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This page contains all of Palla's base conversations.

New Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Palla and Kris

First conversation

(If Kris is male)
Kris: Hah...! Hah...! Haah! Guh... Agh... I'm feeling... diz...zy...
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Hah...! Hah...! Haah! Guh... Did I... go too far...? I'm feeling... dizzy...

Palla: Kris!? A-are you all right?
Kris: Dame Palla... I-I'm okay. Sorry you had to see that...
Palla: You look unsteady. This isn't like you... What were you doing?
Kris: The truth is... I thought I wasn't... training hard enough. So I decided to train five times harder...
Palla: How sudden... Then it's no wonder you collapsed.
Kris: I-it's okay. "When training is hard, train even harder." My grandfather taught me that.
Palla: That'll do you no good. You're pushing yourself too hard...! Here, sit down. Let's take a break.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: No, I can still--
(If Kris is female)
Kris: No, I can still...

Palla: Let's. Take. A. Break.
Kris: ...Yes ma'am.
Palla: Yes, that's more like it. You won't get strong if you force yourself to train too hard. You need to understand your limits. Here's some water. Please have some.
Kris: T-thank you...
Palla: I'll get more if you need it, just ask. But that's enough training for now. Do you hear me?
Kris: Yes...

Second conversation

Kris: Ah, Dame Palla. Thanks for helping me the other day.
Palla: No, I was interfering... Please forgive me. I can't help but care for people... It's a terrible habit of mine. My sisters told me to stop doing it, too...
Kris: That reminds me. Out of the three sisters of Macedon, esteemed heroines of the previous war... You're the eldest of them, right, Dame Palla?
Palla: Yes. Since our parents died when we were young, I had to accept the task of raising my sisters.
Kris: I see. Dame Palla, you are, if I may say it, a very kind person.
Palla: Thank you... I've never thought of it that way. Oh, by the way, Kris... I was wondering. Is your left shoulder all right?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Huh? Oh... You're right, it is feeling rather stiff.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Huh? Oh... You're right, it is feeling rather stiff...

Palla: I knew it. Don't you think you're overdoing it?
Kris: It's fine. My grandfather used to tell me, "If your body hurts, heal it with training."
Palla: Oh my gosh, that's... It would be terrible if you hurt yourself by training too hard. Show it to me.
Kris: D-dame Palla...?
Palla: Here... stay still. If I massage your shoulder like this, it'll relieve the pain.
Kris: T-thanks...
Palla: Just try to relax...
Kris: Y-yes...!
Palla: Kris? Are you turning red...?
Kris: N-no! T-that's just, um...!

Third conversation

Kris: Dame Palla. Thanks for helping me the other day... again.
Palla: I hope I wasn't cramping your style...
Kris: Not at all. You were a great boon. Thanks to you, I can become even stronger. And be of greater assistance to Prince Marth.
Palla: Kris, you really do your best for Prince Marth, don't you?
Kris: Yes. You speak of my duty and my desire.
(If Kris is male)
Palla: I see... You're a good knight, Kris...
Kris: D-dame Palla...!?
Palla: Oh, sorry. I wasn't thinking... Do you not like being patted on the head?
Kris: No, it's just that... You surprised me.
Palla: I ended up thinking of you as a little brother... Now that I think about it, I've been treating you like I do my sisters.
Kris: Haha, you reminded me of grandfather, back in my childhood. Dame Palla, if it isn't a problem, could you... Help me with my training from now on, too? If you're around, I feel like I can work even harder.
(If Kris is female)
Palla: I see... You're a good knight, Kris. I feel a strong affinity with you. Perhaps because your feelings towards Prince Marth are very similar to our feelings for Princess Minerva...
Kris: Dame Palla, if it isn't a problem, could you... Help me with my training from now on, too? If you're around, I feel like I can work even harder.

Palla: Yes, gladly.

Catria and Palla

First conversation

Palla: ...Check.
Catria: Ohhh... I-I don't believe it. I give up...
Palla: The way you move your pieces is lacking in composure. Also, if you had focused on setting up a strong defense, it wouldn't have crumbled so easily.
Catria: I see...
Palla: You need to be more composed when observing the whole situation. Reading your opponent's movements, and focusing your attacks on what pieces you've lured... These are the basics of tactics.
Catria: ...You're right. Perhaps I was too impatient...
Palla: Is there something on your mind?
Catria: Err...
Palla: It hurts but you can't do anything about it, so you act recklessly as if running from that pain... That's how I see it.
Catria: I'm no match for you, Palla... How did you figure out that much?
Palla: Well... I didn't really...
Catria: Alright, I'll make an effort to observe things with more composure. Something might change if I do... Thank you, Sister.

Second conversation

Catria: ...Not again. I give up.
Palla: You lowered your guard. Oversights are forbidden in the battefield.
Catria: I know...
Palla: In the battlefield... Especially for us, since we're often charged with scouting enemy camps from above... A single oversight can alter the fate of an entire army.
Catria: ...I'm just no good, am I?
Palla: Why the lack of confidence all of sudden?
Catria: I'm not rational like you, and my intuition isn't as good as Est's. It feels as though I have no redeeming features...
Palla: Oh dear. So you want me tell you that isn't so?
Catria: Umm...
Palla: It'd be easy for me to say that, but how about you took some time to think what's really your strong point? I believe now's the best time than ever.
Catria: Sister...
Palla: Don't worry, you're very good at finding other people's strengths. You just need to turn your eyes to yourself. You can do it.
Catria: As I thought... I really am no match for you, Sister.

Third conversation

Palla: .........
Catria: ...Check.
Palla: ...Seems I've no choice. I forfeit.
Catria: I won...! I beat you for the very first time!
Palla: I take it you've found where your true strength lies, am I right?
Catria: Yes, I have. It sounds like I'm bragging when I say it, but my reliability is my forte. The fact I'm always growing, even if slowly at times.
Palla: That's right. You learn from your failures and you prepare. You never commit the same mistake twice. And so, you become stronger and stronger with each passing day... That's your biggest strength.
Catria: Thank you, Sister. It was only because I figured it out myself that I am able to accept your evaluation with confidence. That's what you intended, right...?
Palla: Yes, you're right. But... I too have a strength you don't have, and that's experience. Don't expect to surpass me that easily.
Catria: You want a rematch? I've won once, so I'm not going to lose again, Sister.
Palla: You said it. I'm not going to hold back this time.
Catria: What...? Are you serious...?
Palla: I wasn't using all of my pieces properly, you know. I'll make full of them from now on.
Catria: As I thought... I just can't match you, Sister...

Minerva and Palla

First conversation

Palla: Do you have a moment, Commander?
Minerva: Palla... Is something the matter?
Palla: I wonder if I could receive some training from you?
Minerva: Is there a special reason? A knight of your caliber should have no need for any training I could give.
Palla: I am... ashamed by my own weakness. It feels as though the feelings hidden deep within my chest could leak out any moment... and it frightens me.
Minerva: ...I understand. I shall inquire no further. I have only just accepted what part of me I should cast away, myself. Let us spar, for the first time in a long while.
Palla: Thank you. Then... Here I come!
Minerva: Though we're training, don't hold back. Cast the shadows of your heart onto your spear and come at me. Let us battle!

Second conversation

Minerva: ...
Palla: Commander, Princess Minerva?
Minerva: Oh, Palla. Training again?
Palla: Yes, that was my plan, but... I shall refrain for today. But more importantly, Commander. What were you pondering about, just now?
Minerva: ...I am sad to say, my own inexperience shames me. In the previous war, we of House Macedon fought among ourselves and led the kingdom into disarray. And this time, again... I lacked the strength to bring order to the kingdom, and thus allowed the fires of rebellion to burn.
Palla: But that's...
Minerva: It is fine. I know I force many troubles upon you, too. Forgive me.
Palla: Commander... If you commit a mistake, isn't it enough to simply correct it? During your reign... I joined your side because I believed in your ideal. And even now, I'll continue to fight by your side, with the best of my limited abilities. So please, please raise your head.
Minerva: ...Thank you, Palla. Your words bring me comfort. In order to rebuild our homeland as soon as we can, please lend me your strength for a while longer.
Palla: Gladly, Commander.

Third conversation

Palla: Commander. What will become of the Kingdom of Macedon now?
Minerva: I do not know.
Palla: Commander...
Minerva: I'm sorry. I was irresponsible with my words. But, I want to be honest with you. Our kingdom of Macedon is now at a turning point, just like the day when it was founded by Iote. The many wars and rebellions have left scars on the people and the land, and one who can truly lead them is needed.
Palla: Then, Commander, you...
Minerva: I have thought long and hard about this. Whether I could really be called the ideal choice. I couldn't govern as well as I could handle a spear. I believe it's time I accepted my own powerlessness. Perhaps my true duty is to help draw this war to a close as soon as possible, and then retire.
Palla: Are you saying you'll abandon your country?
Minerva: There's no way I could do that. I love Macedon. If it's within my abilities, I'll do anything and everything for it. However... I believe new blood is needed for a new future. In order to truly restore our beautiful homeland, we must breathe some new life onto it. And for that purpose, the old blood--the royal family I'm part of--must be weeded out.
Palla: Palla: So you're prepared to go that far...
Minerva: I haven't told anybody else about this yet.
Palla: Then, why tell something so important to a person like me?
Minerva: Heh... That, too, is my weakness. I wanted somebody to listen. No, not just somebody. I wanted you to listen, for you're the single person I trust the most.
Palla: Commander...

Est and Palla

First conversation

Est: Palla, Sister...
Palla: What's wrong, Est? You look like you're about to burst into tears...
Est: I... ended up causing trouble for everyone again... I got myself captured again...
Palla: Indeed you did. This is the second time you've been captured by the enemy now... Or is it the third?
Est: Sniff... sniff...
Palla: But shouldn't you be glad? You came back safely again. So, forget what's already happened and regain your standing by working extra hard from now on.
Est: Palla, Sisteeer...
Palla: Alright, alright... Don't worry, I'll back you up. Let's do our best together...
Est: .........
Palla: ...She's fallen asleep. I guess she was really bothered about it. Honestly, how long is she going to keep behaving like a child...?

Second conversation

Est: Palla, Sister...
Palla: What's wrong, Est? What's gotten you in such a state...?
Est: I got Abel in trouble again... Even though I didn't mean to get in his way...
Palla: .........
Est: Palla?
Palla: I can tell there's a strong bond between you and Abel. I don't think Abel could ever be angry with you...
Est: But... But, I...
Palla: Blaming yourself won't solve anything. Wouldn't you agree?
Est: Yes... Thank you, Palla. I'm calm now...
Palla: That's more like it. I know you can handle the rest.
Est: I'm sorry, Palla. I'm always just asking for help...
Palla: It's fine. You're always welcome to ask. Not many people have the privilege of having a cute little sister cling to them in tears, after all. Now, go.
Est: Thank you, Palla... Then I'll be off.
Palla: Oh dear, Est really does cry easily... She's just like a child. Heehee, but I suppose I'm hardly any better. If only my heart were stronger than this...

Third conversation

Est: ...Thank you, Palla. I'll try harder from now on.
Palla: That's good to hear. But do be sure to apologize first!
Est: Yes, I will. ...Sorry, Palla. I'm sure you have your own worries and heartaches to deal with. Yet you're always spoiling me...
Palla: It's fine. I'm like a mother to you and Catria after all, so I'll spoil you all I want.
Est: Hey, Palla. I wonder if our real mother was like you? I was too little so I don't remember, but it feels like that somehow.
Palla: Not at all. Our mother was much, much kinder than I could ever be.
Est: What did she look like?
Palla: Hmm, hard to say... She looked like a mix of the three of us...
Est: ...Tee hee hee, I can't imagine it.
Palla: Alright, we've talked long enough. You must go now.
Est: Okay! I'm going!
Palla: Do your best!
Palla: ...I feel slightly exhausted now. Maybe it's time I'm embraced by Mother's love... I've kept this pendant secret from even Est and Catria... A memento of our mother that only I know about. The drawing within the locket... Of our mother's smiling face... I'm sorry, Mother. Once I'm stronger, I'll let you meet my sisters. But, until then, please smile only for me, Mother...

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Conversation 1

Palla: Back home, my sister Catria and I served as knights of the queen. Not Est, though. She’d already left the order before she was taken prisoner. She chose a peaceful life, and yet ended up with this. It’s a bitter irony.

Conversation 2

Palla: Our queen is a beautiful, kind woman. But her siblings caused her terrible grief. Being family allows you to forgive some things you couldn’t otherwise. Though I understand it also makes other things unforgivable.

Conversation 3

Palla: Celica, do you have someone you fancy? Heh. Oh, there’s no need to be so flustered. It’s just us girls here—it can’t hurt to talk about boys now and again. ...Hmm? What about me? Well, I wouldn’t say there’s no one. Though I expect I’ll take my feelings with me into the cold earth. Giving voice to them would only hurt those who I hold most dear.