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My Castle quotes

My blood! Like liquid lightning crackling in my veins! Is my true power awakening?
— Odin, when getting a surge in My Castle.
*sigh* I've named so many weapons...I bet naming an accessory would be amazing!
— Odin, asking for an accessory.
Of course accessories don't fall off trees... I guess I'll just name some more spells.
— Odin, being denied an accessory.
Yes, mark this day, for it is the anniversary of the birth of this world's greatest hero!
— Odin, receiving an accessory he likes on his birthday.
What?! Come to pilfer our most mystical ore?! No need--have some.
— Odin, when he offers a visiting Corrin a crystal.
Harvest time only reminds me of the festival where my mother dressed in a silly hat.
— Odin, when harvesting from the peach tree.
These briny monstrosities ruled the world in ancient days. Fillet them with care...
— Odin, when harvesting from the fishing hole.

Event tile and conversation quotes

How am I so good with my weapon, you ask? It's all in the name...
— Odin, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile.
What is this? An unnamed object? This travesty will not be allowed to stand!
— Odin, when finding an item in an event tile or My Castle.


Witness as I resurrect dying weapons as ones ready for new names!
— Odin, when on duty at the smithy.
I'll make my weapon even more sacred!
— Odin, when forging his own weapon while on duty.
Let's brainstorm weapon names while we wait.
— Odin, when one of his weapons is forged.

Mess hall quotes

This dish is the definition of average. What a disappointing meal.
— Odin, after eating an okay meal.

Hot Spring quotes

How to describe the splendor of the baths? Words, for once, fail me.
— Odin, talking with a male Corrin in the Hot Spring.

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Class Change quote

Ah! A new power to master!
— Odin

Battle quotes

Out of darkness, I spring into action. Fear me! I am Odin Dark!
— Odin, as an enemy in Birthright Chapter 18.
Odin: Halt! I am Odin Dark—warrior chosen by the darkness. It's been a while, hasn't it, young Corrin? It's a shame that I will have to destroy you now, but orders are orders. If only you had stayed true to our glorious and noble kingdom...
Corrin: What are you talking about?
Odin: Oh. That's not the reaction I expected. Do you not remember the darkest and most mysterious of heroes?
Corrin: Um, sorry. I have a really bad memory. REALLY bad. By the way, what's with the whole "warrior chosen by darkness" thing?
Odin: Yes, well...I am the night! I am I can't do this.
Corrin: Then throw down your weapon! There's no need for us to fight.
Odin: No! Must...tame...the darkness... Let's just get this over with! I can't control my powers around you...

— Odin, fighting Corrin in Birthright Chapter 18.

Paired battle quotes

Ah! My aching blood!
— Odin
I am fate's accomplice!
— Odin
I'll handle this miscreant!
— Odin
So excited!
— Odin
Such are the whims of fate!
— Odin
The chosen hero arrives!
— Odin
The darkness whispers!
— Odin
You are in good hands!
— Odin
You are not alone!
— Odin
I am needed!
— Odin, performing a Dual Strike
I was here first!
— Odin, performing a Dual Strike
I'll lend a fell hand!
— Odin, performing a Dual Strike
No, hand! Stay back!
— Odin, performing a Dual Strike
Your end draws near!
— Odin, performing a Dual Strike
Be well, friend!
— Odin, performing a Dual Guard
I see all!
— Odin, performing a Dual Guard
Odin Dark knows no fear!
— Odin, performing a Dual Guard

Critical quotes

Abysmal Body Blow!
— Odin
Eldritch Smackdown!
— Odin
Unquenchable Blood-Flames!
— Odin
You can't hide from me!
— Odin

Victory quotes

Ha ha!
— Odin, after defeating an enemy.
Glory unyielding!
— Odin, after defeating an enemy.
My darkness was darker than yours!
— Odin, after defeating an enemy.
Overdid it... again.
— Odin, after defeating an enemy.
Power... overflowing!
— Odin, after defeating an enemy.
Whew...tough one.
— Odin, after defeating an enemy.
I have taught you well!
— Odin, if his partner defeated the enemy.
I was gonna do that!
— Odin, if his partner defeated the enemy.
Power... overflowing!
— Odin, if his partner defeated the enemy.
You uh...past your test.
— Odin, if his partner defeated the enemy.

Level up quotes

— Odin, upon leveling up.
But... what about my sacred blood?
— Odin, when one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.
By this hand I shall do better next time!
— Odin, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
My hidden potential can hide no longer!
— Odin, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
YES! My true power is awakening at last!
— Odin, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
I have reached the limits of mortal flesh!
— Odin, when his stats are mostly capped and one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.

Defeat quotes

And Odin Dark falls...
— Odin's defeat voice clip
Blast...I promised I'd return someday, so I can't die here... Sorry everyone—I have to retreat...
— Odin's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
You must be truly skilled to break my defenses! I must retreat and regroup!
— Odin's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
Urgh! Back into the darkness I go...
— Odin's defeat quote in Birthright Chapter 18.
Did I seal away too much of my power? Sorry, my friends... I need to fall back.
— Odin's retreat quote in Hidden Truths 2