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Prisoner Release/Conversations

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Ike: ...
Soldier: You there! Beorc! What do you think you're doing?
Ike: I was trying to get back to my room, but I've lost my way. Can you tell me which way I need to go?
Soldier: It's this way. Follow me. Hey! Not so close! Walk behind me.
Ike: What?
Soldier: Er... Pardon me. The king has ordered us to treat beorc with kindness, but... It will...take some time. It is difficult to fight that instinct. Perhaps some memory of the slavery our forefathers suffered at beorc hands flows in our blood.
Ike: I understand. I'll keep my distance.
Soldier: Very well... Let's go.
Ike: All right.


Marcia: And so we put this guy right here, and this dealy-bobber goes there... and we're finished!
Ike: Packing, huh? Want some help?
Marcia: Do I want some...? Pfff! You're a hoot, handsome! I'm already done!
Ike: You're more skillful at this than I would've imagined. Or is it that Mist is woefully inept?
Marcia: Aw, the Begnion pegasus knights were always moving around, so I learned to pack quickly. They used to train us on it all the time... Go here... Pack this... Fun stuff!
Ike: Is that so? I can see that you have a strong sense of duty. Quitting the Begnion pegasus knights to join us must seem...
Marcia: What are you saying? I'm a burden now?
Ike: I'm very grateful you're here. As I told you before, we're short on personnel.
Marcia: Oh. Good then! And I'm happy to be here! Um...say, Ike? You don't need to worry about me quitting the Begnion service. My decision wasn't based solely on my desire to repay you...
Ike: You had other reasons?
Marcia: Yes. I...I'm also searching for my missing brother. He may be a dolt and a scoundrel, but he's all the family I have in this world. Remember when you found me? When we were fighting the pirates? Well, I was trying to track him down. But every time I go looking for him, I end up in some dangerous situation with ugly boat monkeys trying to kill me.
Ike: Heh. So that's why you decided to join us, is it? I can understand that.
Marcia: So, are you sorry you asked?
Ike: Not at all. The important thing is finding your brother as quickly as possible, right?
Marcia: That's the plan!


Lethe: ...
Ike: You seem...depressed.
Lethe: Look at who I'm trapped with! Of course I am depressed... And keep your worthless observations to yourself. All of you are so slow... I can't believe you're still not ready.
Ike: Sorry about that. I f we were like you and didn't need to carry anything, it would be easier, but... We have weapons and things to get ready.
Lethe: Weapons of steel are a human weakness. Without them, you cannot fight properly.
Ike: But...Lethe, you're carrying a dagger, aren't you? In the scabbard on your leg?
Lethe: not for fighting.
Ike: Then what's it for?
Lethe: I use it to remove small bones from meat. It can also cut fruit into bite-sized pieces. It has proven quite useful.
Ike: Hmm...
Lethe: What? If you've got something to say, spit it out!
Ike: You despise beorc, but you don't mind beorc-crafted tools?
Lethe: If something's good, it's good. Denying something's obvious worth out of petty spite is foolish. It's not that I... I do not despise everything beorc. If every beorc could get along with us as well as you do, I'm certain...
Ike: Lethe?
Lethe: This is a ridiculous conversation! I'm leaving now.
Ike: ...