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Prologue II/Script

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Before the battle

(inside the castle gates)

Frey: Sire!
Marth: ...Frey! Abel! You're alive!
Abel: Yes, sire. Princess Elice bade us protect you. Sir Malledus stayed behind to accompany her.
Frey: Sire, we must be quick. Sir Jagen awaits us at the gates.

(enemies appear)

Abel: Blast! This won't do. How did Gra's soldiers ever make it this far?
Marth: Jagen and the others will be caught like mice... We need to seize the gates and secure the area, immediately.

During battle

(end of first player turn)

Soldier: Now who's that who thinks they can sneak up on us? Ho ho... What's this? I spy the Altean prince. Oi, listen up, you lot! Bag the prince! Dead or alive, he'll fetch us as sweet a reward as the mind can conjure!

(end of first enemy turn)

Marth: Hmm, they have archers... We need to take care they don't pick us off from afar.

After the battle

(Jagen appears)

Jagen: Sire, it gladdens me to see you in one piece. It's not safe for you here; we must be away at once!

(Cain appears)

Cain: Prince Marth! Where are you? Answer me, sire!

Marth: Cain? ...That's Cain!

(Cain approaches)

Marth: Cain, you're supposed to be in Gra! Why have you returned without— Yow! Those wounds...!

Cain: Sire, it's really you... I feared the worst. That his message... would go...undeliv... Agh...

Marth: In that state, I don't know how you even stayed ahorse. Those gashes need to be treated at once—

Jagen: No, sire. Not until we've escaped. ...Cain, I trust you can put off bleeding to death for just a while longer?

Cain: Of course, sir... I am to please...

(in the throne room, Malledus enters)

Malledus: Princess Elice! The enemy is nearly upon us! Gather your things, quickly!

Elice: No, Malledus. I am staying here.

Malledus: S-staying here?! What madness is this?

Elice: Too many people have died to keep Altea and its castle safe. I cannot abandon what so many lives have bought. With Father and Mother unaccounted for, I am the natural choice to remain with Altea's people. And besides, by staying, I can buy time for the rest of you to escape.

Malledus: Nonsense. Just gather your things, and—

Elice: Malledus. I am not suggesting. I am commanding. If something befalls Father, Marth will become the last person in the entire world worthy of wielding Falchion. I want you to guide him, Malledus—even when the rest of us no longer can.

Malledus: Princess... I will try my best.

Elice: There's not much time. Go, Malledus. ...Go!

(Malledus leaves)