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Port Warren/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Caesar: Prince Marth, we are mercenaries hired to protect Port Warren. Grust has gathered its forces in the northern fortresses. They have put the port to siege. It's very dangerous here. But there is a castle to the east that looks a bit safer. We should make it our target. Let's head out there together without delay!

Houses and Villages


  • Woman: Many foes wait inside the fortresses, ready to enter the battle. Block them so they can't get out!
  • Woman: I've heard tell that a princess of Macedon is being held captive in Castle Deil. Macedon and Dolhr are supposed to be allies! I wonder what happened…

Roger initiates a battle

Roger: I don't want to fight. But I've got orders to stop you right here! I am sorry.

Recruiting Roger

Caeda: Hello there. I am Caeda of Talys, and I come in peace.
Roger: Ack! You caught me off guard, calling out like that… What do you want?
Caeda: I have a question for you. Do you believe in love? Is there someone that matters to you?
Roger: Wh-What? What kind of question is that?
Caeda: I apologize. You look very kind, and I thought we might have a chat. Would you mind telling me your name?
Roger: Er, well… The name's Roger. Roger of Grust.
Caeda: Roger, I want you to think about something… Those who cry because of war. We in the Archanean League wish to put an end to fighting, to this sadness. Surely you can understand this.
Roger: Of course I do. I don't fight because I enjoy it… But I can't betray my homeland.
Caeda: Is there someone precious to you in Grust?
Roger: My parents have passed on, and I am unmarried… But betraying my homeland is out of the question!
Caeda: So what I ask is impossible?
Roger: I am sorry to say so, but yes.
Caeda: And I am sorry to hear it. I do understand. Still, I was glad to speak. You are the man I expected.
Roger: Oh, you're leaving, then…
Caeda: I must. If I stay with you too long, your comrades might think you a turncoat.
Roger: You are too kind… Why can't I meet someone like you in Grust? Hey… Wait a moment. I… I don't want you to leave. I am on my own, so…I will join you.


Malledus: Prince, if we stay here, we'd be putting ourselves in danger. We must head to Pyrathi with haste. There are rumors that the Pyrathi king, Mannu, is a descendant of the dragonkin, however. This is also reason for concern. But we have no choice. Please, be cautious.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe12 menu background 01.png

The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Because of General Minerva's sudden retreat, the allied army was able to enter the Archanean region safely. To allow the soldiers to rest, they stopped at the famous merchant and of Warren. This town had paid lots of gold to the Empire so that they could freely rule, and were friendly to the allied army. At this town, surrounded by the sea and mountains and protected by many mercenaries, the soldiers were happy to get a much needed rest. ...But, as if to mock their feelings, news of an enemy ambush suddenly comes.
— Chapter 7 Intro


Caesar: Prince Marth, we are mercenaries guarding Warren town. The Grustian knights have gathered from the western forts and have us completely surrounded. Right now, we are in a very dangerous situation. Luckily, the eastern castle is weakly guarded, so we should be able to subdue it easily. We will also aid you. Please hurry and escape to the eastern castle.


  • Man: To defeat dragons, you must use a Wyrmslayer sword.
  • Young man: In the coliseum, you will be rewarded with gold and experience if you win. But if you die, you lose your life. If you want to enter, you should be mentally prepared.
  • Man: In the forts, there are many enemies making preparations for battle. It's best to take control of them before reinforcements start appearing.
  • Woman: It seems the princess of Macedon is being held captive at Deil castle. If Macedon and the Empire are allies, why are they doing this?

Fighting Kannival

Kannival: Yo-you. Why are you here...? Damn... I'll finish you!

Killing Kannival

Kannival: Glory to Grust... Urgh.


(Catria flies in from the south)
Catria: Prince Marth, I am Catria of Macedon's Whitewings. I've actually arrived in secret to request for help from your highness. Our Princess Minerva is preparing to rebel against the Dolhr Empire. But because her younger sister, Maria, is still in Dolhr's grasp, she has been unable to act. Please rescue Princess Maria.
(Catria flies away)

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


The League had reached Archanean soil, so Marth gave himself leave to recuperate in Port Warren, a harbor town known for commerce. Coin alone kept the town free and they paid Dolhr dearly in taxes to preserve their autonomy. Naturally, then, theirs was a warm welcome when the Archanean League arrived.

Marth's soldiers were glad to rest there, nestled between mountain and sea, but their joy was spoiled by news that the enemy was fast approaching- as harsh an awakening as a rock beneath the pillow.

— Chapter 8 intro

During battle

Caesar: Prince Marth, I am Caesar, and this is Radd. We are hired swords in the service of Port Warren. Grust has gathered its knights by the fortresses to the north. It's dangerous for you to stay here. Thankfully, the eastern castle has been left almost entirely unguarded; that's the place to strike. Please be careful, sire. We'll be fighting with you all the way.

Houses and villages

  • Old Woman: They say a princess of Macedon is being held captive inside Castle Deil. That's odd, don't you think? Why would Dolhr imprison their own ally?
  • Young Man: I saw loads of enemy soldiers up by the northern fortresses! They'll be pouring out of the gates any minute now. You'd better send someone to bar the exits before they do!

When Recruiting Roger

Caeda: Good day, sir.

Roger: Ack!

Caeda: Peace, I've no wish to fight you. My name is Caeda. I hail from Talys.

Roger: Wh-what are you talking to me for?! This is a battlefield!

Caeda: Might I trouble you by asking your name, good sir?

Roger: M-my name? That's- It's Roger... Why?

Caeda: Hee hee, forgive me, Roger, it's just you looked sweet and kind. I just had to stop and talk to you. Tell me: do you believe in love? Oh, listen to me. I'm sure you already have a sweetheart back in Grust.

Roger: What?! No, no! I... mean, er, I'm quite unattached at the moment.

Caeda: Roger, think of the children- the poor women and children who shed tears every day this war drags on. I joined the Archanean League to put an end to it, but I just...just...*Sniff* Oh, Roger, doesn't it break your heart?

Roger: Aye, miss. There, there. I, too, wish nothing more than for this needless war to end.

Caeda: Then...would you consider fighting with us to end it?

Roger: What? Oh heavens, no... I'm sorry, but I could never betray my kingdom.

Caeda: Ah, yes, I see. You must have family back in Grust who are counting on you.

Roger: No, not especially. My parents are dead, and it's not as if I've a girl to call my own. But Grust is my home- always has been. I won't betray her.

Caeda: And I cannot convince you to change your mind?

Roger: I'm afraid not, miss.

Caeda: All right, sorry to bother you. But I'm glad we had this chance to talk, Roger. You're every bit the man I thought you were. Goodbye, then...

Roger: Wait- you're leaving?!

Caeda: Well, yes, Roger, I must! Every moment I stay here, I put you at risk. What if your comrades thought you were conspiring with the enemy? No, I must go...

Roger: ...You're very kind, Caeda. Dare I say, we don't have girls quite like you back in Grust. Um, perhaps...I suppose I could...Aw, heck, I'm going with you

Conversation: Marth and Roger

Roger: Prince Marth? I'm Roger, a Grustian soldier. Well, at least I was. I'm through fighting against you. Let me join your League.

Marth: Well, certainly. We need all the strong allies we can get. But why the sudden change of heart?

Roger: Well, er... There's this fetching girl named Caeda who asked me to, and, uh... What can I say? I think I'm in love. Try saying no to a girl who comes racing up to you in the heat of battle just to ask if you believe in love! Whew! I must've turned red as a strawberry! Heh heh...

Marth: ......

If Roger is engaged in battle before recruitment

Roger: I bear you no ill will, but what can I say? A war's a war.

Against Kannival

Kannival: W-what are you doing all the way out here? Blast, I'm finished...!

Defeating Kannival

Kannival:! Nngff...


Malledus: Sire, it's too dangerous to stay here. We must flee to Pyrathi. There are risks there, too- the Pyrathi king Mannu is said to be a descendant of the dragonkin, a Manakete. Still, we've no other recourse. We'll just have to take our chances... Keep your wits about you, sire.