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Performing Arts/Script

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Part 1: A Heartfelt Dance


Anna: You are the ocean's gray waves...
Alfonse: Commander Anna?
Anna: O, Alfonse! Draw close and listen well. It is of tragedy I sing—calamity and woe! The enemy has truck! A shadow most dark falls upon Heroes of dance and song! We have no choice. We must resist! The Order of Heroes does now bravely march!
Sharena: Commander Anna has been listening to a lot of opera lately...
Anna: I lost myself for a moment there! The image of a performing arts festival in peril filled me with a desire to sing. Music has strange power! Well, that's enough of that. You get the picture. Let's get going!

(scene change to the map screen)

Inigo: Who's this, then? You're bold ones, interrupting our merrymaking! You aim to intrude on the sanctity of the proscenium? Unforgivable! Ladies and gentlemen, stand back! I'll make quick work of this rabble!
Azura: Hmm... Do I know him? No, I must be imagining it... Even so, I must agree! We cannot let this stage be defiled. You'll be facing me, too!


Azura: You may have defeated us, but I won't let you get past me!
Inigo: Don't confront them, lass! We must not tarry! Take my hand, and we'll flee!
Azura: I suppose you're right. I can take care of myself, however.
Inigo: Huh? Wait! Wait for me, veiled maiden, so mysterious and delightful! Wait!

Part 2: A Bittersweet Melody


Olivia: Huh? Where am I? One moment I was performing a dance at a festival, but now... I'm here? How can I even find everybody...? Sir! Do you know...?
Shigure: I must apologize, but I don't recognize this place either. And I fear that the warriors over there are to blame... They must be planning something. We must stop them! I'll fight with my mother's pendant...and my song.


Olivia: We lost. How embarrassing...
Shigure: Don't talk that way. We both gave the fight everything we had... As much as I detest the idea, we must retreat.
Olivia: Yes...
Shigure: I wonder if the person I'm looking for is nearby... I feel like she's just around the corner.

Part 3: The Finale


Olivia: Inigo! Thank goodness!
Inigo: There you are, Mother! I'm so glad. Now we can fight together...alongside this beauty!
Azura: ...
Shigura: Mother! I've finally found you... I've been searching for you ever since the day you disappeared... Wait... How is it that you're wearing your pendant?
Azura: I am sorry. I am not the one you seek. But I will someday share that same fate... I may not be able to heal the rift in your heart, but for now, at least, I can fight by your side.
Shigure: ... I understand. I'm glad that I had a chance to meet you.


Shigure: And now the truth is out. You've been working to free us...and protect this place. I'm sorry we doubted you.
Azura: I thank you for your aid. If I may, I'd like to repay you with a song. Shigure?
Shigure: I'd be glad to join you!
Olivia: Don't forget us! Ready, Inigo?
Inigo: Yes, Mother! If we can bring smiles to their faces with song and dance... Well, then... It'll go some small way toward repaying their kindness to us! One day, I hope we can all gather together and smile like this again!