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Prologue III/Script

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Thus Prince Marth escaped Altea Castle with Sir Jagen and company at his side. However, this success would mean little to him once he learned the cost. The boy's woes were just beginning.

Before the battle

(just after crossing a bridge)

Marth: Cain, how are your wounds? You should rest.

Cain: These scratches? It's my pride you're wounding, sire. ...Anyway, we must talk. There's a reason I've returned. ...Sire, I am... I am to deliver to you His Majesty's last words.

Marth: Last words? You don't mean... Father...

Cain: My condolences, sire. The king died valiantly on the fields of Gra. The traitors took from him the divine blade Falchion and gave no quarter to those of our soldiers who remained...

Marth: I...I see... So they're all dead. Father, too...

Cain: His last words were as follows: “Tell my son that I leave the future of Altea and our continent in his hands. He must rise now where I have fallen. As Falchion's rightful heir, he has been born into greatness... Now...he must be great.”

Marth: ...Father. I will try...

Cain: ...Sire, I...I cannot bear this! Failing to protect His Majesty... then leaving my brothers to die, slinking away like some coward... This indignity is too much to bear! One day I will repay them in kind. I will avenge the fallen... I swear it!

Marth: Cain, you speak for us both. When that day comes, we will punish them together: Gra, Dolhr ...all of them!

(Jagen approaches)

Jagen: Sire! We ought to pay a visit to these homes outside the castle.

(a house is highlighted)

Jagen: Your countrymen love you; perhaps they have knowledge that may serve us.

During battle

(end of first player phase, survey of the battlefield)

Jagen: Look, sire. Not all of Gra's might harries the castle. They've left soldiers here outside.

Marth: Elice will have no place to escape... Let's seize that fort across the water. Perhaps we can quash enemy reinforcements at the source.


  • Villager: Just ‘cause you see an enemy over yonder doesn't mean you should go runnin' up to him like a fool! Lure one out, then take ‘im down! Then go on and lure out the next. That's how we did it when I was a lad!
  • Villager: Sir Jagen is a paladin: the champion of Altea! He may be old, but he's as strong as an ox. Still, you can't have a champion like him do everything; that's not fair to all your would-be future champions! Let your other units fight and gain experience, or you may find yourself in a real fix down the line.
  • Villager: Javelins and hand axes are versatile weapons that let you attack both up close and from a short distance away.
  • Villager: If you get hurt, rest a spell at a fort. A short stay there, and you'll be feeling hale as ever.
  • Villager: Weapons aren't indestructible, you know. They have limits! When a weapon's durability reaches 0, that's it: no more weapon. So be sure to keep an eye on those numbers.

(after crossing to southwestern part of the map, survey of northwestern part of the map)

Marth: Mages... That complicates things. They don't need to get as close to do us harm. We'll need to approach carefully.

After the battle

Marth: There. That ought to do for the enemy soldiers around here.

(Malledus approaches)

Marth: Malledus! Why aren't you with my sister? Did you leave her someplace safe?

Malledus: ...Princess Elice will not be joining us. She has elected to stay at the castle.

(Marth starts back toward the castle)

Malledus: Hold, sire! Where are you going?

Marth: Where do you think!

Malledus: Stop! Sire, consider for a moment why the princess would go so far as to lie to you to ensure your escape. Your sister knows that you are the future of Altea—nay the whole land!

Marth: ......!

(flashback to Cain's conversation earlier)

Cain: His last words were as follows: “Tell my son that I leave the future of Altea and our continent in his hands.”

(back to present)

Marth: I'm... our future...

Malledus: Sire... You must live. Drink deeply now of these injustices; sup on these slights they serve. Remember them! One day you will lead us back here to avenge the fallen and reclaim Altea in their names!

Marth: ...Then it seems my life is no longer mine to hazard.

Malledus: In your veins flows the blood of a hero—the blood of Anri. You are a son of House Archanea, and sole heir to Falchion—our only hope of defeating Medeus, emperor of Dolhr. Sire, wer't in my power, I would have you choose your own path...but I'm afraid your path has chosen you.

Marth: ......