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One Survives/Conversations

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Pelleas: Sothe. How unusual to see you alone.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas. You here to see Micaiah?
Pelleas: Yes. At least, I intend to. But she is quite popular, isn't she? She's always so busy talking to everyone that I can never get near her.
Sothe: They're your soldiers. Tell them to get out of the way.
Pelleas: No, I can't do that. My job is to be the symbol of Daein's liberation. But the Priestess of Dawn is no mere symbol. For her, the soldiers will gladly give their lives.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas?
Pelleas: Oh, don't worry, Sothe, I'm not jealous, if that's what you're thinking. It isn't like that. Although I have to admit, I do envy her from time to time.
Sothe: Hm.
Pelleas: I almost forgot. Here. These war funds are for you.
Sothe: But the war's over. And, besides, this is a small fortune.
Pelleas: Yes, well, share it with the troops if you like. I may not be much of a leader, but I truly appreciate the sacrifices everyone has made. They deserve something in return. Divide it up as you see fit. I trust your judgment.

(Pelleas leaves)

Sothe: Prince Pelleas, you should be the one to give the troops their reward.

(Got 10000 gold.)


Jill: Lady Micaiah.
Micaiah: Hello, Jill. What are you doing here?
Jill: I saw you walking over here as I was heading back to my tent. Is something wrong? You shouldn't be leaving camp by yourself.
Micaiah: I'm just exhausted from talking to so many people. But there's no need for concern. I just need some time to myself.
Jill: Now that you mention it, you do look a little pale. Why not rest in your tent? It'd be much more comfortable.
Micaiah: I don't want Sothe and the others to know how tired I am. They worry too much.
Jill: Ah, I can see that. Sothe seems so detached from everything, unless it involves you... He gets so...worked up. He strikes me as a bit overprotective.
Micaiah: We've always lived by ourselves, just the two of us. I don't think he can help it.
Jill: Then I shall bring you some medicine, and I'll make sure no one sees me. I'll meet you at your tent.
Micaiah: Oh, no, that won't be necessary! Do you see that tree? I'll be resting over there. I should recover in no time.
Jill: But...
Micaiah: I'll be safe. We're still in camp. Besides, don't you have an errand of your own to take care of? It must be really important to leave the feast so early in the evening.
Jill: Oh, no, not really. I just thought I'd write a letter to a friend. That's all.
Micaiah: To the man you told me about? The one you run a wyvern delivery service with?
Jill:, yes. You know everything, don't you, Lady Micaiah?
Micaiah: You're going to tell him that the fighting is over, right?
Jill: Yes. More than anything else, he despises trouble. He made a delivery to Begnion, and never returned. I'm sure it's the war that has kept him away.
Micaiah: Really?
Jill: Well, indirectly, at least. To be honest, it's probably more about his napping. Give him a few minutes of free time, and he's sure to close his eyes and drift away. The war would certainly disrupt his sleep schedule.
Micaiah: What an...interesting fellow. Well, you should write him and let him know it's safe to return.
Jill: Are you sure you're all right? You're not pushing yourself too hard?
Micaiah: I'm fine. Please, don't worry about me.
Jill: All right. I'll let you relax alone, then. Oh, but here... Please take this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Jill: It's a Pass scroll. It might come in handy. Please keep it, if you'd like.
Micaiah: Thank you, Jill. I will.
Jill: Good night, Lady Micaiah.

(You got a PassIs wii pass scroll.png.)