with those techniques. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get stronger learning like this, Caesar.
Caesar: I see... Actually, I was wondering if that wasn't the case, myself. Your strength lies in your instincts. You've got a very primal style. I suppose it'd be a problem if we tried to dilute it...
Radd: Got it. I'll have to work hard to get stronger, my own way.
Caesar: It's a pity. I really did think you'd be the strongest, if you learned how to fence properly...
Radd: There you go again. It can't be helped if I can't do it. Well, there goes that dream!
(Radd leaves)
Caesar: ...I wasn't lying, you know.

Third conversation

Radd: ......
Caesar: ...What? You've been staring at me for quite some time. Can't you see I'm reading?
Radd: ...You're incredible, Caesar.
Caesar: That's not sudden at all. You want something from me?
Radd: No, that's not it... You're always giving it your all, right? Doing your best to get stronger, I mean. Learning tactics from difficult books, sparring with all kinds of opponents, and learning new techniques...
Caesar: We're fighting in a war. I just want to raise my chances of survival, even by the tiniest amount. This army has many skilled warriors. There's a lot I can learn from them.
Radd: Guys like you are probably those "first-rate mercenaries" that everyone talks about.
Caesar: If that's how you feel, why not follow my example?
Radd: I just can't. This is the only way I can fight... Improvising my way out of the worst scrimmage. Caesar... Please don't ever leave me.
Caesar: What are you spouting now? Of course I won't leave you. ...Now shoo. You're distracting me.
Radd: Heh heh...
(Radd leaves)
Caesar: How can Radd even say things like that... His style's been improving each battle. I've got to be careful I don't fall behind him....