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Our Chosen Paths/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Azure Moon
Verdant Rain Moon

Our Chosen Paths

Opening Narration FETH Faerghus banner.png

Cg fe16 verdant rain moon mural part 2.png
The Kingdom army has captured Fort Merceus. Managing troops from the now-stable western Kingdom and former Alliance territory, the Kingdom army returns to Garreg Mach to regroup and reorganize its forces. With sufficient might to challenge the Empire, the Kingdom army finalizes their plans to march on Enbarr, the Imperial Capital.
— Chapter 21 opening narration

Event - Death and Truth

Date: 8/1

(Gilbert approaches Byleth, who had just arrived to the Cathedral.)
Gilbert: Ah, there you are. His Highness was looking for you.

Where is he?

Gilbert: He's gone ahead, and started interrogating the prisoner—Viscount Kleiman's man. He said he'd like for you and I to be present as well.
Gilbert: Will you come with me?
(Byleth nods, accompanying Gilbert.)

Meeting Room

(Byleth, Dimitri and Gilbert now lie on the Meeting Room along with Dimitri and one of Kleiman's men...)
Dimitri: I cannot overlook your reckless remarks. Are you really so keen to lose your head?
Prisoner: I only did what I believed was right. I swear to the goddess that I'm not lying.
Prisoner: Amidst the turmoil of the Tragedy, Lady Patricia was supposed to be the only one who was unharmed. We had been given orders ahead of time to not approach her carriage...

Was Patricia an accomplice?

Dimitri: Of course not. What would my stepmother have had to gain from such a—
(Gilbert then interrupts Dimitri.)
Gilbert: Perhaps Lady Patricia would have done anything to return to the her husband and daughter.
Dimitri: What exactly are you implying? Gilbert: For the past few months, I've been spying on lords who defected to the Empire in order to investigate rumors about Lady Patricia. Cornelia's words were true. The two of them... I am afraid they conspired together, after all.
(Dimitri's utterly perplexed by Gilbert's words.)
Dimitri: Enough of this nonsense. You say she wished to return home? That isn't nearly enough reason to cause such a tragedy.
Gilbert: I do not intend to imply that the two of them were solely responsible for the whole affair. There were likely nobles who opposed the king, or potentially someone who wanted to throw the Kingdom into chaos. The Empire, and people like Solon and Kronya, had their motives, too.
Dimitri: So, my stepmother joined with them to cause the tragedy... Is that what you believe?
Gilbert: Ultimately, this is just conjecture based on the evidence at hand. I have no idea what their true intentions were.
(After Gilbert explained himself, Dimitri glares at the prisoner from Kleiman's...)
Dimitri: see. We will hear what this man has to say. For now...

Prisoner: My lord had long felt that King Lambert's radical ways were dangerous. At the time, he was approached with an offer to take part in the incident at Duscur... My lord loves his homeland. To me, he embodied justice. We were only doing what we thought was right.
Dimitri: And so, in the name of justice, he caused massacre upon massacre out of love for his homeland. You murdered your own king, killed our soldiers, and involved innocent citizens. And yet you have the gall to speak of justice?
Prisoner: I am only standing before you now because I could no longer bear the weight of my sins.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Did you share those feelings about your homeland? Do you regret your actions?
Prisoner: Yes... I believe I do. Prisoner: No. I accept your hatred, and even the punishment of death, but I still believe it was a massacre in the name of justice.

(Dimitri has had enough of the man's testimony.)
Dimitri: Gilbert. Lock this man in his cell.
Gilbert: Are you not...going to kill him?
Dimitri: I will make that decision once I have had time to consider this man's definition of justice.
Gilbert: Yes, Your Highness.


Dimitri: ...
(Dimitri's lost in thought, looking at the place's floor. Then, Byleth reaches out for him.)

Are you OK?

Dimitri: No... I cannot say that I am.
Dimitri: Tell me, Professor... How well do you remember your father, Jeralt?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Not very well. Very well.
Dimitri: I figured as much. Even the memory of those who pass away is taken from those they left behind. Little by little. Year by year. Dimitri: Soon enough you will come to understand how painful it is to forget the faces of those who have passed on.

Dimitri: To be honest, I cannot really remember my stepmother's...that woman's smile. Nor the sound of her voice. I always told myself that I would not allow my mind to forget. And yet...all I can recall with clarity is her gazing away, so forlorn.
Dimitri: Did my stepmother wish to go home so badly that she would kill Father and me...kill her false family?
Dimitri: her own blood. Her true family.

Choice 1 Choice 2
There's no way to know for sure. I don't have those answers.

Dimitri: I suppose it doesn't make any difference now. I am asking you questions you could not possibly know the answer to.
Dimitri: I am finished with thoughts like that. I am finally able to go on living without clinging to hate. If I truly treasure those who have died, then I must earnestly atone for my sins. Father, Glenn, all of the soldiers who have fallen... The people of Duscur who still suffer persecution... The only atonement I can offer them now is to take responsibility for this broken Kingdom that has been entrusted to me.

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's true. Take responsibility for the Kingdom...

Dimitri: That is why I feel that I must meet with Edelgard and try to talk to her. Do you think it is a fool's errand? Honestly... I think so too.
Dimitri: But I must swallow my feelings and grudges— our whole history, really—and ask her about this future that she sees. What she aims for once her domination is complete. What kind of justice she clings to as she fights. And why she felt it necessary to start this war...
Dimitri: I believe that asking her these things is the true responsibility I have been tasked with as king.

How will you accomplish that?

Dimitri: We will march our troops to the Imperial capital. But before any battle begins, we will set up camp nearby and send a messenger. I will tell her that I need to speak with her in a safe place, without any weapons or troops. As to whether or not she will agree to my request... Well, that rests solely on Edelgard.

I'm certain she'll agree.

Dimitri: I would like to believe that as well.
Dimitri: You know, Professor... When we fought in Fhirdiad, Cornelia mocked me and called me pitiful. But even if it is true that my stepmother never loved me, I am not to be pitied. After all, I have allies and dear friends who care for me. And now, I also have you by my side.
(Dimitri smiles as he says this. He seems fully committed and satisfied with his current situation...)

Exploration: Our Chosen Paths

Potential Dates: 8/2, 8/9, 8/16 and 8/23

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Event - Questions and Answers

Date: 8/25
Enbarr, The Imperial Capital (Outskirts)

(Dimitri and Byleth await for Edelgard near the planned location of the meeting.)
Dimitri: Professor. Do you think Edelgard will show up?

Choice 1 Choice 2
She will. I doubt it.
(Byleth nods.)
Edelgard: Well, well. It's been a long time, Professor. And hello to you, too, Dimitri.
(Byleth shakes their head.)
Edelgard: Sorry to disappoint you, Professor.

(Dimitri and Byleth look towards the direction of Edelgard's voice.)
(Adrestia's Emperor did take the Prince's invitation after all, along with Hubert, who's visibly watchful of the people Edelgard will soon speak with...)
Dimitri: Edelgard. I did not think you would actually accept my request.
Edelgard: Call it a whim. Well then? What did you want to talk about?

Dimitri: I will get straight to the point. Why did you start this war? There had to be a way to change things in your territory without the need for so many senseless casualties.
Edelgard: It may be hard to believe, but this is the way that leads to the fewest casualties in the end. Don't you see?
(Dimitri's confused by Edelgard's words.)
Dimitri: How could I? Countless people have already lost their lives in this conflict.
Edelgard: The longer we took to revolt, the more victims this crooked world would have claimed. I weighed the victims of war against the victims of the world as it is now, and I chose the former.
Edelgard: I believe that I have chosen the best path, the only path.
Dimitri: Even after seeing the faces of those who have suffered the ravages of war, you would still force them to throw their lives away for the future? You are obsessively devoted to this war and deaf to the screams of its victims.
Dimitri: You cannot change the cycle of the strong dominating the weak with a method like that.
Edelgard: You're wrong. That very cycle is exactly what I have devoted my life and my power to destroying. If after all of this you believe the weak will still be weak, that is only because they are too used to relying on others instead of on themselves.
Dimitri: Yes. Perhaps someone as strong as you are can claim something like that. But you cannot force that belief onto others. People aren't as strong as you think they are.
Dimitri: There are those who cannot live without their faith... and those who cannot go on once they have lost their reason for living. Your path will not be able to save them. It is the path of the strong, and so, it could only benefit the strong.
(Edelgard is amused by one of Dimitri's statements.)
Edelgard: Heh, so you consider me strong, do you?
Edelgard: Even if one clings to their faith, the goddess will never answer them. Countless souls will be lost that way. Living without purpose. And I can be counted among those who have died that way as well.
Edelgard: But that's why I must change this world, on behalf of the silent and weak!
Dimitri: And do you intend to become a goddess yourself? Will you steal the power to take action from the broken-hearted masses you claim to defend? The ones who can truly change the way of the world are not the rulers, but the people.
Dimitri: Pushing your own sense of justice and your own ideals onto even one other person is nothing more than self-righteousness.
Edelgard: Maybe it is self-righteousness, but it doesn't matter. Someone has to take action and put a stop to this world's endless, blood-stained history!
Dimitri: Do you not believe in the power of the people to join together and rise up?
Dimitri: Humans are weak creatures. But they are also creatures who help each other, support each other, and together, find the right path. I have learned that humans are capable of all that from the professor...and from everyone in my life.
Edelgard: I doubt a highborn person like yourself could know how the poor feel or what motivates them.

Edelgard: This is nonsense. Though, I'm finally starting to understand how you feel. But that makes it even clearer to me that we can never fully understand each other.
Dimitri: I feel the same. I finally understand...what you believe is right.
(As an impasse has been reached, Edelgard prepares to retire herself from the meeting.)
Edelgard: Good-bye, Dimitri.
Dimitri: Wait, Edelgard. There is something I must give you.
(Before she leaves, Dimitri hands Edelgard her dagger.)

FETH dagger.png

Dimitri: This is for you. Use it to cut a path to the future you wish for. And I will rise up to meet you there...El.
Edelgard: ...
(Edelgard gasps upon seeing the dagger, surprising her retainer.)
(The dagger seems to be bringing back memories, long since lost...)

Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital (Year 1174)*

(Dimitri rushes out to Edelgard, who seems in a hurry.)
Dimitri: El! So it's true... You're really going away? Going back home?
Edelgard: There's nothing I can do about it. It's all happening so fast... I'm as surprised as you are.
Dimitri: El...
Dimitri: Um... Here. I want you to have this.

FETH dagger.png

Dimitri: El, listen to me. No matter how hard things get, you can't give in, OK? You've got to cut a path to the future you wish for, no matter what.
(Edelgard's confused by the gift.)
Edelgard: It's...a dagger? Why would you give me something like this?
Dimitri: Oh, um... I'm sorry. I couldn't think of anything better to give you.
Lord Arundel: Edelgard! What are you doing? It's time to go. Hurry and get in the carriage.
(Edelgard is unable to wait any longer.)
Edelgard: Oh! I... I'm sorry, Uncle!
Edelgard: I have to go now...
(Edelgard then runs towards her uncle's carriage...)

Edelgard: I...I remember now. You gave me a dagger, all those years ago.
Dimitri: Heh, I'm still sorry about that. I should have given you something that would've made you happier.
Edelgard: Perhaps. At the time, I was quite flustered by such a dangerous gift. I left without giving you a proper response...and that was the last time we saw each other.
Dimitri: True. It is a sweet memory with a bitter ending.
Edelgard: I'm afraid it will do no good to reminisce, Dimitri. That girl you knew back then is gone. As good as dead.
Edelgard: But...I'll tell you now what I wasn't able to tell you back then.
Edelgard: Thank you. My dear, forgotten friend...because of you, I never lost my heart.

(Edelgard then turns around. Seems she's ready to depart.)
Edelgard: As for the future...that will be decided in battle. King of Faerghus. As the emperor, I shall await your arrival in Enbarr.
(Edelgard and her retainer walk away.)
Dimitri: ...

Narration - Assault on Enbarr

The Kingdom army, having gathered new troops and significant strength, commences its march towards the Imperial capital of Enbarr. In response to their movements, Emperor Edelgard orders her trusted retainer, Hubert, to the front lines to meet the Kingdom army head-on. The two forces clash in the city streets.
— Introduction to Assault on Enbarr

Battle: Assault on Enbarr

Date: 8/30

Before Battle

Dimitri: The gates to the Imperial capital have been broken. All troops, storm in! The emperor is within reach!
Gilbert: Imperial troops are dug in across the city. Let's cut through them, and carve a route to the palace.

Player Phase 1

Hubert: Heh. The Savior King arrives, hands red with blood. Let's give him a royal welcome.
Hubert: Artillery, once the enemy is in range, fire at will. Reinforcements will fly in shortly. Keep your focus and hold steady until they arrive.

Enemy Phase 1

Only if Dorothea was not recruited

Dorothea: The battle is nearing the opera house. I hope everyone in the company is safe.

Enemy Phase 2

If Dorothea was not recruited Otherwise

Dorothea: Reinforcements will be here any minute. Let's draw them in...just like we planned.

Imperial General in the Opera House has Fallen

Only if Dorothea was recruited

Hubert: So they've stopped our reinforcements. We will need to thin their numbers as well, or else.
Hubert: If House Varley's troops arrive in time, we may be able to flank the Kingdom's army...

Second Batch of Imperial Reinforcements Arrive

Dimitri: More reinforcements, eh? And this time it looks like a fair number...

If none of the Enemies using the Ballistas or Fire Orbs have been defeated...

Dimitri: It would be best if we could take them down from a safe distance... Is there any way we could neutralize the cannons or catapults?

A Thief Arrives

(An Assassin appears at the northwest corner of the map.)
Thief: War is for the wealthy. We don't even have enough to eat... I'm sure the goddess won't punish us for a little bit of thievery here and there...

If a Playable Dorothea gets near the Opera House

Dorothea: The battle is nearing the opera house. I hope everyone in the company is safe.

If Manuela gets near the Opera House

Manuela: Has it really been so long since I was in that opera house? Couldn't have imagined any of this back then.

If Seteth gets near the Church

Seteth: Ah—that church. I've such memories of that place. From a time before I was Seteth...

If Flayn gets near the Church

Flayn: That church... It looks familiar. I believe that is where my parents first met.

Sub Boss - Dorothea

Dorothea does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Warlock instead.

Vs Anyone:

Oh, that face brings back some memories. It's a shame we don't have time to catch up.
— Dorothea Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

If it's our destiny to kill each other, then I cannot— will not—respect the goddess. My only request is that if you win, you'll at least have the decency to kill me quickly.
— Dorothea Vs Byleth

Vs Manuela:

Dorothea: Manuela? It's not like you to show up anywhere sober. What's the occasion?
Manuela: I thought maybe we could talk. I could help you see the error of your ways. Or we could just try to kill each other over what we believe in. You ready to do this?
Dorothea: No... But let's get to it.

— Dorothea Vs Manuela

Death Quote:

Dorothea: Edelgard, forgive me... I can't...

Hubert: So, Dorothea has been defeated. We will need to thin their numbers as well, or else.
Hubert: If House Varley's troops arrive in time, we may be able to flank the Kingdom's army...

— Dorothea's Death Quote

Sub Boss - Petra

Petra does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by an Imperial General Assassin instead.

Vs Anyone:

I can't be letting you pass. I will defend, and I will be killing all of you. We must be...must clear the way forward. For every person!
— Petra Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Professor... I have been thinking. About why I came to Fódlan. To the Empire. I am here to be protecting Edelgard...and to be stopping you.
— Petra Vs Byleth

Vs Shamir:

Shamir: I cannot bring myself to kill you... You're a princess of Brigid. A hostage of the Empire.
Petra: That was the truth in the past, but it is a different truth now, Shamir... I am...the will of the emperor!
Shamir: In that case, I won't hold back.

— Petra Vs Shamir

Death Quote:

Edelgard... I will not be keeping my promise... Give me forgiveness, please...
— Petra's Death Quote

Boss - Hubert

Vs Anyone:

It's almost a shame to kill you. Not even death will make you consequential.
— Hubert Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I should have disposed of you a long time ago. I will rectify that failure here!
— Hubert Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Dimitri: Hubert. I would tell you to get out of my way, but I highly doubt you would abide.
Hubert: Heh. Your silver tongue will do you no good here. This is not your path to tread.
Dimitri: That is not your decision to make, nor is it mine. All I can do is blaze ahead!

— Hubert Vs Dimitri

Vs Ferdinand:

Hubert: Running into you in the capital like this—I have to say, it's almost sentimental.
Ferdinand: Hubert. She must leave.
Hubert: You really think you can make her?
Ferdinand: It does not matter what I think. Those are my orders.

— Hubert Vs Ferdinand

Death Quote:

We must place our Her Majesty... Her victory is everything...
— Hubert's Death Quote

Hubert has Fallen

Dimitri: It's over... The way to the palace is clear. Let's move!

Event - The Imperial Palace

(Now that the Kingdom Army has defeated Hubert...)
Dimitri: Send your platoons to capture Enbarr! There is to be no needless killing or pillaging, understand?
Kingdom General: Yes, Your Highness!
(The Kingdom General Dimitri was issuing orders to leaves in a hurry. Afterwads, Dimitri looks at his crew.)
Dimitri: Edelgard awaits us. We will advance our main forces straight to the palace.

Choice 1 Choice 2
We've finally made it here. We can win this.
Dimitri: Yes, it has truly been a long war. And we have only made it this far because of you... Actually, no. I will save that sentiment for after we win this battle. Dimitri: It is still early, Professor. We are up against Edelgard herself now. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Dimitri: We will advance our troops and confront her. We must strike down the emperor and end this war.
Dedue: My life is yours, Your Highness.
Annette: Let's win this and go back home in victory! I'll do the very best I can!
Ingrid: On my honor as a knight...I will not lose!
Mercedes: I know the goddess is watching over us. Let's be sure to return home safely. All of us.
Ashe: As a citizen of Faerghus, I will fight with everything I have!
Sylvain: Heh heh heh, is this what a do-or-die situation looks like? You had best give it your all too, General.

Dimitri & Felix's C-Support has been reached Otherwise

Felix: Go and win. Be the boar that you are, and don't you dare look back.

Let's go!

(Byleth is pumped to the prospect of ending the war.)
Dimitri: Yes. I will... No. We will win this. Together! Everyone! Move out!
(The Kingdom Army cheers as they move towards the Imperial Castle.)

Imperial Palace (Enbarr, the Imperial Capital)

Edelgard: The time has nearly come.
(With the news of Hubert's defeat, Edelgard now knows she has only one option left...)
Imperial General: Yes, the anomaly should present itself shortly. However...
Edelgard: There's no reason to fret. Besides, it's far too late to second guess. Now, assume your position. I can't promise your safety if you remain here.
Imperial General: Very well.
(The Imperial General leaves.)

(The screen turns darker as the sound of some viscous substance is heard. Is it the "anomaly"...?)

Edelgard: Ugh... This pain is nothing...compared to what I have already suffered...

(Once the sound has dissipated, the camera slowly reveals the Adrestian Emperor has achieved a new monstrous form, granting her massive arms, what appears to be wings, a lizard's tail, and a bigger lower body, all covered by some sort of a black skin-like texture...)