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Personal weapons/Fire Emblem Heroes

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Weapon Weapon type Wielder
Falchion (Archanean) Swords Sword Marth: Altean Prince
Exalted Falchion Swords Sword Marth: Hero-King
Genesis Falchion Swords Sword Marth: Prince of Light
Falchion (Ylissean) Swords Sword Chrom: Exalted Prince, Lucina: Future Witness, Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Sealed Falchion Swords Sword Chrom: Knight Exalt, Chrom: Exalted Prince, Lucina: Future Witness, Marth: Enigmatic Blade
Falchion (Valentian) Swords Sword Alm: Hero of Prophecy
Dracofalchion Swords Sword Alm: Imperial Ascent
Mirage Falchion Swords Sword Itsuki: Finding a Path
Wing Sword Swords Sword Caeda: Talys's Heart
Gladiator's Blade Swords Sword Ogma: Loyal Blade
Scarlet Sword Swords Sword Navarre: Scarlet Sword
Whitewing Blade Swords Sword Palla: Eldest Whitewing
Bull Blade Swords Sword Cain: The Bull
Rowdy Sword Swords Sword Luke: Rowdy Squire
Rapier Swords Sword Phina: Roving Dancer, Marth: Legacied Hero
Brilliant Rapier Swords Sword Marth: Legacied Hero
Concealed Blade Swords Sword Athena: Borderland Sword
Feather Sword Swords Sword Caeda: Princess of Talys
Stalwart Sword Swords Sword Draug: Gentle Giant
Blade of Shadow Swords Sword Kris: Unknown Hero
Spendy Scimitar Swords Sword Malice: Deft Sellsword
Hero-King Sword Swords Sword Marth: Of Beginnings
Beloved Zofia Swords Sword Celica: Imprisoned Soul
Royal Sword Swords Sword Celica: Warrior Priestess
Golden Dagger Swords Sword Saber: Driven Mercenary
Astra Blade Swords Sword Catria: Mild Middle Sister
Laid-Back Blade Swords Sword Gray: Wry Comrade
Jubilant Blade Swords Sword Tobin: The Clueless One
Ladyblade Swords Sword Palla: Kind Eldest Sister
Divine Tyrfing Swords Sword Sigurd: Holy Knight, Seliph: Heir of Light
Tyrfing Swords Sword Seliph: Heir of Light
Virtuous Tyrfing Swords Sword Seliph: Scion of Light
Hallowed Tyrfing Swords Sword Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight
Holytide Tyrfing Swords Sword Seliph: Enduring Legacy
Ayra's Blade Swords Sword Ayra: Astra's Wielder
Mystletainn Swords Sword Eldigan: Lionheart
Dark Mystletainn Swords Sword Eldigan: Lionheart, Ares: Black Knight
Balmung Swords Sword Shannan: Wielder of Astra
Larcei's Edge Swords Sword Larcei: Keen Kin
Dark Mystletainn Swords Sword Eldigan: Lionheart, Ares: Black Knight
Arden's Blade Swords Sword Arden: Strong and Tough
Light Brand Swords Sword Leif: Prince of Leonster
Meisterschwert Swords Sword Reinhardt: Thunder's Sword
Shadow Sword Swords Sword Mareeta: The Blade's Pawn
Mareeta's Sword Swords Sword Mareeta: Sword of Stars
Venin Edge Swords Sword Kempf: Conniving General
Ascending Blade Swords Sword Mareeta: Astra Awakened
Lands Sword Swords Sword Nanna: Beloved Princess
Freeblade's Edge Swords Sword Eyvel: Mistress of Fiana
Binding Blade Swords Sword Roy: Young Lion
Dragonbind Swords Sword Roy: Blazing Lion
Nameless Blade Swords Sword Fir: Sword Student, Karel: Sword Demon
Wanderer Blade Swords Sword Rutger: Lone Swordsman
Vassal-Saint Steel Swords Sword Fir: Swordmaiden
Blade of Sands Swords Sword Juno: Nimble Grace
Durandal Swords Sword Eliwood: Knight of Lycia
Blazing Durandal Swords Sword Roy: Brave Lion, Eliwood: Knight of Lycia
Ardent Durandal Swords Sword Eliwood: Blazing Knight
Eckesachs Swords Sword Zephiel: The Liberator
Regal Blade Swords Sword Lloyd: White Wolf
Sol Katti Swords Sword Lyn: Lady of the Plains
Vassal's Blade Swords Sword Karla: Sword Vassal
Conjurer Curios Swords Sword Hector: Dressed-Up Duo
Fiery War Sword Swords Sword Eliwood: Pledged Friend
Troubling Blade Swords Sword Harken: Troubled Warrior
Dead-Wolf Blade Swords Sword Lloyd: Vengeful Wolf
Sieglinde Swords Sword Eirika: Restoration Lady
Storm Sieglinde Swords Sword Eirika: Graceful Resolve
Audhulma Swords Sword Joshua: Tempest King
Silverbrand Swords Sword Seth: Silver Knight
Shamshir Swords Sword Marisa: Crimson Flash
Blade of Renais Swords Sword Eirika: Twin Refulgence
Frelian Blade Swords Sword Syrene: Graceful Rider
Ragnell Swords Sword Ike: Young Mercenary, Ike: Vanguard Legend
Chaos Ragnell Swords Sword Ike: Zeal Unleashed
Ancient Ragnell Swords Sword Priam: Radiant Hero
Emblem Ragnell Swords Sword Ike: Of Radiance
Alondite Swords Sword Black Knight: Sinister General, Zelgius: Jet-Black General
Ragnell·Alondite Swords Sword Altina: Dawn's Trueblade, Altina: Cross-Time Duo
Amiti Swords Sword Elincia: Lost Princess
Absolute Amiti Swords Sword Elincia: Undaunted Queen
Resolute Blade Swords Sword Mia: Lady of Blades
Gurgurant Swords Sword Ashnard: Mad King
Sharp War Sword Swords Sword Mia: Budding Blade
Sturdy War Sword Swords Sword Ike: Close-Knit Siblings
Queensblade Swords Sword Lucia: Tireless Advisor
Caladbolg Swords Sword Edward: Blade of Justice
Solitary Blade Swords Sword Lon'qu: Solitary Blade
Skuld Swords Sword Olivia: Sky-High Dancer
Missiletainn Swords Sword Owain: Chosen One
Panther Sword Swords Sword Stahl: Viridian Knight
Amatsu Swords Sword Say'ri: Chon'sin's Blade
Carnage Amatsu Swords Sword Yen'fay: Blade Legend
Lioness Blade Swords Sword Flavia: Feroxi East-Khan
Blade of Favors Swords Sword Gregor: Swell Sword
Deliverer's Brand Swords Sword Robin: Exalt's Deliverer
Striving Sword Swords Sword Severa: Secret Dreamer
Yato Swords Sword Corrin: Fateful Prince
Raijinto Swords Sword Ryoma: Peerless Samurai, Ryoma: Supreme Samurai
Siegfried Swords Sword Xander: Paragon Knight
Dark Greatsword Swords Sword Siegbert: Future King
Hinata's Katana Swords Sword Hinata: Wild Samurai
Hana's Katana Swords Sword Hana: Focused Samurai
Selena's Blade Swords Sword Selena: Cutting Wit
Laslow's Blade Swords Sword Laslow: Dancing Duelist
Soleil's Shine Swords Sword Soleil: Adorable Adorer
Creator Sword Swords Sword Byleth: Proven Professor
Dark Creator S Swords Sword Nemesis: King of Liberation
Thunderbrand Swords Sword Catherine: Thunder Knight
Regal Sunshade Swords Sword Edelgard: Sun Empresses
Crimson Blades Swords Sword Shez: Rising Mercenary
Warrior's Sword Swords Sword Holst: Hero of Leicester
Lone Wolf Swords Sword Felix: Lone-Wolf Blade
Captain's Sword Swords Sword Byleth: Vengeance Vessel
Surfer's Spire Swords Sword Shez: Mercenary Shine
Holy Yule Blade Swords Sword Byleth: Frosty Professors
Libération Swords Sword Alear: Dragon Child, Alear: Dragon Youth
Monarch Blade Swords Sword Lumera: Dragon Monarch
Fair-Fight Blade Swords Sword Diamant: Rising Power
Wildflower Edge Swords Sword Lapis: Mighty Bride
Fólkvangr Swords Sword Alfonse: Prince of Askr, ???: Near and Dear
Laevatein Swords Sword Laevatein: Searing Steel
Níu Swords Sword Laegjarn: Sheathed Steel
Gjöll Swords Sword Hríd: Icy Blade
Sökkvabekkr Swords Sword Líf: Lethal Swordsman
Hikami Swords Sword Gunnthrá: Year's First Dream
Flower of Ease Swords Sword Mirabilis: Daydream
Lyngheiðr Swords Sword Reginn: Bearing Hope
Ice-Bound Brand Swords Sword Fjorm: Seaside Thaw
Fujin Uchiwa Swords Sword Dagr: Bluster Princess
Flower of Tribute Swords Sword Triandra: Reverent Dream
Imhullu Red tomes Red tome Gharnef: Dark Pontifex
Celestial Globe Red tomes Red tome Linde: Bound by Fate
Brilliant Starlight Red tomes Red tome Gotoh: White Sage
Lightburst Tome Red tomes Red tome Arlen: Mage of Khadein
Ragnarok Red tomes Red tome Celica: Caring Princess
Valflame Red tomes Red tome Arvis: Emperor of Flame
Loptous Red tomes Red tome Julius: Scion of Darkness
Mögþrasir Red tomes Red tome Ishtar: Thunder's Waltz
Dark Scripture Red tomes Red tome Julia: Heart Usurped
Gilt Goblet Red tomes Red tome Sigurd: Destined Duo
Sparking Tome Red tomes Red tome Azelle: Youthful Flame
Petrify Red tomes Red tome Veld: Manfroy's Rock
Forblaze Red tomes Red tome Lilina: Delightful Noble
Studied Forblaze Red tomes Red tome Lilina: Firelight Leader
Eternal Tome Red tomes Red tome Sophia: Nabata Prophet
Hermit's Tome Red tomes Red tome Raigh: Dark Child
Sell-Spell Tome Red tomes Red tome Hugh: Worldly Mage
Dragon Bouquet Red tomes Red tome Sophia: Prescient Bride
Ancient Codex Red tomes Red tome Canas: Wisdom Seeker
Child's Compass Red tomes Red tome Nino: Spirited Sorcerer
Gleipnir Red tomes Red tome Eirika: Anamnesis Lady
Fruit of Iðunn Red tomes Red tome Tana: Noble and Nimble
Naglfar Red tomes Red tome Lyon: Shadow Prince
Pupil's Tome Red tomes Red tome Ewan: Eager Student
Dawn Suzu Red tomes Red tome Micaiah: Summer's Dawn
Cymbeline Red tomes Red tome Sanaki: Begnion's Apostle
Radiant Scrolls Red tomes Red tome Sanaki: Dawnsworn Ninja
Reese's Tome Red tomes Red tome Katarina: Wayward One
Grimoire Red tomes Red tome Nowi: Eternal Witch
Múspell Fireposy Red tomes Red tome Tharja: Obsessive Bride
Tharja's Hex Red tomes Red tome Tharja: Dark Shadow
Grima's Truth Red tomes Red tome Morgan: Lad from Afar
Aversa's Night Red tomes Red tome Aversa: Dark One
Corvus Tome Red tomes Red tome Henry: Twisted Mind
Gullinkambi Egg Red tomes Red tome Severa: Bitter Blossom
Tome of Despair Red tomes Red tome Morgan: Fated Darkness
Grimleal Text Red tomes Red tome Validar: Fell Architect
Fell War Tome Red tomes Red tome Robin: Fated Vessel
Brynhildr Red tomes Red tome Leo: Sorcerous Prince
Book of Dreams Red tomes Red tome Camilla: Flower of Fantasy
Iago's Tome Red tomes Red tome Iago: Nohr's Tactician
Ginnungagap Red tomes Red tome Nyx: Rulebreaker Mage
Flowery Scroll Red tomes Red tome Camilla: Midnight Bloom
Hades Ω Red tomes Red tome Lysithea: Child Prodigy
Sun's Percussors Red tomes Red tome Byleth: Fell Star's Duo
Dark Spikes T Red tomes Red tome Lysithea: Earnest Seeker
Fell Candelabra Red tomes Red tome Dorothea: Twilit Harmony
Banshee Θ Red tomes Red tome Solon: Church Shadow
Agnea's Arrow Red tomes Red tome Constance: Fallen Noble
Retainer's Report Red tomes Red tome Hubert: Sinister Servant
Sevenfold Gifts Red tomes Red tome Dorothea: Yuletide Dancer
Packleader Tome Red tomes Red tome Zephia: Scheming Dragon
Mirage Rod Red tomes Red tome Kiria: Cool Façade
Flower of Plenty Red tomes Red tome Plumeria: Lewd Dream
Þjálfi Red tomes Red tome Líf: Undying Ties Duo
Enclosing Dark Red tomes Red tome Veronica: Princess Beset (red tome cavalier), Veronica: Princess Rising
Kvasir Red tomes Red tome Kvasir: Seer of the Past (enemy)
Incipit Kvasir Red tomes Red tome Kvasir: Seer of the Past (playable)
Sky-Hopper Egg Red tomes Red tome Chloé: Spring Wings
Golden Sunlight Red tomes Red tome Gullveig: Glittering Sunlight
Coyote's Lance Lances Lance Hardin: The Coyote
Gradivus Lances Lance Camus: Sable Knight, Hardin: Dark Emperor
Moon Gradivus Lances Lance Dimitri: King of Faerghus
Holy Gradivus Lances Lance Zeke: Past Unknown
Whitewing Lance Lances Lance Catria: Middle Whitewing
Whitewing Spear Lances Lance Est: Junior Whitewing
Panther Lance Lances Lance Abel: The Panther
Steady Lance Lances Lance Roderick: Steady Squire
Sable Lance Lances Lance Sirius: Mysterious Knight
Veteran Lance Lances Lance Jagen: Veteran Knight
Whitedown Spear Lances Lance Palla: Sisterly Trio
Spear of Shadow Lances Lance Kris: Unsung Hero
Wing-Lifted Spear Lances Lance Caeda: Beloved Queen
Pure-Wing Spear Lances Lance Caeda: Marth's Faithful
Rhomphaia Lances Lance Clair: Highborn Flier
Daybreak Lance Lances Lance Lukas: Sharp Soldier
Kriemhild Lances Lance Berkut: Purgatorial Prince
Verðandi Lances Lance Berkut: Debonair Noble
Sol Lance Lances Lance Forsyth: Loyal Lieutenant
Knightly Lance Lances Lance Mathilda: Legendary Knight
Lordly Lance Lances Lance Clive: Idealistic Knight
Thorn Lance Lances Lance Rudolf: Emperor of Rigel
Dark Royal Spear Lances Lance Berkut: Prideful Prince
Tri-Edge Lance Lances Lance Est: Sweet Baby Sis
Masked Lance Lances Lance Conrad: Masked Knight
Valbar's Lance Lances Lance Valbar: Open and Honest
Worldly Lance Lances Lance Mycen: Zofia's Champion
Gáe Bolg Lances Lance Quan: Luminous Lancer
Earthly Gáe Bolg Lances Lance Altena: Luminous Rider
Silesse Frost Lances Lance Erinys: Earnest Knight
Thracia Kinglance Lances Lance Travant: King of Thracia
Heired Gungnir Lances Lance Arion: Gungnir's Heir
Loyalty Spear Lances Lance Finn: Lance of Legend
Shanna's Lance Lances Lance Shanna: Sprightly Flier
Prized Lance Lances Lance Perceval: Knightly Ideal
Weighted Lance Lances Lance Gwendolyn: Adorable Knight
Ilian Merc Lance Lances Lance Noah: Mercenary-Errant
Wyvern Lance Lances Lance Galle: Azure Rider
Maltet Lances Lance Hector: Brave Warrior
Icy Maltet Lances Lance Thea: Stormy Flier
Florina's Lance Lances Lance Florina: Lovely Flier
Ninis's Ice Lance Lances Lance Eliwood: Marquess Pherae
Hotshot Lance Lances Lance Farina: The Great Wing
Dryblade Lance Lances Lance Karla: Sun-Piercing Steel
Jolly Jade Lance Lances Lance Sain: Green Lance
Firelight Lance Lances Lance Lyn: Blazing Whirlwind
Guarding Lance Lances Lance Isadora: Escort of Pherae
Airborne Spear Lances Lance Fiora: Airborne Warrior
Siegmund Lances Lance Ephraim: Restoration Lord
Flame Siegmund Lances Lance Ephraim: Restoration Lord, Ephraim: Legendary Lord
Festive Siegmund Lances Lance Ephraim: Sparkling Gallantly
Vidofnir Lances Lance Tana: Winged Princess
Cursed Lance Lances Lance Valter: Dark Moonstone
Reginleif Lances Lance Ephraim: Dynastic Duo
Binding Reginleif Lances Lance Eirika: Pledged Restorer
Obsidian Lance Lances Lance Duessel: Obsidian
Lance of Frelia Lances Lance Tana: Frelian Starlight
Bereft Lance Lances Lance Orson: Passion's Folly
Frelian Lance Lances Lance Gilliam: Wall of Silence
Revenger Lance Lances Lance Cormag: Aloof Lanceman
Righteous Lance Lances Lance Ephraim: Ardent Prince
Dauntless Lance Lances Lance Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier
Loyal Greatlance Lances Lance Oscar: Agile Horseman
Flame Lance Lances Lance Petrine: Icy Flame-Lancer
Command Lance Lances Lance Sigrun: Loyal Protector
Queenslance Lances Lance Geoffrey: Realm's Protector
Scarlet Spear Lances Lance Zelgius: Ninja Knight
Geirskögul Lances Lance Lucina: Brave Princess
Bull Spear Lances Lance Sully: Crimson Knight
Cordelia's Lance Lances Lance Cordelia: Knight Paragon
Hewn Lance Lances Lance Donnel: Village Hero
Apotheosis Spear Lances Lance Anna: Secret Seller
Flower Lance Lances Lance Sumia: Maid of Flowers
Heartbeat Lance Lances Lance Kjelle: Fair Fighter
Geirdriful Lances Lance Chrom: Fated Honor
Lance of Heroics Lances Lance Cynthia: Hero Chaser
Inseverable Spear Lances Lance Cordelia: Unyielding Snow
Chon'sin Sprig Lances Lance Say'ri: Righteous Bride
Hinoka's Spear Lances Lance Hinoka: Warrior Princess
Bright Naginata Lances Lance Shiro: Raw Talent
Oboro's Spear Lances Lance Oboro: Fierce Fighter
Peri's Lance Lances Lance Peri: Playful Slayer
Golden Naginata Lances Lance Subaki: Perfect Expert
Effie's Lance Lances Lance Effie: Army of One
Sworn Lance Lances Lance Silas: Loyal Knight
Azure Lance Lances Lance Shigure: Uplifting Artist
Prodigy Polearm Lances Lance Caeldori: Perfect Angel
Forager Lance Lances Lance Mozu: Tragic Start
Noble Lance Lances Lance Dimitri: The Protector
Scythe of Sariel Lances Lance Death Knight: The Reaper
Starpoint Lance Lances Lance Ingrid: Solstice Knight
Spear of Assal Lances Lance Seteth: Seiros Adherent
Areadbhar Lances Lance Dimitri: Savior King
Lúin Lances Lance Ingrid: Galatea's Heir
Vengeful Lance Lances Lance Dimitri: Savage Boar
Divine Sea Spear Lances Lance Ashe: Fabled Sea Knight
Breaker Lance Lances Lance Jeralt: Blade Breaker
Surfer's Spade Lances Lance Shez: Mercenary Shade
Black Yule Lance Lances Lance Edelgard: Snowfall Future
Stoutheart Lance Lances Lance Ferdinand: Noblest of Nobles
Flingster Spear Lances Lance Sylvain: Spring Flingster
Dreaming Spear Lances Lance Chloé: Fairy-Tale Flier
Inspirited Spear Lances Lance Timerra: Trick or Meat
Penitent Lance Lances Lance Mauvier: Penitent Knight
Diva-Pair Parasol Lances Lance Goldmary: Coy Beach Divas
Mirage Feather Lances Lance Tsubasa: Madcap Idol
Fensalir Lances Lance Sharena: Princess of Askr
Leiptr Lances Lance Fjorm: Princess of Ice
Hreiðmarr Lances Lance Fáfnir: King of Desolation (lance cavalier)
Hrímfaxi Lances Lance Nótt: Moon's Elegance
Sea-Sear Lance Lances Lance Surtr: Pirate of Red Sky
United Bouquet Lances Lance Sharena: Pillars of Peace
Prince's Lance Lances Lance Hríd: Island Ice Prince
Aura Blue tomes Blue tome Linde: Light Mage
Huginn's Egg Blue tomes Blue tome Catria: Spring Whitewing
Eagle's Egg Blue tomes Blue tome Est: Springtime Flier
Fell Flambeau Blue tomes Blue tome Katarina: Torchlit Wanderer
Sagittae Blue tomes Blue tome Kliff: Curious Spirit
Dark Aura Blue tomes Blue tome Delthea: Free Spirit, Linde: Light Mage
Death Blue tomes Blue tome Delthea: Tatarrah's Puppet
Book of Orchids Blue tomes Blue tome Mae: Bundle of Energy
Bright-Shell Egg Blue tomes Blue tome Delthea: Prodigy in Bloom
Caring Magic Blue tomes Blue tome Celica: Of Echoes
Mjölnir Blue tomes Blue tome Ishtar: Goddess of Thunder
Thunder's Mjölnir Blue tomes Blue tome Ishtar: Echoing Thunder
Tome of Thoron Blue tomes Blue tome Tailtiu: Thunder Noble
Virtuous Naga Blue tomes Blue tome Julia: Crusader of Light
Spirit Forest Writ Blue tomes Blue tome Deirdre: Fated Saint
Knightly Manner Blue tomes Blue tome Sigurd: Proper Pourer
Dire Thunder Blue tomes Blue tome Reinhardt: Thunder's Fist, Olwen: Blue Mage Knight
Wargod's Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Saias: Bishop of Flame
Fimbulvetr Blue tomes Blue tome Brunnya: Devoted General
Aureola Blue tomes Blue tome Guinivere: Princess of Bern
Radiant Aureola Blue tomes Blue tome Guinivere: Queen of Bern
True-Love Roses Blue tomes Blue tome Lilina: Beaming Bride
Blue-Crow Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Ursula: Blue Crow
Total War Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Mark: Winds of Hope
Dead-Crow Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Ursula: Blackened Crow
Weirding Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Lute: Prodigy
Ivaldi Blue tomes Blue tome L'Arachel: Princess of Light
Tome of Storms Blue tomes Blue tome Selena: Flourspar
Tome of Grado Blue tomes Blue tome Lyon: Grado's Gaze
Thani Blue tomes Blue tome Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn
Tome of Favors Blue tomes Blue tome Oliver: Admirer of Beauty
Tactical Bolt Blue tomes Blue tome Robin: High Deliverer
Father's Tactics Blue tomes Blue tome Morgan: Lass from Afar
Draconic Pacts Blue tomes Blue tome Robin: Vessels of Fate
Odin's Grimoire Blue tomes Blue tome Odin: Potent Force
Missiletainn Blue tomes Blue tome Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine
Prayer Wheel Blue tomes Blue tome Azura: Vallite Songstress
Dawnsweet Box Blue tomes Blue tome Takumi: Troubled Heart
Icy Fimbulvetr Blue tomes Blue tome Marianne: Adopted Daughter
Demonic Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Hapi: Drawn-Out Sigh
Professorial Guide Blue tomes Blue tome Byleth: The Fódlan Light
Wind Genesis Blue tomes Blue tome Monica: Favored Vassal
Guide's Hourglass Blue tomes Blue tome Byleth: Fount of Learning
Obscurité Blue tomes Blue tome Veyle: Gentle Dragon
Icebound Tome Blue tomes Blue tome Ivy: Snow Queen
Valaskjálf Blue tomes Blue tome ???: Masked Knight
Veiled Valaskjálf Blue tomes Blue tome Bruno: Prince Beset
Worldsea Wave Blue tomes Blue tome Laegjarn: Burning Sun
Flower of Joy Blue tomes Blue tome Peony: Sweet Dream
Imbued Koma Blue tomes Blue tome Alfonse: Askran Duo
Niðavellir Lots Blue tomes Blue tome Reginn: Bearing Dawn
Divine Whimsy Blue tomes Blue tome Thórr: Sun-Kissed Gods
The Cycle's Turn Blue tomes Blue tome Gullveig: Seer Beyond Time
Goddess Temari Blue tomes Blue tome Seiðr: Time's Goddesses
Daydream Egg Blue tomes Blue tome Mirabillis: Spring Daydream
Hauteclere Axes Axe Minerva: Red Dragoon, Michalis: Ambitious King
Flower Hauteclere Axes Axe Edelgard: Adrestian Emperor
Devil Axe Axes Axe Barst: The Hatchet
Dragoon Axe Axes Axe Minerva: Princess-Knight
Crimson Axe Axes Axe Sheena: Princess of Gra
Sneering Axe Axes Axe Legion: Masked Maniac
Dolphin-Dive Axe Axes Axe Caeda: Sea-Blossom Pair
Pastel Poleaxe Axes Axe Maria: Sunny Smile
Scepter of Love Axes Axe Alm: Lovebird Duo
Wedding-Bell Axe Axes Axe Catria: Azure Wing Pair
Goddess Axe Axes Axe Lex: Young Blade
Whirling Grace Axes Axe Larcei: Scion of Astra
Vouge Axes Axe Osian: Scolded Soldier
Axe of Virility Axes Axe Bartre: Fearless Warrior
Bun-Bun Baton Axes Axe Fir: Student of Spring
Runeaxe Axes Axe Narcian: Wyvern General
Tiger-Roar Axe Axes Axe Dieck: Wounded Tiger
Blazing Polearms Axes Axe Roy: Blazing Bachelors
Wyvern Hatchet Axes Axe Murdock: Loyal General
Western Axe Axes Axe Echidna: Unyielding Idealist
Armads Axes Axe Hector: General of Ostia
Berserk Armads Axes Axe Hector: General of Ostia, Hector: Just Here to Fight
Thunder Armads Axes Axe Hector: Marquess of Ostia
Basilikos Axes Axe Raven: Peerless Fighter, Linus: Mad Dog
Fanged Basilikos Axes Axe Linus: Mad Dog
Stout Tomahawk Axes Axe Dorcas: Serene Warrior
Guardian's Axe Axes Axe Hawkeye: Desert Guardian
Sisterly War Axe Axes Axe Karla: Spring Reveries
Valiant War Axe Axes Axe Hector: Sworn Friend
Dead-Fang Axe Axes Axe Linus: Savage Dog
Garm Axes Axe Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord
Grado Poleax Axes Axe Amelia: Rose of the War
Seafoam Splitter Axes Axe Ephraim: Sunshine Valiant
Desert-Tiger Axe Axes Axe Gerik: Desert Tiger
Father's-Son Axe Axes Axe Ross: His Father's Son
Urvan Axes Axe Ike: Brave Mercenary
Draconic Poleax Axes Axe Titania: Mighty Mercenary
Talregan Axe Axes Axe Jill: Fiery Dracoknight
Large War Axe Axes Axe Boyd: Future Great
Tempest's Claw Axes Axe Haar: Black Tempest
Solemn Axe Axes Axe Black Knight: The Night's Blade
Arcadian Axes Axes Axe Altina: Unrivaled Dawn
Cherche's Axe Axes Axe Cherche: Wyvern Friend
Wolf Berg Axes Axe Walhart: The Conqueror
Frederick's Axe Axes Axe Frederick: Polite Knight
Axe of Despair Axes Axe Morgan: Devoted Darkness
Masking Axe Axes Axe Gerome: Masked Rider
Inviolable Axe Axes Axe Libra: Fetching Friar
Gerbera Axe Axes Axe Lucina: Future Fondness
Wyvern Ono Axes Axe Cherche: Shaded by Wings
New War Axe Axes Axe Lissa: Littlest Princess
Heavy War Axe Axes Axe Frederick: Youth in Service
Plegian War Axe Axes Axe Mustafa: Plegian Champion
Camilla's Axe Axes Axe Camilla: Bewitching Beauty
Urðr Axes Axe Azura: Lady of Ballads
Eldhrímnir Axes Axe Felicia: Off the Menu
Beruka's Axe Axes Axe Beruka: Quiet Assassin
Arthur's Axe Axes Axe Arthur: Hapless Hero
Inveterate Axe Axes Axe Gunter: Inveterate Soldier
Rinkah's Club Axes Axe Rinkah: Scion of Flame
Fair-Fury Axe Axes Axe Charlotte: Wily Warrior
Ebon Bölverk Axes Axe Xander: Gallant King
Aurgelmir Axes Axe Hans: Ambitious Brute
Tri-Path Splitter Axes Axe Azura: Song's Reflection
Victorious Axe Axes Axe Edelgard: The Future
Freikugel Axes Axe Hilda: Idle Maiden
Fuming Freikugel Axes Axe Hilda: Helping Hand
Crusher Axes Axe Annette: Overachiever
Aymr Axes Axe Edelgard: Flame Emperor
Unyielding Oar Axes Axe Dimitri: Sky-Blue Lion
Crimson War-Axe Axes Axe Shez: Keen Mercenary
Flame Battleaxe Axes Axe Flame Emperor: Bringer of War
Blue Yule Axe Axes Axe Dimitri: Blessed Protector
Payday Pouch Axes Axe Anna: Twice the Anna
Axe of Adoration Axes Axe Rosado: Adorable Artist
Hippity-Hop Axe Axes Axe Framme: Spring Fangirl
Mirage Axe Axes Axe Mamori: Microwavin' Idol
Nóatún Axes Axe Anna: Commander
Sinmara Axes Axe Surtr: Ruler of Flame
Býleistr Axes Axe Helbindi: Savage Scourge
Hel Scythe Axes Axe Hel: Death Sovereign (enemy)
Hel's Reaper Axes Axe Hel: Death Sovereign (playable)
Glitnir Axes Axe Gustav: Exsanguinator
Headsman Glitnir Axes Axe Gustav: Sovereign Slain
Gate-Anchor Axe Axes Axe Veronica: Harmonic Pirates
Twin Star Axe Axes Axe Laevatein: Ninja of Múspell
Lofnheiðr Axes Axe Ótr: Kingsbrother (enemy)
Auto-Lofnheiðr Axes Axe Ótr: Kingsbrother (playable)
Loyalist Axe Axes Axe Gustav: Majestic Love
Skinfaxi Axes Axe Dagr: Sun's Radiance
Nifl's Bite Axes Axe Fjorm: Ice Ascendant
War-God Mjölnir Axes Axe Thórr: War God
Flower of Caring Axes Axe Peony: Cherished Dream
Excalibur Green tomes Green tome Merric: Wind Mage
Dark Excalibur Green tomes Green tome Sonya: Vengeful Mage, Merric: Wind Mage
Tender Excalibur Green tomes Green tome Merric: Wind Pontifex
Winds of Change Green tomes Green tome Merric: Changing Winds
Inscribed Tome Green tomes Green tome Boey: Skillful Survivor
Saintly Seraphim Green tomes Green tome Celica: Queen of Valentia
Magic Rabbits Green tomes Green tome Sonya: Dazzling Rabbits
Forseti Green tomes Green tome Lewyn: Guiding Breeze
Heired Forseti Green tomes Green tome Ced: Sage of the Wind
Divine Naga Green tomes Green tome Deirdre: Lady of the Forest, Julia: Naga's Blood
Naga Green tomes Green tome Julia: Naga's Blood
Winds of Silesse Green tomes Green tome Ced: Hero on the Wind
Thunderhead Green tomes Green tome Olwen: Righteous Knight
Vafþrúðnir Green tomes Green tome Reinhardt: Lightning's Rondo
Grafcalibur Green tomes Green tome Asbel: Windswept Youth
Tome of Order Green tomes Green tome Cecilia: Etrurian General
Tome of Reason Green tomes Green tome Lugh: Anima Child
Giga Excalibur Green tomes Green tome Nino: Pale Flower
Iris's Tome Green tomes Green tome Nino: Pious Mage
Tome of Reglay Green tomes Green tome Pent: Mage General
Morph Fimbulvetr Green tomes Green tome Limstella: Living Construct
Crow's Crystal Green tomes Green tome Ursula: Royal-Blue Crow
Ereshkigal Green tomes Green tome Nergal: Traitor to Nabata
Blood Tome Green tomes Green tome Lyon: Demon King
Exotic Fruit Juice Green tomes Green tome Selena: Sandbar Fluorspar
Caring Conch Green tomes Green tome Eirika: Beach Restorer
Tender Vessel Green tomes Green tome Lyon: Esteemed Royals
Wind's Brand Green tomes Green tome Soren: Shrewd Strategist
Nifl Frostflowers Green tomes Green tome Sanaki: Apostle in White
Chaos Manifest Green tomes Green tome Yune: Chaos Goddess
Light of Dawn Green tomes Green tome Micaiah: Queen of Dawn
Windy War Tome Green tomes Green tome Ilyana: Awakened Appetite
Arch-Sage Tome Green tomes Green tome Soren: Radiant Confidant
Silver of Dawn Green tomes Green tome Micaiah: Dawning Maiden
Tactical Gale Green tomes Green tome Robin: Mystery Tactician
Master's Tactics Green tomes Green tome Robin: Exalt's Other Half
Book of Shadows Green tomes Green tome Azura: Young Songstress
Obsessive Curse Green tomes Green tome Rhajat: Black Magician
Tiger Spirit Green tomes Green tome Orochi: Merry Diviner
Ninjutsu Scrolls Green tomes Green tome Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act
Dancing Flames Green tomes Green tome Azura: Hatari Duet
Bewitching Tome Green tomes Green tome Camilla: Alluring Darkness
Hrist Green tomes Green tome Bernadetta: Frosty Shut-In
Professorial Text Green tomes Green tome Byleth: The Fódlan Star
Charging Horn Green tomes Green tome Gatekeeper: Nothing to Report
Joyous Tome Green tomes Green tome Céline: Joyous Royal
Divine Draught Green tomes Green tome Ivy: Tidal Breeze
Tome of Luxuries Green tomes Green tome Citrinne: Caring Noble
Muninn's Egg Green tomes Green tome Sharena: Spring Princess
Élivágar Green tomes Green tome Veronica: Emblian Princess, Veronica: Princess Beset (green tome infantry)
Blizzard Green tomes Green tome Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams
Ífingr Green tomes Green tome Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch
Veðrfölnir's Egg Green tomes Green tome Veronica: Spring Princess
Flower of Sorrow Green tomes Green tome Triandra: Nightmare
Bond of the Álfar Green tomes Green tome Peony: Álfar Dream Duo
Grim Brokkr Green tomes Green tome Eitri: Youthful Sage
Körmt Green tomes Green tome Letizia: Curse Director
Seiðr Green tomes Green tome Seiðr: Goddess of Hope
Heiðr Green tomes Green tome Heiðr: Innocent Goddess
Golden Curse Green tomes Green tome Heiðr: Cursed Goddess
Faded Paper Fan Green tomes Green tome Kvasir: Unknown Future
Jokers Wild Colorless tomes Colorless tome Xane: Autumn Trickster
Mila's Testament Colorless tomes Colorless tome Celica: Valentia's Hope
Thunderer Tome Colorless tomes Colorless tome Tine: Rumbling Thunder
Void Tome Colorless tomes Colorless tome Bramimond: The Enigma
Joyful Vows Colorless tomes Colorless tome Micaiah: Dawn Wind's Duo
Order's Sentence Colorless tomes Colorless tome Ashera: Order Goddess
Adroit War Tome Colorless tomes Colorless tome Soren: Hushed Voice
Moonlight Drop Colorless tomes Colorless tome Micaiah: Wavecrest Maiden
Achimenes Furl Colorless tomes Colorless tome Robin: Tactful Deliverer
Phantasm Tome Colorless tomes Colorless tome Marianne: Serene Adherent
Sweet Yule Log Colorless tomes Colorless tome Lysithea: Gifted Students
Inner Wellspring Colorless tomes Colorless tome Byleth: Sublime Light
Rite of Souls Colorless tomes Colorless tome Arval: Cycle Keeper
Baked Treats Colorless tomes Colorless tome Lysithea: Tea Sweetener
Fell Child's Might Colorless tomes Colorless tome Veyle: Fell Successor
Dire Breidablik Colorless tomes Colorless tome Kiran: Hero Summoner
Gullveig Colorless tomes Colorless tome Gullveig: Golden Seer (enemy)
Quietus Gullveig Colorless tomes Colorless tome Gullveig: Golden Seer (playable)
Duality Vessel Colorless tomes Colorless tome Askr: Renewed Gods
Nightmare's Egg Colorless tomes Colorless tome Triandra: Sunlit Nightmare
Sparkling Sun Colorless tomes Colorless tome Ymir: Seasons of Life
Breath of Fog Breaths Breath Tiki: Dragon Scion, Tiki: Naga's Voice
Summer's Breath Breaths Breath Tiki: Beachside Scion
Divine Mist Breaths Breath Tiki: Legendary Dragon
Razing Breath Breaths Breath Tiki: Torpid Dragon
Awoken Breath Breaths Breath Tiki: Awakened Blood
Divine Breath Breaths Breath Naga: Dragon Divinity
Ethereal Breath Breaths Breath Nagi: Dragon Avatar
Frostfire Breath Breaths Breath Tiki: Harmonic Hope
Shadow Breath Breaths Breath Medeus: Earth-Dragon King
Wizened Breath Breaths Breath Bantu: Tiki's Guardian
Fell Breath Breaths Breath Duma: God of Strength
Nurturing Breath Breaths Breath Mila: Goddess of Love
Ghostly Lanterns Breaths Breath Duma: Strength and Love
Demonic Breath Breaths Breath Idunn: Dark Priestess
Zephyr Breath Breaths Breath Idunn: Dragonkin Duo
Eternal Breath Breaths Breath Fae: Divine Dragon
Dazzling Breath Breaths Breath Fae: Childlike Dragon
Dew Dragonstone Breaths Breath Idunn: Divine Demon
Frost Breath Breaths Breath Nils: Bright Bard
Enveloping Breath Breaths Breath Ninian: Frozen Heart
Faithful Breath Breaths Breath Ninian: Ice-Dragon Oracle
Great Flame Breaths Breath Myrrh: Great Dragon
Spirit Breath Breaths Breath Myrrh: Spooky Monster
Lilac-Jade Breath Breaths Breath Myrrh: Spring Harmony
Godly Breath Breaths Breath Myrrh: Guardian Dragon
Loving Breath Breaths Breath Myrrh: Adored Dragon
Expiration Breaths Breath Robin: Fell Reincarnation, Robin: Fell Vessel
Oracle's Breath Breaths Breath Nah: Little Miss
Moonless Breath Breaths Breath Robin: Fall Vessel
Purifying Breath Breaths Breath Nowi: Eternal Youth
Moonstrike Breath Breaths Breath Robin: Fall Reincarnation
Remote Breath Breaths Breath Tiki: Fated Divinity
Twin Divinestone Breaths Breath Tiki: Bridal Reflections
Draconic Rage Breaths Breath Corrin: Dream Princess, Corrin: Dream Prince
Breath of Blight Breaths Breath Garon: King of Nohr
Savage Breath Breaths Breath Corrin: Wailing Soul
Sun Dragonstone Breaths Breath Kana: Dragon Princess
Astral Breath Breaths Breath Lilith: Astral Daughter
Brutal Breath Breaths Breath Corrin: Bloodbound Beast
Gloom Breath Breaths Breath Corrin: Fateful Princess
Primordial Breath Breaths Breath Corrin: Child of Dusk
Dusk Dragonstone Breaths Breath Kana: Dragon Spawn
Silent Power Breaths Breath Lilith: Silent Broodling
Moonlight Stone Breaths Breath Corrin: Starry Seer
Starlight Stone Breaths Breath Corrin: Celestial Sorcerer
Silent Breath Breaths Breath Anankos: Seething Silence
Vallastone Breaths Breath Corrin: Silent Bloodline
Hoshido's Breath Breaths Breath Corrin: Child of Dawn
Sublime Surge Breaths Breath Sothis: Girl on the Throne
Snow's Grace Breaths Breath Sothis: Silver Specter
Aurora Breath Breaths Breath Seiros: Saint of Legend
Witch Breath Breaths Breath Rhea: Witch of Creation
Ruinous Frost Breaths Breath Rhea: Immaculate One
Eerie Scripture Breaths Breath Sothis: Bound-Spirit Duo
Revealing Breath Breaths Breath Rhea: Loving Matriarch
Dragon's Fist Breaths Breath Alear: Awoken Divinity
Monarch's Stone Breaths Breath Lumera: In Distant Skies
Divine One's Arts Breaths Breath Alear: Engaging Fire
Maritime Arts Breaths Breath Alear: Seaside Dragon
Frostbite Breath Breaths Breath Nifl: God of Ice
Flamelick Breath Breaths Breath Múspell: Flame God
Scalding Breath Breaths Breath Fáfnir: King of Desolation (colorless dragon)
Chilled Breath Breaths Breath Nifl: Tropical Ice God
Everliving Breath Breaths Breath Ymir: Life-Mother
Breath of Flame Breaths Breath Múspell: Raging Inferno
Parthia Bows Bow Jeorge: Perfect Shot
Wind Parthia Bows Bow Claude: Almyra's King
Renowned Bow Bows Bow Gordin: Altean Archer
Tanngrisnir Bows Bow Marth: Royal Altean Duo
Sniper's Bow Bows Bow Clarisse: Sniper in the Dark
Keen Coyote Bow Bows Bow Wolf: Coyote's Loyal
Volunteer Bow Bows Bow Norne: The Volunteer
Luna Arc Bows Bow Alm: Saint King
Bow of Devotion Bows Bow Faye: Devoted Heart
Bow of Beauty Bows Bow Leon: True of Heart
Snide Bow Bows Bow Python: Apathetic Archer
Holy Yewfelle Bows Bow Ullr: The Bowmaster
Heired Yewfelle Bows Bow Febail: Mercenary Waif
Bow of Verdane Bows Bow Jamke: Prince of Verdane
Meisterbogen Bows Bow Leif: Unifier of Thracia
Indignant Bow Bows Bow Ronan: Villager of Iz
Bow of Twelve Bows Bow Leif: Destined Scions
Argent Bow Bows Bow Klein: Silver Nobleman
Guardian's Bow Bows Bow Igrene: Nabatea Protector
Rose-Quartz Bow Bows Bow Shanna: Bridal Novice
Sandglass Bow Bows Bow Igrene: Sworn Protectors
Mulagir Bows Bow Lyn: Brave Lady
Swift Mulagir Bows Bow Lyn: Lady of the Wind
Quick Mulagir Bows Bow Sue: Doe of the Plains
Deep-Blue Bow Bows Bow Lyn: Lady of the Beach
Rebecca's Bow Bows Bow Rebecca: Wildflower
New-Height Bow Bows Bow Florina: Azure-Sky Knight
Gusty War Bow Bows Bow Rebecca: Breezy Scamp
Sacaen-Wolf Bow Bows Bow Rath: Wolf of Sacae
Nidhogg Bows Bow Innes: Regal Strategician
Bow of Frelia Bows Bow Innes: Frelian Moonlight
Rapid-Crier Bow Bows Bow Neimi: Tearful Archer
Daniel-Made Bow Bows Bow Jorge: Traveling Peddler
Double Bow Bows Bow Shinon: Scathing Archer
Damiell Bow Bows Bow Astrid: Resolute Damsel
Thögn Bows Bow Lucina: Glorious Archer
Dignified Bow Bows Bow Virion: Elite Archer
Randgríðr Bows Bow Chrom: Crowned Exalt
Destiny's Bow Bows Bow Chrom: Fate-Defying Duo
Heartbroker Bow Bows Bow Anna: Secret Charmer
Warrior Princess Bows Bow Hinoka: Blue Sky Warrior
Fujin Yumi Bows Bow Takumi: Wild Card
Fujin-Raijin Yumi Bows Bow Hinoka: Thundering Wings
Skadi Bows Bow Takumi: Empty Vessel
Niles's Bow Bows Bow Niles: Cruel to Be Kind
Setsuna's Yumi Bows Bow Setsuna: Absent Archer
Spy-Song Bow Bows Bow Nina: Eye Spy
Mermaid Bow Bows Bow Hinoka: Fair Pirate Pair
Duskbloom Bow Bows Bow Leo: Shrouded Heart
Lucky Bow Bows Bow Midori: Reliable Chemist
Cunning Bow Bows Bow Claude: The Schemer
Persecution Bow Bows Bow Bernadetta: Eternal Loner
Survivalist Bow Bows Bow Shamir: Archer Apart
Failnaught Bows Bow Claude: King of Unification
Bow of Repose Bows Bow Bernadetta: Late Hibernator
Partnership Bow Bows Bow Shamir: Heartbeats United
Aptitude Arrows Bows Bow Cyril: Rhea's Attendant
Breaker Bow Bows Bow Petra: Faraway Sun
Mirage Longbow Bows Bow Eleonora: Shooting Starlet
First-Dream Bow Bows Bow Plumeria: Temptation Anew
Flame of Múspell Bows Bow Laegjarn: Flame Ascendant
Jötnar Bow Bows Bow Dagr: New Year Jötnar
Flamefrost Bow Bows Bow Laegjarn: Flame and Frost
Thief's Honesty Daggers Dagger Julian: Tender Thief
Blade Royale Daggers Dagger Perne: Dacian Scoundrel
Nabata Kunai Daggers Dagger Igrene: Ninja of Nabata
Lofty Leaflet Daggers Dagger Cath: Caper Captain
Deathly Dagger Daggers Dagger Jaffar: Angel of Death
Spy's Dagger Daggers Dagger Matthew: Faithful Spy
Constant Dagger Daggers Dagger Leila: Rose amid Fangs
Tailwind Shuriken Daggers Dagger Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo
Göndul Daggers Dagger Nino: Fang's Heart
Hurricane Dagger Daggers Dagger Legault: The Hurricane
Soothing Scent Daggers Dagger Leila: Keen Lookout
Blade of Jehanna Daggers Dagger Joshua: Resolute Tempest
Kindling Taiko Daggers Dagger Tana: Soothing Warmth
Peshkatz Daggers Dagger Sothe: Zephyr
Summer Strikers Daggers Dagger Mia: Harmonic Blades
Fireman's Hook Daggers Dagger Volke: Man of Mysteries
Spy's Shuriken Daggers Dagger Heather: Wandering Ninja
Candied Dagger Daggers Dagger Gaius: Candy Stealer
Felicia's Plate Daggers Dagger Felicia: Maid Mayhem
Hoarfrost Knife Daggers Dagger Flora: Cold as Ice
Sæhrímnir Daggers Dagger Flora: Signature Dish
Saizo's Star Daggers Dagger Saizo: Angry Ninja
Kagero's Dart Daggers Dagger Kagero: Honorable Ninja
Jakob's Tray Daggers Dagger Jakob: Devoted Servant
Kaze's Needle Daggers Dagger Kaze: Easygoing Ninja
Shadowy Quill Daggers Dagger Nina: Shadowy Figures
Brightwind Fans Daggers Dagger Kagero: Bond Unwavering
Perspicacious Daggers Dagger Yukimura: Puppet Master
Athame Daggers Dagger Kronya: Gleaming Blade
Hunting Blade Daggers Dagger Petra: Princess of Brigid
Honorable Blade Daggers Dagger Yuri: Ashen Valiant
Frozen Delight Daggers Dagger Claude: Tropical Trouble
Asura Blades Daggers Dagger Shez: Sharpest Blades
Abyssal Blade Daggers Dagger Yuri: Underground Lord
Playful Pinwheel Daggers Dagger Claude: Golden Breeze
Silent Yule Knife Daggers Dagger Yunaka: Spirited Envoy
Sylgr Daggers Dagger Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall
Lyfjaberg Daggers Dagger Eir: Merciful Death
Dreamflake Daggers Dagger Mirabilis: Sugarplum Vision
Niðavellir Sprig Daggers Dagger Fáfnir: Fresh Ambition
Ymir, Everliving Daggers Dagger Eir: Life Ascendant
Ravager Beast weapons Beast Fomortiis: Demon King
Hawk King Claw Beast weapons Beast Tibarn: Lord of the Air
Heron Wing Beast weapons Beast Leanne: Forest's Song, Reyson: White Prince
Wolf Queen Fang Beast weapons Beast Nailah: Unflinching Eye
Raven King Beak Beast weapons Beast Naesala: Sky's Shadow
Covert Cat Fang Beast weapons Beast Ranulf: Friend of Nations
Brazen Cat Fang Beast weapons Beast Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie
Sabertooth Fang Beast weapons Beast Mordecai: Kindhearted Tiger
Lion King Fang Beast weapons Beast Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King
Guardian Fang Beast weapons Beast Lethe: New Year's Claw
Bride's Fang Beast weapons Beast Nailah: Blessed Queen
Groom's Wing Beast weapons Beast Rafiel: Blessed Wings
Sky-Pirate Claw Beast weapons Beast Tibarn: Shipless Pirate
Crossbones Claw Beast weapons Beast Naesala: Sea's Shadow
Ebon-Pirate Claw Beast weapons Beast Vika: Sea-Dark Wing
Sparkling Fang Beast weapons Beast Lyre: Lap Cat of Luxury
Polished Fang Beast weapons Beast Kyza: Tiger of Fortune
Royal Hatari Fang Beast weapons Beast Nailah: Hatari Scorcher
Fiery Fang Beast weapons Beast Mordecai: Gentle Firetender
Taguel Fang Beast weapons Beast Panne: Proud Taguel
Bunny Fang Beast weapons Beast Yarne: Timid Taguel
Keen Rabbit Fang Beast weapons Beast Panne: Welcoming Dawn
Wary Rabbit Fang Beast weapons Beast Yarne: Hoppy New Year
Wolfskin Fang Beast weapons Beast Keaton: Lupine Collector
Wolfpup Fang Beast weapons Beast Velouria: Wolf Cub
Kitsune Fang Beast weapons Beast Kaden: Kitsune Braggart
Foxkit Fang Beast weapons Beast Selkie: Free Spirit
New Foxkit Fang Beast weapons Beast Selkie: New Year's Spirit
Renewed Fang Beast weapons Beast Velouria: Renewed Wolfpup
Refreshed Fang Beast weapons Beast Kaden: Refreshed Kitsune
Resolved Fang Beast weapons Beast Keaton: Resolved Wolfskin
Twin-Crest Power Beast weapons Beast Edelgard: Hegemon Husk
Nightmare Horn Beast weapons Beast Freyja: Lady of Nightmare
Brightmare Horn Beast weapons Beast Freyja: Fleeting Summer
Raydream Horn Beast weapons Beast Freyr: Estival Dreams
Horn of Opening Beast weapons Beast Ash: Retainer to Askr
Fang of Closure Beast weapons Beast Elm: Retainer to Embla
Illuminating Horn Beast weapons Beast Askr: God of Openness
Enclosing Claw Beast weapons Beast Embla: God of Closure
Heralding Horn Beast weapons Beast Ash: Earnest Greetings
Fang of Finality Beast weapons Beast Elm: Resolute Grouch
Horn of the Land Beast weapons Beast Nerþuz: God of the Land
Dream Horn Beast weapons Beast Freyr: Dream-King
World-Tree Tail Beast weapons Beast Ratatoskr: Mending Hand
Cute Paper Crane Beast weapons Beast Nerþuz: New-Year Doter
Quieting Claw Beast weapons Beast Hræsvelgr: Quieting Blade
Dosing Fang Beast weapons Beast Níðhöggr: Quieting Dose
Closing Florets Beast weapons Beast Embla: Closed-Off Bride
Quieting Antler Beast weapons Beast Eikþyrnir: Quieting Strength
Love of Nerþuz Beast weapons Beast Nerþuz: Beach Chaperone
Sacrifice Staff Staves Staff Maria: Ritual Sacrifice
Springtime Staff Staves Staff Genny: Endearing Ally
Staff of Lilies Staves Staff Silque: Adherent of Mila
Kia Staff Staves Staff Sara: Lady of Loptr
Diplomacy Staff Staves Staff August: Astute Tactician
Repair Staves Staff Safy: Font of Piety
Thief Staves Staff Tina: Playful Scamp
Staff of the Saint Staves Staff Elimine: Scouring Saint
Mystic War Staff Staves Staff Lucius: Calming Light
Staff of Rausten Staves Staff L'Arachel: Seeker of Justice
Elena's Staff Staves Staff Mist: Helpful Sister
Crimean Scepter Staves Staff Elincia: Devoted Queen
Punishment Staff Staves Staff Maribelle: Dire Damsel
Exalt's War Staff Staves Staff Emmeryn: Selfless Exalt
Sanngriðr Staves Staff Camilla: Light of Nohr
Elise's Staff Staves Staff Elise: Budding Flower
Doting Staff Staves Staff Mikoto: Caring Mother
Dusk-Dawn Staff Staves Staff Elise: Sweetheart Royals
Caduceus Staff Staves Staff Flayn: Playing Innocent
Sunshade Staff Staves Staff Hilda: Deer's Two-Piece
Asclepius Staves Staff Cornelia: Saint Consumed
Kitty-Cat Parasol Staves Staff Flayn: Silly Kitty-Cat
Thökk Staves Staff Loki: The Trickster
Supreme Thökk Staves Staff Loki: Trickster God
Hliðskjálf Staves Staff Veronica: Brave Princess
Gjallarbrú Staves Staff Fjorm: Bride of Rime